First Time for Rick

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The senior student raced home and let himself into the house (his parents and older sister were at work). He changed into a polo and lightweight pants, clean socks and loafers and jumped back on his bicycle and rode to the Parkside Motel.

Unit twelve she’d said and it had been left unlocked.

Rick Brown took his bicycle inside and shut the door and turned on the TV and went looking for food.

Thirty minutes later substitute teacher Holly Spicer arrived and closed the door. Removing her sunglasses and tossing her carry bag on to the floor she said hi to Rick who was eating ice cream and watching an old Western on TV.


“When we made this arrangement I forget to ask about experience. You have done this before I take it?”


“Oh no. What experience have you had?” she asked the 18-year old.

“A couple of girls sucked me off at my birthday party a few weeks ago and I have my fingers into my aunt’s pussy two weekends ago.”

Holly sighed. “And you call that experience?”

“I bet you weren’t born with a dick up you?”

She laughed and said good reply.

Rick said, “When you grabbed my ass and asked would I like to come visit you I said yes because I wanted to get experience.”

“Another good answer,” Holly said, locking the door. She began pulling off her top and told him to turn off TV and get undressed.

“How much do I take off?”


He rubbed his chest and said removing everything would make him feel embarrassed.

“You should that thought about that before you accepted my proposal.”

“Well at that point all I could think about was tits and cunt. Will you remove everything?”

“Yes,” Holly said, casting aside her bra.

“Jesus look at how big your nipples are.”

“I know how big they are. Is your dick stiff yet?”

“No but it is erecting after I copped that look at your tits.”

At last they were nude, standing facing each other.


He said, “You haven’t grown any hair on your pussy. One of the girls I fingered had heap of dark black and smelly hair.”

Holly looked with satisfaction at the impressive size of his outstretched dick and then she read his face and said, “Now what?”

“Where’s the condom?”

She said he didn’t need one and he said he did so because he had no idea about how safe she was she probably she didn’t know either.

Holly said crossly she thought he wasn’t experienced.

“We have been taught sex hygiene at school. That’s why we go to school, to get an education. Although you teach history you should know that.”

Holly said yes he was quite correct and went to her carry-bag and dug into her handbag to retrieve a condom.

“I suppose you were taught how to roll these on at school?” she said sarcastically.

“Yeah,” Rick said, surprising her. “The girls were sent out and Mrs Hartford gave us guys a condom each but two Catholic boys refused to take theirs so she sent them outside. We then had to stand in a line and move up one at the time and roll our condom on to a greasy round piece of wood on a stand she had clamped to her desk. We weren’t allowed to keep our condoms.”

“Good god,” Holly said, walking up to Rick. “Here I’ll roll it on for you while you play with my breasts.”

“Don’t you approve of them being called tits?”

“I’ll put it on you while you play with my tits.”

“Won’t you require um foreplay?”

“No my strange conversation with you has made me quite moist.”

When Holly positioned herself on the sofa with one leg bent down on the floor and the other was thrown along the sofa, Rick looked at her big fat cunt approvingly and said, “Well that’s the biggest one I’ve even seen. You could almost drive a truck into it.”

Far from looking charmed by that comment, Holly sighed and said, “Please get on with it.”

She steered Rick in and soon she was fitted snugly around him.

“Do you jerk off?”

“No,” he said, embarrassed.


“Okay I do but please don’t tell my mom.”

“I don’t know your mom and won’t meet her unless you die during your disjointed effort of attempting to fuck me.”

“Oh sorry for my inexperience.”

“Thanks for saying that. Now just imagine my cunt is your fingers around your dick. Now you move in and out of me, using just hip thrust, and that action will move your dick up and down inside me.”


Rick moved twice and then froze and then went red about the face and chest.

“S-sorry. I’ve f-finished. I’ve just come.”

“No you haven’t finished. Lick my tits and suck my tongue while you resume thrusting and I’ll push back at you. The truth is at your age you probably can come at least six times per session of uninterrupted fucking.”

“Jesus can I?”

“Yes,” she said, whacking his ass. “Get going.”

Rick went home and had to push his bike up the Symonds Street hill that normally he pedaled up without too much effort. He was bushed.

“Hi mom,” he called, taking the passage to avoid going into the kitchen. “Make me a sandwich.”

“Get it yourself you lazy brat,” güvenilir bahis she said.

