French-Kissing the Babysitter Ch. 1

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If you’re under eighteen, or are turned off by two beautiful women in hot sexual contact, stop reading here. Otherwise, enjoy!

French Kissing the Babysitter–Part One (The Literotica Version)

Well-developed even for her age of eighteen, Donna had a body that reflected the cheerleader she had been last year in high school. Long, blonde hair, large blue eyes, full, pouty lips, a truly beautiful girl. But her body was what she was most proud of. She worked out at the gym as often as possible, creating a tight upper body that supported full, 34C breasts. They were set off by her tiny waist, washboard abs that pouted above her usual skimpy belly shirt, and rather full, round yet very firm ass. Her legs were slender, but the thighs muscular and almost always encased in skin-tight jeans or miniskirt. She particularly liked to wear the latest stretch hip-hugging bellbottoms and platform shoes that the teen-aged girls her age were wearing, with tiny belly tank tops. Platform boots helped accentuate her legs and ass, and drew the most admiring stares. Donna’s clothes were always perfectly picked for the day, as revealing as possible, and always to show off her sexy young body. When she was in the mall with her girlfriends, she always noticed the boys–and some girls–eyeing her with more than idle interest. She knew they were playing fantasies out in their minds as she swayed by in her sexiest walk.

She had had several boyfriends, but they were starting to bore her. They all had the same technique, very tiring. Her eye was beginning to wander to the female bodies she noticed in the mall, at the movies and at the dance clubs she frequented. It had started with just checking out what her girlfriends were wearing to more detailed interest. Focusing on the supple movement of asses under tight jeans, short skirts and wondering how a cheek would feel to her hand. Looking for a stray nipple through a sheer blouse and thinking about how it would harden to her tongue. Watching for an attractive, sexy girl to lick her moist lips and imagining what it might be like to press her lips against another girl’s. Nothing had happened yet with another girl, but she felt she was ripe for the moment. She would fantasize about one or two of the girls at school on the squad, or perhaps a saleslady at one of the clothing stores. She just sensed the moment was drawing near for that magically erotic experience.

Donna had been babysitting for the Fornetti family over a year, since she her last year at high school, to make some money to eventually go to community college. John Fornetti was always on business trips out of town, and his wife Angie was always involved in some social occasion and going out until late at night. Angie Fornetti was a stunning brunette with dark, sensual Italian features. Beautiful, flaming green eyes, abundant dark brown hair, thick and pouty Mediterranean lips. She always wore quite a bit of makeup when she went out and was proud of her long, perfectly manicured blood-red fingernails. For a woman in her late thirties, Angie’s body was incredible! Perhaps 36D tits, wasp-like waist, tight, full ass cheeks. Her clothes were what Donna thought she’d eventually be wearing when she got to Angie’s age. She tended to wear tight, form-fitting leather jeans, tank tops, short, tight skirts. Even just around the house when Donna was over, Angie’s jeans or shorts were usually tight and sexy. Always in either high heel stilettos or boots, Angie turned many heads–including Donna’s. Over the last few months, the young girl was beginning to admit the older woman into her fantasies while bringing herself off at home alone.

Angie and John had a couple of young children, who went to bed early, so the night was usually left up to Donna until Angie came home. In the first few weeks, Donna did the standard watching TV or reading. However, in time, she began to get curious about Angie’s private world and would go through her lingerie drawer and fondle various silk panties and bras. Eventually, she would put the panties to her nose and inhale the clean, slightly musky odor at the crotch. It helped add to the intensity of her beginning fantasies about the dark older woman. After a few months, she finally began to explore the Fornetti’s computer which, was, oddly enough, set up at a small desk in the bedroom. Angie easily manipulated the programming until she got to a personal document file under Angie’s initials and found that she actually wrote sex stories for the internet!

