Football car flashing game

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Football car flashing game
Anne was not a sports fan. Her family was never into sports. It had been fine, until she met Eddie, who loved sports especially football. They got along well in all other areas – beliefs, goals, physical activity, dreams.

Eddie loved his football, and spent every Saturday during the season either watching football on TV or going to watch his team Newcastle United play at St. James’s Park. Although he wasn’t a season ticket holder, he tried to go to as many home games as possible. This suited Anne just fine, she spent the time either studying for her degree, or going shopping with her friends. Their relationship continued to blossom, and soon they were married.

Eddie continued with his football passion, making sure he was always in front of the television if Newcastle was on, or watching the scores on Soccer Saturday, or going to the games.

It was the 2016/17 season and Newcastle were doing well. One Saturday afternoon Newcastle was on the television so Eddie was watching at home. Anne was working on a assignment on the laptop for uni, sitting on the sofa next to him. Newcastle scored.

Eddie looked over at Anne, smiled and said, “Newcastle scored. You have to take off a piece of clothing.”

Anne thought about it for a second, and thought, “why not” it wasn’t like he had his mates round, so she took of her shirt.

This started a new ‘tradition’, in that they would watch the games or Soccer Saturday at home together, and every time that Newcastle scored, Anne would remove an item of clothing. Eddie loved it because it got Anne at least partly naked, well sometimes, and also more involved in watching football with him.

The season continued, and Newcastle well enough to win automatic promotion to the Premier League, and had a chance to become champions. They won their penultimate game 2-0 away against Cardiff City, and were scheduled to play there last game of the season the following Sunday, at home against Barnsley, needing a win for the chance to become champions ahead of Brighton. That was also the week they were on holiday at Annes parents house down in Cornwall. Eddie had managed to get a ticket for the game, so they had decided to return home on the Saturday so Eddie could go to the match on the Sunday.

Their drive down took 6 and a half hours to her parents house just outside Newquay. They had a great time that week with her family.

On Saturday morning, they loaded the car up and said there good byes. Eddie turn the key in the ignition but nothing happened, the car just made a clicking sound from the engine bay. Anne’s uncle was there and told them his friend was a mechanic, and called him straight away. They all went back inside Anne parents house to wait for the mechanic. Two hours later he showed up and confirmed that it was the battery was knackered and would need replacing, unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to get one to them til the following morning, and he’d be there as early as possible.

They thanked him and unloaded the car again to spent the extra night at Anne’s parents.

Eddie was looking a little worried and upset as he knew that unless they got the battery early on Sunday morning they’d never get back in time for him to get to the football.

Anne gave him a big hug and kiss to comfort him and reassured him they’d get back in time.

The following morning they woke early, had breakfast and waited impatiently for the mechanic to turn up.

After two hours Eddie was pacing up and down. “Where the bloody hell is he? There’s no way I’ll make kick off now.”

Another hour passed before the mechanic finally showed up. He apologised to them saying he’d had an emergency breakdown to attend to first. He fit the new battery, but by this time it was pointless rushing to get back. Eddie was very disappointed but at least he’d be able to listen the the scores coming in on the radio.

They spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon saying goodbye to her family, and got onto the road just after lunch.

Anne let Eddie drive, letting him have control of the car’s radio on the way home, so he could listen to the pre-match talk for the Football. She thought she would use the journey to catch up on some sleep on the way home.

They were well there way on the motorway heading north, when the game started. Anne was nodding off, with the seat leaned back, and before long she was asleep.

Anyways still asleep when the Newcastle game started. After the first 20 minutes of the match there was still no score. Then a few minutes later, Eddie cheered as Pérez scored for Newcastle. This woke Anne with a start, wondering what was happening. He looked at her and said “Newcastle have scored, you’ve got to take something off!”

Anne was still half asleep and wasn’t really thinking about their ‘tradition’, but she slipped off her sandals and threw them in the back seat anyway. Then she rested back into her seat and closed her eyes again. Half time came with the score was still at 1-0.

Anne woke up again just after they kicked off the second half and listened to the game for a little while as Eddie tried to teach her more about football and how well Newcastle were playing. Then in the 59th minute Mbemba scored Newcastle’s second goals. Eddie looked canlı bahis siteleri over at Anne, but before he even said anything, she was already removing her skirt and she threw it in the back seat. Eddie smiles to himself.