“I had detention… had to do 10-laps of the track so I’m sweaty… need a shower and to change.”

“I saw you cycle in and you weren’t in school clothes?”

“Oh it was casual dress day for er the top ten students in my class.”

“Oh darling, you have made top-ten. I’ll make you two lovely sandwiches.”

“Thanks mom, you’re top shelf.”

Rick checked his penis in the shower. No it didn’t appear ready to fall off as a result of excessive use. God Miss Spicer really had stamina and now he knew women really did sweat, or at least one woman did. He felt his balls and groaned, “Oh the pain. That bitch ground me dry.”

She was lovely though in helping him to achieve his first fuck. And then five more before he called time. Wow being into a fully-grown set of tits had been fantastic. It was a pity she’d told him she didn’t wish to have sex with him again, that she’d find someone more experienced. He didn’t offer names.

As he soaped his very redden dick gently, Rick wondered why he’d thought the big tits had been fantastic. They were still skin and fat like small tits. He guessed it was an emotional thing, like why do some girls give you a hard-on just by looking at them whereas others seem incapable of stirring your limp dick? . He couldn’t believe the way Miss Spicer had tightened around his dick when she was ready to come, just using her cunt muscles.

Holy fuck.

She’d been very good really, even giving him explicit instructions on how to lick and suck pussy and what to do with a couple of fingers.

Walking out to the kitchen, showered and freshly dressed, Rick wondered whom could he fuck now that Miss Spicer was no longer available to him. He saw his mom bent over the over attending to dinner and noticed the white flesh above her stocking tops and his dick tiredly stirred and began to erect itself. He reached into his sweat pants and pulled it straight so that it would be less noticeable and almost gasped; his dick wanted to stroke into his mom.

Gee how nauseating.

Eating his sandwiches Rick looked at his mom and thought if his mom was sexually unattractive to him what about Dylan, his sister? Yeah she had three years on him and he’d heard she was sexually active. He hoped that rumor meant she was active with guys, not girls. She rarely brought a guy home. He concluded it would be a great idea to fuck her till she was sick of him and them and he could ask her to steer her friends his way, putting in some good words about him.

Two nights later Rick noticed his sister head off from watching TV, probably to the bathroom. He gave her a couple of minutes to get on to the john and be piddling and then went after her. If she were caught piddling she’d be so embarrassed she would freeze and listen to his proposition.

Rick went into the bathroom to find Dylan crouched on the bathroom floor with her panties tossed in front of her and she had her whole hand up her cunt.


“Eeek, get out of here you creep. Get out, get fucking out of here,” she yelled.

He scuttled back to the TV room, not opening his mouth except to suck in extra oxygen.

Dylan returned to the TV room. By then his mom was checking on the roast and his dad was fetching drinks.

Rick cowed as Dylan approached him.

She grabbed him and hugged him.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you like that darling, it was shock at having my privacy violated.”


He said shyly, “God I couldn’t believe you can get your entire hand up… er… it?”

“Christ Rick please don’t tell mom or dad.”

This was it. He pounced. “I won’t if you let me fuck you.”

“No way you creep. No fucking way,” she hissed and then appeared to think of something.

“You have had experience I take it?”

“No I’ve never fucked a female,” he lied.

“Then who or what have you fucked?”

“Only my hand.”


“Dylan I feel if I scored with you that would give me the confidence to go out and fuck into new territory.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, imagine what fantastic service you would be doing for me?”

“Okay deal, one fuck and you keep your mouth shut about me fisting.”

“Oh is that what it’s called?”

“God you don’t know anything?”

Rick smarted over than wildly inaccurate claim. He snorted and said the deal was five fucks. Dylan looked mad and said no way, three. He agreed and they slapped hands to indicate that was a done deal.

Fucking your sister is more difficult that one might think. With a mother always on the prowl and a father capable of hearing through walls, it was a matter of when and where meaning location; Rick knew where to put it. The smartest way to have it worked out would be to ask Dylan.


She said their father would be taking their mother to a Rotary Club dinner on Monday evening.

“Okay by me. Is Monday clear of your monthly cycle?”

Dylan eyed him and decided not to create a scene over that and said yes.


She said in Rick’s bed türkçe bahis because she didn’t want her bed messed up and the room smelling like a brothel. She knew he’d ask how did she know what a brothel smelt like.

“How do you know what a brothel smells like?”

