Fire and Ash Ch. 04

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Hi. Ashley again. Mack is a dear, and if he’s doing a project such as his truck he’s a stickler for details, but when it came to the planning for our wedding …well, as they say at the VA- he was MIA. Oh, don’t get me wrong; he wanted to marry us, he just didn’t know how to plan for it. I truly believe he thought he could just snap his fingers and it would be done.

Laurie and I didn’t mind; this would let us put our stamp on our marriage – to let us tell all our friends and family this was truly what we wanted.

It actually went amazingly easy, well most of it did. We decided our new backyard was the perfect venue, and maybe all we’d need would be a tent in case of a shower. Catering could be by friends of Laurie, and Angie knew the perfect minister for our needs.

All we needed was a date; far enough out for all the planning, but not so far as to be into fall showers. We settled on the Saturday after Labor Day.


I’ve never had a summer go by so fast; it seemed we’d just got home from the Fourth of July car show, when suddenly Labor Day was just days away. I can’t say it was a boring summer, no way; if the girls were at work, Jack and Chuck were over and we cleaned up the ‘Bird.

It didn’t need much so far as parts were concerned; Chuck and his dad had done a good job of protecting the basic car, but the paint and interior were tired, many of the hoses and belts past their replacement date, and the brakes were on their last legs. Well, we jacked that puppy up, and over three days rebuilt the brakes, changed all the hoses and belts, and changed the oil and filters on the engine and the transmission.

Chuck was amazed at the difference when he pulled out of my garage; the tranny shifted crisply, the brakes dug in NOW, and the engine purred like he hadn’t heard in a while. Jack tried to convince him that a manual would be a better (more fun) choice than a slush box, and I pushed him to get more power, but he wouldn’t listen to us; “No guys, this is the way my dad bought it, and this is how I’ll keep it.”

We did convince him that a good cleaning of the interior would help, and a lot of buffing on the paint would pay dividends, and by the time he’d finished rubbing out the oxidized paint it did look fairly decent.


We’d actually moved into a pretty active neighborhood. Sure, the houses were spread; everyone had at least an acre, and several had five plus, but everyone knew each other, and the first sunny weekend we had been invited to a gathering several houses down the street.

The Lowries were the original owners of much of the land, and it had been parceled ten years before when Ken retired from teaching. They were an interesting couple; not only had he been a history teacher, but he also coached the varsity baseball team and was still active as an assistant coach. Sharon had been a pediatric nurse until she retired, and still volunteered at the hospital maternity ward. Meantime they had a collection of farm equipment and half a dozen goats along with a few barn cats and a couple dogs.

Between us were the Sandovals – Enrique and Inez – middle aged with two kids in college, she was a weaver, and he enjoyed long distance bike riding. Across from them were the Hudsons; another retired couple who were mostly into gardening.

When we arrived at the Lowries’ Ken greeted us at the door, and raised an eyebrow when I introduced my companions, but he said casino siteleri nothing – just nodded and introduced us to his wife. She dragged Laurie and Ashley off to meet the other women while Ken put a beer in my hand and led me to the other men.

“So do you always split up like this?” I wondered.

“What? Oh I see what you mean; generally for the first half hour or so we split up like this while everyone catches up on the things that interest us, then it’s a general free for all.” Ken smiled in reply.

Enrique stuck his hand out; “The women don’t want to hear about my latest bike ride, and the guys tolerate a little bragging … as long as I don’t get too smug.”

Larry Hudson said; “I do five and six mile rides and get a good workout, HE goes twenty five and complains that he couldn’t get warmed up.”

I smiled at Larry; “You’re my kind of rider. If you want company let me know.”

All in all we had a good time, everyone was pleasant, no one asked prying questions, and the girls were bubbling about meeting the neighbors.


While the bank had repaired and repainted the house, they hadn’t done more than cut down the wildly tall “lawn”, leaving the landscaping to us. Ash and Laurie spent large portions of their weekends working the flower beds in a constant battle with the weeds. After the second weekend of them aching and groaning I dropped in at a local spa shop and ordered some relief for my lovers. It took two more weeks, but when everything was done – let’s just say they really appreciated the hot tub.

And I really appreciated them.

Now don’t think I just do these things out of the goodness of my heart – well I do, sorta – but hell, a good hot soak felt good on my bones too, and yeah, I did plan on a lot of hot times in the tub.

Well …. That didn’t happen the first weekend. Not because the girls didn’t think of it, but we had spent all weekend hauling rocks and brush out of much of the front yard. I swear some asshole had been dumping his crap in the yard while the house had been empty. Talking with the Hudsons we learned a strange truck had pulled into our driveway several times, even as the house was being renovated. I figured if that s-o-b came back I planned on taking out his tires – at the least. One day a beat up pickup did cruise by slowly, but the driver saw me and they went on. There was some kind of lawn care sign on the side, but it was as ratty as the truck.


Ah, but then there was THE Friday: it was the Friday leading into the third weekend since the hot tube was up and running. Ashley and Laurie arrived a bit late from work, big smiles and lots of chatter – several bags of groceries and one that clinked. It was obvious there would be no work tonight. There was no subtlety that night – they came through the door shedding clothes left and right. When the last wispy piece fluttered to the floor they stood in the middle of the living room tit to tit, pube to pube, arms wrapped tightly around each other, and locked in one of the longest and deepest kisses I have ever seen. When they did finally come up for air it was with deep whooshes and almost simultaneous; “Wow! I needed that!” and then laughter.

Then my vixens jumped me, stripping clothes from me in a furious dance. Before I could catch my breath they started kissing me; first one and then the other until I didn’t know who I was kissing. (Not that it mattered much) Suddenly canlı casino one was on her knees sucking my already half-masted erection into full hardness, then she swapped places and the other was down and fellating me. This went on until I begged for mercy pleading that I was about to blow.

