First Visit to an Escort

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My first “escort”.

First I suppose I should make clear that we did NOT go anyplace.

Escort simply is the title she used to advertise.

I am really old, a lot older that you are if you are reading erotic fantasy.

Unless you are sort of a pervert- I mean, who reads stuff like that anyway?

And who writes it? Only males? Every story has some woman instantly becoming poly-orgasmic because something happened. Not puberty (her story would not be included because of Literotica’s policy that anything sexual before age 18 is illegal (it is in the USA, and even having a dirty picture in this country can land you in jail for as long as some prosecutor wants you to be there).

So all the “women” in Literotica have to wait until they are 18, and THEN they can, one day, for no really good reason, become totally sexual… wanting more and more and …sure that happens. Not. Which is why it is called a fantasy. Anyway, back to my FIRST encounter with an escort. I am not reminiscing or bragging- this happened yesterday, almost on a bet. I had noticed “ads” on the internet for escorts… and found the one that claimed to be the oldest (48), but wouldn’t she be older than that? The ad did not mention SEX, it mentioned “erotic body RUBS”… apparently a license is needed to give “massage”, so they don’t call it THAT.

I tried the email address given and got a reply to “just phone and set up an appointment”. What I wanted to know was DETAILS, lots of them. Maybe I was looking for some detail (rule) that I did not want to comply with.

As I mentioned above, this was sort of a dare or a bet (no stakes). A friend had suggested that all escorts were really hookers, and that it was both immoral and illegal, AND I would be supporting a system that was harming the women involved. All of which is more or less true (ok- more true, she might read this).

My friend seemed “intense” on the subject, both for general reasons AND may be to protect an old man from doing something dangerous and stupid and expensive and likely to ruin his life. She never mentioned the fact that there was nothing I could hope to gain from the experience! Maybe a younger man could hope to enjoy ejaculating on, over, or in something… but that was not anything I wanted, needed, hoped for, or expected. And if you are saying, BULLSHIT! I am sure you are thinking about yourself and what you want, need and hope for. I was mostly very curious, although I had visited a Nevada whore house more than 55 years earlier, I was pretty sure that expeience would not be anything close to what would happen if I “met” an escort and spent some time (and money) alone with her.

I went to the Nevada brothel with 4 other guys, all of whom had been there before (I had never had intercourse with a girl before, but I was 18… and 3 months). So one day after tennis, about noon, I phoned the number and asked for Michelle, then gave a fake name and asked about making an appointment. I tried to ask about “rules” but she said she didn’t have any, then mentioned that we had never met. That seemed like some kind of rule being explained, but as I asked more and more questions, she simply said,”I am very canlı bahis uncomfortable with this conversation.” It later occurred to me that all kinds of quacks and malicious folk may try phoning to learn about the EVIL surrounding them, or maybe the police were trying to set up a sting. So I sent her another email, with a picture, and explained that I would call for an appointment. Probably tomorrow about 1pm. In the morning when I got ready to go to play tennis, I found an email that mentioned she “have time this morning”. I drove over to that part of town, and phoned to ask about an appointment, and explained where I was. She gave me an address, but didn’t really seem to know where that address was – in terms of driving there! (Turns out she has no car and does not drive). I found the place anyway, but it was not a home, it was a “suite motel” that rented by the week.

I think there are laws that allow the police to confiscate property used in crimes? like drug dealers cars, and the houses they rent to cook meth (back when they did that, I don’t think they do any more because it is cheaper to just get it from Mexico). I didn’t feature going thru a LOBBY to get to a room, so I phoned and learned that Room

00 was at the end, and opened to the street. When I got there, the door was open, and someone was way back in the unlit room, and waved to me. I waited until she said “Come on in.” and I did so, but did not take off my shoes (which I normally would do). Her dog was in a crate, and it was so dark I couldn’t really see it well, but I had been told there was a big dog (Sheba) and I put my hand down near the cage so Sheba could get a better idea of who was there. I should mention that I tend to be afraid of dogs, but have learned to deal with it pretty well, and have really liked dogs that lived with our family.

I walked past the kitchenette, past a bedroom door that was open on the right, and into a small area with a massage table (headrest with opening for face down position), and a sofa. Michelle introduced herself and I did also, using the fake name. She did not ask for ID, nor did I. She was wearing a big fluffy robe, and had mentioned on the phone that she would be in a robe, but that she did now work in the robe.

She “explained” (maybe I asked) that she provided a full body rub, and that there could be mutual touching. I interrupted her (what I do best, and why I am annoying “in person”): “Mutual touching”? that means I can touch you? “Yes” Quickly I placed ONE finger on the back of her hand, which was on the sofa between us. “I think that part sounds nice.” As she continued to explain “body rub”, I touched her with one finger all along her arm, and she seemed to intentionally let her robe fall off her left leg, so I touched that also. Maybe I should have described Michelle? Would that make ANY difference (to the reader? to me?).

She is a smoker, and I would guess a drinker, or has been because her face is 48 going on 60. She did not have on makeup, and had apologized– but mentioned it was beause I had told her that I seem to have a lot of chemical allergies, so she had showered (unnamed soap) and not put any chemical on.

