Fetish Series Pt. 02: Body Fluids

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I’m not sure the title of this story is fitting, but there is a max character, so….

Here is what you’ll find in this fetish story:

-cum play

-golden showers

-milk (breastfeeding)

-creampie/cum swap



As usual, this is an unedited version. Let me know what other fetish ideas you have!

Finding Our Rhythm Again:

“I need to pump again,” Gina complained to her husband for the tenth time. Ever since their first daughter was born, Gina had an abundance of milk supply. She knew how lucky she was, and it certainly wasn’t something she wanted to complain about. Her breasts ached almost constantly. Their little girl nursed when Gina was at home, and she drank her supply from bottles when she was at the sitter.

“Okay, go pump, and I’ll listen for Molly,” Paul said rather dismissively. Paul was working on his computer. Always working. As an account executive and partial business owner, he had a big responsibility, and Gina was thankful for the income. She resented him at times. While Paul was an attentive father, he shifted that attention to Molly when she was born, and Gina has felt abandoned since.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Gina walked downstairs to the main floor and grabbed her supplies from the kitchen. She was set up in her chair, scrolling mindlessly through Facebook as she filled bottles of milk. Everyone in their friend group had children, but Gina and Paul were late bloomers, so to speak. They struggled with infertility, so most of their friends were out of the baby and toddler stage. Gina loved being a mother, and Molly was a good baby. She felt such mom guilt for the longing of her body and freedom.

Gina was an average sized woman, about five feet, seven inches tall, 160 pounds. Molly inherited her blonde hair and blue eyes, but she got her father’s bronzed skin tone. As Gina bagged up the breast milk, she looked out the small kitchen window over the sink and sighed. It would be another chilly day. She needed to get ready for work, but she was lacking in motivation. Gina really didn’t need to work at all. Paul’s income provided well for them, but Gina liked working. She had a degree in marketing, and before she got pregnant, she worked for a mass company. Now, since booming a mom, Gina linked up with a friend who owns a string of bakeries. Gina was responsible for all of their media management, marketing, and designs.

“Molly still asleep?” Gina asked when she poked her head in the bedroom. Paul was just closing up his laptop. He nodded and stretched. Gina took a moment to admire her husband’s physique. Paul had always been a handsome man, in a classic Michael Craig way. His dark hair was tousled from running his hands through it over and over again.

“Yeah. Looks like it. I’m going to jump in the shower.” Paul stood and kissed Gina on the forehead and walked into the master bathroom. Gina sighed. Molly was eight months old now, and she and Paul had only had sex three times. Before Molly, they fucked like rabbits, and while Paul didn’t seem to mind as much, especially since Gina had always had the higher sex drive, it was bothering Gina. She worried that Paul didn’t find her attractive anymore.

Gina shook her head and growled in frustration. She marched into the bathroom, removing garments as she went. When she yanked open the shower door, Paul let out a small yelp in surprise. “Are you still attracted to me, Paul?”

“What?” Paul’s shock evident in his voice made her immediately regret asking.

Gina backed away from him and stared at the floor. “Never mind. It’s nothing.”

“Hey, wait a minute. Come back here, Gina.” Gina stopped and looked at her husband. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I just feel like ever since Molly was born, you’ve barely even noticed me. I’m worried that with the baby weight and being less put together all the time that you may not be attracted to me anymore, not like you used to.”

It took Paul several seconds to move, but then he shut off the water and stepped out and walked to Gina. He placed his hands on her face and kissed her lightly. “Of course I am, honey. Work has been crazy, and I know how sore your breasts are all the time. I hadn’t realized I was making you believe that. You’re gorgeous as you are, right now. Even more so than before.” Gina smiled and kissed Paul. His growing erection pushed against her stomach. “Lean over the sink. We can watch in the mirror while I fuck you.”

Gina moved quickly to the vanity top and braced her weight on her forearms. She spread her legs, and lifted her hips upwards. Paul’s height matched this position for them perfectly. He thrust in Gina in one fluid movement. “Yessss,” Gina moaned, embracing the tenderness of not being fucked for some time.

“Hold on tight baby, and keep your eyes on me.” Gina stared up into Paul’s eyes, and their gazes collided. He fucked her relentlessly, both of them panting and desperately searching for more. Paul’s hand came around to Gina’s clit and rubbed çorum escort it fast, knowing this would bring her to orgasm.

