Four Weeks Ch. 02

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Ashley Matheson

This story is a follow-up to the original, told from Jenny’s perspective. It is based on interracial lesbian love, seduction, reluctance and coercion. It’s fantasy, for the enjoyment of people who (like me) take pleasure in such themes. But if this type of storyline is not for you, thank you for stopping by but please continue on your way.


Jenny loved her large, round whirlpool bath. It was always a relief to sink into it and relax. Especially when she was feeling frustrated. Annabelle was downstairs, talking business on the phone. She had been for the last hour. It was becoming a familiar pattern and sometimes Jenny felt like nothing had changed since the last crisis in their relationship.

Annabelle had her work to do, she knew that. But that wasn’t really the point. Where was the work-life balance they’d talked about? Normally she could cope with the unfairness she felt. But not when she was feeling this horny. Her girlfriend should be fucking her, not working.

She tipped her head back, soaking her hair in the foamy bath water and smoothing it wetly over her scalp.

They had just gone through the most traumatic four weeks since they’d got together—and come out the other side. She’d thought that she and Annabelle had patched things up, put their difficulties behind them, and got their relationship back on track. Yet everything was sliding back to the awful numbing state that had seen her seek solace in the arms of Edie Phillips.

It was at times like this—when she was feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled—that she missed Edie the most. The black woman was twice her age and had a way about her that never failed to make Jenny’s pulse quicken.

Annabelle didn’t do that anymore, even despite the brief sexual flurry during their kiss and make up period. It was as if Jenny wasn’t attractive anymore. How could she be when her girlfriend was more interested in work than her body.

Okay, Annabelle was a young journalist trying to make a name for herself, but did she really have work all those long hours?

She glanced down herself in the water. Her dark nipples sat beautifully high on her full breasts and her flat stomach was still showing the beginnings of a six-pack. All those hours spent in the gym were paying off.

It seemed ironic that while Annabelle might not appreciate her body anymore, Edie had.

It had been the black dyke’s persistence that had eventually worn Jenny down. Edie had come on to her ever since she’d joined the firm although Jenny had always turned her down. But with Annabelle no longer interested in her, she had eventually succumbed. She was only human after all.

One hand cupped her breast, thumbing her nipple while the other slipped under the water and found her clit. The recollection of Edie’s touch returned instantly, sending a shiver across her body despite the warmth of the water.

She pulled her hands away and curled one slender leg over the side of the tub. The water trickled from her skin, tracing its way along her inner thigh and dripping back into the bubble filled bath again.

She reached for her little pink razor and the bottle of body wash on the edge of the bath. Tipping some of the soapy liquid into the palm of her hand, she spread the lather along her shapely leg and went to work. Satisfied with the result, she switched legs and thought of Edie again.

She’d never been with a black woman previously, never realised quite how overtly sexual they were. Edie had an instinctive ability to use words as much as her body to make Jenny resemble jelly.

“A hot little thing with full breasts like yours makes butches like me crazy.”

Who wouldn’t be aroused when told something like that? Then she’d taken Jenny to the black lesbian club.

“D’you know how many women here are hoping for the chance to fuck you?”

The bubbles faded away in the water, leaving behind nothing but soapy islands. Jenny bit her lip as she pushed her hips forward. Her pubic mound rose above the bubble filled water, and she worked a soapy lather into the thin hair as Edie’s provocative words bounced around her mind.

“Do you know what turns me on more than anything? It’s having a sweet little white girl go down on me, especially when she’s someone else’s woman…”

She tried to blank them out as she went to work. Her heart was pumping fast and her breath was coming in short, sharp pants. With every glide of her razor, things got fuzzier and her arousal heightened.

“You shouldn’t do without. It’s bad for you, kitten. It makes you crazy.”

Edie had been right about that. Here she was, ‘doing without’ again, and it was driving her mad. Why couldn’t Annabelle show some interest in her, for heaven’s sake? Even a couple of times a week would be enough to get by.

But if Annabelle hadn’t wanted her, Edie had. She had seduced and fucked her. Oh my God, how she had fucked her. And Jenny had responded like a bitch on heat.

“Didn’t I tell you that you needed it real bad? casino oyna But who would have thought you’d be so insatiable? Or as eager to please?”

