First Anniversary

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Dedicated to my wife of one year.

She sat on the couch reflecting on her first year. Their anniversary was almost upon them. She was still recovering from an injury that had kept her off her feet and out of the bedroom for several weeks. She clicked the channel changer to another mindless show on one of the many style channels. She thought to herself, “our one year anniversary and here I can’t go out and we haven’t had sex in almost a month. Are we losing our fire?” She looked at the fire place across the room from her which had been lit during many a time that they had passionately made love. She had to do something to inspire him. It was then that she decided to get up and look for some inspiration on his computer, the computer where he stashed all his downloaded porn.


He was sitting at work, on a weekend, wondering what his wife must be thinking. “Here Valentines Day has just passed and our anniversary is almost here and I am working on a weekend. She must think I have no desire for her at all. And with her injury, it makes it all the harder to think of a way to spice things up.” He then made the decision to get out of work on this special day and to go pick up something very sexy for her to wear, something that would get her out of her slump.


“Honey, I’m home!” He came in the door from the garage with a gift bag from his favorite lingerie shop, imagining what she would look like in the sexy outfit he had bought her.

“I’m up here babe.” He smiled at the sound of her voice and his cock grew hard against the side of his jeans as he imagined her. He started to trod up the stairs to the living room and could feel the intense heat of the fire place.

“Honey, I got you a..” he stopped short and held in his breath as his eyes were brought to his lovely wife. The swelling had finally started to go down, but the injury made him love her all the more. Her bright red hair was done like she was going out to a formal occasion and çatalca escort it appeared as though she had given herself a manicure, her candy red nails were long and shiny. She had one of the outfits on that she had bought and worn on their honeymoon.

She knew how much he loved this one. He was so excited to see her that he shucked the bag onto the table and made his way to her.

She smiled with that wonderful smile she always had when he first would come home. He loved her facial expressions; there was something cute, innocent, and sexy about them. It also made him chuckle, as he thought about how much more sexual experience she had than he did. Yet she still managed to look so innocent. “Surprise? You got me a surprise? Is that what you were going to say? Well, Surprise!” She stood up. She was also wearing her garter belt and the top made her large breasts swell out to look like to delicious grape fruits.

Without even thinking, he was at her side and he buried his tongue deep into her mouth and they kissed passionately. She looked at her husband of a year, deep into his eyes after their embrace. “Use me.” She said with a hint of eroticism in her voice.

He knew that her injuries would prevent her from using her lower body much. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he sure did want to have a good time. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down on them. She obeyed the motion by dropping to her knees so that her face was level with the crotch of his pants.

She could see huge bulge that had formed along one of his thighs. She grabbed onto that bulge through his pants and squeezed it. She could feel it pulse in response to her touch. She looked up at him and blinked her long fake lashes. The heavy make up that she wore made her feel like a whore, a fancy whore. She squeezed his cock several more times and watched him close his eyes and groan.

He knocked her hands away and quickly unzipped his pants and quickly esenyurt escort undid the buckle and button that held his pants on. He pulled out his rock hard cock and balls. His penis was pulsing and pointing for the sky and it ached from the excitement. He stroked it for a moment and watched his wife’s eyes blink in anticipation and then he took her by surprise by smacking her in the face with his heavy member. She yelped and smiled at the feeling of the heavy cock. After alternating smacking his cock on each side of her face and watching her smile in ecstasy, he then shoved it in her mouth.

She reached up and grabbed it with both hands and started to bob back and forth on his cock. When he instinctively shoved it down in motion she choked and her mouth flew back off of it. His member was covered in saliva and strands of it connected the target of her mouth to the piston that had been moving back and forth through it.

He grabbed it again and slapped it against both sides of her face. Her face was now wet with pre cum and saliva. She laughed while he continued to do this and then he shoved it back in her mouth. The rough motions made some of the juices drop down onto the tops of her bountiful breasts and made them glisten in the fire light.

For several more minutes she alternated between jacking him off, sucking on the tip, and shoving deep into her mouth. Every few moments, she would look up at her husbands face and would see a mixture of pleasure, of him watching in interest, and of his eyes closed and rolling into the back of his head.

She held his cock up and started to suck on his balls. She didn’t do it all that often, and she knew she had to do it gently. He was entering a new dimension of pleasure. After sucking on each one she moved back and slapped his member against the tops of her breasts and looked up at him.

He nodded at her, “I’m ready to cum. NO MORE! You succubus!”

She knew that he etiler escort liked a good hand job almost more than anything, and now that his cock was very wet, it would be easy to get him off. She jerked him back and forth with her hand and batted her big fake eye lashes. “I want to have my face drenched in cum. Drench my face, come on.” He moaned but no amount of pleasure could get him to look away for this part.

“Take it honey. Take it.” She continued to jerk him about half a foot from her face and she turned her face down towards it and not away like so many bashful girls do right before the inevitable. When a girl is willing and excited for the moment like this, it becomes even better.

He lurched and they both knew that the time had arrived. He watched as a strand shot out that head a thick glob on the front end and it flew high up and stretched from the back of her well done hair all the way to the bridge of her nose. She giggled and kept yanking his cock. And with each pulse another strand would fly out to both their delights. A second and third shot had maneuvered their way from her forehead and across her large fake eyelashes all the way down her bright red cheeks. Now she moved closer strands began to cover her mouth chin and lower face. “Cum on my face,” She moaned. While moaning that the cum strands connected her parted lips. Several of the thicker globs leaked off of her face and landed on the tops of her breasts.

Finally the pulsing stopped and she was drenched just like she wanted. She could hear the excitement by his fast breathing and she knew that their love life was far from dead. “Happy first anniversary dear.”

“Happy first anniversary to you too.” He looked over to the bag that held lingerie that he had bought for her. “We will have to do this again some time. I did buy you something for the anniversary too you know. ” They both laughed. “But hold on, paper is supposed to be a 1st anniversary gift.” He ran up stairs.

“What are you doing?” She asked while sitting there on her knees, not able to open her eyes fully. She then heard several snaps and saw several flashes and she smiled again. “Oh, I get it. Now you have your present from me.” She smiled again as she heard him throw a towel her way after snapping the facial photos.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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