That kind of thoughfulness bahis siteleri is nice, but she still needed a cigarette, and her place smelled like cigarettes.. so I was going to smell smoky when I got home (to my wife, who has a very sensitive nose– but probalby would not ask where I had been). She started to tell me that she was a farm girl from someplace in Southern Oregon, but I only knew one of the cities she lived between, and I forget both of them now. Why would I try to remember that? (OK- I was distracted by other thoughts).

I asked “clothes on or off” and she said that was up to me, so I removed all but my boxer shorts (and socks, which are “support” socks– I did not put my wallet in my socks, so someone could have snuck it out while I was distracted. Did I mention that the room was not well lit. Michelle was about 5’4 with long brown smoky smelling hair, somewhat saggy breasts about the size of my hands (I did measure later), and a small belly bulge. I did not ask if she had had children. She had on a sort of frilly negligee (how can I not remember the color? maybe it was too dark to see colors?). I started face down, and eventually had my arms at my sides, while she “rubbed my body” using something oily (baby oil?) that I can still smell all over me as I write this. She did not seem to understand anything about massage, because she WAS simply rubbing here and there, not stretching the muscles in any way. It didn’t feel bad or good, but was sort of boring. I tend to talk non-stop, interrupting any effort to answer… but had learned some about what she might enjoy in the future in terms of travel (she had been ONLY to Hawaii, for two weeks, otherwise always in Oregon). I mentioned that the guy who was having a birthday party after tennis, was going to the Galapagos Islands, but she did not know where or what those were. I told her briefly, and was interrupted by having her suggest I turn over now. She asked, “Do you want to keep your pants on?” Was she testing for “police”? I asked, “Will you be upset if I take them off?” “No, it’s up to you..” So I took off the boxers and suggested that she “just do what you usually do.”

As she started to rub areas that had been covered, I found my hand sliding along her leg and across her buttocks, which were not flabby, they were actually very nicely formed. She had on panties and I asked, “do these have to stay on?”. “No.” I pulled them down and eventually she kicked them off… and I realized that my attention was all on her body, and I did not even notice what she was doing (or trying to do) to mine. I said something depreciating about my lack of apparent passion and she explained that if it felt good that was good– and I asked if that was true for my touching her. “Well, I’m not going to have an orgasm.” and I answered that “I know you are WORKING” I missed what she said about that, and how it was not really work and that I had a “nice body” and blah blah blah– I didn’t hear that part because I was busy exploring her body with the hand that was on that side.

I suggested that my time was up, wasn’t it? I got up (oops, I forgot to mention that when I sat down with her, after I decided to “stay”, I gave bahis şirketleri her the money. And of course you want to know “how much”, don’t you? A fifty and two twenties- her ad said $80 for half hour, $120 for full hour. I gave her 90. I didn’t see her count it. She insisted on getting a towel to wipe off some of the baby oil, which was probably a good idea. I will find out tonight if I am allergic to it!! I got my clothes on, and she was putting her panties back on, but I reached around her and asked, “even though my time is up, can I hold these?” and I slowly slid my hands under the bra part of her negligee, and cupped both her breasts in my hands (after she said yes).

“These are really nice… a little too big, but not so much they are in your way and probably good for business?” She explained that she was “all natural”, which was obvious based on the sag, but still beautiful breasts and .. I had not been intrusive in touching her, so I have no idea if there was any “limit” to what else I might have done- or had done by her. I was not at all horny, but the entire experience was very nice in several different ways. I suspect that most of her customers (clients) just get jerked off, or maybe oral sex… and are gone. The most interesting part of the experience was wondering what SHE thought of ME? And the second most interesting is whether I will ever call her and visit again? The third interesting thing is that my friend did not want me to interact with any woman who advertised (and was probably a prostitute). I had given her a phrase to use, one that I told her would to ensure my cooperation in any “want” or “don’t want” she had- but she failed to use that “phrase”. I considered this intentional, because she does not want to ask me for anything or order me to do anything?? She was both more and less direct in telling me, suggesting to me, that I should not do “that”. She used part of the “phrase” I had suggested, which is just a sort of special way of saying please, without saying please… that only she can use (nobody else knows about it). But she wouldn’t ask, and so I did not WANT to comply. How much trouble will that be?

Should I tell her about what happened. We are friends and do share some stories. I don’t think I violated any law, but I have no doubt Michelle could get “raided” by the police, and they just make up stuff — and interrogate– and turn anything you say into a new crime. They don’t have to actually know any law was violated. They do not care about that.

Before I left, she allowed her dog out of the crate, and such a nice dog. Before I opened the door, I asked “how about a hug?” and she did agree to “hug”. I need to learn to do that without touching too much.

And as I walked out, the Hispanic room maids were coming our way. I had been warned by Michelle that they might knock, and she would just ask them to come back. She explained that she asked them to teach her a new word in Spanish each day, but Michelle didn’t seem to be able to speak Spanish even as bueno as I can. (bien, not bueno).

I looked at the clock, but had already forgotten what time I had arrived there- and had erased the phone call that would have told me exactly when I had been at her front door.

How can you not be disappointed that not really very much “happened”. Was any of this “erotic”?

I guess that’s what happens when you get older… are you ready for that?

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