Frenemies with Benefits Ch. 02

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For the prequel to this story, please see Frenemies with Benefits Ch. 1.


She sat at her cubicle dejectedly doing her job. It’d been two weeks since their rendezvous at her house, and she’d never felt more conflicted. Things that she’d always thought she’d hated about John were suddenly becoming…cute. Cute. John had never been cute to her. Irritating. Frustrating. Egotistical. A jack-ass. Sexy as hell. But never cute.

So why was she suddenly smiling when she heard his laughter across the office? Or giggling when she saw his eyebrows drawn together in concentration as his eyes bored into his computer onto his latest project? It couldn’t be because of the sex. Yes, it’d been the most heart stopping sex she’d ever had in her life, and with someone she’d been so close to since childhood, but she’d never been effected by sex that way. She wasn’t a slut by any means, but she’d had a small number of one night stands, and been perfectly fine with never being in contact with a sex partner. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even give it a thought. If it wasn’t with someone special, then it didn’t matter, and there hadn’t been a “someone special” in a very long time.

Shane had been her perfect ideal man. Tall, dark, and sexy of course. But he’d also been intelligent, kind, and romantic. Always thinking of her, always planning for them. And yet, with as perfect as he was, she couldn’t be with him anymore after two years of companionship. They’d even moved in together, sharing their entire lives together. At some point, it just hit her that she couldn’t spend the rest of her life with him. He just…wasn’t it…Wasn’t Mr. Right. She thought she could live with him being Mr. Right Now, but when she tried that out for a few months after the realization that he wasn’t right for her, she couldn’t bear to lead him on that way. She’d been so caught up with having the ideal life and man that it took long enough to realize he wasn’t what she needed. She couldn’t bear to lead him on that goose chase any longer.

Shane had been so hurt after the break up, it hurt Jennifer to still think about it. And it hurt to be alone. After two years of never sleeping alone, going back to an empty home had been hard for her. Just as hard as an empty sex life…

Her thoughts bounced back to the present. There was no reason for her to be so crazy acting after one episode with John. And yet…she looked at him through his office window…something had changed. No matter how much she hated him, something had changed.

She glanced up as a shapely red head walked through the door, and toward John’s office. Shit. John’s girlfriend. How could she have forgotten…what’s her name….Vanessa something.

The door closed, the blinds dropped, and Jennifer felt heat come to her face. How could she possibly be so stupid? Of course there was nothing between them. Other than Vanessa.

Embarrassed and feeling even more dejected, she tried her best to quiet her thoughts and focus on her work…to not much avail.



Vanessa stood before him as she usually did, beautiful and seductive, luring his eyes to various parts of her body. She was his girlfriend of six months, and came to “visit” him at the office frequently. He guessed it was more to remind the other women of the office that he was attached than it was to see him. She was that kind of woman.

He knew his relationship with her was nothing serious, despite what she might think, but he did enjoy reaping the benefits.

She glanced up at him with clear blue eyes and spoke to him with that delicious undertone of sensuality, “How’s your day been honey?”

He took her into his arms and kissed her lightly, testing the waters, “I’ve illegal bahis definitely had better days,” He muttered into her hair.

She leaned back to look up at him, a naughty gleam in her eye, “Well I’d looove to make it better for you…”

She ran her hands down his chest to caress him through his slacks where he hardened quickly under her touch. She tip toed to kiss him, moving her tongue forcefully into his mouth trying to find his response.

He wanted her. God he wanted her. But, somehow, he kept flashing back seeing Jennifer’s wet naked body, then feeling incredibly guilty. He didn’t feel bad for cheating on Vanessa. He knew of many occasions where she’d slept around, and it didn’t really bother him. He felt bad for being with her when Jennifer was in the next room…. or being with Vanessa when Jennifer existed. With what he’d felt with Jennifer…in Jennifer.. he couldn’t even think of Vanessa. All he really wanted was Jennifer, hot and ready for him, squirming under him, moaning for him… again.

He pushed Vanessa away gently and smiled at her pouting face, “Sweetheart, you know I’d love to, but I have a lot of work to do today. I really need to not be distracted..”

Her face contorted, “Baby…this is the third time this week you’ve rejected you not want me?”