Only then did they relent, both smiling as they led me to the spa. We relaxed for a while, sipping wine and just catching up with each other’s day. Suddenly a quick signal seemed to pass between them, and they snuggled up against me – hands gropping for my dick. This time I was ready for them and I had both hands exploring pussy to my right and left. It was great; I could turn left and kiss to my hearts delight, and then turn the other way and start all over. Never losing the hot, tight feeling of clasping vagina on both hands. Heaven was nearing.

I pulled Laurie up to the spa edge and dove head first into her pussy. There was no drawn out seduction tonight – we had too much pent up need. I buried myself in her; licking, nibbling, almost biting. I vaguely felt her hand pulling me to her but I was in my own little honey-scented world. I could have stayed there much longer, but Ashley was tugging me up – wanting her turn. Who could resist? I turned to my other love – her legs spread wide in lustful invitation. Again I dove in, savoring the sensory differences; strawberries and almonds rather than honey, wisps of red gold hair, a much more prominent mound. Oh yes, I was another step closer to heaven.

Soon Laurie tugged at me, and when I looked up she was draped over the spa edge, her beautiful ass open and asking for my time. As I rose behind her I realized I was hard as a rock. A quick swipe with my fingers confirmed she was wet and ready, and Ashley’s fingers drawing me to the slit before us only confirmed we were acting as one.

Sliding into Laurie can be an adventure in lasting: there are times she is as tight as a too small condom, but not this night; she wanted to be fucked and she wanted it now! I slipped into her, hitting bottom in one easy motion. I actually stopped in surprise, but she wasn’t having any of that, and pushed back against me; setting a rhythm for the next several minutes. Just as I thought I was going to lose all control Laurie pushed me away; “Do Ash now. I’ll be waiting to finish – I want a moment to calm down.”

Well I’d never heard that before, but with Ashley draped next to me and the blood pounding in my head, I wasn’t going to argue. I just moved over and thrust. Again I was balls-deep in one motion, and I wasn’t wasting any time. I wrapped my hands around Ash’s hips and thrust; time and again, driving as deep as I could, Ashley returning my drives with thrusts of her own until suddenly she pushed back against me, her back arched and her face turned up as if baying at the moon. In fact the deep moans coming from her did sound like that.

I held her steady until she folded back to the spa edge, and then moved back to Laurie; “Fuck me Mack, I want to come like that!”

Man, I did. I pushed back into her hot quim, only now it had tightened, and I knew this was going to be the ride of my life. We started slow, a deep push and retreat with pauses at each end, but that soon became quick and deep and then totally without rhythm. My hands were digging into her hips as I pounded into the tightest, slickest, hottest pussy in the world.

We hit our peaks together; Laurie and I baying at kaçak casino the moon, two wild animals in heat.


The wedding went off without a hitch; the day was warm and sunny with puffy clouds and a soft breeze making everything comfortable. Kids and dogs were running around having a good time.

Most of the women were in sun dresses, the men in slacks and polos. My girls were especially beautiful in their swirly sundresses – their hair and makeup adjusted to perfection.

I had decided this was such an important occasion that I must dress appropriately, so without telling anyone I had bought a full, formal suit including a top hat, cape, and cane. I’ll leave their reaction to your imagination. Though I was a hit, the women felt they should have had a warning: then they could have gotten tiaras!

Angie had brought along a minister from the Universal Unitarian church in her home town (I found out later Angie was fucking the minister AND his wife), he did a great job as far as I was concerned – even though I don’t remember a single word.

The party went into the night, and when the kids had gone home the adults really began to play.

It was interesting seeing the neighborhood dynamics; Enrique was plowing June Hudson just as hard as he rode bikes – and she was screaming for more, Larry and Inez had Sharon Lowry in a rotating three-way (every few minutes they’d shift around on each other), and a young couple from farther down the street were sharing duties on Ken Lowrie’s cock until the guy sat down on Ken’s lap – taking him in one smooth motion. She was between their legs licking like crazy.

Angie, the minister, and his wife had disappeared into the house. I later found them in a daisy chain on Angie’s bed.

Dylan was trapped between two young women; one riding his cock and the other grinding his face with her pussy. Later he said he was moving closer. Something about an offer too good to pass up.

The girls and I headed for our bedroom where we celebrated by fucking our brains out together.

I woke in the morning with the wonderful scent of both their pussies all over my face. I think pussy juice is good for my skin.


Hi. It’s me, Ashley again.

Laurie and I thought we should tell you the rest of the story.

All of this happened four years ago, almost five thinking about it.

Our marriage settled into the normal sort of routines most marriages become.

Seven weeks ago Mack was out bike riding with Larry Hudson when they were struck by a young kid joy riding in his dad’s car. The little bastard didn’t even have a license! He knocked both men into a drainage ditch and Mack died at the scene. Larry suffered multiple broken bones and almost lost an eye.

Enrique heard the crash and ran to the scene. I guess he almost beat the kid to death after he saw what happened. Ken Lowrie saved the little shit’s life.

Anyway …after the funeral Mack’s lawyer asked us to stop by his office for the will. We didn’t think too much about that until his secretary called to set an appointment. As much as we disliked the idea we went to hear about this will thing. Really, we didn’t expect much – Mack owned part of the house, his truck, and his tools. And we all had right of survivor on the house.

When he read us the will … Mack had been holding out on us in a way; he gave the truck to Dylan, fifty thousand dollars to his sister … and a little over two and a half MILLION dollars to Laurie and I.

When I looked over at her, Laurie was crying; “Can we trade that for Mack?”

I agreed with her; I’d rather have my husband.


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