Fiona…it’s time for your arse

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I’d ben waiting at home thinking about fiona all day. I’d raided her panty draw and wanked myself off 4 or 5 times reliving the amazing events of the morning. I was hoping that fiona arrived home at her normal time of 5 o clock, this’d give me nearly half an hour with her alone to see if this mornings events were a once in a lifetime fuck, or weather fiona really was as desperate for cock, as she had been this morning.

As she was the clock ticked round toward 5 i thought about how i’d acted with fiona. I couldn’t believe the ease in which she dropped her knickers, for her daughters boyfriend of all people. Maybe fiona had been neglected for that long by her useless fella, that any cock was now required to satisfy her wanton needs. I was more than happy to be the cock she chose to use.

Fionas car pulled up outside at bang on 5 o clock. I positioned myself in the kitchen and waited.

As the door opened fiona was greeted with the sight of my 6.5″ fat cock pointing at her, trousers round my ankles. She stepped into the kitchen and shut the door. Fiona put her bag on the side and stood looking at me, her gaze moving up and down from my eyes to my shaft. She held her gaze on my dick, the same dick that 7 hours earlier was balls deep in her wet pussy.

“Are you still wearing the knickers fiona?, let me see”.

She carried on looking at me for a good minute, i thought she was about to speak, maybe to say that this morning was a bad idea and it could never happen, or maybe to say…….well i dont know i wasn’t gonna hang around to hear her call it off. I had to get control whilst i knew she was at her weakest, she couldn’t of changed her mind from this morning, she was gagging for a fuck. Christ sake the whore hadn’t come for about 8 yrs.

“Well, show me your knickers”.

A minute later fiona hoisted her skirt around her waist, her black lace knickers showing streaks of dried spunk.

“Did you like wearing them knickers today fiona, did you like the feel of my come drying against your skin?”
“Could the other people in the office smell the drying come fiona, could they smell your love juice mixing with my come this morning?, oh i hope so you slut, i hope the blokes could smell what a whore you are”.

“I did get some funny looks, some of the blokes did linger around me”.

This made my cock grow harder, the thought of other blokes thinking she was a slut, and possibly wanting to fuck her really got me horny.

It was now ten past 5 and i wanted my cock sucking. “suck my fucking anyway whore they’ll be back soon”.

“We havn’t time”.

“Listen antalya escort bayan slut, i want my cock sucking so fucking suck it”.
“Aaahhhh there we go fiona theres a good old whore”.

For the next 15 mins she blew my dick like an expert hooker, sucking my balls again and flicking her tounge over my helmet. God it felt good, god i wanted to plough her right there and then but knew i couldn’t. I yanked her panties down her thighs, pushing her legs apart as far as the lace knickers would allow. Fiona continued to swallow my shaft sucking as hard and as fast as she could to get the spunk from my balls.

I rammed 3 fingers right up her cunt making her gasp on my dick. like a good whore she hardly broke stride and sucked and sucked as i mashed my fingers hard into her pussy. We were racing each other to bring each other off.

“Fuck oh fuck aarrrrrgggghhhhh ” i pulled out and blasted her 38yr old face. 6 gloubles of sticky sperm coated her face and ran down it hanging from all of her features. I held her bent hammering her hole until she clasped her thighs togther and came on my hand.

I put my cock away and fiona went to clean up, a minute later alice and my missus came back from work. God how lucky.

The evening was pretty much normal. We all ate dinner, apart from the piss head dad. He rolled in about 9ish, pissed as usual. After abusing fiona and crashing into a few things he pissed off up bed.

At 10 o clock my missus went upto bed as she had a real early start, that left me and fiona alone. For half an hour we sat watching tv not speaking a word. I was waiting for faith to drop off to sleep.

I spread out on the sofa oppisite fiona and loosened my belt and unzipped my flies. Fiona heard the zipper go as i seen her have a little look from the corner of her eye. I pulled out my dick and began wanking myself off, staring at fiona the whole time.

“Oi slut ” i said to fiona not to loud but enough for her to hear.
She looked up from the tv across at me pulling at my knob.

“Take off your bottoms, spread your cunt and play with yourself”.

Fiona didn’t protest, she stood up and removed her bedtime shorts. Laying back on the sofa oppisite me she spread her legs. Her pussy still looked red and inflammed from the earlier finger battering.

“Wider, pull your lips apart”.

She slayed her lips showing me the pinky fleashy folds, her fingers were stroking and probing all over her sex. I watched and wanked from the other side, urging her on as her breaths became shorter and her low moans louder.