She went through two razor heads, swiping them across her mound in short strokes until she was smooth. When she was done, her heart was beating so fast she felt like she’d just finished a marathon. She ran her fingers ran across her smoothness, loving the softness of her skin.

Edie would love it to…

She found her clit again, all swollen and exposed. Images crept back into her mind that she usually pushed away. This time, she embraced them.

“Black pussy! You’re hooked, kitten.”

Edie had been right. Even now, she craved it.

She closed her eyes and saw Edie’s glistening sex infront of her. It was wet and juicy, just like it always was. Needy! In her mind’s eye, Jenny could see herself sink to her knees, stretching out her tongue.

Her breath quickened again and she slipped a finger inside herself. Instantly, a second joined the first. The feeling of her palm against her newly shaved flesh nearly set her off. She held it back, briefly, while behind her closed eyelids she could see her tongue go to work on Edie’s clit. The older woman was stroking her hair, talking to her, encouraging her.

Instantly, her climax broke. She made a grab for the towel by the side of the bath and jammed it inside her mouth as her body jerked under the water. The last thing she needed was for Annabelle to hear her orgasmic moans.


Jenny stared thoughtfully out of the train window, and then glanced at her watch. She would be there in half an hour. She’d only been off work for a couple of weeks, but returning to the office after two weeks away wasn’t going to be easy.

It had nothing to do with the work. It had everything to do with Edie.

She had pulled back from her ebony skinned lover when she and Annabelle had patched things up between them. Avoiding her at work was impossible, and quitting her job wasn’t an option. How would she have explained such a drastic move to Annabelle? Besides, her financial situation meant that wasn’t a realistic possibility.

Confessing everything to her girlfriend would have been counterproductive, too. Their relationship was shaky enough and telling Annabelle she’d had an affair while they were struggling would have tipped it over the edge.

Instead, she had taken a fortnight’s holiday. It felt like running away, but everything was still far too raw to face her. And there was a second reason, however much she tried to deny it. The sexual pull she felt inside her body remained extremely strong.

What made facing Edie more difficult was the fact that she had ignored her completely during those two weeks. Not one phone call, voicemail or text message had been returned. Jenny had needed time to think.

But now it was time to face up to reality.

Yet the irony of the situation wasn’t lost on her. Here she was, two weeks later, facing exactly the same problems with her relationship that had originally driven her into Edie’s welcoming arms.

She took a deep breath when the train reached its destination. Everything was clear in her mind and yet nothing was clear in her mind. The only certainty was that it was going to be a stressful day.


“I was worried about you.”

They weren’t the words Jenny had expected to hear. She’d thought that Edie would be upset, angry, frustrated with her. She had every right to be. Jenny hadn’t responded to a single call or message. Instead, she was concerned.

That was touching.

They had skirted around each other for the first couple of hours, and not just because of the delicate situation. It wasn’t easy to engage in a private conversation in such a small office environment.

But now, at the coffee machine, Edie had caught up with her. She was dressed more provocatively than usual today, despite the office’s strict dress code. Had any of the Partners been around, the low-cut neckline that displayed a good portion of heavy cleavage might not have passed the test.

Had she dressed that way specifically for Jenny?

“Are you okay?” Edie asked, pressing one of the buttons and producing two lukewarm coffees in the cream plastic cups.

“Yes. Sort of…” Jenny stammered.

“Sort of?”

Jenny fought back the knot in her throat. She’d rehearsed this conversation time and time again in her head, but in the imaginary discussions Edie had been mad at her. And she certainly hadn’t been wearing such a revealing top.

“Yes. I’m okay, thanks,” she answered, choosing her words carefully. “It’s just that I’ve had a lot on my mind.”

“I know that, kitten,” Edie said, standing closer and dropping her voice to make sure they couldn’t be overheard.

Her full breasts pressed against Jenny’s arm. They felt warm and comforting. Jenny met her unflinching gaze.

“Look, I’m sorry, Edie. I know I shouldn’t have avoided your calls,” she explained. canlı casino “But I had to sort my feelings out.”

“If you’re talking about me,” Edie calmly said, “We both know what those feelings are. You’ve just got to face up to them. There’s no denying who we really are. Know what I mean, kitten?”

