First Time Together

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The blindfold slides into place over her crystal blue eyes. I can feel her body tense as I rub my hands across her nude body. I stroke gently across her shoulders, across her breast- avoiding the nipple on purpose-and around to her back. I scratch her flawless pale skin, just slightly. Just enough to raise pink welts, barely visible in the candle light.

“Tonight” I say, keeping my voice low, barely more than a whisper. “You will call me Sir. Do you understand?”

She bites her bottom lip and nods.

Not good enough, I want to hear the words.

“Say it.” My voice has not raised at all, but has firmed up. The effect on her is visible as snaps to stand straighter, with a slight gasp.

“Yes, I understand'” she stammers. “Sir”

I smile behind her back and wrap my arm around her, letting the palm of my hand brush idly against her shaved mound.

“Tonight, you belong to me. Not your work. Not your friends. Not your family. Tonight, you are mine. My own amazing treasure.”

I idly begin to stroke her lips with my index finger. Her breath is coming in short gasps now.

“Do you understand?” I ask again, a bit firmer this time.

“Yes, sir,” she says at once. Her voice cracks with desire, but she did not need to be reminded to speak.

I press my lips into the crook of her neck and whisper into her ear “Good girl.”

I let go of her for a moment so I can position myself in front of her. She is ravishing to behold. Her golden hair spills over her shoulders and provides the perfect frame for her delicate face. She has a petite frame, standing at only 5 feet, but she has all the curves I want. Her amazing breasts stand in as a testament to the gods, topped with small cherry like buds. I haven’t even touched them yet, but her nipples are hard. Her hips have the graceful swell of a classic pinup girl. She is completely hairless. Legs, armpits, even her inviting mound have all been shaved bare. I stand there, admiring the view, taken with her beauty.

“Jonath-,” she catches herself. “Sir, are you still there.” Her voice is clouded in fear and nerves. She’s afraid I’ve left.

“I’m here, ma petite,” I reach out and stroke her jaw. “I’m just admiring the view.”

She sighs at the slight complement and leans into my hand. I can feel her face warm as she blushes.

I lean down and şirinevler escort brush my lips across hers, lightly.

“Are you ready to begin?”

She nods, moving her cheek in my palm. I don’t move, don’t repeat the question. I simply wait. It doesn’t take her long to remember.

“Yes, Sir, I am ready.”

I toss her backwards on the large, soft bed. Her head lands on the mound of pillows at the head of the bed. She bounces once and before she can settle, I’m on top of her. My mouth finds hers right away. For a few seconds there is only the heat of our kisses and the softness of her tongue.

She moves her hand around my body, stroking the back of my neck as we kiss. I enjoy the sensation for a moment, then capture the hand and pin them over her head. For a brief moment, she tries to pull out of my grasp, but she can’t. I hold her there with gentle unyielding pressure. She moans against my mouth.

I catch her bottom lip in my teeth, biting it just a little before I move down. I kiss and nip and lick my way across her cheek, down her neck, over her collarbone. Then down to her heaving breasts. Her breath is coming in short, quick gasps now. When I close my mouth over her nipple and let my tongue flick it back and forth, her gasps turn into a long, urgent moan.

As I continue to feast on her breasts, moving from one to the other, biting and licking and occasionally sucking, my hand travels down her firm pale bell. I rake her with my nails, a little harder this time. Then I grow more gentle in my touches as I arrive at her pussy.

I let my fingers roam, touching her everywhere with a light touch that is designed to heighten arousal but offer no chance of release. Gods, she is wet. I get firm with my touch, exploring her mound and her lips. I brush the tips of my fingers against her opening, and she moved her hips up. Finally, after teasing her for what seem like an eternity, my fingers find her clit.

The first time you touch a woman’s clit is a very important moment. Too many men think that it is just a pleasure button and pushing against it over and over again is how to bring a woman off. But in my experience, every woman has a unique way they want to be touch. Some do like the direct approach, firm pressure on their nub is perfect for them. More often, more şişli escort of a dance is required.