“Go escort bayan on fiona bring yourself off for me, come all over your hand, go on , go on, harder harder rub your clit, thats it whore rub your clit”.

Fiona hammered away for anothercouple of minutes before groaning and releasing more pent up love juice. She lay with her legs splayed in no hurry to cover herself, not worried about us being discovered. I stood and walked over to her sofa, my cock pointing and swinging in front of me. I think fiona thought and probably hoped i was gonna plunge it right into her vacant hole. Instead i knelt between her legs and ate her pussy and rimmed her arsehole. It tasted like heaven down there, sweet and wet. I smeared her anus with her juices and inserted my middle finger into her tightest hole.

“oohh ooohh yes thats nice, finger my bum, ooh oooh it’s a long time since anythings been in my arse”.
Fiona panted.

“Believe me fiona this is not gonna be the only thing in your ass tonight, and it wont be the last either”.

I stood up after bringing her off with my tounge and fingers. Flipping her legs over my shoulders i lined my fat girth up at the entrance to her cunt. With my arms on the outside of fionas legs i was able to squeeze them togther, she was definately gonna feel my girth again tonight. Rubbing it up and downher moist slit a few times wetting my penis i then forced into her hole for the second time that day.

He pussy felt so so tight as i squeezed her thighs togther my foreskin pulled tight back as her cunt walls sucked in my shaft. Once balls deep i pulled out to the tip, slighty released the grip allowing a bit more room for my cock, my cock still totally stretching her mature pussy, then rammed it back home once , twich , three times each stroke harder and deeper than the last one, my strokes trying to hammer my 6.5″ as deep as possible. With her legs up over her shoulders i did manage to get deeper inside my mother in law.

“Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh”. Fuck she screamed a bit louder than she probably should, but with a fat cock slamming into her who could blame her. Fiona came twice on my cock in this position before i pushed her away for a couple of minutes rest. Sitting back down on the sofa fiona sucked my dick for a bit, tasting her own pussy on my slick dick.

I grabbed her and pulled her on top off me, facing away from me. I lifted her arse up and dropped her pussy back down onto my cock. Fiona put her feet on my thighs and started bouncing up and down. If anybody had come down they would of got the shock of their lives.

Fiona antalya escort rode my dick untill i filled her cunt with sperm. She sat still on my dick for 5 minutes, spent from her efforts. I pushed her off onto the floor and she landed onto all fours, her arse in the air. I lent forward and plunged my index finger straight into anus, the amount of fucking and love juice it slip in to the last knuckle. I worked her anal passage untill i had 2 fingers pumping her. I thought to myself that she was ready for some dick in her arse.

“You ready for a nice fat cock in your arse slut”.
“Yes ohh yes fuck my ass, fuck my ass”.
“Slut again as i did with your pussy, i want you to say that my ass is yours as my dick slides in, ok whore?”
“Yes yes, get it in my ass”.

Fuck, fiona was gagging for it. My helmet forced at her tight entrance, slowly slipping inside. i spat on her ass and my shaft as i trid to force past her splincher.

“Reach round and pull you cheeks apart whore”.

She did as she was told, her arse opened a little and my helmet popped her wide open, she bit into the cushion to hide her screams. she let her hands drop to the floor, her hands not rquired anymore, my invading solid shaft holding her dark tunnel open.

“Fill me up screw my fucking arse off”.
I slide my cock into her at a steady pace, fiona came hard as my dick ripped her rectum open, after she had gathered herself, she turned her head toward me and with lust filled eyes said

“My fucking dirty little arse is now yours, aswell as my pussy and mouth, use me like a whore”.

I did just that for over 45 mins, i fucked her arse hard, i pumped her pussy. I alternated my strokes, hammering her beaver then arse hard and fast. I made the slut suck my dick between some strokes, tasting her own asre and pussy juice, she just gobbled it up with no complaints. I had to at one point grab a pair of knickers from the airer and stuff them in fionas mouth, if i hadn’t the bitch would’ve woke the whole house.

“ahh ahhh i’m gonna come fiona, i’m gonna come in this wonderful arse”.
“please please fill my arse”.

I emptied my sacks into my mother in laws rectum for the first time and it felt wonderful. I let my dick go limp before slipping fromher gaping anal passage, a thick stream of sperm spewed from her well used hole and tricked over her pufft cunt lips and dropped into a pool on the floor.

I left fiona right there on the floor, scooping come with her fingers from her pussy and ass before licking her fingers clean. What a great fuck. What a great slut she was.

I was gonna enjoy fucking my mother in laws holes on a regular basis and slide into bed next to her daughter and went to sleep with a smile on my face………..and a well fucked cock.

Until next time

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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