Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 03

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Note – this is a multi chapter story of a series of events in the life of a married couple. The story involves female led marriage, BDSM, cuckolding, and extreme humiliation. If these themes offend you, stop now!


Chapter 3 – Wedding Night

Victor and Linda had looked forward to their wedding anniversary party, an intimate affair with close friends and family. The gardens of June were in full bloom, perfect for a wedding. Importantly for Victor, he looked forward to the honeymoon and first night with his “newlywed” bride to consummate the marriage. Victor anticipated a new kind of relationship to take root, one in which his wife would be in charge. He was in for a rude awakening, however, as nothing could have prepared him, for the extent to which his wife took the lead in dominating him beyond even his active imagination. He mistakenly imagined that the female dominance would be of the same vanilla variety he had come to experience in their twenty year marriage.

That afternoon, following the party, after the guests parted, Victor and Linda drove for 3 hours to Mendocino. The mild summer breeze, blue skies, and beautiful views made for a romantic trip. The couple retired to the privacy of their honeymoon suite in a beautiful resort off the coast of California. He could hardly wait for the door to close so he could tear off the clothes and make love to his wife. His lovely bride slipped away, out to the balcony overlooking the ocean. He followed her out and hugged her from behind. An erection pressed up against her in a most obvious way. “Stop,” she said softly. “Get me a glass of water…we need to talk.” She said this with a casual and happy way, but there was something discomforting in the way she said it. Victor suddenly sensed something serious in the air.

He came back with the water as she walked in from the balcony and sat on the sofa chair. She told him to sit down, but as he went to sit himself down in the other chair, she pointed to the carpet, in front of her. He went along. “Husband, I want you to listen very carefully to what I am about casino siteleri to tell you. Do not interrupt me until I am finished, ok?”

I’ve been reading this book, the “Art of Submission.”

“Yes, I see,” he replied. She paused, shushed him, smiled seductively and then proceeded to give him a long and loving lecture on the new rules of a female-led marriage. The primary idea for their relationship was based on the classic dual elements of carrot and stick. The carrot was that all sexual pleasures would henceforth be considered a privilege to be earned, to be awarded at her discretion only, sometimes in abundance, but mostly sparingly. The stick would involve disciplinary punishment, humiliation, and denial of sex as the currency for managing his attitude and behaviors for the mutual bliss of both. Love would be the common currency underlying both carrot and stick.

Victor accepted all of these rules hungrily, at least nominally. But Linda was careful not to respond too enthusiastically too soon. She knew her husband well. She sat back with some reservation, insisting that it would take extensive training for him to learn her ways, and that the training was to start immediately. Victor’s mind was stuck on the word ‘immediately’, intuitively trusting that surely she could not have meant immediately as in ‘now’, but rather in some general sense of ‘soon’. She looked at Victor as if she knew what he was thinking, shaking her head.

His wife held him close, and whispered how handsome he looked as a mature, seasoned man in his mid forties, confident and relaxed. She cupped his penis and sensing how aroused he had gotten, she teased, “Awww. Look at how horny you’ve gotten just hearing me talk about training you! It’s been about a week since you last had an orgasm of any kind?”

“Longer actually, may be 10 days ago, and it great!” he replied.

“Well, that was all well and fine then, but now that we’re married, the little boy has to be locked down.” A chill ran through Victor when she said this in a telling tone. She took out the chastity belt from her canlı casino purse and handed it to him to put it on. “Come on, let’s go. Calm your little weenie down and get the chastity belt on.” Victor groaned.

“I wish you didn’t have to lock me up, honey,” he complained, knowing full well it would make no difference to his wife what he “wished” at that moment, yet he felt compelled to ask anyway.

“Hubby, don’t go there again. We’ve talked about this already. I control your orgasms now. Remember you gave up your rights to me? When we proposed and you kissed my feet?”

“Yes, but today is our wedding day!” he retorted.

“Yes, it’s symbolic. Your penis will be literally inaccessible, even on our wedding night.”

“Ok, ok, I get it,” he replied with a non-convincing pout.

“No…you clearly don’t understand…otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining. This is exactly why I have to lock you up, and I’m going to have to put the key somewhere inaccessible, so there’s no question of you being released and causing any trouble.”

Linda told him that he was being placed into chastity “indefinitely” at that point. It took considerable willpower, submission, and a few ice-packs to bring his erect penis into submission. He struggled to fit the rings onto his erect member and bloated balls, but eventually managed to get it on. Linda then took the honor of clicking shut a small metal lock. With the device on, it ensured that having an orgasm would be impossible for Victor. She teased him a bit by stroking his balls before leaving him to put his clothes on. He looked out the window at the sunset with a sigh as she hung the tiny key to the lock around her neck. Linda looked beautiful like a newlywed bride, adorned with her jewelry including her wedding ring, bracelet, and earrings that her husband had given her in honor of their wedding anniversary.

That evening, they enjoyed their first romantic dinner, dancing, and conversation as a married couple. They took a walk in the brisk night air by the beach. They held hands, listened to the waves, watched the stars, kaçak casino and shared their dreams with each other. Occasionally, Victor would feel the chastity belt restraining his penis, but he dared not break the mood by making any sexually suggestive moves.

Back in their honeymoon suite, instead of the traditional consummation of the marriage, she lay her husband down on the wedding bed, and shushed him into just following her lead. She took off her blouse, revealing an enticing black lingerie outfit underneath, putting on quite a show for her husband. She lied down on the bed, and pushed Victor down inside her skirt and between her legs to taste her wetness. She squeezed his face tightly as he breathed heavily. After a few minutes, she stood up on the bed as he rolled onto his back, straddling him on either side. Victor looked up to her eyes, and then peered up into her skirt. She unzipped the skirt and dropped it off. The dim lighting made it difficult to see. Slowly she moved directly over his face, then removed her panties and dropped them on his face. He could feel the wetness and the characteristic scent of excitement. She lowered herself gradually as the darkness descended around him. Soon she positioned her vagina directly against his mouth.

There, in the aura of the wedding night, in the remote privacy of the suite, far away from home, Linda shed all inhibitions and readily smothered Victor’s face for her pleasure. He was lost between the tight hold of her thighs. He licked her pussy as far as he could reach his eager tongue, savoring her nectar as she rocked her hips on his face. She pressed down harder and moaned in sweet satisfaction as she enjoyed a delicious orgasm, and then kept him smothered under her. Victor got his first acquaintance with his wife’s divine sexuality. She rolled off of him and hugged him tightly. “I love you, Victor,” she replied.

His penis throbbed inside the chastity cage, as he awaited eagerly for his turn at consummating the marriage. She placed her head on his chest and snuggled herself to sleep. He realized midway through that first night just what he had signed on for, acknowledging to himself that his wife, sleeping beautifully with her hands clutching the key around her neck, had no intention of letting him consummate anything of the sort.

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