Freshers Week in Lockdown

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September 2020, and it should be “Freshers Week,” well technically it still is. This year it’s slightly different to the norm. To add to the difference, I’ve just found out that I have to go into isolation, total lock-down.

I’m a first-year student, starting out on life at Manchester Metropolitan University. 127 of my fellow students, most of whom I haven’t had the chance to meet yet have tested positive for the 21st-century version of “The Plague”. Ergo 1700 of us now have to isolate. Maybe we should do as the village of Eyam did back in 1666. That wasn’t far from here, up in the Peak District. At the urging, of the local pastor, the whole village decided to isolate itself to try and prevent the plague, spreading to the surrounding villages. It had been brought there by some contaminated clothing in 1665. I’m not sure many people would be that selfless today.

I have to isolate myself despite the fact I’m not actually living in ‘halls’ but am sharing a flat with my bestie, Kim. She is starting her academic journey at the same time as me. She’s studying to be a doctor at Manchester University. Me? I’m reading Microbiology, the irony of ironies.

I’d got nothing to do that morning, so had accompanied her, as she was being issued with her scrubs. Yep, even as a first-year medical student Kim, would be working in a hospital or something similar from the off. Manchester Uni and a few others do that. They had decided why waste two years studying the theory of medicine. To then decide that you couldn’t hack it the first time you were exposed to blood or the environment of a hospital. Makes sense to me.

We’d seen the headlines on the billboards as they appeared around the city, then I got a text telling me I had to isolate. “Why, I asked if I’m not in halls?”

“Dunno, but you have, come on let’s get back to the flats. I think there may be a bit of a party going on on our floor. Have some fun tonight, and you can sort things out in the morning.”

We got back to the flat, and sure enough, there were a few students, milling about, not all freshers, but most were. Some were going into the flat next to ours, which was being shared by four guys. A couple of whom were quite sexy. Sexy enough that I would like to meet them and get to know them well. If you know what I mean?

In total, there were about a dozen of us. Equally mixed between boys and girls. Everyone was having fun, with lots of drinking, a bit of dancing, and a lot of snogging going on. Then somebody decided it was a good idea to play strip poker. I was hesitant at first, not because I’m shy or a virgin. Well the first a little bit, the second definitely not. I hadn’t got that many clothes on so I couldn’t afford to lose that many hands before I would be naked in front of a load of strangers.

“Come on, Dee, what’s the harm?” anadolu yakası escort Kim, my so-called best friend, asked.

“I’ve not got much on, no bra for one thing. If I lose…”

“So a bunch of guys get to see your tits. And pussy if they’re lucky. Half of them you’re bloody interested in any way, and the other half you probably won’t see again.”

“Yeah, and if one of the half I fancy becomes my boyfriend, then he knows all his mates have seen all I’ve bloody got. You know I’m not that type. Christ my swimsuits are so flamin’ modest.”

“I don’t know why you’ve got a great body. I’m always telling you that. Come on, Dee, You’re in your first week in Uni, relax and do something wild. You’re eighteen and away from home for the first time.”


“Well, I’m playing. Guys, what’s the rules?”

Somebody said, ‘normal’ poker rules, but the lowest hand has to remove a piece of clothing. You can fold at any time, until the first person is naked for the guys, or showing something for the girls, then everyone has to go all the way. If you didn’t want to strip, then you could do a dare decided by the winner of the hand. The later on in the game and the less clothing you had on, then the dares could get more extreme. To try and keep things in hand dares were agreed on. They could be repeated, but not for the same person. I know complex, and how we decided on it I don’t know, but hey we’re University students.

I looked around, and all the girls seemed to be going to play. Fuck it, I’m in.

A few hands have gone by, and fortunately, I’ve only had the lowest hand a couple of times. I’ve lost my shoes and blouse. Most of us are in the same state.

I lost a hand, and as I didn’t want to take my top off, I stood up, reached under my skirt and as quickly as I could whip my panties off. Hoping nobody got a look at my arse or pussy. There were a few cheers and more than a few groans from the boys at what I’d done.

“That’s not fair.” An anonymous voice called out.

“I lost, I took off a piece of clothing, that’s the rules. They didn’t say I had to flash you when I did it.”

A couple more hands were played, and I narrowly managed to not lose again. Most of us were now either naked or in their undies. Three of the girls were already topless, while Kim was completely nude. Enjoying the looks she was getting, she didn’t seem to keep her legs pressed together. She was flaunting every asset she had. Tart! Nobody had said what happened if you lost and had no clothes left. Fuck, let Kim worry about that.

I lost again. Decision time, top or skirt? Or risk a dare, and they were getting pretty wild now. Kim was smirking at me, she could see how red I had gone.

“Dare, I’ll take a dare.”

Sue, who’d won the ataşehir escort hand, looked at me and smiled. A smile like an alligator looking at its next meal.

