Forgetting Him

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Gwen answered the door and saw a shaking and crying Bethany standing outside in the dark, wet from the rain. She ushered her into the warm house and took her to the bathroom. Gwen grabbed a towel and started to dry her friend off. In the light, she brushed her dripping hair back into the town and saw the marks on her face. She had a red welt around her left eye that was starting to form a nice bruise and her lip was cut and bleeding slightly. Gwen stepped back and looked her up and down noting the bruises forming on her arms and neck. She had a few scratches on her arms but all in all nothing was too serious.

Now if you asked Gwen that she would tell you even the smallest cut or the littlest bruise on any of her friends is rather serious. She frowned and moved forward, embracing her tight while Bethany sobbed. Gwen was as mad as a wet hen over this, she always got so worked up when he would beat Bethany. The no good bastard. Bethany was stuck it seemed and would not leave him. What would it take? Her death eventually if she won’t get out of it soon.

She took Beth into her bedroom and got her a change of clothes. As Bethany was undressing, Gwen noticed some other marks on her body and scowled. She was getting pissed. Gweneth touched a scratch on her friend’s casino siteleri shoulder and kissed it softly. Bethany, in turn, moved her head towards Gwen’s and kissed her lips as tears streaked her face. She hugged her and spoke in a whisper to Beth,

“Everything will be okay. You don’t deserve this, it will be okay…”

They stayed in the embrace for a while then Bethany sat down on the bed in her pinkish white underwear and small bra. Her breasts heaved with a sigh, those small perky breasts. Gwen knelt before her and lay her head on her friends lap with her hands touching Beth’s firm butt.

Gwen loved Bethany and wanted the best for her. She moved up on Beth and pushed her down on the bed. Gweneth lay slightly on top of her and kissed her lips again. She wanted her to feel better and knew only one way to do it. To make her forget…him. They started kissing and it was getting a little passionate. Gwen was bisexual, but Bethany had never done anything but kiss her before.

Gwen started to unbutton her silk nightshirt as they kissed and soon her bare breasts where exposed for Bethany to touch. Beth looked at them and reached out slowly at first. She caressed each one in her hands, lightly brushing over the hard nipples that felt like canlı casino little pebbles. Her own nipples started getting hard and Gwen touched them through her bra.

Bethany’s eyes widened at the feelings that flooded her. She wanted her friend suddenly. Wanted to kiss her and make love with her. Gwen rubbed her crotch over Beth’s thigh through her blue panties. She could feel Gwen’s wetness and want. Soon the night’s events where forgotten as Gwen slid a hand into Bethany’s damp panties and touched the folds of skin inside. Her soft velvety fingers ran over every fold and crevice, every bump and every piece of flesh her pussy had. It felt amazing and Bethany wanted to reciprocate. She slid her own hand down her friend’s panties and started to feel Gwen’s cunt.

Bethany never felt another pussy before. It was slippery and soft and she loved hearing Gwen moan whenever she moved her fingers around. Gwen could take no more, she scooted Beth up on the bed and slid her underwear off as Bethany took her own bra off. Gwen slipped out of her nightshirt and panties and soon the where naked. The rain outside pounded on the roof and came in from a half open window by the bed when the wind blew hard.

Gwen put her lips up to Bethany’s mound and started kaçak casino kissing her there and on her thighs, hips and tummy. She took her time and teased Beth’s throbbing pussy with whispery kisses and feather soft licks. After a while Bethany was moaning and squirming and Gwen buried her face into her pussy and licked hard and fast, sucking on her clit and putting her mouth over the pelvic bone in her pussy while flicking her tongue in and out of her hole. It drove Beth wild and soon she was coming hard.

Gwen would have done it for hours but Beth wanted to reciprocate and they got situated so she was between Gwen’s legs and she was laying on her back for Bethany. She started to do what Gwen had done to her, kiss and tease. Gwen moaned and it gave Beth goosebumps to hear such a deep throated moan of pleasure from a woman. She licked and sucked, loving the taste and smell of it. Bethany lapped at Gweneth’s pussy like a starving dog, making her cum twice in a row.

They started to kiss again and then Gwen positioned herself in a 69 over Bethany and they started pleasing each other with fervent passion and abandon. They played all night and never had Bethany or Gweneth felt so good.

A few days later Gwen got a call from the hospital. They said her number was the contact for a woman in one of their rooms and Gwen knew right away what had happened. She knew he had beat her…beat Bethany and put her in the hospital. Gwen got her gun, this would be the last time that bastard hits her friend….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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