Feeling Normal Ch. 02

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“I will definitely be calling,” those were his exact words, but it’s been three days, and nothing. If he had no intention of calling, he shouldn’t have said anything; he is a fucking asshole! I needed to vent to someone, so I told my friend, Karen, while we waited for the professor to get to the classroom.

“Well… maybe he got busy with work; you did say he owned a construction business, right? Just give him a little while longer, I’m sure he’ll call,” she said this with a face that looked more like pity than caring.

“First, he is only PART owner of the business. Second, what is three minutes out of your life to make a phone call. Third, if he didn’t want to call, he shouldn’t have said anything,” I said this with venom in every word.

However, Karen was quick to bring clarity, “Erin… It’s only been THREE DAYS. Any guy would be stupid not to like you; if he doesn’t call you back, then it’s his loss.”

I finally relented on Karen’s point, “Yeah, maybe you’re right. He probably just didn’t like me. I should just accept the fact that I will always be alone.”

Karen started rubbing her forehead before speaking again, “Oh God, this conversation is giving me a headache. Erin, sweetie, you need to grow a pair! I’m sorry, but if you don’t have the patience to wait for a phone call, then how are you going to handle a relationship?!”

I replied to Karen with a mean look, “Well… you don’t have to be a bitch!” Just as I said this, the professor walked into the classroom to start class. While the professor rattled on about ‘Post Civil War Literature,’ I chewed on Karen’s words and realized she was right; if he doesn’t want to call, then it’s his loss.

I finally got home and was very thankful for the lack of homework. I decided to watch a little TV, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Ethan. I stripped down and started masturbating while thinking about him. I imagined him kissing a trail from my lips to my crotch; truly savoring every inch of my body. He then puts his hands on the back of my knees and pushes them to my chest before going at my hole with his tongue. I pictured him circling my virgin, casino oyna puckered hole with the tip of his tongue before breaking it’s tight seal; I could feel myself getting close to climax. Every time he heard a moan escape my lips, he pushed his tongue deeper. As my cock becomes fully erect, he stands and dangles his long, thick cock in front of my starving hole; I’m almost there. He puts his cock head at my entrance and starts to push, stretching my tight hole beyond it’s limits with every inch. Once I felt him bottom out, I cam all over myself; fuck, that was the best fantasy I have ever had. Just as I started to clean myself up, my phone rang, and it was him!

I had to play it cool so I didn’t sound desperate, “Hey… what’s up?”

“Hi! I’m fine. I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the guy who gave you the ride home from the mall… Ethan. Look, I meant to call but I got really busy down here at the job and… well… I’m not trying to make excuses. I was just wondering if you still wanted to go out on that date,” he said this with a voice that sounded of hope.

I pretended to think about going on the date, but of course I was going to say yes, “Sure… I’d like that! Where do you plan on us going on this date?”

He responded with clear excitement in his voice, “Great! I was thinking we could go to dinner and a movie, and I could pick you up around… 7 this Friday?”

“Sounds great! I’ll see you then. Okay, bye,” I hung up the phone with the biggest smile spread across my face. I decided to go get my hair trimmed, get some new cologne, and wear my favorite red lipstick on the date; I wanted to look presentable!

Friday came and I was so nervous! I heard a car pull up, then a knock at the door. I answered to see this big bear of a man standing at, and filling, my door frame; fuck he was so sexy!

“You look great! I was thinking we would go do Davidson’s… you know, the steak restaurant downtown. After the dinner, I figured we could go see a horror movie; I love horror movies!” he said.

“Sounds great! Red meat and fear; my favorite!” I said.

I didn’t realize how nice the restaurant canlı casino was until we got there. The lights were dimmed low and there were two, white taper candles on each table. The air was warm and the room was filled with a warm, woody, spicy smell; like an expensive cologne. As we were seated by the matradee, he handed us each a menu and gave us a wine list; I almost fell out dead at the prices. Ethan ordered an expensive wine, and an expensive meal, too! In an attempt to save him some money, I decided to get the least expensive entree on the menu; Ethan looked at me in disbelief and then spoke to the matradee again.

“He’ll have the Chateaubriand as well, thank you!” he said. He then turned back to me, “Would you stop doing that!; either ordering the food with the lowest calories or the lowest price. I’m paying for this and your body looks fantastic! Please, just be yourself!” he said this with a caring face.

After we finished the dinner, we made our way to the theater. As we entered to take our seats, I realized how few people were in the room; must be a shitty movie! I usually don’t scare easily, not even at horror movies, but this one was getting to me. About half way through the movie, Ethan put his arm around me and pulled me close; I guess he saw how bad the movie was scaring me.

“We don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” he said However, the movie cost him ten 10 bucks a piece and I wasn’t gonna let him waste his money because I’m a little scared

“No…no, I’m fine! Let’s stay and watch the movie” I said.

As we sat there watching the movie, Ethan looked around the room before he started kissing my neck and working his way to my ear. As he tongue fucked my ear, he started pushing his hand up my thigh towards my crotch. As he cupped my package and started squeezing, my eyes rolled back and my toes started to curl in my shoes. As he messaged my member, he spoke softly in my ear.

“You like that? You have an adorable, little cock. Tell me how much you like it, sweet boy!” he said.

No man has ever touched me like this, and God it felt so fucking good. However, I couldn’t let this kaçak casino go too far, “I love i-… I um… I think we should head off, I’m getting pretty tired,” I said

Ethan looked at me with disappointment and concern, “Um…okay. Yeah, sure! Let’s head out,” he said. We made our way out of the theater and to his truck. Suffice it to say, the ride to my house was quiet and awkward. We sat in awkward silence in his truck for several minutes before he spoke.

“Look… if you feel like I was rushing you… I’m sorry. It’s just… I’ve always been a little socially awkward… and… well, I’ve never really been on a REAL date! I mean, I’ve met up with guys and fucked them, but it’s never gone beyond that. I want it to go beyond that with you though, but I tend to make things go too sexual, too fast! Look, I’m sorry again!” he said this with tears welling up in his eyes.

My heart was breaking as I saw him holding back tears; I had to do or say something, “Look…it’s not you! I had a really good time and I would love to go out again. It’s just…there are some things going on with me that…I just need time, okay?”

“Yeah…Okay. Again, I’m so, so sorry!” he said.

As we stared into each others eyes, I felt myself moving closer to him. In what seemed like an instant, our lips smashed together into a passionate, deep kiss. He wrapped his arms around me, and I him. He swiped his tongue across my bottom lip, but this time I opened my mouth and he shoved his tongue deep inside. Our tongues battled each other as our bodies grew hot. When we finally broke the kiss, we put our foreheads together and looked into each others eyes before he spoke.

“I want you so bad! I want to taste every inch of you! I don’t want to be away from you!” he said

I felt the same way, but I just couldn’t be like normal people; I had something inside me and I couldn’t risk making Ethan feel the way I felt when I learned I was positive. As the hot tears rolled down my cheeks, I spoke, “I want you too! I just need…time. Please, just give me time!” As we pulled away he spoke again.

“Okay. Whatever you need!” he said. As I walked to my door, I kept looking back to see that he was still sitting there, watching me until I got in the house. I head his truck start and take off. I got ready for bed and cried myself to sleep.

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