Fridays at the Guardian Angel Ch. 03

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All characters are the age of 18 or older.

Main Story Themes: Impregnation and Futa on female.

Thank you so much for the feedback on my previous two chapters. I love all feedback both positive and negative, as long as it’s constructive!

On the off chance you stumbled upon this chapter, I highly suggest you read each chapter in order.


The restroom door shut quietly behind me as I returned to the bar. Live jazz from the far end of the hall filled my ears, calming me somewhat. I could feel my hands shaking slightly, still effected from my close call in the restroom. If Jackie hadn’t stepped in then I might not have left that room alone. I rested a hand on my lower stomach; if it wasn’t for Jackie then I might have become a mother tonight. My hands continued to shiver.

“Oh dear are you alright?” A smooth voice called to me. The owner of the voice strode over towards my place along the wall, long purple dress flowing in her stride. “Jackie told me what happened, you poor dear.” She sounded like a mother fretting over a child with a skinned knee.

“Uh, yeah I’m fine.” I muttered as I looked up my new companion. Light brown hair sat primped up atop her head, jewels somehow sparkled in the dark room from her dangling earrings and necklace. Her features were pristine; a small nose perched above sharp pink lips while her bright blue eyes glittered like the gems in her jewelry. She wore a flowing purple dress with a deep neckline showing off voluptuous breasts and taught to her hourglass figure. Looking upon her, thoughts of a princess or beauty pageant contestant came to mind.

I immediately felt very out of place in her presence. My gaze glued to the floor afraid to look at her gorgeous figure. “You must be Red, I wish I could have met you earlier under better circumstances.” The beauty said, extending her arm for a handshake.

I stared at her outstretched hand in hesitation. I had my fill of the futanari’s touch for the night and was in no mood to be shocked with arousal again. “Oh dear, there’s no reason to be afraid. I know you’ve gone through quite the shock just now, but I’m as much a woman as you are.” The princess rubbed her belly, a small swollen bump was visible through the tight silken dress. “I’m only three months along, so it’s not really showing yet, but please don’t worry.” She reached her hand out to me again. I shook it this time and felt no shock of arousal.

“Nice to meet you…” I trailed off, realizing she had known my name but I was unaware of hers.

“Angel” She said with a smile. My eyes widened.

“Wait, as in my Guardian Angel?” I asked bewildered.

“That’s correct.” Angel smirked, proud of herself.

“As in, Cass’ Angel?”

Angel nodded in response. She gave her small pregnant belly a rub. “That’s right.” She gave a smirk, “I’ve got her number eight on the way.” She said in a dreamlike voice.

“And the building, The Guardian Angel, what’s that about?” I was still in shock from meeting my informant.

“I liked the nickname Cass gave me, so I used it. I’m in charge of our little haven here at the Ark Nursery.” She explained. “Anyway, you needn’t worry about those two troublemakers anymore. Jackie had security grab them before they left campus.” My cigar puffing savior continued to look out for me it seemed.

Angel’s face grew a serious expression as she rubbed my back. “We take consent very seriously here at Ark Nursery. Attempting to entice a young woman without an armband is one thing, but ignoring a verbal ‘no’ is a serious offense, they will be punished severely.”

The way Angel spoke made me believe she was attempting to make me feel relieved, but anxiety was still taught around my chest. Was it seriously that easy? A few light touches on my shoulder and back and I was love drunk? If another futanari decided to ignore the armband rule and nobody was around to help, then I would be impregnated for sure. I gave a shiver.

“Have you calmed down? Ready to go back to the game?” Angel’s voice cut through my thoughts.

I nodded and returned to the corner of the room with the large table of futanari card players. I calmly took my seat at the game, attempting to not show that I was uncomfortable. Angel followed me to the table and seemingly floated over behind Cass.

Jackie had her blonde in one arm and cards in the other. “My two favorite people!” she shouted, “Angel, you’re just in time to see me win your babymomma’s money.” Jackie scooped the pot of chips towards her place as Cass rolled her eyes. Angel rested her hand on Cass’ shoulder and whispered in her ear. Whatever she said made Cass smile and give a small chuckle.

Angel stood up from her partner’s side. “I’ll leave you kids to your fun, be sure to play nice.” She ordered in a playful tone. She gave Cass a kiss on the lips before turning to walk away from the table. Cass gave Angel’s ass a pinch, causing a squeak and a giggle from the goddess before she continued her departure. Cass’ eyes glued to the swaying hips as they disappeared from view.