She said creatively, “Because I work in one to boost my spending money.”

Rick was absolutely floored and still hadn’t said anything when their father came in with the drinks.

One Monday night when their parents left Rick jumped up and said, “Come on.”

Dylan said to sit down and keep watching TV. “Give mom at least ten minutes to remember she’s left something behind.”

Six minutes later they heard the car come up the drive and Patti raced in and called out, “I’d forgotten my comb and lipstick.”

“Have a good time mom,” Dylan said in a honeyed voice.

“Thank you darling and what about you Rick,” his mom called, returning along the passage.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“And the same goes for you young man.”

They heard the car go off and Dylan said, “Come on but leave the light on here just in case.”

“Have you got condoms?” he asked.

“Why are you asking me?”

He stopped walking and said it was the women’s responsibility wasn’t it?

“Jesus Rick, don’t you know anything. Grab some of dad’s.”

“There might not be large enough.”

“Ha-ha,” Dylan chortled and said he wouldn’t need them with her because she knew where she’d been and as Rick had never been in a pussy he’d be clean.

Rick swallowed now knowing what his gran always said was true: that if you lie you get caught out.

He walked into his bedroom and said, “What now?”

“You undress me, talking to me gently… I mean saying nice things about the color of my bra, you like my perfume and I have a really neat figure, that kind of thing.”

Rick unbuttoned her shirt and got it off and then said, “I don’t know what color this bra is?”

Dylan sighed.

Then Rick said, “Which perfume do I talk about, the stuff you spray on or the smelly perfume coming from between your legs?”

Dylan sighed very heavily and said forget it.

“I’ve goofed haven’t I?”

She just sighed.

“You have great tits… um the best I’ve ever seen although I haven’t seen many although I see them when watching DVDs.”

“Why thank you. That’s a real comment. I’d like you to be a bit rough but don’t really hurt me and don’t mark me.”

“Can I kiss you now?”


“And suck your tongue?”

“Yes but who told you about that?”

Rick lied: “One of the guys was talking about it.”

They kissed and petted and Dylan appeared surprised he got her worked up. He removed his shirt. She unbuckled and unzipped him and dropped his pants and then bent to pull down his briefs and in doing so came face to face with his erection.

“Jesus how come you have a dick this big?”

“Dunno it just grew.”

The greatly impressed Dylan asked if she could suck it and was told yes, that she was welcome to really slurp it.

After she tired of that, surprised that her virgin brother hadn’t already shot a load, Dylan pulled Rick on to his bed and then introduced him to a sixty-nine. It excited him to be licking her and sucking her flaps while at the same time feeling her mouth acting like a cunt on his dick. He came, hugely.

“You asshole,” spluttered Dylan and yelled for one of the towels she’d brought into the bedroom.

“What did I do wrong?”

“You shoot into the mouth of a slut but not into the mouth of a lady,” she contended.

“Well what’s the beef then? You told me you worked as a prostitute to earn more spending money.”

Dylan sighed and said that had been a lie to tease him. She continued spitting.

They had sex but it wasn’t very good because she was such a moaner and lay as inert like a pillow while believing she was contributing to having sex. She was surprised, although greatly relieved, when her brother said just the one bout of sex was enough. He’d keep to his side of the bargain.

“Have you decided you don’t like having sex?” she asked and Rick just shrugged.

“Well it doesn’t surprise me the way you jump about with all that panting and licking and attempting to drive your dick through to my backbone. You didn’t have a chance of experiencing the wonders of placid sexual togetherness.


She went off and Rick opened all the windows and tied a knot at the top of his condom. He had plans to drop it on to a nasty classmate’s seat at school next day. She was such a mean-minded and disruptive bitch.

As for Dylan. She continued on happily with her latest boyfriend who was unhurried when having sex, his dick was thin and they often fell asleep when they were doing it. In comparison she thought her brother would never hold on to a girl for long because he was wound-up like a jack-in-a-box and would appear bent on driving her through the bed headboard.

* * *

After his disappointing time with his sister, Rick lost most of his interest in dating females for sex. He much preferred hanging out with güvenilir bahis siteleri the guys watching cool cars go by and congregating in video game parlors ignoring no smoking signs and popping any pill that was handed around.

He assumed he was in the period he’d read about called misspent youth.

