Frank and Jesse

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The bar was smoky and crowded. Friday nights always were. There were a lot of guys trying to pick up guys. I was just another guy out to do the same.

A fresh Corona in my hand, I took a sip as I scanned the crowd. Seemed I might have gotten here a little too late tonight. Everyone appeared to be taken. Oh there were some hunks I would have loved to have my hands on, some real Marlboro Man kind of guys with nice bulges in their pants. Well if I don’t get lucky, there’s always my hand. After all we are good friends and it has just the right touch.

About halfway through my second beer, I noticed a man in the shadows at the far end of the bar drinking alone. Not so bad looking, a little different. He was more of the Burt Lancaster type. You know, strong chin, great eyes, and nice body. He was just my type. I was trying to keep from filling my pants with what I wanted to fill his mouth with. As I watched him, he seemed to pick up on my stare. We made eye contact for a moment, and then he smiled and held up his Corona bottle.

As I made my way towards him, he was stroking the neck of the bottle like he was trying to bring it to a hot orgasm. I wondered if he would treat me like that.

I stood next to him. His hand was still sliding up and down the long neck of the bottle.

“Can I get you another? I’m Robert.”

“That’ll make it easy to remember. I’m Bob. Sure, I’ve just finished this one off.”

“Did he enjoy himself?”


“Just admiring your hand action. Looks like it could be fun.”

“Oh. Been doing that to myself a lot lately.”

“Me too. We could go to my place and try it on each other.”

He said nothing as he stood. Instead he reached below the stool and picked up a pair of crutches. As he walked out into view, I could see he was missing his left leg. The pants leg was trimmed and sewn neatly near his hip.

He noticed me looking. “Hope you don’t mind?”

“Never known someone missing a leg.”

“It’s not so horrible.”

We stood in the living room, hands holding each other’s waist. I leaned forward and kissed him, gently at first until he began to respond. I could feel his tongue press against my lips. My mouth opened letting it inside. His hand rubbed against my bulging pants.

“You ARE ready aren’t you?”

“This way.” He followed me to the bedroom.

We sat on the bed taking our clothes off, neither of us in a real hurry. We both knew why we were here and it would happen soon enough. I stopped as he began to push his pants down. I was curious what his left leg looked like. I had never thought about that before now. It was short and actually much nicer looking than I might have expected. I stared for a moment actually not really knowing what I might have expected.

“Touch it if you like.”

I reached over and rubbed my fingers across it.

“It won’t break.” Bob put his hand over mine and rubbed it firmly over the end of the stump. “That feels very nice. As we rubbed, his cock got even harder, almost like the touch might be erotic to him.

What I wanted to hold was next to the stump. I wrapped my fingers around his lovely cock. It was already standing at attention, so warm and ready. My fingers fondled his balls as my mouth swallowed a few inches of his cock. Oh God did it feel good in my mouth. It was nearly at the start of my throat before I stopped moving my lips down the shaft, there were still a few more inches I could have gone before my lips reached then end of the shaft. I let it slide in and out, not quite to the point of falling out of my mouth, but just until the large ridge of the head rested between my lips. I rubbed my tongue over the tightly stretched piece of skin on the swollen head. This was exactly what I needed tonight, a really nice cock.

“You’re about to make me unload in your mouth,” he moaned. I had just started and he was already going to cum. I was both pleased and disappointed. I was sure I could get him hard again.

His stump jerked and slapped the side of my face. Something that was unexpected but strangely nice. I let go of his balls and put my palm over the end of the stump. Some to hold it steady, some to rub it, not sure which. It was soft and felt like a buttock or the fleshy part of the back of a thigh.

“I love that!” he yelled.

I didn’t pause even long enough to respond or even question what he was referring to. I was so ready drink his cum and I hoped he would shoot 5 or 6 times at least. My lips moved over the ridge of his cock head making popping sounds as they slipped off and then back on it. Bob didn’t last more than another few seconds until I felt the white hot ropes of cum slam against the back of my throat, one, two, … six. He kept shooting. I gulped as fast as he fired. I slid my hand up and down the thick shaft of his cock milking it for every last drop.

My hand was covered with cum and my mouth still coated with the last small shot as I moved so I could kiss and share the juices with him. I held my hand casino oyna up to our mouths and we took turns licking it clean and rubbing our tongues together. I wrapped my hands around his face and pulled his lips against mine so we could suck on each other’s tongues.