“Well, little Miss Prim, let’s see you kissing somebody. And proper French kissing and bodies close together.” I looked at her in shock. “Let’s, see, who will I choose? Steve?” Steve looked ready and eager, and I simply knew his hands would be roaming, he’d been leering at me all night. “No, Steve’s too horny.” Sue named, then discarded all the boys present. I was getting more and more worried.

“Me, I choose me,” Kim said in glee. What had got into her?

“No fucking way, am I going to kiss you,” I shouted at her.

“No, not Kim. I think as I won the hand, then you should kiss me. What do you say, boys, wanna see some girl on girl action?”

“I am not going to kiss you,” I said emphatically.

“Why not? The rules are the rules. I choose the dare, kiss me, or get your skirt off. Or I’ll get the boys to take it off you.”

I looked defiantly at her.

“OK, then. How about this. I’ll give you a chance, double or quits. One-hand, you and me. You win then you walk out of her as you are and nobody says anything. You lose, everything comes off, and you do another dare that I’m going to choose. And it doesn’t have to be the ones that we’ve decided on.”

What were the odds of me winning one on one, fifty-fifty I suppose? The tension in the flat had gone up immeasurably over the last few minutes. Everyone wants to know what I would do.

“I deal.”


I dealt, Sue kept her cards low but smiled. Three cards were placed face up. Ace, two and seven all of different suits. I looked at my hand. An ace was the best I had as a match, making a pair.

Sue drew one card, the four of clubs. She had nothing to worry me there; I drew another card, a two, giving me two pairs. Not bad but not great.

As I was under pressure, I had to reveal my hand first. Sue looked deflated as she saw my two pairs. She turned her own hand over. Six, four, eight. Still, nothing but I was worried if she had a five hidden then she had a straight. I was sweating. Sue smiled at me. My blood ran cold, I knew even then I had lost. I didn’t bother to wait for her to turn the card over. I stood up, dropped my skirt then peeled my blouse off. The boys were all cheering. I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands. Somebody got behind me and forced my hands away, exposing my body for them all to admire and stare at. There were a few good-natured calls as the boys took in what I had to offer.

“That’s a nice pair of tits and a lovely pussy you’ve got there. Seeing as you don’t want to share them with me, what about all the boys. Your forfeit and dare is to gang-bang all the boys here. A moment’s ümraniye escort shocked silence was followed by cheers and whoops from the boys.

I didn’t have time to react. I was grabbed roughly and carried to a bedroom and thrown on the bed. My legs were pulled wide and pushed up so that my knees were under my armpits. My pussy was exposed for all to see. Not for long. I felt the bed sag under another body, and a boy was between my legs, positioning his cock, then slamming it home.

I don’t think I screamed. I was too shocked. He didn’t take long to finish and was soon pumping cum into me. As he pulled out another took his place, fucking me equally as hard and as fast as he could. Again a strangers cum filled me. The strange thing was I was starting to respond. The third guy took more time, but it was still over with pretty quickly.

By the time the fourth guy crawled on top of me, I was getting into it. I was suddenly living two deeply hidden fantasies. One to be out of control and forced to have sex. Not raped but to have to obey and do what I’m told. The other is a fantasy that I’m sure many girls have. To be gang banged. Well, that was certainly happening. And if I’m honest, I was enjoying it. I wouldn’t go as far as say I loved it, but it was fun. I loved the idea of being out of control and being used.

Halfway through my, I was going to say ordeal, but really it was an experience, I was flipped onto all fours and fucked doggy. This gave the guys who had already finished. And a couple who wanted a starter, to feed their cocks into my open mouth.

Then I was made to sit on top of the guys as they fucked me. This gave me a bit more control, and they loved the enthusiasm I showed as I screwed them hard. I was really into it now, and my pussy was wet and sticky at the same time.

As I switched onto another guy, I looked over and saw Kim being fucked by two guys at once. One in her pussy, the other was using her mouth and was just about to blow off in it. I saw Kim’s cheeks expand before she swallowed all the cum.

“Couldn’t leave you to take on all the boys on your own could I,” she said to me.

In the end, I’m not sure how many guys fucked me, or how often. There had been six in the initial party, and most of them had a second go. I’m convinced that a couple more random passing guys took the opportunity for some free, no strings attached, sex as well.

In fact, I’m certain, as I heard some guy ask another, “What’s going on here?”

“Some Fresher from MMU lost a bet, and now she’s gang-banging anyone who wants her. She can’t get enough cock. I’ve had her once, and am going to have another go in a bit. She’s pretty hot.”

“How manys fucked her?”

“There were six of us at first, but a couple of other guys walked in and they had a shot. Give her a go, she’s not saying no to anybody.”

The guy fucked me, and I didn’t say no.

As I recovered I thought to myself, You’ve got a rep now. The easy fuck. The gang-bang queen, great start to Uni life. Then I realised I didn’t care. Two deep-seated, yet long-held fantasies realised in the first week away at University.

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