Being curious about sex in general and really curious about Angie Fornetti’s sexuality in particular, Donna was just dying to get into her computer and check out her secret sex files. The young girl was more then curious–she was terribly and extremely excited to see them. Donna knew she wrote stories about sex, but thought they would be pretty tame stuff. What she read, however, she couldn’t believe. Donna couldn’t believe all the things she was reading about this sexy older woman! They were very hard core lesbian! So dirty, such filth! She was into kinky S&M! Angie liked to be dominated, casino siteleri most of all by women–she liked to have her tits slapped! What a whore! And worst of all some of the things were so HOT! Angie was one hot bitch! For some reason the idea of this gorgeous older woman being kind of slutty and definitely kinky really turned Donna on. A lot! The high school girl would sit at the screen reading Angie’s personal stories and fantasies and get incredibly horny. Donna started masturbating to her stories. It was very strange, because it was in the woman’s bedroom. Her bedroom was like a part of her. It was like Donna was masturbating in front of the older woman. It was almost like having sex with the woman! The girl would read about all the sexy things she did, how she sucked some woman’s pussy and then thanked her for the privilege or drink her pee. Donna would pretend she was the woman, her Mistress, and Angie was her precious little obedient slave. That would really turn the girl on. The idea of controlling and dominating the sexy older woman was intoxicating. And not just controlling her, that would be cool in itself but controlling her sexually, making her a sex slave! Most of her stories are about female to female domination with her as the slave, so Donna created a fantasy world with herself as Angie’s dominatrix!

After discovering these stories and reading them for a few weekends, Donna started noticing Angie very differently. The girl would imagine her in the sex acts she described. When Donna looked at the woman, she saw her on her knees satisfying a woman with her mouth. When Angie greeted her at the door for a babysitting night and got ready for her night out, Donna started actually checking out her ass and huge jutting tits. Looking at her breasts, sizing her up, watching her full lips as she wetted them with her tongue, Donna could taste them. The girl couldn’t help but fantasizing about the voluptuous older woman. The more she read about her on the computer, the more Donna thought about her. Donna had the hots for Angie! The sexy young cheerleader would stare at the woman’s tight ass and think how pretty it looked. She would wonder what it would be like to touch it and rub her face against it and kiss it. To pry open those cheeks, bury her nose in the crack and take a long, sexy smell at the woman’s asshole. Donna started to develop a passionate crush on Angie Fernetti! Donna would fantasize about being Angie’s girlfriend and kissing her, seeing her naked, what her pussy looked like and tasting it. Perhaps going out on a date with her to the movies, holding hands, necking in the back of the theater. On one hand, the torrid sexual thrill of lesbian dominance, on the other a romantic picture of two girlfriends on a date. She couldn’t get the woman out of her head!

Finally, Donna decided that she wanted the older woman to be her bitch. She knew the buxom brunette was a sub lesbian slut and wanted her for herself. Needless to say, it became awkward around Angie when she came over to baby-sit.

Donna decided if at all possible to seduce the older woman! If the woman was as big a slut as she portrayed herself in her stories it was going to be easy. But she didn’t dare just put the moves on her. What if she was turned off? Then things would really be awful between them. And what if her husband found out? So she decided to go very slowly. Donna had to figure out how to seduce this sexy, gorgeous female! The teenager decided to work all her girlish charms on this woman.

That Friday night, instead of her usual tight jeans, she wore skin-tight jean short-shorts that were cut off unusually high on the thigh to almost reveal the dark blonde hairs from her cunt. She didn’t wear panties, just in case. And knee-high black leather platform boots to accentuate her ass. She also decided to put on a real sexy tank top belly shirt, revealing her pouty pierced naval. It was very cute in pretty aqua blue–very tight along the bust line to create as much cleavage as possible. She put on an extra coat of glossy red lipstick as well, just to bring out the fullness of her moist, sensual lips.

Before leaving her bedroom for the Fornetti’s house, Donna checked herself in the mirror. She was gorgeous–hell, she’d have fucked herself! She made sure she got to the Fornetti’s house nice and early.

Angie answered the door dressed in a very short, tight black leather miniskirt, a white silk lacy blouse that strained against her huge thrusting tits, black fishnet stockings and black leather high-heeled “fuck-me” spikes. She glittered with gold jewelry and looked stunning with perfectly applied makeup to her beautifully sensual face. Donna could see the lacy bra through her blouse and just the faintest hint of dark nipples.

Donna was especially friendly tonight and complemented Angie on her outfit. “Hey, Mrs. F, you look hot tonight! Wow, I wish I had an outfit like that!”

“Oh, Donna, thank you, dear. It’s always nice to get a complement from such a pretty girl like you, with all the latest styles. You always dress canlı casino well yourself! I bet you turn a few heads, don’t you?” Angie smiled at her, her eyes roving up and down the girl’s body.

“Yeah, I get my share. We have a lot in common, don’t we Mrs. F?” Donna sat on the couch in front of the TV and crossed her booted legs right in front of her.

