Fred , Ginger – Fantasy or Reality

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From the Beginning,

Fred was introduced to Ginger, his friend Sister many years ago. A chance meeting while delivering to their house, her text to her brother showing her curiosity to the man she had just seen for the first time.

From the moment they met, both appearing shy at first, the glint in their eyes should have told people a different story. The chemistry, the look between them, the way their bodies entwined on the dance floor made it obvious to anyone around that there was something more there than two people meeting for the first time.

As Gingers legs split across his thigh as the danced, Fred’s body moved so naturally in time with hers, their bodies pressed together, hips gyrated and lips finally met and locking together. But alas, it was a single moment in time that was never to be repeated. Or was it…

Fred’s thoughts for Ginger were always there, how they danced, the touch of her hands against him, the only thing stopping there passion for each other was the others around them that evening.

They went their separate ways that evening, that sliding doors moment in both their lives, choosing different paths but for Fred, it was always a wrong turn, a bad decision.

As time passed, their thoughts for each other were revealed, there choices whether right or wrong then could not stop their minds wondering back to one another.

They managed to keep in touch, not daily, sometimes weeks passing with no communication but through sickness and in health with no bond or commitment on paper, both knew, if needed, the other would be there for the kind words, help and advice they needed, never judged just advised, not just there for their fun.

As soon as the contact was made, their minds worked in sync, their thoughts never far away from each other and straying to playfully tease each other on so many occasions.

Then came the day they would unite once more, far to public for either to get carried away, a simple coffee and the moment awkward being reunited once more, both in relationships but risking all they had for that moment together, should they be doing this?

But they did, another chance meeting at a party where Fred’s eyes could not be diverted from Ginger, the desperate effort from both to meet outside, to share a cigarette break, but again as before, some force was keeping these two apart, the people around like a cruel cage they could see each other through, but just not reach each other.

The next occasion arrived, picking somewhere a little more secluded, than the previous times. Fred excited as he drove, his smile as she approached and seeing her smile as she saw him, he watched her stepping out from her car to his like an illicit rendezvous between two lovers.

Fred’s mind had often wondered to kissing those lips once more, would it ever happen, but now, here they were again, together sitting down a remote lane, talking, looking at each other once more, laughing and joking both aware of their relationships, but also so aware of the suppressed feelings so obvious between them.

They joked at a police car passed them, peering over, Fred, smirking inside, joked that it could have been a more awkward moment, he knew it could had his thoughts moved from his mind to his limbs.

They sat, controlled their feelings until it was time to part once more, but before they did, neither could resist, their lips locked again, the passion awakened, still the same perfection as the first, not wanting to walk away, to continue, allow their thoughts and feelings to run away with them, but having to control them again however frustrating it was becoming for both, but showing the respect they had for each other.

It was obvious this was always going happen, but where would it end, what else would they risk too grab those moments again where there lips linked together.

As always, there were times where weeks passed by, then one or the other would relight the spark, a simple message leading to flirtation, exposing a little more of their inner selves to each other.

Perhaps even shocking each other at times with their bold and daring comments, but allowing their minds to build a much more vivid picture of being together in more intimate moments, creating the fantasy of them together in their minds which often led to Fred laying back, closing his eyes as he pleasured himself with the thoughts.

It was one afternoon in spring that Ginger contacted canlı bahis Fred again that she opened a more personal side of her mind to him.

A confession of her new passion for reading the naughty antics of others, she had read of their exhibitionism, being bound, exposed, used and perhaps by more than one person at a time.

She played down her needs, but as all of us, it excites us to think we could be in those positions, have those experiences and the feeling of those we read about.

Fred understood so well, often arguing with people of his understanding between Love and Sex. His mind had always been able to see the difference, understood these people and the Love between them to allow their fantasies to spill over to reality, but to still Love, be together and just share those moments of intimate pleasure for their sexual gratification.

Fred was excited by the confession, as his fingers replied that her understood they were not real life, just what she liked, thought about in her intimate moments alone, but his mind worked overtime, visions of the two of them together, acting out the mildest of her fantasies to the most outrageous was causing him to become semi erect in his clothing, not good while surrounded by work colleagues, just excited at the confession leaving Gingers mind and shared with him.

He would love to help her push her boundaries a little, explore what many others had done, give her the sensations she had read about, thought about, and his visions strayed to her pleasuring herself while reading and watching these people make their fantasies become reality.

Did her hands touch herself, caress, did her hand spank herself, something they had spoken about and joked before and as others had done in the stories she had read.

