For John

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I reclined against the end of the deep soaking tub, my legs splayed over my husband’s. His hand slid up my calf and over my knee, making the hot water lap against my chest. I felt my nipples harden as his hand glided up the smooth length of my inner thigh. His fingers stopped millimeters away from my pussy. “Tease,” I muttered, arching my hips.

“No sexual stimulation. Doctor’s orders,” he retorted, reaching forward to caress the balloon of my belly. I was twenty-four weeks pregnant and had almost gone into pre-term labor the week before. My punishment was no sex until the baby came, period. It wasn’t the best of news, considering pregnancy had turned me into even more of a nymphomaniac than I’d been before.

“For me. He didn’t say anything about you,” I said, wrapping my fingers around his cock. I lazily stroked his length, feeling him harden in my hand. I watched my fingers manipulate his shaft until the head of his cock breached the surface of the water. I couldn’t help but lick my lips, wishing my mouth were surrounding his cock, as I watched my hand arouse him.

I stroked his cock, stopping every now and then to tease his balls, until the water grew tepid. We both shivered, feeling the chill of the cool night air. I laughed as I reached behind me and handed him a towel. He got to his feet and started drying off, the hard, heavy length of his cock jutting toward me.

Unable casino siteleri to resist the invitation, I rose to my knees and wrapped my lips around the head. He groaned and threw the towel behind him, freeing his hands to tangle in the length of my hair. I looked up. His heated gaze met mine. I watched him as he watched my mouth take his cock. His hands tightened painfully in the tangled mess of my hair as he thrust deeper, burying his length in my throat. I moaned, wrapping my tongue around his shaft.

I tasted as much of him as I could reach, the heaviness of his cock on my tongue invoking a sense of frustration. I loved feeling his girth split my labia and fill my pussy, and it was driving me crazy that he couldn’t fuck me the way I wanted him to…or at all.

“Fuck,” he muttered, fucking my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me, begging for more. His glutes tightened against my hands. “You’re going to make me fill your mouth,” he warned.

I pulled back, releasing his cock from the heat of my mouth. “And?” I asked sassily, smirking up at him. I leaned forward and ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft, my gaze never leaving his.

He growled, his fingers tightening in my hair. I opened my lips, inviting him to bury his cock in my mouth once again. My nose came to rest against his pubic bone as he thrust forcefully between my lips, holding my head tightly against canlı casino him. I tongued as much of him as I could reach while he fucked my mouth mercilessly.

I could feel my clit throb as he violently took my mouth. I groaned in frustration. Normally, my fingers would have been circling the throbbing little nubbin feverishly, making myself climax as his hot seed slid down my throat. Instead, I focused on the feeling of his cock filling my mouth. I took his balls in my hand and squeezed them gently. His breathing grew labored as his cock strained against my tongue. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came, coating my mouth with his silky cum. I pulled back, teasing him, then leaned forward, taking his cock inch by inch until he was once again buried in my throat. I sucked harder, desperate to taste him.

He thrust deep, burying his hard length in my throat. I moaned in pleasure as I felt his cock pulsating rhythmically against my tongue. A second later, his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed reflexively, feeling the warmth of his seed slide down my throat. I kept his cock caged in my mouth, licking him gently, until he drew back, gasping. He closed his eyes, his hands resting on my shoulders. “God,” he muttered. “That was…”

“Fun?” I asked, grinning up at him.

“Amazing,” he answered. He reached for my hands and pulled me to my feet. He wrapped his arms around me. “I miss kaçak casino the way you taste, though,” he whispered, kissing the side of my neck.

I moaned in frustration, my nipples pebbling. I loved the way he devoured my pussy, his tongue teasing my clit while his fingers stretched my cunt. Unfortunately for me, receiving oral sex was also on the banned list of recreational activities at the moment.

“I miss tasting me on your lips, but I like having you on mine,” I whispered back.

He took me by the hand and helped me over the edge of the deep tub. We finished drying off. I followed him into the bedroom, climbed into our bed and curled up against his side, my head on his chest. He drew the down comforter over us.

“This sucks,” I blurted out. I felt his chest rumble as he laughed.

He hooked a finger under my chin and tilted my face toward his. “It’s worth it, though,” he said.

I nodded. I couldn’t agree more. I just wasn’t used to not having an orgasm for months on end.

“Besides,” he said with a grin, “think of how good it’s going to be when you finally get the green light.”

A million scenarios flashed through my mind. My hands in his hair, his head between my legs; a moment later, those same hands bound together as he tortured me until I was begging to be fucked; then me, riding him reverse cowgirl with his cock buried in my ass. I groaned. “If I make it that long,” I answered, snuggling up against him. I slid my hand down his body and took his cock in my hand. I fell asleep shortly thereafter, dreaming of the various ways he was going to fuck me when he finally could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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