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Balls Deep

At the coffee house after work, the magic instantaneously began. I got up to go to the ladies room, but not to relieve myself, but to ease my desire to fuck the man sipping coffee across from me. So months later, after I finally did, he came clean that it was the sight of you; the sight of my ass as I wove through the trendy coffee house that evening which made up his mind.

And since then, you are just getting better and better. It isn’t just the full-length mirror in my bedroom, either. My old panties don’t fit right any more, I only frame you with a thong or nothing at all. For the first time, you glide right into a pair of size 4’s. While other moms at the playground chase their toddlers around in baggy sweats, I’m wearing jeans or tight shorts that I didn’t have the nerve to put on ten years ago. Here I am, thirty-seven years old, and suddenly the proud owner of an incredibly hot ass.

I’m not really quite sure what I did to be worthy of you. I mean, I’ve got adequate tits, and I have been blessed in the abs department. Yes, the legs could stand to be a bit longer, although they are curvy and kind of decent. I’ve always had an ass that I’ve been too self-conscious about to haul down to the beach. Ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about. So what changed? Exercise? I do work out, but I always have. Diet, yeah right. Put some chocolate in front of me and it’s gone in a heartbeat. Could it possibly be that these numerous bouts of mind-blowing surreptitious sex are helping to improve your form and character?

The ache that I feel in your muscles on the days after a bout of ravenous bahçelievler escort sex seems to sustain this hypothesis. I love that ache, because each step reminds me that it really did happen. There are those clandestine moments of tiny sheer thongs and tangled hair. When I am completely exposed, every inch of my body slick with sweat, face down, ass up as I give him all I’ve got and get worshiped in return. I have indulged in more than I could ever guess was possible, and experienced pleasures that I never imagined.

He is obsessed with you. His hands fit you perfectly. If I could, I’d spend days with those hands on you, firmly gripping you, and smoothly stroking you the way he does. Now I even kind of want to touch you. When I’m alone I sometimes check you out in my full-length mirror in my bedroom and I can’t help myself. I grasp you, just like he does until I make my pussy salivate with envy. With sticky fingers I dial his number, and I’m no longer alone.

I hear his footsteps coming up the stairs to my bedroom. My heart rate accelerates as I grip the mahogany footboard of my bed. He finds me with my feet spread two feet apart dressed only in a black lace garter belt, silky smooth hose, four inch black Jimmy Choo spikes, and a sapphire and diamond chocker necklace. I don’t move as his clothes drop to the floor one by one. I can feel him close, and I know that the sight of you has that big cock of his hard as Michelangelo’s David.

My neck snaps back as I experience the pleasure of his hands confidently gripping you in the way he bahçeşehir escort does so well. I can sense his eyes lingering where his fancy dictates as my pussy begins to salivate. I gasp, and my knees break when his hot tongue laps up my juices and teases my other hole. He spreads my puffy petals apart and dips his fingers into my throbbing pussy and softly sucks my clit. My body blooms; welcoming him like a flower to the sun. He rises and offers my nectar from his fingers knowing how much I love the taste of myself from his fingers. I avariciously suck them clean as I feel his throbbing appendage against my thigh.

I feel the torturous ecstasy pulsate through out my body. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” I moan through clinched teeth.

He massages his thick cock against my engorged lips and my hips thrust back with greed. He steadily forces his self into me and I am overwhelmed as his hot pulsing fire travels straight to my heart. I gasp, and taste the aroma of our lust in the air in the back of my throat. My body desperately tries to seize each wave of fire thrusting deep within me. I feel myself slipping into a sensual hypnotic haze as my juices trickle down my thighs. I hear my nails digging into the mahogany footboard over the sounds of our desire, as my body becomes ultra sensitive to everything around me. He slaps my ass and the vibrations reverberate to my core, my eyes close so tight I see stars. A wave of heat flashes to my clit and throughout my body, and I explode.

My body vibrates and my nipples are as hard as frozen peas. I feel the white-hot bakırköy escort wave of his thick liquid splash inside me. Instinctively my pussy begins to tighten like a vice around his heat, trying desperately to milk him for more to no avail. He pulls out of my greedy cunt and releases his thick white heat all over my ass. With each spray of hot passion I shutter until my ass is saturated.

My sexy lover stumbles into a nearby chair in the bedroom as I massage his juicy ecstasy into my skin for him to see. I turn to find him drenched with the wetness of our passions and hard throbbing with an erotic arrogance. My body tingles at the sight of my man. I leisurely walk to him and kneel between his open legs. Carefully I take his heavy sack into my mouth as my hand glides up to his firm chest. I begin to lavish attention on his member putting his cock between my tits, licking it slowly, and then greedily taking him deep into my mouth. I start sucking him rhythmically and with steady increasing lust. I listen to him moan over the sexy smacking sounds of my sucking as my pussy begins to drool with envy. I quickly get up, turn around and feed my ravenous pussy. Determined to satisfy our passions, I ride him with my legs wide and hands on my knees. I become ravenous, feeding my lust as if I were to die tomorrow. I feel his magnificent dick expand and quake inside me, and my pussy intuitively begins to contract tightly around him. We cum together, spasm after spasm, after deep hot spasm, as I forcefully grind him deep inside me, never wanting him to vacate this pussy that is all his.

Now we lay on my bed naked and completely inundated with the moisture of sex. His fingers are now tracing the sweet curve of your round firmness. Your form hypnotizes him and I am hopelessly addicted to the sweet, sexy, and nasty pleasures he gives me. I am completely his and I have you, my finest feature, to thank for it all. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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