First experiences turn into rough play

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First experiences turn into rough play
This is the story how my sexual life started and and ended for a while. It was the last summer before leaving home . I was 18 years old, but didn’t have any sexual experiences with anyone. My friend was already 19 and lived near me and we would often hang out at his place, because his mother was at work in the evening and he had much faster internet than I did. He was the only c***d and lived with his single mother so it would be just the two of us most of the time. We would play games, watch television or just do some random stuff.

I think he was obsessed with porn and eventually he would often show me pictures and videos he had found. I was shy, but still interested. I couldn’t watch porn at home usually, so he showed me things I had never seen. Two horny guys watching porn together. He would talk openly about things he liked, but I was a bit shy and just always mumbled something.

Eventually he would start showing off his cock and how hard he was from watching porn. He would take off his pants and sit next to me jerking off. I was shy and insecure so I just rubbed myself through my pants. He would tease me and say that is not how you jerk off. I pulled my dick out and started jerking off too. It felt good.

Neither one of us came and we did it multiple times. Sometimes we would just watch porn videos and sometimes jerk off at the same time. Sometimes we would do other things. At some point we started to stare each others dicks while we were doing it. He started talking about how great it must feel when someone is giving you a handjob. Then he started to jerk off my cock. I said it didn’t feel any different and he asked me to give him a handjob. Soon we were doing handjobs to each other while watching porn, but we never came. It was just teasing.

Then one time we were doing it again. I wasn’t in the mood really and tired so I stopped and put my pants on. He asked me to give him a handjob so I did. This time I wasn’t even watching the porn. I was just focused on his cock and my hand giving him pleasure. He had a nice dick. Little bit bigger than kaçak bahis mine, but really nice looking. He had little hair and his body was pretty thin. I was turned completely towards him with my back to the porn running on his computer and giving him a handjob with both of my hands. After some time the video ended, but he didn’t change to a new one. Just told me to keep going. He was making noises and grunts I had never heard. It felt good having him in my hands.

Suddenly he told me to stop. He took his cock and held it tight and came with a few squirts on his slim hairless belly. Then he quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I was a bit confused. I had his precum on my hands and took a piece of paper to clean up. We played a bit and then I went home. We never talked about it and didn’t watch porn for a few weeks. I guess he was ashamed.

Eventually we went back to our old ways. Watching porn and jerking off. We both came, but always by our own hands. I would still give him handjobs, but he would always stop before he came. We started to talk about sex and porn, but neither one of us had any experience. We both loved to watch blowjob videos and talked about how good it must feel to have your dick sucked by a pretty girl.

Then one time he said he could suck my cock to let me know how it feels. I was shy and maybe again confused so I didn’t really say anything but suddenly he took my dick in his mouth. It felt really good. After a few strokes he stopped and asked me to suck his dick. This time I didn’t really hesitate. I just leaned over and took his dick in my mouth. I tried sucking it a few times and then stopped and said it doesn’t taste good. He said it felt even better he had dreamed of and then we just continued to watch porn.

Next time I went to see him he opened the door in a towel and with his hair wet. He had taken a shower just before. Somehow I heard myself say that I bet your dick tastes now better when you’ve washed it. He took his towel off and told me to try it. I went on my knees and pulled his foreskin back. His limp dick smelled like soap.I took his güvenilir bahis dick in my mouth and started sucking. I could feel how he got harder in my mouth. I put my lips around the tip of his dick and jerked him off with my hand.

It doesn’t taste like anything now.

I said to him and just kept going. I had him all hard and honestly was enjoying it. I was all hard too. But my knees couldn’t take it so I had to stop. We went to watch porn and masturbate ourselves and both of us came really quickly. After that he would always take a shower before I came or when I was there. He would show off his dick in front of me and sometimes just bring it to my face. He never sucked my cock again, but I gave him head many times. I was getting better at it and I did enjoy it. We never talked about it and about being gay. We were just talking about pussy and good it feels when a girl gives you head. It became part of our routine. We didn’t do it every time, but often. We never mentioned it to anyone.

Over time his suggestions came more direct. If I was playing a video game he could just put his dick on my face and mouth. Sometimes I would tease him and rub him through his pants or start sucking him off while he was playing. It was obvious that we were both enjoying it. I was enjoying giving him head and he enjoyed me sucking his cock. We always came by our own hands. I never touched his cum and he never touched mine.

One time he was stressed out. He had an argument with his mother and he was angry. We were in the kitchen alone and didn’t talk. I started to walk towards the living room and then stopped to a doorway. He followed me. We didn’t say a word. I started rubbing his cock through his pants. I guess I was trying to make him feel better. He grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down with force. I went on my knees and pulled his pants down. He took his cock and just shoved it in my mouth. He had never before used such force. I tried to suck him off. Move my head back and forth. Trying to take it as deep as I could. I took it out and grasp for air when he grabs my hair and pushes me türkçe bahis back against the doorway and just forces his cock back in my mouth.

I put my hands against him and push him off but he is stronger. He is in control. He moves his pelvis back and forth and slides the dick in my mouth. I relax my hands and hold his thighs. He moves his hand on the sides of my head and holds me still while he pushes his penis in and out of my mouth. He pulls it completely out and I can feel how my spit runs down my chin. He pushes it back in and I close my eyes. He goes deeper than ever and just holds it against my throat. I can’t breath. I try to push him off again but he just holds me tighter.

I start to panick, but then he releases me. Pulls his dick out of my mouth and I take a deep breath and open my eyes. His cock is in front of my face and he cums. He shoots on my chin and lips and then pulls his dick down and the rest of it go to my shirt and the floor. I have tears in my eyes, spit on my face and his cum on my lips. He takes a step back, pulls up his pants and walks to the bathroom without saying a word.

I go to the kitchen to wash my face and clean my shirt the best I can. I grab some paper towels and clean the floor. My mouth tastes salty. The taste of his cum. I clean my face again and again. I don’t really comprehend what just happened or if I liked it or not. He comes out from the bathroom and I leave. We never talked about it and we never did anything again. We didn’t even meet much after that. We both moved to different cities.

I know it isn’t the typical sexual fantasy everybody wants to hear, but honestly I still sometimes think about it while I masturbate and it still turns me on. I wish we could have seen each other again and keep doing it. I guess he was ashamed what he had done. I heard he is gay and maybe at the time it was too much. Maybe he made me the sissy I am now.

I didn’t meet any other guys for years. I enjoyed our experiences at the time, but never though about them really. After some years I started to understand that I like cocks. They turn me on and I love to play with them and suck them. Pleasing guys was something that I enjoyed. When I understood that I started to look for guys to meet and had many more adventures. But those are a whole another stories 🙂 Would you like to know more? 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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