For Miss Mandie

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For Miss Mandie
You walk in and see me bent over the bed. His cock, steadily sliding in and out of my ass. You can see a string of precum dripping from me steadily and you walk over.
“Enjoying yourselves?”
I moan and you wipe your finger across the tip of my dick, making more ooze out.
“Does his cock feel good in your ass?”
As I open my mouth to say yes, you stick your finger in, rubbing my juices on my tongue. Tou turn to him and ask if he’s planning on cumming in my ass. “No. I want to get fucked too” is the reply.
You smile and sit on the bed, lags spread so he can see how wet you are. You move in front of me and put my face in your crotch. I can smell how wet you are and moan again. You tell me to eat your pussy and you tell him to fuck me harder and to bring himself to the edge. He smiles and starts pushing his cock harder and deeper into my ass. I’m lapping wildly at your open pussy and clit, and you can feel my face being forced into you, and feel me moan into your pussy as he fucks me.
I want to make you cum before he’s done so I reach up and start pinching and squeezing your breasts and nipples. Your pussy open and floods my mouth with your cum. He sees and hears you cumming and hits his edge.
You command him to pull his cock out of my ass and lay on the bed on his back. You hand me some lube and instruct me to slowly start fingering his hole. Under the cool air of the fan, he has softened up to semi-erect, his cock laying on him, pointed toward his face. You tell him to be good and stick casino siteleri out his tongue. You sit on it and start to grind. Watching you had made me rock hard. You lean down, hovering your mouth over his balls and grab my dick, guiding it into his ass. It feels so good. You grab my balls and pull, keeping me deep inside him and give me my instructions.
“Tou are going to fuck him while he licks my pussy. When you are about to cum, you will ask my permission. Do you understand?”
“Yes mistress”
I start pushing in and out of his ass while you grind on his face. Occasionally you reach down, wiping the pre cum from his cock, and instruct me to lick your fingers.
“How does his ass feel? Tell me.”
“It feels so good”
“Do you like me watching you?”
“Did you like the way his cock felt in your ass?”
“Tell me. Tell me if you like me watching you. ”
“I loved the way his cock felt in my ass Mistress. And I loved you watching him fuck my ass, Mistress.”
The forced confession was too much and I have to ask permission to cum.
“If you want to cum, pull out of his ass and cum on his cock and balls. Then I want to watch you lick it up and start sucking his cock.”
I immediately pull my cock from his ass and start stroking it. Thick ribbons of cum shoot out of my dick and land on his and on his balls. You tell me to start looking like um off of his balls and without hesitation I drop to my knees and start licking all of the cum from his balls and up his cock. You tell me not to swallow yet. You want canlı casino to see my mouth full of my own cum.
You tell me to swallow and back up and then you tell him to stand. You grab the base of his cock and force my head onto the tip.
“Suck him!” you command. I start sucking his cock, circling my tongue around the head, and then taking him all in my mouth. Loudly sucking and slurping, he starts to moan. You stick two fingers in your pussy to get them wet, and then push them up his ass. You tell him that before he cums, he has to ask your permission. You keep pushing your fingers in and out of his ass and he jerks back, begging to be allowed to cum. You push my head back and tell him to stroke himself. The first ribbon of cum shoots from his cock and directly into my mouth. You grab the back of my head and push me back onto his cock where I keep sucking him and swirling my tongue around as he shoots blast after bast of cum into my mouth. You tell me I better not swallow. Once he finishes you tell him to leave. I’m still on my knees, with my mouth open. You tell me to swirl the cum around with my tongue and then you tell me to swallow it all. He is gone, and you tell me this time for the two of us to play.

I hadn’t realized that while I had his cock in my mouth, you have stuck one end of your strap-on into your pussy. You push me back onto the bed pushing my legs back and slide your cock inside of me. You asked me how your cock feels deep in my ass, and I can only mon. You continue thrusting kaçak casino in and out as I stare at your tits and then look you in the eyes while you gently brush your fingertips across my cock. You wipe up any pre cum and stick your fingers in my mouth smiling as you continue to pump me.
“You’re going to make me cum 2 more times tonight, before you cum again.” With that, you pop the strapon out of your pussy and sit on my cock, leaving the other in in my ass.
You start riding me hard, grabbing my wrists and forcing my hands to your breast. I start squeezing and pinching your nipples pushing you closer and closer to orgasm.
“Beg me to cum on your cock!” you exclaim.
“Please. Please cum on my cock, Mistress!”
You Buck back, exploding on my cock. Immediately hop up spin around and sit on my face. You slide forward, positioning your delicious butthole over my mouth. I start telling your ass while you rub your pussy and stroke my cock. What seems like only moments later, you start to moan and your asshole squeezes tight on my tongue as your pussy gushes cum down my chin.
“It’s your turn to cum again,” you say, ” or rather, it’s your turn to eat your cum again.”
With your ass still over my eyes and nose, you pull my feet back so that my knees are over your shoulders my cock is pointing straight down at my open mouth. You start pushing the dildo in and out of my ass and stroking my cock, grinding on my face and forcing more of your juices in my mouth. I start to shake and you command me to cum. I shoot a big thick load into my mouth and you tell me I’m not allowed to swallow. You tell me to swirl my tongue around, mixing my juices with yours. Then you hop off of my face, and kiss me so we can both taste each other’s cum mixed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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