Did she mimic someone doing so, did she have visions of Fred after there conversations doing so. He was now thinking of her, did she really want to experience the feeling of those people, how far had she experimented herself, how much confidence did she have in her own lover to allow her to share these thoughts with him or carry any of them out?

Fred could not get the vision out of his head, excited all night, dreams of taking Ginger beyond her fantasies, if only the simplest ones to give her the experience that others had excited her with.

As Fred sat in his conservatory that evening, visions of Ginger filled his head, visions of her walking in, sitting over his lap and kissing his lips led to his hand sliding down and caressing himself, another moment created in his mind as he sat, dreamed of them together, his breathing getting faster, his hand moving quicker until and finally sat back, his breathing slowing before heading to the bathroom to clean up the mess that had been created by Gingers comments that day.

The following day, he was surprised when another message came, “Where are you, can we meet up for coffee?” Was there something wrong, relationship problem, just wanting to meet?

Situations now changed, he was able to invite her for coffee in private, no need to hide away down some lane, they could sit in comfort to talk, and twenty minutes later, the door knocked and she was walking in. Fred’s eyes wondered over her, she was wearing a strapless summers dress covering her body, half covering her thighs, but as his eye’s wondered down her legs, her heals were not for a summers walk.

She leaned forward and kissed him, a broad smile across her face, her cheeks a little red at the expectation of what may now happen. She stood there as he made the coffee, inviting her to join him in the conservatory, him sitting and watching as she stood and walked over to the French doors and was looking into the garden.

Her ankles about a foot apart, her back to him and her calves bulging on her toned legs as her heals always made them, Fred had admired them many times, her figure looking amazing with the daylight from outside around her body.

The big glass doors would be a perfect place for mild exhibitionism. Fred’s thoughts on fire once more, were hers straying to the same, was she imagining him behind her, his arms around her, his lips on her neck?

Was she imagining one of her fantasies right now, was she longing for his touch as much as he wanted to walk over and hold her. She stayed in the position, talking but not able to look at Fred, she stayed there and he had to approach, he wanted at least to hold her. His arms went around bahis siteleri her waist and made her jump and tremble slightly.

Her head finally turned to kiss him, his lips reached for hers again, the hold a little tighter, his hand to her face, tenderly touching it, but sliding off and straying to her slide down to her hips, gently stroking over her dress, tracing over her stomach, to where her panties should now be felt through the thin fabric, but there was no such feeling, his body pressed against hers as she leaned back and felt his excitement at realising that the lady standing before him had come to visit with no underwear under her clothing.

Was this another basic form of excitement for her, perhaps her exhibitionist mind was more advanced than she had explained or revealed, Fred’s mind wondered again, did she drive with her skirt raised, her legs on display, walk along the street in hope that the wind may lift the fabric and exposed her nude state by accident, or was there another motive entirely.

His hands slid down her arms, taking her hands in his and raising them, placing them up above her head against the glass, she allowed him to do so with no resistance. Her body pressed against the doors by his. The hands she dreamed of so many times slid down her arms, his voice whispering, “Keep yours hands right there!”

She did, a basic instruction but with her following it she was committing to a mild submissive state right there in the window. Trusting and allowing him to take control, his hands passing the sides of her breasts as they slid down her body, his lips kissing her neck, the hands travelled down, over her hips, again pulling her back to feel how hard he had become, pressing his erection against her so it was lying between her cheeks, easily felt through the thin materiel, she was almost clutching him between them, her bottom pushing hard back to feel the outline of what she had dreamed of but never even seen.

As his hands wondered lower, he wondered how long would she stay there, submit to her desires, his hands continued to slide down, passing her stomach, tracing down to feel where her thighs met her groin, Ginger trembling and jumping a little as his touch excited her, they passed where her panty line should be, she knew they were not beneath her dress, and knew he was now aware of it but allowed them to travel down her thighs, off the fabric and onto the soft skin of her legs.

His hands on her bare flesh now and the safety of the materiel no longer a barrier. His big hands now gently groping at her thighs, stroking up and down, teasing just below the materiel on the flesh to her knees and rising again causing the materiel to rise with them, gradually easing higher each time, getting closer to the most secret place he had longed to touch, his hands so close, he could feel her body tremble as his thumbs grazed the sides of where her panty line should be, the soft flesh so warm, but they eased away, once again down her thighs before rising and brushing harder against her, his thumbs passing and his fingers stroking along the soft flesh between her legs.

Fred, nervous to continue held her once more, should he continue, he held her close again and simply asked, “Are you ok?”