Bob pulled himself on top of me; his cock still hard and pressed against my stomach. It felt different with his single leg pressed against one of mine, and my other leg with nothing pressing against it.

One Saturday morning a few weeks later, Bob suggested that we visit his Dad and Uncle, Frank and Jesse, up in the mountains about two hours away. I didn’t know what to expect, maybe a double wide parked on half an acre. As we drove down a long gravel road to the place, I began to suspect I might have been right. A clearing appeared with a nice one-story house, even two nice cars. Not a single pickup. I was floored. I even gave up on meeting two recluses in bib overalls.

As we got out of the car, a handsome man in a sporty wheelchair painted bright red rolled towards us. He was missing both legs. A quick glance made me think he was at least as nice looking as Bob, maybe even more so. I emotionally moved past the lack of legs and was now fixated on his upper body and his muscular arms as I felt my cock filling my pants with its firmness. My tongue was almost ready to dangle from my mouth as I continued to ogle him.

“Robert, this is my Dad.”

“Hope Bob is being good to you. Call me Frank.”

How about if I call you Daddy and beg you to let me suck you off all night long? Instead I was civil and simply said, “Yes he is. Nice to meet you.” All I could think about was pulling him out of that wheelchair and onto the ground so I could fuck him right there; something I was goddamn close to doing. Hell yeah! I was hot for older men and he had my knees weak.

I shook his hand, holding it just a little longer than necessary. I could feel the callous on his palm from pushing on the rims of his wheelchair. His grip was strong and I wondered what his hand would feel like wrapped around another part of my body, one that was now fully erect. I could feel him hold on as well, not quite ready to let go of my hand either.

Another handsome man walked out of the house and towards us. The frayed legs of his cutoff jeans were tight around his well-developed thighs and tight over an obvious erection. Barefooted and without a shirt, he was stunning. It obvious his missing left arm ended well above the elbow, but what remained was equally as stunning at the bulging upper arm on the other side. Like Frank, this man was in very good shape, the skin well tanned, and his straw blonde hair pulled back into a long ponytail. I half expected to see his motorcycle parked nearby. As I looked back and forth at Frank and then him, I was so turned on by their appearance, the way they carried themselves, I thought I had hit the lottery of older hot male bodies.

“That’s my Uncle Jesse.”

Holy shit Robert; you sure have some fine looking relatives. Are you hiding any others? “Nice to meet you.” Or it would be nice to eat you.

Jesse reached out his hand and I shook it. “Our Dad read a lot of western outlaw books as a kid. We were named for the James brothers. He thought it was funny.” We all laughed.

“Come on in. Care for a beer?”

“Sure. That would taste pretty good about now.” My mind raced back to earlier thoughts of what else would taste so-o-o fucking good too. Oh my yes. I knew there was about a 100% chance of those thoughts coming true in less than a few minutes and I was revving my motor waiting for the flag to drop.

Bob paused in front of Jesse and gave him a long deep kiss like this wasn’t the first kiss that he had ever planted on him. Bob’s hand was instantly pressed against the front of Jesse’s jeans for a moment before working its way inside the waistband. It was fucking obvious that he was stroking Jesse’s cock. Jesse’s hand reached behind Bob and slipped down inside his pants to grab Bob’s ass. I could easily picture the button coming undone and the cutoffs sliding down those fine legs revealing that there probably was nothing on under them followed by them rolling around on the dirty walkway in a fuck contest, maybe to the death. I chucked to myself at the thought.

Frank pressed his hand against the back of my pants and stroked my cheeks, a finger pushing the fabric deep into the crack of my ass. “We can watch or we can go inside.”

Fuck yeah! Lets go inside where I can pull my pants off and you can shove that finger up my ass. I didn’t say anything; instead I simply gave his wheelchair a push toward the door. That was enough of an answer for Frank. I was almost unable to keep up with him as he led me towards the front door.

“Grab two beers from the fridge.” Frank moved from the wheelchair to the vinyl upholstered couch under the window in the small living room. As I walked towards him, he patted the couch next to him. “Sit here.” The look on his face was more like ‘get your canlı casino ass next to me so I can jam my tongue down your throat’.

