Flight 109

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For as long as I can remember, loud noises have terrified me. So why I was speeding along in the middle of the night toward the loudest place in town, I didn’t quite know. The excitement built as the flashing red lights came into view. This seems to be the season for facing fears, letting loose. Plus, life has been a little dull lately. I get up at the same time every day, go off to the same job, come home to the same house, go to bed at the same hour, and start again the next day. Everyone needs a little fear in their life I think.

I pulled cautiously into the parking lot and backed into a space closest to the chain link fence. During the day, the lot is usually packed with minivans full of parents wanting to show their children the planes close up. Thankfully, tonight it was deserted. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to this particular facing of terror and didn’t want anyone to see my freak out.

I’ve never been on a plane myself, feeling strongly that large metal objects are supposed to plummet from the sky. Aerodynamics be damned, gravity is an easier concept to understand. The thought of flying has always been a fascinating one, however.

I had just put the car in park when the moment of truth was upon me. Ahead of me I could see the landing lights of a plane getting steadily closer and lower to the ground. Soon I could see the wheels extending from the bottom of the plane. My fingers gripped the steering wheel until my fingers were white. The plane got closer and closer. I fought to keep my eyes open as excitement and fear flooded through my body. This huge machine was on a direct collision course. I held my breath and bit my lip as the plane roared above me and landed flawlessly on the runway behind me.

A shudder took over as I fought to catch my breath. I wanted so badly to chase after the plane to bring back that sensation tuzla ukraynalı escort of pure exhilaration. But the barbed wire atop the fence kept me at bay. My blood pulsed fast and hot through my veins, my mouth was dry and yet I could tell without touching that something else was very wet.

I got out of the car, a little wobbly on my feet. The night air felt wonderfully cool against my skin. I stared out into the darkness, searching for the lights of another plane. It seemed like hours that I gazed longingly at nothingness. Finally I broke my gaze and turned back to the car. Well, I had faced my fear. Time to go home. But something was missing. I needed something more.

“How crazy am I?” I whispered aloud. “That of all things, an airplane could make me feel this need, this desire, this… lust.” I climbed onto the roof of the car and lay back to ponder this new insanity. My legs dangled over the windshield. I stared up at the blackness above, at the stars that twinkled in this nothingness. I dreamed of floating away to join the light and warmth of their embrace.

The thought of the plane haunted my daydream. The long, smooth body. The hard shell. The power behind its force. The total control. The fast and yet somehow graceful flight. The thought of the plane made every inch of me tingle. My nipples hardened and pointed through my shirt toward the sky. I was dying to feel the cool air upon my breasts. Looking around to be sure that the lot was still empty, I leaned back again and lifted my shirt. In doing this, my hand gently brushed against my right nipple. I quickly sucked in my breath and bit my lip.

I gently pinched my nipple as the thought of the plane came into mind again. I relived the previous moment of the plane, coming closer and closer until it was on top of me, pushing further, deeper into my tuzla rus escort soul. With this thought, my clit stood at attention, begging to be touched. I squeezed my legs together tightly. The pressure only added to my excitement. I let my legs fall to the sides. A light breeze crept up my short skirt and over my now pulsing pussy. I was now totally exposed to the sky.

I could hear in the distance an indistinct hum. I lifted my head and looked at the sky before me. Still far away, I could see the unmistakable blinking of a plane light. My heart began to pound in rhythm with the light. One hand slid over my belly and slowly moved under my skirt. I moaned out loud as a single finger came into contact with my clit. I had to time this right. I was ready to explode right then. My finger began to slowly stroke my clit with the same timing as the blinking light until it felt that the light was touching me directly, was sending this sensation through my body.

As the plane drew closer, my finger moved faster, keeping up with the seemingly increasing speed of the plane. My other hand alternately squeezed my breast and teased the nipple. My fingers daringly played near my hole as my body cried out to be fucked.

The drone of the engine grew louder, soon drowning out any other sound. The landing light grew brighter, eliminating any other sight. The car beneath me was gone. All dangers were forgotten. It was only me and the plane. The tip of the plane emerged from the darkness. I spread my legs wide, welcoming it inside. I slipped one finger, then two inside while my thumb continued to play with my clit to the rhythm of the blinking light.

My fingers slid in and out of my very wet pussy slowly at first and then as hard and powerful as the approaching plane. The idea that there were a few dozen people looking out the windows escort bayan of the plane to see me naked and fucking myself on the roof of my car only excited me more. The plane was in direct line of my soaked pussy and the landing gear was down for a perfect landing inside me.

The engine roared, filling my body with sound. My fingers slid in and out more vigorously as I looked between my knees to see the plane coming directly at me. In my line of sight, it seemed that the rounded tip of the plane had entered me. My body convulsed and my back arched as my orgasm tore through me. My scream was muffled by the engine. As I closed my eyes, it seemed that my body seemed to climb, as did the intensity of the orgasm. I floated in the air with the plane fucking me, screaming, moaning, exploding into a million stars.

The wind rushed over my bare body as the plane passed overhead. I struggled to catch my breath, legs wrapped around my hand, body still spasming. I heard the soft thud as the plane touched land behind me. My arms fell to the side, my body limp. I lay on the roof of the car, naked to the sky, the aftershocks of my orgasm still pulsing through my body.

Lights suddenly appeared from another car pulling into the parking lot. I quickly lowered my shirt and skirt as the car pulled into the spot next to me. I hopped down from the roof and immediately fell, spread eagle into the gravel. Apparently the muscles in my legs had not yet returned. I tried nonchalantly to stand and dust myself off.

“Are you okay,” said a male voice from the other car.

“Yeah,” was all I could say as I hurriedly climbed into my own car.

“Don’t you just love the planes,” he said. I glanced up at the man, smiling at me. Without a word, I slid behind the wheel of my car. Headlights on, car in gear I pulled out of my parking space. I stopped at the road. Juices from my own pussy poured down the windshield. I smiled at this before turning on the windshield wipers. I checked the rearview mirror before pulling out onto the desolate road. The man was lying back on the roof of his car, a bulge in his pants pointing toward the sky.

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