Yes. Yes. Fucking yes. Jenny knew exactly what she meant.

That was the thing with Edie. You couldn’t pretend. She had a way of cutting through the bullshit and focusing on how things really were. But life just wasn’t that easy…

“And if you’re talking about your girlfriend,” Edie continued. “However much you might try and fool yourself, you can’t fool me. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that your relationship is going nowhere.”

Jenny blinked back a tear. How could she feel this emotional? Was it because Edie had hit the nail on the head? She was still pretending to herself, but in her heart she knew that everything she’d said was true.

There wasn’t any point in giving Edie her rehearsed speech—that she and Annabelle were happy, that they were gradually working things out, that she shouldn’t have become involved with Edie. The older woman had always had been able to see right through her.

“We can’t talk here,” Edie told her, pouring her unfinished coffee in the chute.

Their hushed tones were drawing attention and she recognised that was the last thing Jenny needed right now.

“Why don’t we finish our conversation after work? Over a quick drink? You owe me that much, yes?”

Jenny glanced furtively at that black cleavage again and felt a shiver flow through her body.


It felt like déjà vu.

This was how it had started between them. She had been particularly frustrated with Annabelle and had finally succumbed to Edie’s suggestion to meet for a drink. She’d let the self-confessed black dyke finger her in the back of a taxi and the next time they’d met, Edie had taken her to a black lesbian club. When they’d eventually gone back to the older woman’s apartment, she’d given herself completely.

Tonight, it felt like she was starting out all over again. If she wasn’t careful, she could easily make all the same mistakes over again. Except … she couldn’t decide if they had been mistakes. Looking back, maybe the mistake had been to stay with Annabelle, to try and make it work?

Her girlfriend had promised to change. But she hadn’t…

Edie had found them a small booth at the back of a wine bar, not more than a couple of minutes walk from the office. It was discreet enough for them not to be seen together by work colleagues and the booth was private enough for them to talk without fear of being overhead.

Edie clinked her glass against Jenny’s and leant into her. Her body felt so warm and the top of her blouse was cut so low that Jenny could almost see the dark chocolate colour of her areola. Or was that her imagination kicking in again? This woman could turn her on with a single glance.

“Let me tell you what I think.”

Jenny shuffled uncomfortably on her seat as Edie’s persuasive tones brought her gaze back up to her face. That look was in her eyes, the one that said just put yourself in my warm embrace and I’ll make everything all right.

She so needed for everything to be all right again … she just wasn’t sure what that looked like anymore.

“Go ahead,” she meekly said.

This wasn’t going to be the easiest conversation she’d ever had, and rather than trying to find the right words it was easier to let Edie take the lead.

Or it seemed that way until Edie spoke again…

“First things first,” she began. “Your encounter with Monica spooked you. Am I right?”

Jenny felt goosebumps break out across her skin. Someone had turned up the temperature in the room, hadn’t they?

Edie reached across the table and took her hand.

“You have to learn to trust me, kitten. You’re just discovering your real needs, but Edie already knows what makes you tick. Monica was an experience you needed, you wanted. It’s just that you didn’t know it at the time.”

“Sure,” Jenny said a little uneasily.

She’d wanted the word to come out sarcastically but she wasn’t fooling anyone.

“Tell me I’m wrong, kitten,” Edie said, squeezing her hand. “Now that you’ve had the chance to think back on it, tell me it doesn’t make your pussy wet. Tell me you haven’t played with yourself thinking about her. Tell me you wouldn’t willingly see her again…”

She broke off to let her words sink in. Her dark eyes flashed as she smiled knowingly across the table.

Jenny picked up her drink, refusing to meet Edie’s eyes. She wasn’t going to admit it, she just wasn’t. But she didn’t need to. The heavy blush covering her face gave the game away.

Then Edie was taking her hand again, entwining their fingers together.

“You’re special, kitten. Very special.”

Jenny tried to maintain her composure. Edie had often used those words. It wasn’t true, of course, but kaçak casino Annabelle had never said anything like that to her, not even once. Her girlfriend didn’t think she was special, but Edie did.

