First Weekend at College Ch. 01

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I had just helped my girlfriend move into her dorm room, her first year at college was underway. Her roommate is very fun, and pretty attractive…so I could only hope for some of the ‘exploring’ done during the college years, but that has yet to happen. After we had her moved in, and got settled, the roommate decided to go back to her boyfriend’s for the rest of the weekend. This left us with the room all to ourselves for all of Friday and Saturday, plus some of Sunday morning. I had pretty much one thing on my mind, and so did my girl.

Let me describe Laura for you. She is 19, 5’3″, and very petite. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous. It’s incredibly long, it grazes the top of her butt when its down in the back. It is a medium shade of brown if you look at it from far away, but once you get up close to see it, it actually has a lot of blonde and red in it…in the sun it shines and is one of the most incredible things to watch as it moves back and forth.

Her body is nearly perfect. She has small breasts, a mid B-cup, but they are perfect for me, I don’t like much more than a handful, and they do that well. Her body is trim, a rather flat tummy and toned arms. Her ass is probably my favorite part though…it is large, but not overwhelming for her body type. I love to grab it as we walk down the aisles at stores, or down the street. It’s just the right size to be able to grab on to and pull her into me as she rides me. Her legs are wonderfully long, and it is great to feel them wrapped around me as I thrust against her.

Hopefully that painted a picture of my beautiful girl. But any ways, back to my story…

After her roommate left, we fixed stuff up in her room, put it all into places, just generally made it into her home for the next 9 months. Once that got mostly finished, we looked at each other, and I grabbed her and tossed her onto her bed. She loves it when I take control like that, just grab her and throw her down and start kissing. So that’s what I did, started kissing.

I kissed her deeply for a while, touching her body through her clothes. She was wearing a thin tank-top and jeans…her ass looks so good in those jeans…any ways, I started rubbing her sides, grazing her arms, lightly touching her face. When she stuck her tongue into my mouth I gently bit it, then sucked on it for a bit, her moans of pleasure giving me good reason to keep it up. While she was laying under me, I moved my hands down to the bottom of her shirt and started moving it slowly up her torso.

Once I had her shirt up to her breasts, I stopped its progress and gently massaged her breast through the fabric of her bra. Stopping the kissing on her mouth, I moved instead to her neck and slowly licked from her jaw to her collarbone and back up again. Smiling at the gasp of breath this brought, I bit down right under her ear, this time eliciting a moan.

After lingering a while on her neck, I finished taking her shirt off. At this point she rolled me over and straddled me, pushing me back down onto the bed and leaning in to kiss me quite ferociously. Before I knew it, my shirt was gone and she was kissing her way down my chest. This quickly led to my shorts being removed, along with my boxers. Once she had me denuded, she looked at me and said canlı bahis in a playfully distraught tone, “This isn’t fair, you’re naked and I’m not!”

I reached up and slid my hands around the waist of her jeans, reaching behind her and grabbing her ass before undoing the snap and zipper of her jeans. Switching positions, so she was on bottom again, I stripped the jeans and panties off in one stroke and laid myself in between her thighs. She wiggled a little bit, tickling my stomach with her closely trimmed pubic hair and smiled, then indicated to her bra and told me I forgot something.

I kissed her shoulders, moving down to the tops of her breast sticking out of her bra, kissing and licking them before reaching behind her and removing her bra. Once her breasts were free, I began kissing the undersides of them, and all around them, making sure to not touch her nipple. One thing I forgot to add, she is incredibly sensitive to everything sexual…the slightest touch is enough to make her moan, and I’ve actually made her cum just by playing with her tits. So the lack of stimulation to one (actually two) of her most sensitive areas was about to drive her insane. Finally obliging, I took one of her nipples into my mouth and suckled it gently. She arched her back into me, breathlessly moaning something incomprehensible. As I switched to the other nipple, swirling my tongue around it, I bit down gently and got a sharp cry from her for that. I knew she loved it, but to make sure I looked up at her and she was lost in the pleasure, head back and eyes closed.

Once I had played with her tits for a bit, I started moving down her stomach…slowly, kissing as much of her as I could. I brought my right hand up and played with her tits, as my left reached down her leg and stroked inside of it. When I made it down to her bellybutton, I licked slowly around it and bit the skin just below it gently, producing yet again another moan. By this time my chin was brushing against her trimmed pubes and she was writing in anticipation and pleasure.

I moved down to survey her sex, and it was already glistening and slightly swollen. I kissed both of her thighs, licking down towards her center, occasionally taking time to nip at the sensitive skin. Once I made it to her beautifully wet pussy, I gently reached out and touched the tip of my tongue to her lips, moving my tongue ever so slightly up and down for a second, then stopped and blew air on her moistness. As soon as I heard her gasp from the shock of cold air, I immediately moved in and sucked on the nub that was poking out slightly. As soon as I had done so, her hips came off the bed and she was grinding her pelvis into my face and I tried valiantly to keep sucking…but the harder I tried the more she squirmed, so the harder it became. After about 30 seconds of this I moved off her clit and started licking the broadest part of my tongue up and down her lips. I love the way she tastes, and she was producing quite a bit of fluid by this point.