Soon after it was announced that Brighton had taken the lead over Aston Villa. This was a disappointment because if Brighton beat Villa, it would mean Newcastle could only finish in second place behind Brighton no matter what their own score was.

As they continued their drive they saw signs for a service station with a McDonalds drive through at Markham Vale, and Anne suggested they stop for something to eat.

“Are you sure, you do have bare legs” said Eddie.

“It’ll be fine,you’d see more if I had a bikini on at the beach.” replied Anne. Secretly Anne was thinking to herself it would be a thrill to expose her sexy legs and her baby blue knickers to the person at the drive through window. They ordered their food and pulled up to the window. The guy at the window grinned when he saw Anne’s legs on show, and the little blue triangle of her panties. After they paid they were asked to pulled forward to wait for their food to be brought out to them.

They pulled across to the waiting area. The football was now in the final few minutes of the match, when it was announced that Aston Villa have scored an equaliser against Brighton in the 89th minute.

Eddie let out a loud cheered and looked back over at Anne “Well, now is when it gets interesting”

“But Newcastle didn’t score” exclaimed Anne.

“That was better and far more important than Newcastle scoring, you have to take something off!” demand Eddie.

“Shouldn’t we wait until we get back on the road again before I take something off?” She asked.

“There’s no time…only a few minutes left now. So what’s it gonna be, shirt or knickers?” He said hurriedly. “Hurry up, they’ll be here with our food soon…”

Anne thought for a second, and knew she could outsmarted him, and reached under her shirt, un-hooked her bra and pulled the shoulder straps down her sleeves to remove it. She was suddenly very thankful that their car had partially tinted windows to the rear, which gave her at least a little privacy. She threw her bra into the back seat with her sandals and skirt, with a smug look on her face.

They continued to wait for their food as they listened, then Eddie let out an almighty cheer. Gayle had scored for Newcastle in the last minute. Anne just smiles.

Eddie then got a mischievous grin on his face, looked over at Anne and said “so NOW what are you going to do?”

Anne knew she now had to expose some skin, and again asked Eddie again, “please can’t we wait until we’re back onto the motorway?”

“Nope, what are you going to show, pussy or boobs,” was Eddie’s reply.

Anne thought for a second, and decided on taking off her knickers. Her shirt would cover most of her modesty anyway, but she knew that whoever brought out their food would definitely be able to see she didn’t have any panties on, and at least she could keep her legs together.

Reluctantly she slid her knickers down over her hips and thighs, past her knees and leaned forward to pull them off her feet. She looked over to see Eddie adjust his pants, and she could see his cock pushing against the front of his trousers.

Anne looked down and realised her pussy was starting to leak her juices and was glistening on her thighs in the sunlight. She could also feel her nipples stiffen as Eddie said “Here comes our food.”

The young lad, who only looked to be 16ish, handed Eddie the bag of food through the car window, and was about to turn around when Eddie said “Wait. I want to make sure everything is right.”

The man turned back towards the car and leaned down to peer in through the window. The teenaged boy had a clear view of Anne in just her shirt, with her nipples poking through, and a small triangle of her blonde pubic hair was clearly visible. The boy looked shocked and his mouth fell open. Anne smiles at him.

She thought Eddie took a little longer than necessary to make sure they the order correct, but he finally said “o.k., thank you.” And he pulled out of the waiting area. Leaving the boy standing there speechless.

Once they got back onto the motorway, Anne asked, “So did you enjoy showing me off to that young lad?”

“We’ll never see him again and you seemed to enjoy it as well, Anne. Your pussy was wet, and your nipples were poking through your shirt… unless you were cold, which I don’t think you were.” he told her. She had to admit, it was pretty exciting, and it did get her juices flowing.

A few seconds later the final whistle went and the scores came in. Aston Villa has drawn with Brighton 1-1, and with Newcastle beating Barnsley 3-0 Newcastle were the champions.

Eddie smiled, “ That’s it we’re the champions, that got to be worth one more item of clothing at least!”

Anne blushed but brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt and started to lift it up her stomach and over her ample breasts. Her nipples ached from being so hard. She sat forward a little as she brought the shirt over her head, and her breasts bounced slightly. She threw the shirt into the back seat, looked over at Eddie and said “Are you happy now?”

