Fit! Ch. 02

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Fit! 2 – Erika’s Workout

(Note: This story follows on from ‘Fit!’ when two Romanian gymnasts, newly arrived in England, meet Chris, a helpful community worker, and take him back to their bedsit.

Please excuse the licence I have used with the Romanian language. This second story in the series is from Erika’s point of view. I do not know the Romanian language, apart from the few (mostly naughty) words I found on the Internet, so I have to write in English. The story is somewhat about Erika’s and Anna’s first experiences, with the language as much as anything else. When they actually speak in English I have tried to put the limited words and phrases you might expect in their heads and mouths, but I can’t convey the girls’ thoughts and feelings in Romanian or in Pidgin English. When they speak in Romanian I’ll indicate this with chevron quotes (e.g. « & ».)


“My turn now!” I said as Chris turned to see me with his softening, slick, pussy-juice-covered prick dangling from his crutch. It twitched a little when he saw that my hand was down inside my thong and I was playing with myself and rubbing my wet pussy lips.

Chris looked a bit down, “I’m not going to manage it again for a while.” I didn’t understand much of that but his cock didn’t look good to me.

“You want more orange juice?” I asked, hoping it would give him some energy. I got the carton from the fridge and poured him a large glass which he drank down in one go. I gave Anna a glass too and asked her nicely to move off the bed in Romanian.

«That was amazing,» she gasped. «I’ve never felt so… alive! I loved his prick thrusting inside me.»

«OK, OK,» I said, «don’t go on about it. Now you’ve worn him out for me.» Anna put on a short, silky bathrobe and went out to the toilet which was down on the next floor.

“What did she say?” asked Chris.

“She say you fucking good.” I answered. Isn’t it funny that the first words you learn in any language are the swear words. “You lay on bed now and I come lay with you. We… I hold you. We fuck soon!”

“You can give me a cuddle,” Chris said lying back and holding out his arms to me.

I moved onto the bed and lay beside him in his arms. “What is cuddle?” I asked.

“This is a cuddle,” he replied, “just holding each other.”

“I like cuddle,” I giggled as I mashed my breasts into his hairy chest sending sparkles down to my groin and beyond.

“Do you like kissing too?” he asked and pressed his lips to mine. The tip of his tongue gently slid over my lips. I opened them slightly and his tongue slid between. He found my tongue and wiggled his tongue against it, teasing it and easing it out of my mouth and into his. He was teaching me to kiss. Chris was the only boy or man to kiss me properly. I wanted to learn more as the feelings just from kissing were turning my pussy area to jelly.

Chris’s hands were not idle either. His fingers were ever so lightly brushing over my back from my shoulders down to my bottom. I was still wearing my little pink thong which is the most comfortable when we go to the gym. My bottom cheeks were completely free with only the string between them.

Chris pulled me close to him and held me tight. He rolled over taking me over and on top of him. His hands went to my bottom and he started kneading my round cheeks and sliding his fingers round between my legs, just fleetingly, keeping me in a constant state of exquisite arousal, but no further.

I lifted my self up on my outstretched arms. My breasts hung down, the nipples grazing in his chest hair. I moved from side to side tickling the nipples with his soft chest hair. Every movement was ecstacy. Every nerve in my body was being sent signals from my breasts. Every part of my skin was tingling.

I lifted my tummy up off Chris’s lower body so I bahis firmaları could see what his cock was doing. I was disappointed as it was still drooping sadly down one leg. I pushed myself back to kneel between his legs and gently lifted up his flaccid manhood.

“He is tired!” I remarked to Chris who was lying back with his hands behind his head.

“Yes, he has been working very hard.”

“That Anna!” I growled crossly.

«What, Anna?» she exclaimed as she came back into the room unexpectedly.

«You’ve tired him out. Look at his cock!» I complained.

«He’ll be OK in an hour or two,» she said slumping down in the chair behind me.

«But I’m horny now!» and as if to confirm it I felt my pussy juices dribble out and down my leg.

«Why don’t you encourage it with your hands and your mouth. Give it a kiss!»

“What did she say?” asked Chris, looking a bit bemused.

I was a bit embarrassed to say, but I did: “She say I give him a kiss!”

“Who, me?”

“Your cock!” I said, indicating his limp member. I could see it twitching as he took this in.