“We do, Donna. And how many times do I have to remind you to call me Angie, sweetheart?” The voluptuous woman slid her arms into her matching black leather jacket.

“Sorry, Angie. Will you be home late?” Donna was hoping she’d be back sooner than later since her plan was to take some time to seduce this woman after the kids were in bed.

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe we can have a nice chat when I get home. We haven’t in a while, have we?” Their eyes met. Angie slightly raised one eyebrow, then seemed to gaze at Donna’s freshly painted lips.

Donna was surprised by this development. Was this woman interested in her as well? Was this actually a pass? “That would be great, Angie. Have a good time.” On impulse, Donna got up from the couch, and walked to the woman. She hugged Angie goodbye, which she never did. The busty woman returned the hug, lingering for a moment. The musky, erotic odor of leather from the skirt and jacket enveloped the two girls. Donna gripped Angie’s leather-covered back and slid her hands along the supple kidskin, subtly massaging and feeling. Angie in turn wrapped her arms around Donna’s waist, the two sets of full tits mashing against each other. A spark of erotic heat burst between the two, then Angie was reluctantly out the door. Did Donna notice hardening nipples under Angie’s silk blouse? Or was it her imagination?

It was all Donna could do not to masturbate the evening away, thinking of that moment with Angie and what could be coming. She would raise her hands periodically to her nose to sniff the leather smell from that brief clinch with the woman. It seemed like forever before Mrs. F returned home that evening.

Finally, she did. Donna’s heart leapt in her ample chest. Angie tossed her car keys aside and they exchanged pleasantries. Then Angie suggested they have a cold drink and relax on the couch for that conversation. Donna watched the full tits straining behind the blouse as Angie removed her black leather jacket. Had the blouse been unbuttoned just one more after she left? They sat together on the couch with their drinks. The erotic scent of perfume and leather enveloped Donna as she felt the animal attraction to this older woman sitting so close to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Angie’s full, moist burgundy lips. She kept on wetting them with her tongue. Was she teasing the girl?

After some small talk about the neighborhood and her plans for college, they eventually got around to talking about boys. Donna told Angie that she was very self-conscious about dating because she didn’t think she knew best how to kiss a boy since her dating had been very scarce and the boys were unsophisticated. What a lie! The teenager wasn’t even a virgin any more! But this seemed to ring true with Angie. The woman couldn’t believe it, and sadly remembered how awkward she felt at Donna’s age too.

Suddenly, Donna began her plan–it was her opening! She asked Angie if she would teach her the best way to kiss a boy. Angie sympathetically agreed and, putting her drink down, started to show Donna all kinds of moves. When to know the boy is going to kiss you, how to hold your head at the right angle, who takes tongue, who gives it, how much, how to put the brakes on. The woman was showing the young girl how to pucker up and everything, but Donna just played dumb. Boy, this woman really knew her make-out technique!

Then Angie held her hand in a ball so that her thumb and fore finger made a kind of mouth, her manicured fingernails glistening in the soft light. The woman showed Donna how to kiss it, like it was the boy. She was kissing her hand saying “Oh baby.” So Donna just took her hand and said “Like this?” and started French kissing her hand like it was a boy’s mouth! Angie seemed a little taken aback by it because the girl really French kissed her hand and made it very gooey. Donna actually slobbered all over her hand. She had her tongue all down inside and deep.

Angie said “Uh, yeah, like that”, and withdrew her hand. But Donna detected a little hint of sexual rush on the woman. So Donna decided to get very bold.

“Angie, why don’t you just show me how to do it?” Donna said, curiously.

“I’m trying, sweetheart.” Was the woman taking the bait?

“No just pretend I’m the boy and show me what to do.”

“Kiss you??”

“Why not? It wouldn’t be like a real kiss or anything. I’ve got to learn somehow or would you want me to learn on the street?”

“OK, I guess it would be alright.” Angie slowly leaned in and started showing Donna how the boy should hold her. She embraced the girl, putting her arms around her shoulders. Donna could feel the woman’s hands over her bra straps on her back. The girl made kaçak casino sure to push her tits right on the woman’s but made it look like it couldn’t be helped. It felt so good to have the woman nipple to hard nipple. Donna’s thick nipples burned and her pussy started getting warm and moist as well. The girl was definitely starting to like this. She relaxed in the older woman’s arms. Donna didn’t know about Angie, but sitting there making out with the woman was really turning her on even if it was only pretend. This is what the gorgeous teenager had longed for!