“Yes, tipobet very much so. You’re very sexy, especially now you’re only wearing a seatbelt!” Eddie smiled. His wife sat in the passenger seat totally naked. With her seat leaned back, the seatbelt running across her body and between her large breasts. Her pink nipples were stood proud and he could see the wetness of her pussy juices reflected in the light. She stuck her tongue out at him, and put her head back down on the headrest.

“When can I get dressed?” Anne asked.

“Not till we get home I’m afraid, you can eat your fries.” was Eddie’s reply.

Secretly she’d hoped that would be his answer. As she rested back, her hand traced down to rest on her upper thigh. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as they passed lorries and coaches, wondering if they could see down from their higher vantage points into the car and see her naked body. Her fingers brushed along her clit and she sucked in her breath quickly. She could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy, down her arse and onto the seat of the car.

Eddie’s cock was straining against his trousers as he looked over at his wife’s naked body which was glowing in the evening sun. She was so sexy. Her smooth skin, big breast with pink nipples, and trimmed blonde pussy were all on display as she lay rested back in the seat.

She felt herself near orgasm as they continued passing cars, lorries, vans and coaches. She no longer had anything to hide her most private parts, only having the partially tinted windows and the seat leaned back as her defense. She wasn’t even completely sure if leaning the seat back was her best option. It kept her safer from the cars that were the same height, but put everything much more on display as she was spread out for any vehicle that was taller than theirs.

It seemed to her that all windows in the car were much larger than she remembered, but she just laid back, incredibly horny, and watched the other vehicles as they went by.

She reached her hand over to play with Eddie’s cock as he continued to drive. His cock was rock-hard. Her other hand reached down to play with her pussy and rub lightly over her clit.

“You better not cum, yet…” Eddie said, breaking the sexual tension.

“But what if I want to? I am so horny, I feel like I am going to explode!”

“Please, just wait. I promise, the longer that you hold out for now, the better it will be later. Right now, just enjoy the show you might be giving to the lorry drivers.” Eddie told her.

Anne laid back wither legs spread a little, continuing to play lightly over her clit, occasionally sticking a finger into her sopping wet pussy. Her other hand was sliding up and down Eddie’s cock over his pants. She wanted to cum so much. She was convinced that the trucks they passed could see her tits and pussy, which was getting her even more turned on.

Anne continued to play with herself lazily, working between her pussy and her tits. She rubbed the wetness from her pussy onto her tits and nipples. The breeze from the vent chilled her nipples just a little more, causing them to tighten, sending her out of her mind with lust.

Then Eddie said something that made Anne freeze up a little… “We are almost out of petrol. We’ll have to stop and get some.”

“Can I put my clothes back on before we stop? I can’t be naked at the petrol station, and I have to use the loo? Anne asked.

He thought about it for a moment then replied, “Well, I can make you a deal. You have to pay for the fuel and I’ll let you put on your skirt, sandals, and jacket. Nothing else. You aren’t allowed to zip your jacket above halfway and after you walk back out of the service station, you have to unzip the jacket completely as you walk back to the car. No cumming when you go to the toilet either. BUT in return you will owe me a full day at home as my sex slave. Anything I want… you can’t turn down anything I say.”

Anne came back saying “Wow, that is a lot you are asking. Not sure if it’s worth it. Doesn’t seem like a fair trade.”

“Sure it is. You get sandals for not cumming. Skirt for a day as my sex slave and you get to wear the jacket into the store for unzipping it once you get back out. I’m not asking you to take the jacket off when you come out, just undo it.” explained Eddie.

“Okay, but I think I’ll leave the skirt, and you won’t get the day of sex!” she retorted.

Eddie didn’t know which was better. Anne turned around to grab her 2 items of clothing that she was allowed to put back on. Eddie pulled off the motorway and turned into the petrol station at Ferrybridge. His cock was still hard as he pulled up to the furthest pump away from the building. Anne breathed a little bit of relief seeing that they were the only car there. She got out of the car, her jacket was long enough to just cove her bum cheeks, but her nipples, still hard poked through her jackets material , which was only zipped up halfway, showing off a lot of skin.

She walked into the shop and disappeared into the bathroom as Eddie filled up the car with petrol. He made sure to keep a close eye on the door to the restroom, and just as he was finishing, the door opened back up, with Anne stepping out.