Gina pushed back into Paul so he could go deeper. His balls smacked up against her ass with a satisfied sound. “Gonna cum, baby. Cum with me, Gina. Cum all over my cock.” Paul moved his hand faster until Gina was coming around him. Her mouth formed the perfect ‘O’ when she came, and Paul grunted his release right behind her.

They both stood there, half leaned over, panting and trembling. “That was amazing,” Gina said on a sigh. Paul kissed her shoulder. “Care if I join you in the shower?”

Paul smiled and winked at her. “I would love that, honey.” Paul glanced down at Gina’s breasts and raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t you just pump?” Gina tracked Paul’s gaze and immediately blushed.

Gina turned and squirmed uncomfortable to face her husband. “Um, yeah I did. But when I’m aroused, I um….”

“Lactate?” Paul finished her thought for her. Gina nodded. “Huh. I never knew that. It’s actually really hot.”

“Really?” Gina asked him curiously. Paul nodded, his eyes still locked on Gina’s breasts. “What turns you on about it?”

“I’m not really sure. But seeing your milk drip down your breasts and belly like that? Yeah, it’s really hot.” Paul licked his lips, and it made Gina wetter. “It doesn’t hurt to know that my cum is dripping out of your cunt right now.”

Gina stood on tippy toes to kiss her husband. She did a quick check of the monitor to see that Molly was still fast asleep. Reaching for Paul’s hand, she placed it between her legs. He groaned when the sound of his fingers playing with her clit was heard loud and clear. Paul pulled his hand free. It was coated with thick cum. Gina placed his fingers in her mouth and sucked.

“Do you want to taste it, Paul?” Gina asked, and her husband nodded as he got down on his knees. “Fuck…” she whispered in shock. Paul hooked Gina’s leg over his shoulder and buried his face in her cunt. Gina moaned and tremors at the first stroke of his tongue. “Oh god, Paul. Yes, just like that. Circle my clit with your tongue.” Paul lapped at her clit and then moved to her opened where he pushed his tongue inside her.

Gina thrust into his face. Paul went back to Gina’s clit and thrust two fingers deep inside her cunt, fucking her relentlessly. He looked up at Gina, and she relished in the slick moisture covering his face. “I love you so fucking much,” she whispered. Paul doubled his efforts until Gina was pulling his hair and orgasming on his face.

Gina hadn’t even recovered from the orgasm when Paul was pulling her down on top of him, straddling his hips. He guided his cock to her entrance, and she sank down on him. “Ride me, baby.” Gina’s movement were slow at first. She rolled her hips forward and she thrust up, and then pushed back when she sank down on Paul’s impressive eight inch cock. The girth alone was enough to pleasure her, but the length added even more intensity to the orgasms Gina had. “That’s it. Now play with your swollen tits.”

Gina moved her hands from her sides and slowly dragged them up her stomach to her breasts. Since she was nursing, her normal C cups were a double D these days. Her right one was likely closer to an F given how swollen it would get compared to the left. Gina rubbed the engorged flesh, straying from the nipples. It didn’t matter though, because even the slightest pressure brought drops of milk from her nipples. Gina closed her eyes and threw her head back. When she masturbated, she played with her sensitive breasts. Truth be told, she played with the milk and tasted its sweetness when she masturbated.

“I want to see more milk baby. I want it in my mouth.” Gina paused her movements and stared down at her husband. She smiled at him, and begin riding him faster. Her hands squeezed her breasts until she had thin streams pouring out. It took a few tries, but eventually, Gina was able to guide some milk to Paul’s mouth.

Gina’s pussy clenched tightly around Paul’s cock. She left one hand on her right breast where the milk was flowing out, and she used her other hand to reach around and tug on Paul’s balls. “Drink it, baby. Tell me how much you love it, Paul.”

“Fucking love it,” he slurred around the milk. Gina’s orgasm hit her as she slammed down on Paul’s cock. She leaned forward to grind back and forth on him, riding out the waves of pleasure.

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” Gina whispered. She pushed forward to kiss Paul, tasting her milk on his tongue before moving down his body. She took most of his length in her mouth, gagging at the fullness. Paul moaned and thrust up to get more access of her mouth and throat. Gina swallowed and relaxed her muscles while she took Paul at length. “She used her hand to pull on his balls while she bobbed up and down on his thick shaft.

“Fucking Christ you look hot, baby. All of that saliva dribbling out of your mouth. Fuck!” Gina felt the pools of saliva as they leaked from denizli escort her mouth to his balls. She moved her head skillfully up and down, and when she noticed Paul’s breathing changed, she released him with a loud pop.