At first the woman’s kisses were just pretend, they were just pecks on the cheeks. But Donna could feel Angie’s hot breath on her face. She was right up against the girl, nuzzling her, saying this is how the boy will do it. As they pretended more and more, Donna got hotter and hotter. She got bolder and bolder too. The erotic odor of soft leather and wet pussy rose from Angie’s skirt, along with the slight smell of sweat mixed with perfume coming from her armpits. The girl knew she had to do something. Donna was dying to kiss the woman for real. She wanted her mouth on Angie’s so bad. It was killing her. The idea terrified her but she had to do something. Donna knew she was going to kiss her. She knew she had to try. If she didn’t the girl would regret it for the rest of her life.

So just then, Angie leaned over to give Donna a little pretend peck on the lips. The girl knew it was just going to be a peck. Angie was saying, “Boys like to kiss on the lips like this…” Donna didn’t think that the woman had planned to teach her too much about French kissing. She probably would have been happy if the girl had thought all kissing was closed-mouth kissing. But Donna already knew about open mouth kissing. Knew about it and wanted it from this busty, sensual older woman. So when Angie leaned in, Donna grabbed her and pulled her in and gave her a real deep hot wet “fuck me” French kiss. It was a real lover’s kiss, a “make me your woman”, full open-mouth kiss that lasted, mouth over open mouth, lips locked tightly together, tongue-in-mouth kiss. An intense, lipstick-smearing, serious and a decidedly sensuous kiss. Angie didn’t kiss the girl back but she didn’t push her away either.

“Like that?” Donna asked hotly. Their glazed eyes were just inches apart. Their shiny, smeared lips even closer. Each could breath the animal scent coming from the other.

“Yeah, kind of,” Angie replied almost in shock. Donna had stolen a kiss from Angie Fornetti!! She knew it was naughty and wrong, this hot girl-girl make out session, but that made the girl’s pussy tingle even more. Mmmm–she wanted more.

Donna pressed forward with her plan. There was no turning back now. “Now you try kissing me and I’ll be the girl.”–by that the babysitter meant the woman should French kiss her and slip her the tongue. Angie gazed at the girl with a quizzical look on her face for what seemed like an eternity, but probably just a few seconds. Then she blinked a couple of times vacantly. Then Donna saw some kind of realization come over her face. She could see Angie’s mind racing. Donna couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Maybe she was just realizing that Donna was some kind of a slut. A wicked girl. Although Donna was pretty sure she could play the situation off if she had to. They were only practicing! But if Angie didn’t kiss her back, she was going to die! She would just die. But she did!! Donna was so happy, her heart jumped inside. The girl was giddy! And burning with desire for this woman. Yesssssss!!!! Angie leaned in and gave Donna a really hot French kiss. Much more then the girl was expecting. The woman was kissing her and sliding her tongue into the young girl’s mouth and holding her tight. Donna yielded to everything the woman did. She was putty in her arms. Donna kissed her mouth and sucked her tongue. Her slick tongue was burning hot. The girl’s pussy drooled between her legs. She was hot and wet instantly. Her nipples were on fire too. The girl sat there and made out with the older woman for about 15 minutes. Their arms wrapped tightly around each other, hands gripping the back of each other’s heads tightly, manipulating for deeper tonguing. Angie broke the kiss and gazed into Donna’s eyes.

The young girl watched her expression very carefully. She wanted to see if the woman was going to be upset, or if she was going to be fine with what happened. Donna was scared she might be disgusted, at herself or with the girl. That she would blame the girl for what happened. Donna’s whole existence hung on the demeanor of that expression. She had really gambled. Time stopped. Donna’s heart stopped. But when she smiled, maybe even a kind of a blush in her cheeks, Donna was so relieved and giddy that she couldn’t help hugging the woman. A great big giant tit-squashing hug. Angie’s breasts against Donna’s felt so comfortable, so right, so good, she couldn’t move away. It felt soooo good! Donna wanted to stay in Angie’s arms forever. The girl had her face pressed into the woman’s neck where her hair came down over her shoulders. Donna smelled her, her aroma was intoxicating, the perfume and leather. It didn’t seem wrong. The young girl just kept squashing her tits right up on top of the older woman’s, feeling their warmth.

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