She walked to the side of tipobet giriş the store and got a couple bottles of water, then went to the checkout to pay. She gave the shop assistant quite an eyeful as she searched through her purse for some money. As she handed him the money, she looked back out at Eddie and saw that he was watching. She then completely shocked Eddie and unzipped her jacket while she was still standing in front of the till, exposing her completely naked body to the shop assistant before turning round and walking out of the shop.

She walked towards the car. The ends of her jacket hung free at her waist. The wind picked up a little, and pulled her jacket apart, which she made no attempt to try to stop as it uncovered both her fully naked body. Eddie’s jaw fell open as he tried to take in what he had just seen his wife do.

She got back to the car, opened the passenger door, then stood back up and opened the back door. She kicked off her sandals to put them into the back seat, then she took off her jacket so she was completely naked and placed it on the back seat and closed the back door. Her hands seemed a little shaky as she stood there naked, then she slid back into the front seat. Eddie was in complete shock in Anne’s boldness, hoping that he had found a new side of his wife, and his cock was harder than he can ever remember it being.

As he got back into the car, Eddie was as horny as he could ever remember. Anne looked over at him, with lust in her eyes, as he drove out of the services.

He looked over at her and said, “Well, after that exhibition, I want you to make yourself cum.”

Anne didn’t have to be told a second time, as she was so hot and excited. She could already feel her first orgasm building up inside her. She thrust 2 fingers inside her, then 3. Her other hand went from pinching her nipples, then back down to rubbing her clit as her other hand was busy slamming into her pussy. The sloppy sound of her pussy juices and the smell of sex filled the car, and she felt her orgasm come over her. It was so powerful that she started to convulse forward. She could feel her juices actually squirt out of her pussy, and felt like she was going to pass out. She continued to violently slam her fingers into her cunt as she was cumming, and her other hand held on to the seat as if to offer support to remain upright.

Eddie was now driving more slowly passed the vans, lorries and coaches, giving them plenty of opportunity to watch Anne’s masturbation show.

When her orgasm finally stemmed , she fell back onto the seat. She looked down to her glistening body, the sweat that had built up between her tits and down her stomach. She could see her pussy and thighs glisten with her wetness. She stretched out her legs, and then her arms overhead, pushed her boobs forward. She made no attempt to hide as they drove along the motorway towards home. At this point, she really didn’t care who saw her naked body. She was in a completely different world than she had ever been, and was lost in lust.

As she relaxed down from her self-pleasuring. Anne looked over to see that Eddie’s cock was still rock hard. At some point, he had opened his fly to let his cock free. She wanted him…. Eddie didn’t get a chance to say anything before Anne said, “well, now it is your turn.”

She leaned over and grabbed his cock. She started at the base, and started to stroke up and down. She lightly brushed her tongue over the head and could taste his pre-cum. She started to take him in her mouth, which drove him crazy.

Oral sex wasn’t something she liked to do whilst driving but she was to horny to care. She got as much saliva onto his cock as she could, and even reached back into her pussy, which was still dripping, to add more lubrication. She could taste herself on his cock as she sucked, her mouth went up and down his cock. She made sure to make loud, sloppy sounds as she let it ‘pop’ out of her mouth before she sank her mouth back onto it. Her free hand went back to her pussy and started working its way back into her, with her legs open wide. She sped up with her blow-job, and could feel him tense up, about to cum.

“I am going to cum,” he managed to say, expecting her to lift her head and jerk him off until he came, but instead she again sucked hard on him and kept working up and down his shaft. She reached down to grope his balls just as he shot his load into her mouth. The first shot surprised her a little bit, as it hit her in the back of the throat. She swallowed hard as the second shot came. Then the third, and the fourth. This was the most she had ever known him cum, and she was trying to swallow all of it. She was having a little difficulty as it started to run out of her mouth onto her chin, but her hand kept stroking up and down his cock. After he finished, she kept sucking on him, much more lightly, trying to get him hard again, as they had made it onto the A64, and were nearing home.

They came off the duel carriage way and drove the short distance to their home, and pulled into their drive. Once the car had stopped, Anne sat up, with lust still in her eyes, got out of the car totally naked, not caring if the neighbour’s could see, went round to the drives door, opened it, grabbed Eddie and started to pull him out of the car. “I want to fuck you! Now! I don’t want to make love. I don’t want to have sex. I want to FUCK!”

They nearly fell over themselves getting into the house, but that’s a story for another day….

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