“No baby of course I want you! I’ve just been really stressed, and I have a lot to get done. Tonight hon I promise I’ll make up for it.”

Her pout slowly turned into a grin, and she kissed him again before turning on her heel, “Ok baby. Don’t be late tonight. I’ll be waiting with something special on for you.” She walked out of his office, and he saw every man watching her retreating curves. She was a great temporary girlfriend, but for some reason he just wasn’t into it lately. He couldn’t touch her without wishing it was someone else… He glanced at Jennifer, brows furrowed in concentration over her work, and smiled.

He then flashed back to being with her in her shower, feeling her underneath his searching hands, and was suddenly sporting an outrageous hard-on that was very visible through his slacks. He quickly sat at his desk hiding himself from his co-workers and tried to focus on something other than Jennifer Brandon.



The day was finally beginning to come to a close, the minute hand inching toward the 12, and the hour hand nearly at the 5. Well shit. There was a flaw in a design John had sent out to the office, and it needed direct, quick attention. No one else was going to catch it except for her. She sighed, and stretched to get up and go to John’s office. He was already grabbing his jacket, and clocking out, mumbling to himself.

“John…” she peered into the office as he turned to look at her, “I have a question about the email you sent out…”

He smiled tiredly, and motioned for her to come to his desk as he sat back down, “What’s up Jenny?”

“Jennifer…” she muttered, “John… Mr. Tate… I hate to point this out right at 5 o’ clock but it’s pretty important…” She leaned over him showing him his flaws, watching his face go grim as she continued to correct him.

He sighed and shook his head, “Thanks Jennifer. I really owe you…if I had sent that to corporate… Well thanks.” He muttered.

She looked at him for a while, then hesitantly touched his arm, “John…you really are doing a good job… Granted I’d do it better… Much better… But you’re doing it well enough.” She smiled as he jabbed her in the arm and added, “Had I not applied here as well, you might actually deserve this job.”

That brought a laugh out of him, and realizing that she was still leaned over him so tantalizingly close, she began to straighten when he caught illegal bahis siteleri her arm. They looked at each other for what seemed like ages, and she murmured, “John…”

He stroked up her arm, cutting her off, and whispered, “I haven’t… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

She bit her lip, conflicted, and huffed in frustration before bringing her lips down to his. There was no hesitation as he slipped his tongue against hers, moving his hand to her face to draw her closer. She groaned into his mouth, her need suddenly matching his.

Her position, still leaning over his side of the desk and turned toward him, was rather awkward. John soon realized, and stood to meet her, pushing her up against the desk. She sat on it, and he began working on their clothing, slowly unbuttoning and unzipping here and there.

She began patting his hands away and groaned into his mouth, “Vanessa…”

He shook his head and muttered, “I don’t care.”

She broke the kiss, looking at him, unsure of how to take his statement, but he was soon kissing her again, more rough in his movements, bruising her lips a little. He began trying to work their clothes again, but she again patted away his hands.

He pulled away huffing in irritation, and she grinned, “Sometimes it’s just as fun to fuck with clothes on…”

He looked at her long, watching her lusty glow as her shirt was half unbuttoned, breasts halfway exposed in a black lacy bra, her skirt hiked up to her waist showing the end of her thigh high lacy panty hose, and her dainty feet in four inch heels. Grinning he simply nodded and resumed kissing her, his hands roaming all over her body, and hers doing likewise.

She reached the bulge in his pants and caressed it, feeling him lurch and groan in response. She moved her hands into his unzipped fly, and drew him out, his cock hot and hard in her hand.

He moved her lacy panties to the side, and she helped him position himself at her hot, wet entrance. He moved into her slowly, pumping inch by inch as her tight cunt accepted him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, the new angle making her tighten around his thick shaft. He groaned and moved his mouth to her neck, kissing and biting along her neck and shoulder.

She sighed in pleasure as he found a rhythm, and moved her hips in time with his. His mouth clamped onto her shoulder once again at the same time that one of his thrusts hit her clit, and she cried out, “Fuck! Oh..John…Yes… Faster…”

But he continued with his slow rhythm, rocking her slowly on the desk, her legs quivering around him, her moans becoming desperate.

“John…I need it… more… please…”

But he still made her wait, pumping her full of him, then moving out, moaning her name now and again at a maddeningly slow pace.

