Fived Days of Paradise (4.5)

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–this is a story about a sixteen year old and fourteen year old in a gay couple. There is a lot of sex. The fourteen year old was originally 11, and the sixteen year old 13, so if you have a problem with the story being about people this age, LEAVE.—
Hey! Thanks for all of the support for 1-3, and I am glad to say that this is the most sex-satisfying one of them all! Enjoy 😉
“Dude, that was amazing,” Aden said next morning, “I couldn’t find a better way to spend the night with you.”
I was checking my phone when I got news from my mom.
“My parents decided we’re going to stay in all day today. We can do whatever—sex, pool, go to their room, sex, movies, talk, video games, sex, etc…” I said.
Aden walked slowly over to me. He placed his arms around my shoulders.
“I choose sex,” he said, “let’s try something new.”
I mumbled and staring into his eyes, I couldn’t find my correct—well, intelligence, so I said, “Did I mention sex?”
He laughed softly then planted a kiss firmly upon my lips.
After legitimately thinking about our conversation, I regained my wits, still slightly love-struck.
“What new do you want to do?” All I knew at the time, was I just wanted more sex. I slightly wanted anal, but I wasn’t going to push Aden like that. But what he said next came as a complete surprise to me.
“I…kinda… want you to enter me… but not through my mouth…”
I got a boner thinking about what he might be talking about.
“…anal?” I asked, thinking that was the one thing he could be talking about.
“yes,” Aden said in reply.
“You must understand, Aden, it will feel a lot better going in on one side then the other… you are asking me to put you in pain for my wanting; and that’s not something I’m willing to do. I love you too much, Aden,” I said.
“But Anthony, antalya escort bayan I want you to do this! Besides, I’ll fuck you after you’re done with me!”
I was a little skeptical about the idea, but he really wanted it, so perhaps he would learn from experience.
“Get on the bed,” I commanded him. I put up the do not disturb sign, then un-zipped and un-buttoned his pants, pulling them down. Leaving my pants on my thighs, I laid down on top of Aden, mashing our penises on top of each other, which began to become hard; and I kissed him, expressing my love; for this, I wanted him to know I loved him.
I turned him over and pumped my cock in-between his two butt cheeks, then I got down and kissed his ass. After a few kisses, I separated the cheeks and licked around his fresh, virgin little ass-hole, and eventually stuck my tongue in. I licked around the inside as he moaned in pain.
“Is that it?” He asked?
“No, that’s my tongue, which is at least 2x smaller,” I replied.
He muttered a small, Oh, as I went and grabbed lubricant from the bathroom, and massaged my cock with it, then his plump little ass-hole. I rubbed it in circles, then stuck one finger in, then two, as Aden moaned.
“Can you just go ahead and do it?” Aden asked. He seemed exited and getting restless, and secretly… so was I.
I set the tip of my bulging, throbbing 7-inch cock on the very rim of the ass-hole, and then, slowly, I worked my way in, receiving loud moans of pain as I inched it in. Before the entire head was in, he told me to stop.
I did, freezing, and after his hole adjusted to the head of my cock, he told me to keep going, and I did, slowly inching it in, until after 3 minutes, the whole thing was in. It was there, where I began pumping, hard and fast, and he started moaning, in pain and pleasure, yelling, “FUCK ME, ANTHONY! YEAH, FUCK ME!” As I pumped it in. His pink, raw ass-hole could not hold anymore, and my bulbous escort bayan cock ran in and out. The white creamy lube, still covering my dick ran on his ass-hole, as I pumped hard, fast, him screaming, sweat running down my face, soon, the head of my dick exited, then 2 seconds later my pelvis and his ass cheeks collided with a smack, and this repeated until I cummed by hot, juicy cum inside his ass, and I just sat there, and I laid down upon him, tired, my dick shoved up in his ass,the cum swirling around in there; it was fantastic.
I felt like I had cummed the entire contents of my body; BY ONLY WHAT I COULD FEEL, I shot 7 or 8 squirts of seed running down his ass. After five minutes of breathing hard on his back, I got slowly up, and he pushed all of the semen out. I licked it up, feeling the hole under it, and then, he commanded for me to get on the bed.
I got down onto the bed and Aden ripped off my shorts, my shirt, and his shirt, then slapped my ass repeatedly, and painfully.
“Ah! Ow! Stop!” I shouted.
He then lubricated his dick and my ass, and stuck his raging hard-on in my ass, totally greedy, not waiting or going slow for me to adjust.
And it was painful.
I screamed, then asked him to slow down a bit, and he did… only for a bit. Later, he began violently shoving his penis into my ass-hole, and pumping hard, I moaned, yelling his name… and yelling for more!
As he fucked me so hard, I stuck my hand behind, grabbing his ass, and I squeezed, then I shoved every centimeter of his dick into my ass-hole, and I came, staining the bed sheets, and he kept fucking me, getting harder, and faster, and it felt amazing.
“Aden, Aden, ADEN! OH, YEAH! FUCK ME, ADEN, FUCK ME IN THE ASS!” I shouted. He kept fucking hard and fast, then exploded inside of me, cumming the most I ever seen anyone cum; Not squirts, but I felt 9 or 10 explosions of cum, and all of it leaking like a sea into my intestines, then, as antalya escort I stood up, back down into my anus. I caught it all—and I was right, there was a TON, like a sea—and I used it to massage my cock. I then reached over, and fondled Aden’s younger cock, and rubbed it, then I stuck it in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, working the shaft, and rubbing it, giving it a nice massage, then I licked the balls, and ran my tongue down his thighs, and then calves and shins, then back up to the cock which I continued to suck until he came in my mouth and I savored the flavor, then spit it all onto my cock which I rubbed until he got down and shoved the entire 7 inches into his mouth.
Up and down he went, licking the balls, shaft, then head, gurgling on the tip as he spat on it and ran his tongue down it, until I could not stand it and I let 3 squirts of cum into his mouth which he transferred into mine with a salty kiss.
We then sat in silence for 5 minutes, with him sitting on my lap, naked.
“Let’s take a shower, then go downstairs for breakfast,” I suggested to Aden.
“Okay,” he said, “sounds good to me.”
We got into the shower together, and washed each other; I pressed my half-boner dick against his ass as I rubbed my soapy hands all over his body, thighs, and shins; then, I went up and “washed” (really more or less massaged) his penis, and then up, where I washed his arms and down until I grabbed his hands. After a minute, he let go, then grabbed some soap and reached behind him, washing my shins, thighs, back, and then buttocks; which he squeezed and played with for a while.
After washing the front of my body and back of his, we got dressed and went down to breakfast where we met Mom, Dad, Dana, and Adam.
————————————————————————————————————————————————- I try to post the next part of the story every Weekend, however, this weekend, I was quite busy, and only able to write half of Part 4… I’m sorry. I’ll have the second half (and the third, seeing as 4 Is going to be quite long) by next weekend.

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