“Knees up, Paul.” Paul smiled at his wife. She knew that he was aware of what would come next. Paul and Gina had always been adventurous in the bedroom. Gina missed their wild, raw erotic nature and chemistry, and this moment meant everything to her. Gina ran her tongue down Paul’s shaft, his balls, gently sucking on each one before moving towards his taint and licking the sensitive area. But that wasn’t her goal. Gina moved further down until she could rim Paul’s puckered asshole. “It’s gonna be tight when I finger it, isn’t it?”

Gina heard Paul shudder above her. “Fuck yes, baby. I want it so bad.” Gina licked his ass, running circles around his hole as he contracted the muscle. She pushed the tip of her tongue in, and Paul groaned loudly. Gina reached for Paul’s cock and began stroking it while she tongue fucked his asshole. “Gina, I can’t hold off much longer baby.”

Gina released his cock, sat up, and she pushed two fingers in Paul’s mouth. “Suck,” she ordered. Paul listened and sucked Gina’s fingers eagerly. “That’s it baby.”

Gina pulled her fingers free of his mouth and placed them in her pussy, making sure they were nice and lubricated. Slowly, Gina pushed her pinky finger into Paul’s ass. “So tight,” he said with a strained voice. Gina paused her movement. “No, keep going.” Gina pushed further until the middle of her pinky cleared and she was able to push in. “Just one finger today, baby,” Paul panted.

Gina found a rhythm that Paul liked, and then she went back to working his cock with her mouth. She kicked the precum from the head and then took him into her mouth. Paul loved when she gagged on him, especially when her saliva dripped over his cock and balls. She went all the way she could, gagging and making Paul moan. She took that opportunity to fuck his ass even faster, “Fuck!” Paul roared and, without warning, he shot his load down Gina’s throat. Some of it dribbled out, but she managed to keep most of it in her mouth. When he was spent, she removed her finger and hovered over Paul.

He smiled up at her and opened his mouth. She let his cum flow, splashing in and around his mouth. They kissed and swapped his cum for several minutes. Eventually they both dozed off until the cried of Molly woke them. Paul kissed Gina on her head. “Let’s talk tonight about making sure we don’t lose ourselves to work and parenting. I want these moments with you every single day, Gina.” Gina nodded her head in agreement. “I’ll get Molly,” he said with a smile.

Milk Play:

Gina was fast asleep when she felt hands running up and down her arm in feather light strokes. She loved that first moment of waking up, the one where she was still unaware of the realities in life. Stretching her body, she winced at the newfound, but not unwelcome, soreness.

The events of yesterday morning with her husband slowly moved to the front of the brain, and she smiled. “Good morning,” Paul rumbled behind her. “I just fed Molly, and she’s back to sleep.” He kissed his way along her collarbone and down her arm. “I was thinking that maybe we could have some fun this morning.” Gina turned to face her husband. She was obsessed with that look in his eyes, the one that told her all he saw was her, that he could drown in her, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

“What did you have in mind, Mr. Coleman?”

Paul smiled and leaned down to kiss her. He covered her body with his own, and she felt his hardening erection press against her hip. “For starters, Mrs. Coleman, I’m famished.” Gina’s brows pushed together in a moment of confusion, and then the playful words made sense in her cobweb filled brain. Gina pushed Paul’s head down, but he skillfully moved to the side and gave her a wolfish grin. “I want that as dessert. My main course, on the other hand…” Gina felt him squeeze her full breasts and felt dribbles of milk leak from her nipple. Paul looked at her, waiting for approval, and all Gina could do was nod.

Paul started by licking her left breast in large circles, moving closer to the nipple with each trip around it. Gina gasped at the feel of his tongue on her. The sensitivity she normally had with her breasts was magnified when they were full and in need of relief. She hadn’t pumped since the day before, and she was definitely in need of relief. Paul had never drank from her breast, and Gina couldn’t help but feel incredibly turned on by the exotic sight of her husband suckling at her breast. Wetness pooled in her pussy, and she moved her hand down to touch herself, and Paul shifted his body so she could have better access.

Paul tortured her with his licks and kissed, soft strokes of his tongue were setting a fire in her body. “Please,” she finally begged.

“Please what?” Paul asked, licking his lips.