I remembered sarıyer escort Mari’s explanation from earlier in the night. A woman develops immunity to the arousal effect of a futanari after she comes in contact with it. I needed to protect myself.

I leapt up and threw myself along the table, grasping Cass’ wrist that held her cards. A shockwave of arousal and heat rocketed up my arm from where our skin touched. Cass jerked her arm free of my grip, “What the hell?!” she blurted out. The members of the table recoiled in confusion at my sudden leap of faith.

I slid back along the table to my seat across from her, adjusting my clothing to their proper order. “Vaccinating myself.” I said calmly. Cass gave my eyes a look of pure bewilderment.

Jackie busted out laughing, yelling out her words “Scared she’s gonna jump you? Cass? Man, that’s fucked up!”

“Sorry, just want to be safe. I’m here for work and I want to be sure nobody gets the wrong idea.” I explained. I was blushing profusely as I sunk to my seat.

“If it makes you feel better, then I don’t see the big deal.” Kris quietly said.

Cass was rubbing her wrist where I had snagged her. “Yeah ok, just ask next time.” I wondered whether futanari could arouse themselves on command.

I did a mental headcount of all the Futanari fluids I managed to get on myself on my first night with the group; Cass, Jackie, Kris, and the two futanari from the bathroom had all gotten their arousing skin oils on me at some point during the night. “So that leaves…” I thought aloud.

The table’s eyes fell to Mari, who was pulling another glass of wine from the tray of a waitress. Setting the glass on the table she spoke without looking up, “just a moment.”

Mari took the fresh glass of dark red wine and held it to her nose. Giving the glass a slight shake the dark red liquid swirled around its glass prison as Mari inhaled deeply through her nose. Calmly setting the glass down she reached over and touched my exposed forearm.

Heat shot to my cheeks and adrenaline spiked in my chest as she touched my skin with her fingertips. I gave a loud yelp and jumped back out of my chair landing ass-first on the floor. From my place on the floor I could hear laughter erupting from the other futanari. Mari took a small sip from the glass and looked down at my shaking form on the floor.

“There” She said calmly, “you’re immune to my charms.”


The game continued into the night. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the first to fall; Jackie was caught on a risky bluff costing her the game. She took it rather well given her competitive attitude for the night. Seems she really just wanted to have fun with the game.

“So, other than confused teenagers and crooked high school staff, how do you find partners?” I asked the group in an attempt to fish out another story.

“Well you obviously know about the yellow armbands thing. That makes it pretty easy to figure out who would be a willing partner.” Cass explained while she shuffled.

“You just grab someone off the street?” I tried to imagine how the interaction would occur and failing.

“Pretty much.” Cass continued to shuffle without looking at me, “Our little arousal trick usually seals the deal pretty easy.”

“It’s that easy? And you’re ok with it? Don’t you feel used?” I questioned out loud.

“Not really.” Kris calmly said, taking a swig of her beer. “They get a child out of the deal, and we get some relief.”

I shook the image of what ‘relief’ might exactly mean from my mind. “That simple? Just pluck a willing victim off the street.” I asked quietly.

“We also hook up with different organizations that help match up partners if we don’t feel like people watching.” Jackie said casually. She had her nose in the crook of her blonde’s neck, which in turn did her best to ignore Jackie. “It’s like those matchmakers you normals use, except instead of for a relationship it’s just a fuck.” Jackie elegantly explained.

“I’ve heard of those.” I began, “They’re for when a couple wishes to have a child, they seek out a futanari to be the parent right?” I said in an attempt to sound like I wasn’t clueless.

“Almost. It works the other way around. Usually we futanari are given the info of many women who have signed up and we select a partner.” Mari explained. The idea that women were picked out like a menu in a restaurant made me frown. Mari noticed my expression and continued, “Sorry honey, it’s a numbers game. There’s only so many of us and so many of you normals.”

She wasn’t wrong, the ratio between genders meant females either had to not be choosy when it came to having a child, or had to be very patient.

“So what does that usually look like? Those arranged meetings?” I cast a line, fishing for another story.

Kris gave a smile, one of the few for the night and said, “I’m sure Mari would love to tell you all about it.”

Mari groaned, “My mothers drive me goddamn nuts sometimes.”


