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Have you ever been walking around and seen your childhood bully and thought I know the perfect revenge? The perks of being famous or widely renowned come with the added benefit of seduction. I could have anyone, I didn’t even have to flirt or chase, I could just point and say you, me, now. That’s not fun though, the chase is the exciting part. I was walking, just strolling around, I saw the eyes, the glasses, everyone looked when I walked past, everyone wanted me. A piece of me, something from me, to share a fraction of what I had. That’s when I saw him. He was talking to two men, his back to me, but they were both staring. I walked up, smirking, I’d recognize that idiot anywhere. His face flashed before my eyes, the one that haunted my memories, his pale hair, his dark eyes, his sneer. He was tall now, not as tall as me, and muscular, but again, I had surpassed him. He used to call me all sorts of names, but when he finally turned around, he smiled.

“Farmboy?” His voice sounded surprised. I stopped, and looked at him, but said nothing. It wasn’t something that required a response.

“You know Ranger?” One of his friends whispered. Ranger was the name I’d fought and won in the arena under.

“We grew up together.” He laughed, walking towards me. “I guess he grew more than me though, look at you!” He laughed and clapped a hand on my arm. He’d also gone to the arena, but had lost round two, I had been in the audience that day.

“Let’s go somewhere private and get reacquainted.” I said. His eyes widened, but he smiled and nodded. Waving to his friends, we walked together. The recent rains had left the roads muddy, and it squelched under our boots.

“I heard you beat the arena!” He said.

“Is that supposed to be a notable feat?” I asked karabük escort coolly. He paled, offering a weak chuckle.

“Barely a handful of folks can boast that, and the others on that list are all of-“

“Of rank above farmboy?” I cut in. He again blanched. I steered us around a corner into a back alley, he seemed too hung up on my snide remarks to notice. “Although you’re above that rank, how did you fare when you fought in the arena?” I asked.

“I suppose it just goes to prove what you can do if you put your mind to it.” He laughed softly. A single lamplight lit the path, it was dark, but I could see the weak expression on his features. He was embarrassed.

“But then again, Arena Winner is a more notable title than farmboy. What status does that afford me in comparison to you?” I came to a stop, facing him with a smirk.

“Leagues above me.” He sighed.

“How about I raise you to my level then?” I asked, looking casually down at him. He seemed confused. “If we were married you would have the same status and respect as me.”

“Married?” He coughed the word, clearly taken by surprise at my suggestion.

“I would of course expect some kind of payment, this is a transaction after all.” I continued.


“Yes, I’ll tell you what, you let me fuck you, and I’ll marry you. You’ll be my one and only.”

“What?” He seemed to balk at the idea. I admit, it wasn’t my smoothest line.

“Right here, right now.” I pointed to the ground where we stood. He looked around, clearly wondering if there were any onlookers.


“Do we have a deal?” I held my hand out to him. He considered it a long time, he looked at a loss. Finally, he shook my hand, looking away from karabük escort bayan me as if embarrassed by what he was agreeing to. I clapped our hands together, giving him a firm shake, before releasing him. “Undress.” I waved dismissively. He pulled his pants down to his knees. “I won’t ask again. Clothes off.” I growled. He nodded and disrobed, holding his clothes in his hands, looking around. I pushed them out of his hands, and they fluttered into the mud. “On your hands and knees.” Again, he considered a moment before sinking to his hands and knees, ass up for me to appreciate. I grabbed a fistful of his hair, and shoved his face into the mud.

“Call me farmboy.” I growled.

“F-farmb-boy.” He murmured softly. I brought my hand down full force onto his creamy white ass. He yelped in pain as the print of my hand bloomed crimson on his ass cheek.

“Say it again.” I gave his hair a tug and he whimpered.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured.

“Say it. Again.” I growled.

“Farmboy.” He whined; I slapped his ass again. He cried out in pain, but when I let go, he stayed down, head in the mud, ass up. I pulled my cock out of my trousers and tapped it on his abused asscheek.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please fuck me.” He moaned, wiggling his ass.

“Please fuck me farmboy.” I corrected.

“Please fuck me farmboy.” He moaned. I smirked and slapped his ass again. He cried out, but I grabbed his ass, spreading his cheeks and pushing the head of my cock in. His cries turned to moans. “Oh fuck.” He sounded wanton, and tried rolling his hips back onto me. I didn’t wait for him, I just shoved in, enjoying the sensation of his tight ass.

“You ever been fucked before?” I asked idly.

“I ahh usually escort karabük dooo the ahh fucking.” He moaned with each thrust. What a needy whore, I grabbed his hips, pulling him further and further onto my cock, hammering myself in.

“Not anymore.” My pelvis connected with his ass and I stilled. He moaned.

“Please fuck me. Fuck me harder-aaaaahhh.” I pulled out and slapped in. His back arched and I grabbed my fistful of his hair again, pulling his face up out of the mud.

“Fuck please fuck my ass.” He moaned. I pounded into him, the sound of our bodies colliding mixed with the desperate sounds of his slutty noises.

“Ask me to cum in you.” I growled, feeling myself nearing orgasm.

“Cum in my ass!” He screamed. “Fill my asshole with your cum please farmboy.” He looked over his shoulder at me as he said the last word and even as the cum began shooting out of my cock, I hammered my palm down on his tender ass. He cried out, riding back into me, matching each of my thrusts. When I was done, I put my cock away and left him lying in the mud. He quickly pulled his clothes on and appeared at my side, looking unacceptably muddy and a little dazed. The folks milling in the street cast glances at us, but I ignored them, leading him to the house I maintained in town.

“Move your stuff in after you get cleaned up. I’ll expect your services ready when I come back to town.” I said dismissively.

“You’re leaving?” He asked.

“I was just here to get my weapons fixed.” I looked at him, he looked disappointed. “This is a transaction, remember? I fuck you, you get to wear pretty clothes and tell people you’re a kept whore.”

“I just figured-“

“You figured you could call me farmboy and push me around and I’d do nothing about it. You figured wrong. Go inside, clean up, and maybe I’ll come fuck you again before I leave.” I said. A smile spread across his features and he darted inside. So that’s my advice, if someone bullies you, just become better than them in every way and then fuck them into the mud so they learn their place. Easy enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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