I handed Frank a beer and looked at him as I sat next, our bodies pressed against each other. Up close, he was even nicer looking than before, maybe early 50’s, clean shaven, great blue eyes, and though he had an undershirt on, it looked like he was nicely built. The undershirt didn’t stay on very long. He was definitely nicely built. He wore jogging shorts and the pant legs lay empty and flat all the way up to his hips.

Frank looked at me and took a swig of beer. He rolled it around his mouth several times, and then swallowed it. “Bob sure knows how to pick nice looking guys.” He didn’t look away from my face for a moment before his eyes wandered down my body. I could tell he was checking me out. As his eyes looked back at my face, he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. I didn’t resist. His tongue pressed its way between my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues said hello and began to make love.

My cock was already hard and begging to be touched. I reached down and felt the front of his shorts. The head of his very erect cock was pressing between his stomach and the elastic waistband, almost peeking out. I pushed my hand inside. There was no underwear was in the way. My fingers wrapped around the thick shaft of his cock and made a single slow stroke from the top to the bottom and back up.

“Feels good Robert.”

“Yes it does.” I paused. “Goddamn right it does.” I gave his cock a friendly squeeze. I wanted him to know I was ready for more of whatever was to come. This man was lighting my fire like few other men had.

Our kissing quickly resumed. I could feel him pushing on the waistband with one hand as he rocked his hips. The shorts slid off, something that was simple with no legs in the way. The shorts fell on the floor in front of the couch. No one tried to stop them. I moved sideways a little and pulled his legless hips onto my lap as Frank lay on his back. I began to jack his cock in long slow strokes. I looked at his body, at his hips. The left leg was off near hip, just a slight bulge of flesh, the right leg was a few inches longer.

He moved the right leg up and back down, then the other leg. “What do you think?”

With my free hand, I cupped the end of the right stump and began rubbing and massaging it. “Feels good.”

“Fucking right it does,” he moaned. He was quiet for a second, and then moaned something I could not make out. I didn’t ask what.

“Been like this long?” I jacked his cock and fondled his stump. I continued to rub for a moment then moved my hand towards his balls. I squeezed them and rolled them around in my hand. The sack was large, the balls smaller. The skin of the sack folded up in my hand as I pushed the balls upwards. I let it go and felt it all brush against my fingers as it fell down.

“One leg a dozen years ago, the other not so long ago. I don’t mind.”

I leaned over and took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it for a few sucks while I slid my hand up and down the wonderful shaft. I took my mouth away. I stared at what lay in my lap. It was different. Frank made a slight sigh as if to say ‘do something’. I began kissing the right stump that he was now pointing up towards my face.

“Damn. Bob must have taught you how to love a stump.”

My hand slipped down the back of the stump, across his hip, and over his anus. A fingertip probed the opening, rubbing around the puckered skin a moment before slipping inside to the first joint.

“You are good. I may not give you back to Bob.”

“May not want you too.” And I wondered if I did. I was in heaven playing, sucking, and fondling Frank’s cock, the cock that was responding so nicely to me.

As I fingered his hole and sucked his cock, he kept flexing his right hip, the end of the stump rubbing against my hand. My fingers dug into the fleshy stump, squeezing and kneading it.

“Oh Son … you’re about to make your Daddy happy…”

I knew he was about to fire a load of cum.

“Yeah Daddy, fill your Son’s mouth with delicious cum.”

Role-playing was turning him on even more than me playing with his stump. It was sure as shit turning me on to call him Daddy, to have him talk like I was his Son. Suddenly he was just Robert’s Dad, now he was my Dad and I was blowing him. I was sure ready for Daddy to blow me next.

After the third stream of cum landed in my mouth, I could tell there might be more.

“Don’t stop now Daddy. I want more of that cum in my mouth, your Son’s mouth.”

I milked his cock with my hand squeezing another small stream of cum. I quickly shoved the full length of my finger into his hole in a single stroke and another load of cum came flying out of his cock and into my mouth.

“Fuck my ass,” he screamed!

And I did. His cock started to harden again and I bent over and sucked it into my mouth.

“Goddamn that feels nice Son.”