And she wanted to feel special…

“We both know I’ve had lots of white girls,” the older woman confessed. It wasn’t a secret between them. “I’ve never wanted a single one of them the way I want you. I want to take you out with me, to show you off to all my friends, let them see that you’re all mine. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, kitten?”

She put her hand on the top of Jenny’s thigh as she spoke. The younger girl hardly noticed it. The thrill of Edie’s words was unbelievable. Jenny could recall how she had felt when Edie had taken her to the lesbian club. How she had exhibited herself on the dance floor in front of all those black women. How she felt when they’d touched her.

“Don’t worry, kitten, I’d let you play,” Edie softly continued.

She moved close enough for Jenny for the girl to feel the heat of her whole body pressing against hers. That spicy perfume of hers smelled so good. Those full red lips were so inviting. Her hand had moved under Jenny’s skirt and her fingers were sliding between her thighs. She found herself automatically edging them wider apart to provide better access.

“Just like I let you play with Monica…”

Jenny gasped under her breath at the provocative words. When Edie’s fingers slid under her thong, her touch was gentle but assured. The black predator was seducing her prey again and there wasn’t a single thing Jenny could do about it.

When she used a single fingertip to stroke Jenny’s labia, the younger woman closed her eyes at the delicious frisson.

Edie moved her mouth so close to her ear that Jenny could feel the hot breath on her cheek.

“Things aren’t right between you and your girlfriend and they never will be,” she whispered.

Jenny felt an irresistible pressure as Edie slid one finger inside her with a teasing slowness. She wanted to look around the room, to make sure they were not being seen, but even if they were being observed she wouldn’t have been able to stop this. It felt so good. Her eyes remained closed as Edie added a second finger to the first.

“But they’re right between us,” Edie persuasively told her.

She softly fingered Jenny as she spoke, so slowly that the younger woman thought she would scream. She spread her thighs wider, offering herself to her. Sparks of light were exploding behind her eyelids.

“I can make you cum,” Edie told her, curling and then twisting her fingers, “With a single touch.”

Jenny bit down on her lower lip as the orgasm obediently washed its way through her body. Right there, in the booth, in the wine bar, she came on Edie’s fingers. The sensation was so intense that she thought she was about to pass out.

When she forced her eyes open again, Edie was holding both fingers up in the subdued lighting. She turned them slowly back and forth before slowing dipping them into her wine glass and then seductively running them across the outside of Jenny’s lips.

“That’s it,” she whispered, as Jenny eagerly sucked the two fingers into her mouth. “But its Edie’s black pussy you need to taste, isn’t it, kitten?”


Edie stretched out uncomfortably in the rear of the car. Her back was against the window, her legs were spread wide and her skirt was pulled up to her waist. But comfort wasn’t an issue. Not with Jenny’s tongue working its magic between her thighs.

She hadn’t been able to persuade the sexy bitch—her sexy white bitch—to come back to her apartment tonight. Jenny and her girlfriend were attending some sort of dinner with friends. That was okay, she could be patient. And Jenny and Annabelle wouldn’t be together much longer…

But she wasn’t going to entirely miss this opportunity!

She’d offered to drive Jenny to the station to catch her train, but had taken a detour into a secluded area she knew so well. Jenny had been surprised, but hadn’t objected. And when she’d suggested that they make use of the back of the car, her younger lover hadn’t taken any persuasion.

It had been a long time since a white girl had gone down on her in her car—not since that posh married bitch, Miranda—and she was halfway to an orgasm just at the thought.

It was difficult to decide which was more of a turn-on—the location, Jenny’s eagerness, or the skilled way her white lover was using her tongue. At first she’d been so enthusiastic, so needy, that Edie had had to calm her down. Now she was working her lips and tongue across her yielding black flesh at exactly the right pace…

“See how hard it gets so hard for you kitten,” she moaned as Jenny focused on her clit.

It couldn’t be comfortable for her, lying half-in and half-out of the car like that, but it wasn’t affecting her performance.

“See … it just loves that tongue of yours…”

Jenny felt the words deep in her soul. She reached up to cup Edie’s voluptuous tits through her blouse, delighting in how erect those chocolate coloured nipples were. Her fingers clawed across them at the same time as she sucked harder on that extraordinarily large clit.

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