I start simply, using my middle two fingers to move the hood over the clitoris in and clockwise manner, just long enough for her breathing to change. Then counter clockwise, then alternating, up and down, then random. The effect this has on her is delightful. She begins to struggle against the hand still holding her arms in place and her hips are rising and falling in time with my strokes.

“Please,” she whispers, her voice cracking. “Please, sir.”

“Please what, ma petite?” I ask, a smile spread across my face. I love it when they start to plead.

“I need…I need…I need to come, sir. Please let me come!”

I push myself back up and pull me hands away. She groans in frustration at the removal, but before she can question it, I have pulled the silk red tie from my neck and looping it around her hands. I tie them quickly in a modified slip knot. Then I raise her now bound hands and set the binding in a hook on the head board. The hook is just long enough and high enough the she can not pull her arms away from it without help.

“Of course I will make you come, ma petite,” I whisper into her ear, I nibble her earlobe before I kiss my way down her body a second time. This time I only hesitate at her breasts long enough to give each nipple a slight nibble. I continue down, dragging my teeth across her stomach and then I am there.

I start by kissing her delicate folds, enjoys the sweet taste of her juices on the lips. Then I begin to explore with my tongue, sliding it across her lips and into her folds. She tastes amazing, better than the more luxurious desserts. I allow myself to explore for a few minutes.

I can still hear her moaning “Please, sir.” above me. The combination of her lilting voice in ecstasy and the amazing taste of her, I am harder than I’ve been in years.

Finally, I take her clit into my mouth. She bucks and gasps as my tongue flits across her sensitive nub, gently flexing across its smooth surface. At the same time, I gently push one on my long fingers into her. She is so smooth and tight, I would be worried about trying this if she was wet.

My finger finds the rough cluster of nerve behind her clit, her g-spot. I press on it gently, alternating taksim escort between the spot and her clit. The effect is immediate and profound. She begins to breathe in deep quick gasps, moaning in pleasure and lust. Her leg curl around my head, driving my face and hand deeper into her. Her orgasm is building, like pressure in a volcano. Building, rising until…

“I coming,” she screams, “Oh, sir! Yes, yes, yes! I’m coming!”

I continue to build it on her, taking her over again. And again.

Finally I have to stop, for fear of being suffocated.

“Ohh,” she moans. “I need more. Please sir. It’s been so long.”

I know she needs more. And so do I. I quickly pull off my shirt, maybe ripping a button or two off in my hurry. I open my belt and let my slacks fall to the floor. Now we are naked here, together.

I get between her legs and lean down to kiss her. She kisses back, opening up to me, biting my tongue. Then I position myself at her entrance and kiss her deep as I enter her. I take it slow, wanting to make sure I don’t hurt her with my size, but she is so wet that I slide into her. I rest there, inside her, kissing her as I let her body adjust to my hard cock.

And then were are moving together, like dancers in a ballet. In sync and with the same goal. She moans with every stroke, every withdrawal. My hand dance across her clit and my mouth alternates from kissing her to nibbling on her neck, to tasting her sweet breast. I begin to pick up the pace and she is getting closer to her next big O.

“Yes,” she whimpers “I’m…I’m…comming…thankyouthankyouthankyou, sirsirsir. Thank you sir.”

I look down and see her biting her bottom lip as she comes, and my last vestige of control snaps. I grab her hips and begin to pull her to me, plunging myself in deep, faster. I’m lost in her. My thoughts fade away, and my world become nothing be a series of sensory information.

I can feel her softness, hear her moaning, begging for more. I can smell her, and a primal part of my brain is aroused by the smell alone. I can taste her, my mouth seeking her out, licking and biting wherever it lands.

And I am plunging into her, over and over. I am a man possessed, the only freedom, only release is in her. She is my salvation, my eternal promise land. I work into her, again and again, until I explode.

Slowly, I come aware again, clutching her to me again. I kiss her lips.

“Wow,” she says. Her voice is breathless “All that for me?”

“Yes, all that for you.”

I release her hands and they fly around me as we kiss once more.

I hold her, as we both drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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