Once I had teased her enough playing with the outer portion of her pussy, I stuck my tongue into her opening as far as I could and wiggled it around. Yet again, I was forced to try and keep my tongue in its position while she squirmed across the bed, moaning and groaning bahis siteleri my name over and over again. After I had had enough of trying to keep up with her squirming, I decided to make things easy on myself. So I inserted my index finger into her sopping cunt and curled it up inside her, finding the rough spot on the top of her inner sex and put some slight pressure on it. Once I had done this, I placed my other hand on her stomach to hold her in place (mostly, it didn’t work completely) and began tonguing her clit feverishly. She began breathing even heavier than she had been before, so I slowed down on her clit and started rubbing my finger inside her around some, massaging her G-spot. This got her rather excited too, so I decided to go all the way and leaned back down and sucked her clit back into my mouth and didn’t let go. At that point the moans progressed into screams, and she came three or four times very quickly and drenched my hand and chin in her juices. I slowed down as her orgasms subsided, and leaned down and cleaned up what juice had leaked past my hand.

I got up on my knees and moved forward, cleaning my fingers off with my mouth, but not swallowing the liquid. When I leaned in to kiss her, I transferred it to her mouth and she sucked all of it she could out of my mouth and told me that it was time that I fucked her. My dick had remained rock hard through all of this listening to her moans, but I told her that it was only fair if she reciprocated the favor I had just done for her. She got all pouty and said, “But if you come from me sucking you, you won’t be able to fuck me for a little while until you get hard again..”

Sometimes that is true, sometimes it isn’t. There will be times that I’ll fuck her for an hour, get off, and my dick won’t get soft for 15 or 20 minutes after we’re done. Other times I’ll get soft right after. Not wanting to chance it, I told her she owed me. “Anything to repay what you just did to me, baby!” was her delightful response, “Now get that thing in me, I want you to fuck me so badly right now.”

Not one to deny a woman her needs, I responded by slowly inserting my dick into her velvet pussy. I never ever get tired of watching her face when I enter her. She always moans and grinds herself into me until I’m buried all the way in. This time was no different, and as I began slowly moving my prick back and forth inside her, she told me to fuck her harder. This was a very rare occurrence, it had only happened once before, and I had teased her with foreplay for about 2 hours before actually fucking her. I increased my pace and power of each thrust, and she pushed her hips into me with every thrust. I had only been fucking her for about 30 seconds when the first of her many orgasms hit. She cried out and wrapped her legs around me as I continued screwing her, making her come for as long as possible.

I kept going for about 10 minutes with me on top of her, and her coming about every 2 minutes, each one building up more and more. I knew what would make her really get off, so I grabbed her around the waist and rolled over, putting her on top of me so she could ride me. She got going and I reached up and grabbed her tits, playing with her nipples and massaging the flesh of her breast. When she really bahis şirketleri started getting into it, she leaned back and put her hands on the bed behind her, grinding herself against me, rolling her hips back and forth on my cock. I knew the one coming up was going to be big, I could tell by how long it took to build up. She had been going on my dick like that for about 5 minutes when I saw her head start to roll back and her moans (which had become pretty regular now) got erratic. I moved my hands off of her hips, placing my left one on her ass and my right one on her lower abdomen, right where my dick was insider of her pussy. This made her start moaning very loudly, which soon switched to “Oh, God! Yes!” over and over again. She finally came, and I almost lost it right then too, but I somehow kept control. Once her orgasm had finally subsided, she looked down and me and said, “Holy shit, you are amazing!” and leaned in to kiss me. If that isn’t an ego boost, I don’t know what is.

I told her it wasn’t done yet, and that we needed to change positions again. I told her to lie on her stomach and I got on top of her. This is one of her favorite positions, since my cock is rubbing her G-spot the entire time, she is in an almost constant state of continual small orgasm. Which means that her pussy vibrating on my dick like that, I can’t really hold on for too long, so it’s usually a finisher for us. I slid my prick into her from behind and gasped at the same time she did, because the tightness of that never ceases to surprise me with how good it feels. I began fucking her, ramming in hard, making her scream with pleasure as I fucked my way closer to my own explosion. After a couple minutes of her cumming very quickly, and my rapid strokes in her VERY tight pussy, I could feel my balls tighten and I knew I was about to come. As I started to pick up the pace, she told me to stop before I came, she wanted to feel me cum in a different position.

I was already very close, so I stopped thrusting and asked her how she wanted me to be, and she told me to get back on my back again. I rolled off of her, and situated myself back under her, my dick aching to pop the whole time. I reached for her to move back up into the girl on top position, but she nodded no, and leaned down and began sucking me off. This was a new thing, she had never done it, nor had she expressed desire to do it before.

She fixed her lips around the head of my cock, and began stroking my shaft with one hand, and fondling my balls with the other. In under 30 seconds, I began spurting jet after jet of hot jizz into her mouth. She milked all of the spunk she could from my shaft, and swallowed the whole load, also a new thing. She gave my head one final lick, and moved up to me, kissing me full on the mouth. The taste of her mouth, her own juices, and my jizz mingled together was a new thing, but not bad. Then she asked me, “So, does that make up for me not reciprocating earlier?”

“That it does babe, that it does…now lets take a nap, what do you say?” I replied.

“Sounds good, you wore me out a bit…when do you wanna go get something to eat?” she asked me.

“I don’t care, just wake me up when you’re hungry,” was my mumbled response as she nestled into my arms. I think her answer was an affirmative, meant to agree with what I had said. I don’t really remember, I fell asleep very soon after that.


By the way, this is my first, I’d love to hear any feedback from you guys!

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