Friends, Roommates and More

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This story is true and took place many years ago. Tony had been my best friend since we were very young. Tony met and fell in love with Sophie shortly after we finished high school. Tony and Sophie decided to move in together and asked me to move in and split rent.

Many mornings I would wake up to the sounds of their love making. I would carefully wait till just as they hit their climax to finish myself and blow a huge load over my stomach. I was not experienced with women and was kind of at an awkward age still finding out how to relate to them.

Sophie had long dark hair and a dancer’s body. She also had a way with men that I’ve not come across in the many years since this story took place. She was incredibly attractive and even more so as you got to know her very sexual nature.

Eventually, Tony and Sophie married and bought a home. They had a basement suite and again to save some money we decided to co-habitate.

By now, I’d had my first real girlfriend and took advantage of the new love phase, screwing constantly. More importantly, I learned to talk and really listen to a woman.

As Sophie was between careers and I was on the 6 year program at college we spent a great deal of time together. At some point our conversations became more and more intimate. Though I had always noticed her and she was certainly in my spank bank, I tried to very careful not to overstep any boundaries. Often referring to her as a sister.

Then one evening things began to change. Tony was out of town for the weekend. Sophie called downstairs, “Brad, wanna hang out for the evening?”

“Yeah, sure!” was my quick response.

We had supper and talked most of the evening away and enjoyed a few drinks. At some point, Sophie mentioned that her back was very sore and she could really use a massage. Of course I offered to help. After a few minutes of rubbing through her shirt she asked me to turn my head. She stripped her shirt revealing a sheer bra. Then she unhooked the bra and layed down giving me full access to her bare back. I could see the sides of her tits squashed against the floor.

At this point my cock was straining against my pants and I was having difficulty controlling my urge to make a move. There was no casino oyna way she couldn’t feel my dick against her exquisite back side as I straddled her lower back.

After about 20 min she thanked me and said we should call it an evening. On the way back to my suite I left the adjoining door slightly ajar. Once I heard her get ready for bed I snuck up to the door and sat there. After a few more minutes I heard the unmistakable and incredibly hot sound of Sofie orgasming. Ok, she was into me too. The feelings were at least somewhat mutual.

The next day we hung out and again the discussion became more and more intimate. “Sorry, I’m pretty sure you got the feeling that I’m attracted to you last night,” I reluctantly admitted.

In her very direct way she laughed, “Don’t worry Brad, I had to change my panties after you left. They were soaked!”

Ok, the cat was out of the bag. We both wanted each other. However, we both agreed that an affair was a terrible idea. We both loved Tony immensely. An affair would be messy and likely a disaster.

“I wonder if he would do a threesome?” Sophie mused.

After hours of talking, she said she would try to find the right moment to ask him. Days later she told me it wasn’t gonna happen. Talking to him didn’t go well. We put the whole idea to rest and pretty much moved on.

About a week or so later the three of us were hanging out. Out of the blue, Tony brought up the threeway idea. We tried to work through logistics. At this point, I just wanted something, some physical connection with Sophie. So, I brought up the idea of me and Sophie not screwing, but everything else. Tony felt he could make that work but Sophie thought it was stupid.

“Me blowing Brad is as intimate as us fucking,” she argued.

Again we hit a wall and it looked like things were going nowhere. Then about two weeks later I came home from my night job at a grocery store. My girlfriend had left a message to call her. I had a quick shower. As I got ready to go see her, Tony knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to watch a movie and have some drinks. Something told me this was going to be better than anything I was going to to do with my girlfriend.

When I got upstairs they were watching canlı casino a porn movie. Now putting it into context, we had watched porn together before. But something felt very different this time. After awhile, I went to get us another round. When I got back Tony was on his knees and feverishly going down on his very sexy wife. Well, there was no mistaking this sign. It was on.

I immediately began passionately kissing Sophie’s lips and taking her shirt off. Soon I was sucking and kissing her beautiful tits. Focusing on her perky nipples.

After a few minutes we switched spots. Tony filled Sophie’s mouth with his thick cock and I was eating her out voraciously. God her taste was amazing. It took a few minutes and she pulled his cock out of her mouth and started wailing in a heated orgasm.

Next, Tony fucked her on the floor missionary style. After he came loudly we got to the moment of truth. Tony decided to get a drink while we got started.

Now my girlfriend was a pretty decent screw, but she was like Single A to Sophie being a Major Leaguer. Sophie knew what she wanted and knew what she would do. And she was not afraid to express either. She immediately got on my face and rubbed her pussy hard against my lips. Then she turned around and we got into a 69. I knew from our discussions that she didn’t swallow cum, but she was not cheating me either. She knew exactly when I was close to the edge and backed off. A skill that would really come into play later. After getting not quite there three or four times she said, “You ready Brad?”

That was all I needed to hear. She pumped a massive load all over her neck and tits.

The three of us headed to the shower and cleaned off a little, but the night was not over. After lots of foreplay, Tony took her from behind while she sucked me off. Again, she came loudly. Tony followed right after and I couldn’t hold back listening to the two of them. We all agreed that it was a pretty amazing night and fell asleep in front of the TV with Sofie sandwiched between us.

The next morning Tony said he had to go to a rec sports tournament and he would be back in a couple hours. To this day, I don’t know if he was just that trusting or he knew we had some more things to work kaçak casino through.

Soon after he left, we were cuddling and touching and kissing. Sophie looked at me

“I think this will be a one off, so if we are going to do this, now is the time.”

“I don’t know, we had an agreement.” I replied.

“Fuck that agreement. We did like everything last night. What is the difference. I want your cock in me” she argued.

After a few minutes of back and forth she looked me directly in the eyes. “Nothing was said about my ass, was it?”

She had my number. She knew I’d been begging my girlfriend for anal for months and getting nowhere. There was no way I’d pass that up.

“I have to be honest Sophie, I dont really have a clue what I’m doing with that.”

“I wouldn’t worry Brad. I got it covered.”

Boy, did she ever. I started eating her out and she responded quickly. After a few minutes she told me it was all in the moisture. I took the hint and started going south of her pussy.

“That’s the ticket Brad”, she purred like a cat.

After a while she got up and retrieved some lube from her nightstand. With a generous amount of lube I explored her ass with my fingers. Doing exactly what I was told. Playing with her clit with my left hand while I fingered her tight butt with my right.

In a few more minutes she said it was time. Lying on the floor in a spoon position she ever so slowly backed her ass onto my cock. Knowing I’d never make it to her climax by plowing her, she told me to let her control the pace. With tiny micro movements she eased my fully erect cock to the entrance of her asshole.

Finally, after what seemed forever she let out a small grunt and my cock passed her opening.

“There, you go. How is that?”

“Fucking amazing!” was all I could reply.

She continued the micro movements while I fingered her clit. Her breathing became shallower and her gasps more frequent. After only a few minutes, she started moving a little deeper.

“Ok, now fuck my tight ass for real”

I started pumping as she let out a primal groan from deep within herself. I came like never before and flooded her ass with my load. As I slipped out of her we both couldn’t contain our passion. Kissing deeply, laughing and gasping for breath.

I’ve long since married and am a lucky husband to an amazing woman. However, I will never forget this experience and am truly glad it happened.

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