“You can if you want to,” he said, trying not to sound too excited but I knew he was just dying for me to get my lips around his cock. I slid back on my knees and lay forward with my head in his crotch, his cock inches from my mouth. I lifted it closer and tentatively planted a small kiss on the sticky tip. I was thinking that his cock would still be covered in Anna’s juices and feeling a bit squeamish but I decided to give it a try. I could feel a slight twitching under my hand but it was still soft. I opened my mouth a little and let the dark pink coloured head slip in between my lips. I gave it a slurp in my saliva-filled mouth and drew my head back to look at the head again. The mushroom shaped head had swollen a little. I gave it another suck and licked over the head with my tongue. Chris gave out a low moan which encouraged me to do more.

Holding the gradually stiffening cock by the head with thumb and forefinger, I licked from his balls to the top, leaving a trace of saliva. Chris moaned again. He obviously liked that. So I did it again and again. His cock was visibly growing and stiffening in my hand. I sucked the head into my mouth again, opening wider so that I could get more in. His cock was fully erect now, standing proudly without me having to hold it. I sat up on my knees again and bobbed my head up and down letting his rampact prick slide in and out between my lips, occasionally lapping at the little opening at the tip where the cum was oozing out.

«You don’t want to do that for much longer,» advised Anna, behind me. «He’s going to go off in your mouth.”

Taking her advice I crawled up Chris’s body planting wet kisses all over his tummy, chest, neck, face and finally his lips. “You like?” I asked when he opened his eyes.

“I like very much,” he murmured through the kisses I was still planting on every centimetre of skin. I could feel his cock bouncing away underneath me trying to find a place to stay. Knocking at the entrance to my pussy, the lovely place I had ready for him to visit. She had been wet and open and ready for a long time.

I stroked my fingers over my pussy lips soaking them with the creamy liquid from inside. I rubbed the lubricating secretions all over Chris’s cock. Lifting my crutch I positioned his cock at the gateway to my body with my hand. Taking a deep breath I lowered myself onto his stiff pole. My pussy lips opened and swallowed the head. I lowered myself, very slowly, further and further down onto him, letting my tight but stretchy hole expand around his invading member. My pussy was leaking juices which lubricated his entry. I lifted up and heard a ‘plip’ as my sopping wet lips closed, then down again, easing my pussy all the way down, completely kaçak iddaa enveloping his cock inside my body.

I had been a bit anxious about what it would be like, whether it would hurt. I had always been a bit of a romantic and wanted my first time to be a bit special and ohhhh it was! Sinking onto his cock was the most beautiful feeling I’d ever had. My pussy just swallowed him up and then cuddled him inside her. It was so strong and thick and firm. It filled me up. It was like something had been put back into me that was missing and I hadn’t realised it before. It was so comfortable, like the cock had found its home in me. The most natural and exciting thing in the world.

I don’t know why, but in the middle of all these glorious feelings I started thinking about how it had been in Romania. How did I not know about these wonderful sensations from my own body? I was 20. How had I lived this long and not been alone with a boy, ever? My gymnastics had always been the priority. As soon as Anna and my parents’ realised we had talent, at the age of eight, we had never been alone. There were boys around at school and even some of the boys doing gymnastics were nice, but we were chaparoned everywhere. We were not even allowed to talk to them much and it was always about gymnastics.

And now… Now, I was feeling on top of the world. Now, I was sitting on top of the first English man we’d met, sitting on his cock. Now, I was fucking my first man. Now, was for me and I was going to make it last as long as possible.

I caught Chris looking at me rather strangely. “What you look at?” I asked as I gently wriggled about on his cock.

“I just can’t believe it!” He wondered.

“What you mean?”

“You’re lovely,” he said. “You have a great body. Your tits are awesome!”

“Thank you,” I replied, politely. From his tone I assumed ‘awesome’ was something good but didn’t really understand. I’d not really thought about my body, apart from keeping fit for the gymnastics. I had never been told before how I looked. My tits were awesome, were they? I’d always thought that Anna had the better breasts, they were certainly bigger than mine. I looked down at them. I was a 36C bra size so they were a good size but they were usually squashed and flattened to my chest with a tight sports bra to stop them bouncing around when we were working. Anna’s were actually becoming a bit big and bouncy for gymnastics. All the exercising we did kept all my muscles taut and toned so they looked back up at me. I’d not noticed before but my nipples and areolea merged into one darker gradient brown area, getting darkest at the tip. Then I wondered about something Chris had said.

“But why you don’t believe? What is wrong?”