“Drink diyarbakır escort my milk,” she answered in a whisper. Paul smiled at her and clamped his mouth over one nipple. It took him a couple of tries, but he quickly found his rhythm and began suckling at her, and Gina felt the relief of milk pouring into his mouth. Paul moaned in approval at the flow of sweet milk. “Oh god! Yea, Paul, just like that. Drink from me, baby.”

Gina worked her clit, using two fingers on either side of it, moving up and down in a quick, chaotic rhythm. She stared at her husband as he sucked on her breast. When he lifted his head, milk dribbled down his chin, and Gina wanted to cum then and there. Paul leaned over Gina and lined his mouth with hers. She opened to him as he shared the milk with her, and together, they kissed and enjoyed the sweet taste on one another’s tongues.

“I’m going to fuck you while I drink from this one,” he said, pointing at her other breast. Gina moved her hand that had been in her pussy and brought it to her lips, tasting herself. Paul pushed inside her in one full thrust. Gina was sore from yesterday’s fucking, but she loved this feeling, and it made her even wetter than she already was.

Paul began a slow rhythm of fucking her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Gina watched in fascination as Paul took her engorged breast to his mouth and tugged on the nipple. He sucked harder on this breast, and it made Gina moan. “Fuck!” She writhed below him, and Paul knew exactly what she wanted. He sucked harder, drawing milk from her sensitive breast. The bite of pain was erotic and arousing for Gina, always had been.

Paul’s thrusts became faster, in a punishing rhythm. “Gonna cum, baby,” he said around a mouthful of milk that spilled onto her. “Cum with me.” Gina reached down to play with her clit. She felt full, Paul’s cock inside her pussy, fucking it hard and fast, her fingers working her clit, and then the best feeling, that of Paul milking her. “Mmmmmmm,” Paul moaned as he emptied himself inside Gina and sucked hard on her breast. Gina chased his orgasm with her own and slapped Paul’s ass as she rode out her own pleasure. 

”Fuck,” Paul whispered. He pulled himself up and kissed Gina. She felt like a love-sick teenager again, the way they laid there and made out, thrusting into one another, touching and moaning. “You’re amazing, baby.” Gina smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “We have plans this weekend. I’ve made arrangements for your parents to come here and stay with Molly.”

“Really?” Gina asked. “Where are we going?”

Paul winked at her. “It’s a surprise, but just know one thing….” He kissed the hollow of her neck and locked his way up to her jaw bone. “I’m going to fuck every part of you I can, baby. And I want all of this milk. No pumping this weekend.” Gina stared at her husband in shock and grinned. “I’m going to shower. You get some more sleep.” With that, he kissed her and left her to dream of their upcoming weekend.

Creampie Delight:

“You almost ready, honey?” Paul asked Gina as she debated on adding a fifth sex toy to her already full suitcase. Paul made reservations somewhere, and told her to plan on being naked, thoroughly fucked, and ready for anything.” Gina smiled as she repositioned some of the lingerie she bought for this special weekend.

“Coming!” She yelled down and zipped up the luggage. Paul was leaning against the doorway when she turned around. “Hey you,” Gina said with a tinge of nervousness. She and Paul had been together for fifteen years, and she was comfortable with him, but this newfound passion they were experiencing again was a little overwhelming for her. Not that she was complaining or anything, just adjusting.

“I’ll take your bag down. Your mom and dad are here. We can hit the road whenever you’re ready.” Gina nodded, a bit of guilt for leaving Molly sitting like a weight in her gut. Paul must have sensed that because he moved towards her and placed his hands on either side of her face. “We won’t be far from home, honey. And we can come back anytime you want. I know it’s the first time we’ve ever been away from our girl.”

Gina pushed onto her tippy toes and kissed Paul on the mouth. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you for planning this, for being understanding, for everything.” Paul kissed her on the forehead and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs. An unspoken desire coiled between both of them. Paul moved into her space, and she could feel his erection against her lower belly. “Mmmmm,” she moaned quietly.

“The sooner we get there, the sooner we can play, baby.” Paul winked at her and dragged her suitcase downstairs. Gina took one more look in the mirror. She wore a simply black sundress. Underneath, she was bare. No bra, no panties. The moisture between her legs soaked onto the thin material of her dress, and that thought made her smile, and ever wetter if that was possible.

Paul hadn’t fucked her for four days, which wasn’t the hardest part of this. Oh no, it was the fact that he told her she couldn’t orgasm again until he gave her permission. He woke her up each morning sucking on her clit or drinking from her breasts, something he did often. Gina would watch helplessly as he stroked his cock in front of her while he milked her breasts.

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