“Tate! Now! I need… Fuck me now Tate!”

Steadily, due to his passion along with her desperate cries, he began moving harder into her, his pace quickening bit by bit. Soon he was ramming her, her legs and hands clutching him as she clawed his arms and bit his chest, grunting and screaming in the rhythm of his thrusts.

Soon, he felt her tightening around him, and she let out a string of curse words along with his name in ecstasy, writhing and bucking against him in passion. He let go with her, shuddering as he spurt into her, his face contorting as he moaned, “Oh…God Jen…”

They relaxed against each other, and she rested her head on his chest, shuddering as he pulled out of her. Suddenly shy, she moved quickly to go clean up in the bathroom. When she came back, he was working on the design again, breathing heavy, but seeming very concentrated.

“Do… Will you need my help with any of canlı bahis siteleri that…?” She looked at him questioningly.

He looked up and raised an eyebrow, “I’m perfectly capable of handling this on my own Jenny. Remember, I am the boss. You’re free to leave.”

Her breath caught at his tone and her face hardened, ” Fuck. You. Tate.”

He sighed and looked at her flatly, “Please. Do. Jenny.”

She spun on her heel and left in a hurry, and for once, she wasn’t just pissed at John Tate. She was genuinely hurt. And she had yet to figure out why.



He sighed as the door slammed behind her. He wasn’t trying to make her mad. And he knew she was better at this job than he was. He needed to prove to her that he could do this.

He frowned at his own thoughts. He’d never felt the need to prove anything to her. She was just his friends annoying little sister. A menace. A bitch. He didn’t have anything to prove.

But as he glanced at the very spot they’d…fucked at not thirty minutes earlier, he knew he was kidding himself. He couldn’t get her out of his mind, and he had his suspicions that she couldn’t get him out of her mind either. He’d never felt so conflicted. Just having her scent in the room with him still was maddening.

He sighed and hurried to finish his work. He still ended up being two hours late in getting home, completely forgetting about his promise to Vanessa. He walked in to see a very, veeery angry girlfriend. At this point, however, he was in no mood for games.

“Jonathan Alexander Tate. Where the hell have you been??? I called your cell phone twice and you didn’t answer, your office phone went straight to voicemail…Where were you???!!!”

He sighed and went to the fridge for a drink, and grumbled, “I had to work late. It was something that came up at the last second.”

“Well good thing you let me know! God I was worried sick! You could have been cheating on me or God only KNOWS what else, and I…”

“What the hell is wrong with you Vanessa?”

She gasped in mid sentence at his question, “I… I don’t know what you mean…”

“I was two hours late. I didn’t answer my phones. I could have been laying on the side of the road dead, and you’re worried about me cheating on you?”

She looked down, and mumbled, “I’m sorry baby…I didn’t think…”

“No, I guess you didn’t.” He said quietly, removing his shirt.

He turned as he heard a gasp, then a string of curses, “What the fuck John?!” Vanessa shouted as she traced the claw marks on his back and arms, and the bites on his chest with her fingers, “Oh my God. You were cheating on me! These are fresh John! What the hell?! You’re gonna make me feel bad like I’m a bad girlfriend, then I see that you were just having a fuck fest? What is your problem?!”

He sighed, looking unimpressed with her outburst, and said flatly, “Maybe you should go home Vanessa.”

She gasped and her eyes narrowed as she hissed, “You bastard.”

She grabbed her purse and keys and stormed out the door as he yelled behind her, “You can pick up the rest of your things tomorrow. I’ll leave them on the porch.”

He shut the door and climbed into bed, weary and confused. His thoughts kept returning to Jennifer, and he hated it. Nothing about her had changed. She was still mean. She was still a bitch. She was still that same girl he’d grown to hate through the years. So why couldn’t he stop thinking of her? Why couldn’t he stop dreaming of her?

He shut his eyes, and tried to block her out of his mind as he drifted into a fitful sleep.

At the same moment, Jennifer was looking out her window, imagining what John might be doing, and wondering why she cared.

“This has to stop,” she said aloud to herself. “I have to stop.”

She sighed and drifted off, trying to keep from dreaming of the one man in the world she hated most.

To be continued.

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