Classical esenyurt escort music flowed throughout the extravagant restaurant as waitresses in formal uniforms scurried between tables. Couples sat at tables covered in silk white tablecloths, dining on exquisite delicacies from around the world. Guests donned formal business attire or beautiful dresses while speaking in almost quiet whispers, so as to not disrupt the upper-class atmosphere.

A waitress filled Mari’s glass with glittering white wine, the only part of the night she had enjoyed so far. Mari had worn a short red silk dress, thick straps caressing her shoulders. She took a long sip of the freshly poured wine and peered across the table to her partner, who was desperately attempting to avoid eye contact.

She wore a traditional Japanese kimono which hugged the girl’s petite figure. Light red and pink flower designs danced across the fabric with the garment tied at the waist by a white bow. She wore her hair in a large bun, jewelry hung from her ears and hair, giving little jingling rings when she turned her head. Mari guessed her age to be in the early 20’s, but her makeup made it difficult to tell. She had introduced herself as Kyouko Yamamori at upon meeting, and had yet to speak since.

Mari swirled her wine glass. Mari’s parents were well connected socially back home in Japan and would constantly arrange for Mari to meet and subsequently mate with the daughters of their friends. Cultural norms forced Mari to honor her parents’ wishes, despite being a full grown adult, so she begrudgingly agreed to see these girls. These formal meetings were a constant as Mari was an extremely successful physician, many parents pressured their children into the arrangement with the wish their grandchildren would be as successful. Kyouko was another one of these girls, sent to the States to produce a successful heir to whatever proper family they came from.

Mari hated these meetings. These girls were often culture-shocked and abysmally nervous, having traveled all the way from Japan just to be impregnated by some futanari they’ve never met. Their English was always terrible and Mari spoke very little Japanese, making communication beyond a pain in the ass. The encounters with these girls had become routine for Mari; eat expensive dinner, travel back to her room at The Guardian Angel and have an awkward fuck with a terrified foreign girl. She often thought the whole business would be more arousing for Jackie than herself.

Waitresses brought out their meal, expensive works of art created by the house chef. Mari attempted light conversation over the meal and failed, neither participant was able to break through the language barrier. Mari gave up effort to be cordial and focused on finishing the meal and returning home.

The cab ride home was equally as awkward with no words shared between the two. Mari answered e-mails on her phone while Kyouko looked out the window in amazement as the foreign city sped by. Kyouko followed Mari inside The Guardian Angel, up the elevator towards her apartment.

Mari’s apartment was spotless and organized, just like the woman who lived there. Large white bookcases lined the walls filled with classics, poetry, and medical textbooks. Stopping into the kitchen Mari snagged a glass from cupboard and filled it with dark red wine, her personal reward for making it this far. After kicking off her heels, Mari strode towards her bedroom and passed sleek modern furniture and massive glass windows overlooking the Nursery.

She stood at her desk and took off her earrings and necklace, carefully putting them in their appropriate places with her large jewelry box. Paying little mind to her guest she strode in the bathroom and washed her makeup off her face with warm water. Before leaving the bathroom she creaked open her medicine cabinet and popped a stimulant pill. “God bless modern medicine.” Mari muttered after swallowing the tablet with a swig from her glass.

She found Kyouko sitting on the edge of the bed, whom had undone the binds of her Kimono. The garment lay open revealing Kyouko’s bare body. She was petite with small breasts, a small curve above her waist persevered the feminine aspects of her figure. The fabric still draped over Kyouko’s shoulders and arms, whom looked away from Mari as she visibly shivered in fear. She looked like a graceful swan with her clothes escaping from her body, a sight that did more to annoy Mari than arouse her. Somewhere, there is someone other than me that finds this shy foreign girl shit hot, Mari thought in annoyance, it’s just a shame that one of those people isn’t me.

Better get this over with, Mari thought to herself, shedding her dress and revealing her own slim figure. She strode towards the petrified foreigner in her large blue bed. Mari removed the remains of her Kimono before laying the completely exposed girl flat on the sheets. Mari caressed Kyouko’s small breasts for a time, an attempt to help the girl relax. Kyouko looked away from her lover, the expression of fear still evident in her avrupa yakası escort face.

Mari slid a hand down Kyouko’s stomach and down between her legs using her index finger to caress the girl’s slit, it was unpleasantly dry. Mari sighed, this wasn’t unexpected; Kyouko was too petrified to be aroused. Normally Mari would rely on the aphrodisiacs in her skin to calm her partner, but she herself was in no mood.