“Nothing,” he stammered. “You’re perfect. I just never expected to be making love with someone so gorgeous.”

“You don’t say that to me, ugly boy!” snorted Anna, unkindly, from behind me.

“You’re lovely too,” he added quickly. “We were kind of busy before and I didn’t get the chance to say anything.”

I turned to Anna. «Why don’t you go for a walk or just be quiet. I didn’t interrupt your time with him.»

With a downcast face, Anna threw on some clothes and went out, slamming the door behind her. I hoped we would still be friends when she returned.

Chris looked a little nervous and it felt like his cock had softened a little inside me. I didn’t feel quite as full as before.

“You like my breasts?” I asked, running my fingers lightly over them, setting my nipples tingling.

“Oh yes!” he sighed. “They’re beautiful.”

His hands were still behind his head. I’m not sure if he was shy or lazy.

“You feel?” I meant more as a suggestion than a question. He took the hint and he held a breast in each hand. Electric currents shot down to my pussy, causing kaçak bahis more juices to flow. He circled his hands around and around with only his palms teasing the very tips of my nipples. That sent rockets to my head that exploded in my brain.

“Acum sarut mine. Kiss me!” I whispered, softly as I lay forward onto his chest and our lips and tongues mingled and swirled together again. I could feel Chris’s hands clutching my bum, trying to slide me up and down his cock. “Be still!” I told him as I nibbled on his earlobe. I wanted to try something I read about.

I had been exercising my body since the age of about four. A gymnast needs to be able to control every part of her body so every part had been trained and exercised. Our trainer had told us that we would appreciate the buttock clenching and pelvic floor exercises when we were married but we hadn’t been told why. I’d read, just on the aeroplane to England that this can really enhance sexual enjoyment. I’d been surprised to find that kind of article in an airline magazine but I’d read it and been quite turned on by it. In fact I spent most of the flight exciting myself by stimulating my vagina with a variation of the exercises I’d done since I was a child. It made the long flight pass very quickly. I now wanted to try them out on Chris.

As I was kissing him I firmly clenched my internal muscles around Chris’s cock.

“Ohhhh! That’s amazing!” he cried out, “What did you do?”

“Ahh, my secret,” I whispered as I clenched again, this time more strongly.

“Fuck me!” Chris gasped.

“That is what I do?” I answered cheekily as I undulated my vaginal muscles to ripple against the whole length of his cock.

“Ooooooh! I love what you’re doing to me! I can’t believe you’ve never done this before.”

“I tell you truth!” I snapped and clenched his cock sharply.

“Aaagh! That was too much!” and then, after a gentler caress, “Ahhhhh! That’s better.” Chris pushed me back up to a sitting position so he could caress my breasts again. His hands kneaded my ultra sensitive cones and after a while brought one into his mouth and started licking around the enlarged nipples. My mouth just fell open and my whole body exploded in wonder at the sheer power flashing me. If Chris hadn’t been holding me tight I would have just fainted and collapsed in ecstacy. This was my first orgasm, ever! I could feel what seemed to be a flood of juices gushing from my pussy all over Chris’s cock, hair, over his groin and legs and onto the quilt. My vaginal muscles were involuntarily contracting and rippling up and down his cock.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” he gasped as his cock seemed to swell inside me stretching my pussy walls even further and tighter around him and then it pulsed and I felt his sperm hose the top of my pussy. Every pulse of his cock overwhelmed me with waves of sensation thrilling me to my very core. I could hear a high pitched scream somewhere. I thought it was an alarm from the street until I realised it was me.

I lay forward on Chris and covered his face with my grateful kisses, uttering Romanian obscenities, which would have sounded to him like declarations of undying love.

«I think you enjoyed that. I could hear you by the front door.» It was Anna who had just come back in. «I rushed up here because I thought you were being murdered.»

«Oh it was beautiful, Anna. I could not believe how good it felt.»

«It looks as though you’ve killed him, though,» said Anna, pointing at Chris. He was lying back with his eyes closed as if he was totally unconcious.

“Chris,” I called, gently. Nothing. “Chris,” again louder this time, moving towards the bed. His eyes flickered open. Both Anna and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hello,” he croaked, coming to life again. “Erika, that was too much!”

“You mean you do not want again?” I asked playfully.

“No, I mean yes, I mean… I loved it. I loved it with both of you.” He sat up. “Let me take you both out for a meal.”

“We will need to get dressed first,” Anna said.

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