Frank kaçak casino was moaning and groaning as I fingered his ass and sucked his cock. He stopped and slipped off the couch. Sitting on the floor in front of me, he reached out and pulled my hips towards him until my hard cock was banging against his face. In a single motion, he sucked the full length of my cock all the way into his mouth and began pretending he was trying to the suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. My balls rolled around in his palm and his head bobbed up and down. I was so excited that I came even faster than he did.

Just as Frank climbed back up on the couch, Bob and Jesse came inside. Bob sat next to me and Jesse walked into the kitchen. Bob leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth letting his tongue roam around my mouth.

“So old man, how do you like Robert?”

“You picked a winner Son. Damn nice catch. I told him that you couldn’t have him back.”

“And I told him that was okay with me.” I smiled at Bob not really making it clear if I was being honest or making a crude joke.

Jesse stood watching us while he guzzled the beer, his Adam’s apple bobbing with each gulp. He let out a loud burp and then rested the nearly empty bottle on a shelf next to him. He began to stroke the long neck of the Bud bottle just like Bob had done that night at the bar. Now I knew where he got that. His partial arm moved back and forth a short distance rubbing against his side, almost like he was scratching an itch.

“Well Son,” Jesse started, “are you and that fine looking friend of yours going to spend a few nights with us? Have some fine steaks we can cook up tonight.”

Frank sat up, leaning a little against me. “Bet Robert would like to have two Daddies in bed with him. Wouldn’t you Son?” His hand squeezed my rock hard cock a few times.

“Fuck yeah Dad.” I gleefully chirped sounding almost like a teenager. I looked at these two older well-built men, their bodies begging to be held next to me, and was about ready to stay for a lot longer. Maybe forever. Maybe Bob could just come and visit the three of us occasionally.

Bob stood next to Jesse and rubbed his ass, his fingers working between the cheeks. An expression on Jesse’s face made it look like maybe there was now a finger inside him.

“Anyone for the hot tub?” Bob asked.

Frank smiled at me. “Great idea! Maybe I can talk Robert into carrying me out there.”

“Go ahead. He’s not all that heavy anymore.” Jesse insisted.

With Frank cradled in my arm, I realized just how light he felt. He draped an arm around my neck and kissed my cheek as we all walked from the living room. Frank’s semi-erect cock bounced up and down each step I took. He felt nice against me, strangely nice.

The day was cool with a soft breeze blowing over the tepid water. My bottom settled on the bench of the hot tub and he in my lap facing me. His hands grasped my face and pulled my lips against his in a prolonged pleasant kiss.

“I’m so glad you’re my Daddy. I love the way you take care of your little boy.”

He stared at my face for a moment before reaching down. I could feel him grasp our cocks that were already pressed together and then begin to rub them against each other.

“That feels so good Daddy.”

“I love to hear you talk like that. I’m so glad my little boy enjoys his Daddy.”

“More than I can ever tell you.”

The ends of his thighs rubbed against my stomach as we kissed, our tongues dancing against each other. My hands dropped down along his side and over his hips and rested over the fleshy short pieces of thigh that were pressed against me.

“Oh my, I hope you understand how much you are turning me on by doing that.”

“I do Daddy. I’m so glad you’re like this. I can’t wait to hold you against me tonight and we can drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.”

Over the bubbling of the jets of water and the pounding of my heart as I thought about how excited I was; I could hear Bob and Jesse lying on the deck pleasuring each other. I glanced over to see what they were doing to make so much noise.

Jesse was stroking the side of Bob’s face with the remains of his arm.

“Shit Jesse, you’re making me so fucking hot touching me with that.”

“That’s the idea my little boy.” Jesse’s tongue plunged deep into Bob’s mouth.

Bob’s leg stump rubbed against Jesse’s long hard cock, masturbating it as if the stump were a hand. Back and forth the soft end of the stump moved, sometimes rubbing against the balls.

“Who’s turning who on now Bobby?”

“Yeah Daddy. I’m going to make you cum this way.”

“You’re wicked.”

“Just for you. I know how much you like me to fuck you this way.”

A few more strokes of Bob’s stump and the thick hot cum began squirting across Jesse’s stomach. They both watched as the stump kept moving and the ropes of cum continued.

“Got anymore in there?”

“Doubt it.”

“I’m not stopping until the last drop is out.”

“You better not.”

Soon no more new drops appeared and Bob moved his head closer. His tongue lifted the thick head enough until his lips could wrap themselves around still swollen head and suck it inside.

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