The females he dated were in his age group and it was his luck to strike lethargic females who didn’t wish to be stirred up too emotionally, didn’t suck and complained he was too big, that he might stretch them.

He contention why did they think elasticity was built into their cunt didn’t go down well and the reaction was even worse when he’d pressed on, “Well if you think my dick is too big for your pussy you best allow me to shove it up your butt.”

He failed to understand why he was accused of being uncooperative, arrogant and insensitive and absolutely disgusting.

Rick would always remember that summer before he went to college because of the wild parties, hanging out with the guys and gaining the reputation for having the fastest fingers and reactions of anyone at his favorite video game parlor. It was the sex that would become forgettable that summer. He knew hot females around his age with fast-moving butts existed but it appeared other guys had gotten in ahead of him

He left for college feeling he’d yet to experience his first thrilling fuck.

In his sophomore year, a dark-headed beauty call Jodi Marsh invited Rick home for Spring Break. His mom told him to accept because they were having the house renovated and she’d rather have him out of the way instead of being a nuisance and telling the plasters and painters what to do and to work faster.

Jodi’s mom was away for the first two days, conducting a leadership training course for a bunch of church people and Rick was happy about her absence, not liking the sound of a holier than thou mom telling him to get his feet off the sofa.

Charlie the father was okay. He ran a hardware business and initially Rick thought Charlie hadn’t taken to him, which was a shame, but they were watching TV together just before dining on pizza when Rick said, “Would you like me to fetch you a beer Mr Marsh?”

“Yes please son. Do you drink beer?”

“God dad he’s a complete pisshead, usually last man standing if there’s still beer to be drunk.”

“Oh ho,” Charlie said. “Go get ’em Rick. Say why don’t you call me Charlie?”

Well that had things looking good and Rick noticed Charlie hadn’t scolded his daughter for taking the Lord’ name in vain. It looked like Charlie was okay; pity about his wife.

Hot-pussy Jodi was riding Cowgirl but flopped off.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s mom’s car coming up the driveway. She’ll check on me. She doesn’t mind me having sex but if she thinks I’m sleeping with you she’ll ball me out.”

“Well keep your eyes open so if she checks in here she’ll see you’re not sleeping.”

“Oh funny boy. Good night.”

It was Charlie who was balled out for being drunk asleep in front of TV.

“The kitchen is in such a mess.”

“Rick and I did the dishes.”

But that was not good enough for the shrew. She yelled, “Well the refuse has not been put out, there are finger marks on the glass door of the cooker, the extractor was not used when whatever you were cooking was burnt and the cat hasn’t been fed. I’m very disappointed in you Charlie.”

“Well you shouldn’t have married me.”

“Well you’re not that bad. Go to bed. I’ll sleep in the guestroom.”

“Aw Pearl, I was really looking forward to getting it.”

“Well too bad. You are being punished.”

Rick turned over and thought who’d want to marry that woman, any woman in fact?

Light burst into the bedroom and Rick fluttered his eyes open.

“Hi Rick, I’m Jodi’s mom. Call me Pearl.”

“Good morning Mrs um Pearl.”

“Oooh Jodi had told me you were quite well-mannered. What are you staring at?”

“Your breasts.”

Jesus he didn’t know why he’d said that. Well she appeared to have a great body.

“Um because so many women have breasts the size of tennis balls. Yours are big enough to make you look all woman.”

She appeared dumbfounded. So he recklessly too advantage.

“Come closer and give me a feel.”

She shuffled forward a few steps but stopped short of him.

He reached out a hand.

She hesitated.

Rick balled his fingers and waggled them.

Staring at him and appearing almost in a trance, she moved forward, placing a breast into his palm. He squeezed and she breathed, “Oh god.”

He withdrew his hand and said, “I really didn’t think you would do it.”

“I surprised myself. I must be insane. If you ask to touch my pussy I’ll kill you.”

He laughed and she smiled expansively.

“Breakfast is almost ready,” she said and left without looking at him again.

The others were in the kitchen that, he had to admit, did look cleaner and tidier than he’d seen it before. Charlie said hi and Jodi gave his cheek a peck, just like she would her er grandfather. So she wouldn’t mind if he tried to ball her rather interesting mother?

He knew not to try to answer that thought.

“Well it’s 9:10 on a Saturday morning,” Pearl said brightly. “Charlie you have tee-off at golf in two hours so how do you other two intend spending quality time with me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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