Her breathing now heavy and quicker, she turned and kissed him once more, still in her submissive stance, Fred watched as she moved her feet, stepping and parted her ankles further, she stopped the kiss and whispered she was ok,

“Very Ok!”

Her one arm lowered, was she going to turn and stop this moment, but it was soon answered, she took his hand under hers, locking her fingers over his as she guided it beneath the hem of her skirt, also caressing her own thigh as he had but guiding his hand, rising much quicker than he did and not stopping, guiding him straight past the boundaries and allowing his hand to rest on the wet spot that has formed between her thighs.

Was this her answering just how ok she was, how excited she was, and how much she longed for his hand to touch her there as she had dreamed of before?

His hand cupped her mound, gently stroking along the contours formed by her skin, discovering her form, sliding between her delicate lips, the moisture that has leaked allowed him to curl his finger towards her opening, tease the entrance, to apply a little pressure but not intrude.

Her little moans and gasps filled the conservatory, his eyes travel back to her arms, again bahis şirketleri raised back into position without instruction, her legs now bending a little, pushing hard back against him to feel him press against her as his fingers pass over her delicate flash and excite feelings within her, they pause and tease around her clitoris, like drawing small circles using her natural lubrication to travel around it.

His second hand now joining the first, he raises the hem, her thighs now exposed to the garden, can anyone see their lust, does she care or does she want to be seen?

No one here knows her, she’s not going to bump into a neighbour and get red faced so does it even matter. His hands now gliding easily over her wetness, teasing either side of her clitoris and pressing together to squeeze it between them, rubbing against then wondering down to tease the opening again, to press against it but not to venture inside, the teasing is becoming to much, the trembling is increasing in her legs, her breathing quicker as she moans out gently and covers his fingers with the wetness that has just been forced from her body.

Fred’s own excitement is now evident, the leaking from his cock has made it obvious, forming a damp patch visible through the materiel of his light coloured jeans, but his passion right now is centred on the pleasuring of Ginger, her feelings of excitement, exposure and submission all rolled into one, maybe similar to some of the dreams and confessions she had read of others experiencing.

His pleasure was coming from seeing hers, his one hand leaving her groin, working up over her stomach to her chest, feeling and caressing, roaming up to tease her neck before pulling her head to the side to kiss her, slightly rougher than before but his passion is getting too much, he takes her hips, spins her body around and kisses her full on the lips.

Her arms fall around his neck, his hands around her waist and resting against her bottom, slowly easing the hem upwards until the cold glass is felt on her bare flesh, pressing it to the glass and exposing her backside to the outside world, but easing her forward to place his hands between to stop the cold and replace it with his warm hands.

Gingers own hands can now explore for herself, moving from his neck, around his body, up his top and over his chest, the other venturing down the back of his trousers, clutching at his bottom and squeezing, she now realises that he too has no underwear under his jeans, smirking to herself and pulling him towards her to feel his hardness against her again.

Grinding her wetness against him, the kiss becoming more passionate, the hands now not so controlled and wondering wherever they choose.

Gingers hands reach out for the buttons of his jeans, yanking them open to allow her hand inside, feeling the hard wet cock that has been pressed against her teasing her, but she could now feel Fred’s excitement pulsing in her hand, his own leaking juices covering her fingers as she feels for herself what she has so often thought of.

Her fingers caress and massaging the tip, clamping around it, her other hand clamps around his head, locking the kiss, holding there as not to see her face, holding him to her as her hand rises and falls on his shaft inside his trousers.

Fred embraces her exactly same, holding her head to his. but his other hand is now again rising up the soft inner flesh of her thigh, teasing her until it reaches her tiny bud, circling it and teasing it as her own hand movement becomes more furious.

She shudders against him, tongues meeting and Fred himself now beginning to tremble, his legs shake as her wetness flows over his fingers, his movement changes, her eyes become wide as a finger penetrates between her lips, pushing upwards, inside her body, so wet and moist it offers no resistance, her hips pushing down onto his hand, there movements so quick, there bodies trembling together with the excitement of progressing past their boundaries.

Both of there hands feeling the build up of years of torment and frustration as they both buck, gasp out as his finger presses deeper inside as his release covers her hand with his semen, her hand moving, pumping it out as she forces her own wetness to once again cover his hand.

The kiss continues as the lovers regain there breath, there hands move away, holding each other now tenderly, looking into each others eyes, knowing there lust has spilled over beyond there control.

How will things ever be the same again, how can they, do they even want them too, or is this just the first chapter of a long and exciting adventure that they must for now, keep secret.

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