Mari left her shivering partner and hopped up from the bed, striding into the bathroom. Taking another sip of the sweet red liquor, she grabbed a bottle of warming lubricant from the bathroom counter. Giving a few choice squirts of the slippery substance to her hand, Mari absentmindedly applied the lube to her cock which she realized was completely flaccid. Sighing, she began to stroke herself and closed her eyes, bringing to her mind’s eye memories of past lovers. After several minutes of personal effort and a little help from the stimulant she popped earlier, Mari had a functional stiff futanari cock slick with lubricant.

Kyouko had sat up on the edge of the bed once more, this time completely naked with her exquisite kimono folded next to the bed. She looked up at Mari as she returned to the bedroom, eyes falling to her erect member. Kyouko slid back on the large bed resting her head on the pillow. Lying on her back she spread her legs, presenting her bare pussy to Mari.

She really is beautiful, Mari thought. If they had the chance to get to know one another Mari might not have been so turned off by the affair. But that was neither here nor there at this point, and Mari had a job to do. Climbing in bed and atop Kyouko, Mari glided her hips in-between presenting legs and positioned the head of her cock at the shivering entrance. In one slow motion Mari penetrated the foreign beauty, aided by the slick fluids coating her shaft.

Like many of these arranged partners from her mother, the sex was awful. Kyouko avoided eye contact and looked away while Mari pumped in rhythm inside the girl. She made no noises and it was clear there was no sexual chemistry between the two partners. Like fucking a corpse, Mari thought as she closed her eyes. Mari focused on the raw sensation of a pussy around her cock in an attempt to finish as quickly as possible. With a little effort she felt her climax mercifully approaching and with a final thrust and grunt she pressed one final time into Kyouko and emptied her cum into the tiny womb.

While Mari’s orgasm was lackluster, Kyouko’s body was ravaged by sudden climax. Pushed over the edge by the orgasm-inducing substance of Mari’s cum, Kyouko’s eyes shot wide while she gasped in ecstasy. Her hands clenched the bedsheets in a white-knuckled death grip. Mari could feel Kyouko’s legs shivering and convulsing at the end of the bed, her entire body taken over by the pleasure of orgasm.

When Kyouko’s orgasm appeared to finally end, Mari slid her length out of the shaking girl and sat up against the headboard. Kyouko was still on her back gasping deep breaths; likely still in shock from the orgasm forced upon her suddenly. This had become routine for the girls that Mari’s mother arranged for her, they rarely knew that futanari cum will induce an orgasm. Calmly looking over the panting beauty she saw her cum begin to leak out of her quivering cunt. Leaving a box of tissues for clean-up next to Kyouko, she returned to the bathroom to clean herself.

Despite it being a pretty lousy fuck, Mari still had a soft sheen of sweat from the encounter and her cock was slick with fluids. A quick shower remedied the bodily fluids and she donned a small pink nightgown before returning to the bedroom. Her cock was still erect, a side effect of the stimulant she took earlier. It bobbed and swayed from under her tiny nightgown with each stride.

Kyouko had regained her composure and was lying peacefully in bed, her body now covered by bedsheets. Slipping under the sheets herself, Mari turned out the light and drifted off to sleep, her futanari duty complete. Mari could feel Kyouko toss and turn next to her, likely uneasiness from being in a strange bed after being fucked by a strange woman. Mari turned her mind elsewhere in an attempt to drift off to sleep and end the night. Mari’s mind began to drift into unconsciousness when she felt a soft tiny hand grip her still erect shaft.

Feeling the soft hand begin to stroke her length and realizing she wasn’t dreaming, Mari jerked herself awake and turned on the light. Spinning around she faced a bright red Kyouko, who still had Mari’s cock in her hand.

Shyness overtaking her, Kyouko looked down and sputtered, “Maybe, no work?” in broken English and a heavy accent. Kyouko pointed to her lower stomach; her womb Mari had just filled with cum. “One more, maybe?” she asked, continuing to stroke Mari’s stiff cock.

Mari instantly realized Kyouko was attempting to suggest another bout, in case her pregnancy didn’t take. This of course, was not a real concern for a single unprotected sexual encounter with a futanari has an almost 100 percent conception chance. But upon closer inspection of Kyouko, Mari realized the young woman was not blushing from embarrassment, but from arousal. Kyouko’s breaths were deeper and longing. Kyouko’s eyes locked with Mari for a few moments, lust in the little woman’s expression. And of course, she continued to stroke Mari’s cock with gentle swift motions.

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