Fantasies of Travis

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Authors Note: This is my fifteenth story and it’s a mix of fact and fantasy. I wrote it when Travis and I were first living together and hadn’t yet had sex, although we’d done plenty of other equally enjoyable things *grins* This is my fantasy of what our first time would be like.

As always, comments are always more than welcome and please take a look at my other stories!


We’ve been together for a month and a day now, and what a month it’s been! It’s like an emotional high when I’m in his arms. He’s so new to relationships and all that they entail, but he’s so amazing you’d think he was an old pro at it all.

He intuitively seems to know all the emotional and physical things to make me happy.

The distance is our only obstacle. It’s hard for both of us to survive only seeing each other on the weekends. So when we do see each other we make the most of it.

We restrained ourselves at first, both wanting this to be more than something physical, both wanting to see if the emotional foundation was strong enough to support the physical aspects that abounded around us.

Once we were both secure in the emotional connection we shared, things started getting physical.

With a kiss and a single touch he can make my body react instantly. He is the only man who has ever been able to turn me on so much by touching, rubbing, pinching or sucking on my nipples.

For personal health reasons sexual penetration isn’t an option for us right now, which leaves us both with manual and oral stimulation, which is fine with both of us.

I’ve always been a clit girl, I LOVE having my clit played with, rubbed, licked, sucked, anything and I’m a multiple orgasm girl too so I can have my clit played with for a half hour or more and just keep cumming again and again and again.

When we’re together, every touch, every kiss, every little bit of physical contact feeds into our strong physical and sexual connection to one another.

When we’re apart, all I seem to be able to think about is his touch, his kiss, the smell of his warm skin, how good he feels laying against me and how much I want to feel his body next to mine again.

It’s Wednesday night. I’m sitting at my computer knowing in about 49 hours I’ll be with him again, and all I can think etiler otele gelen escort is how much I wish he were here right now to hold me, touch me, kiss me, and make me feel so incredibly good.

I sit and try to imagine what it’ll be like with us the first time we have sex. How he’ll feel inside me.

I sit here thinking about his mouth on mine, his hands on my breast, tugging on my nipples, try to imagine what his cock will feel like when it’s deep inside my pussy and I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt the weight of a man on top of me, felt him push himself deep inside me, felt him moving within me, felt his body tense and then shudder as he explodes inside me.

It’s been so long for me and he is perfectly built for maximum pleasure. His cock is practically perfect. He’s just about the perfect length somewhere between 6 and 7 inches long, the perfect width at about 1.5 inches in diameter, circumcised and when he’s hard his cock has a slight curve to it that when in the right position will hit against my g-spot while he’s fucking me.

I’m sitting here getting hotter and wetter by the second, my clit is throbbing for attention and I want so much to feel him inside me.

I give up on trying to control my desire for him. I lean back in the chair and close my eyes.

I see up in a nice hotel room in Camrose.

I see us lying in bed, just waking up, a little bit of light streaming in through the edge of the curtain. His arms around me making me feel safe and warm and loved. As I wake up I snuggle back against him and I can feel his cock pressing into my ass. I wiggle against him a little more and feel him begin to get harder.

He moves my hair out of the way and starts kissing the back of my shoulder, up across the back of my neck, sending goose bumps down my spine and deep into my pussy.

I moan and push back into him harder as he moves his arm from around my waist up to cup my breast. He rubs the very tip of my now hard nipple with the palm of his hand, making me ache for him to rub it, squeeze it, make me moan more.

We lay like that for a while, me rubbing against his cock with my ass, making him harder and harder while he teases my nipple with his fingers, making etiler rus escort me wetter and wetter.

When he knows my pussy is just aching for his fingers he trails his fingers down along my hip and lays his hand down over my pussy, feeling the heat emanating from it. I push against his hand, silently begging him to touch me. When he doesn’t move to enter me I lift my leg up and hook it behind me around his, opening my pussy wide for him.

At this he begins kissing the back of my neck again, making me moan and squirm against him more and then he ever so slowly bring his finger to my clit.

I moan loudly at the first contact and he’s soon worked up a quick rhythm rubbing against my clit and kissing the back of my neck as I moan out in pleasure.

Before long I cum long and loud and his fingers stop moving, but stay on my clit. He places tender kisses along my shoulder and neck and I move onto my back with him above me. He kisses me hard and deep and then moves him mouth down to my still throbbing nipples. He gently sucks on one, then the other before he takes one into his mouth and sucks hard, making me moan loudly and push farther into his mouth.

I’m getting worked up again and he knows it. Instinctively he seems to know my body so well that he can bring me higher than any man ever has. He keeps his mouth locked on my nipple as his fingers move to my dripping pussy once again.

His finger finds my clit and soon he’s make me cum three more times.

I lay there, panting, my entire body throbbing with pleasure and I can feel his cock, hot, hard and ready against me.

In my mind there’s nothing holding us back and I push my hot pussy against him and whisper in his ear, “I want to feel you inside me”

I felt him hesitate above me, wanting to move into me and holding back. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I rub myself against him, “I don’t have anything” he answered, letting me know that he wants it just as much as I do but not without protection.

“Are you sure?” I ask, wanting him to be certain he’s really ready to take this final step. He looks deeply into my eyes and pushes his cock hard against my pussy, “I’ve been sure for months” I reach down and grab my bag and pull out a condom.

He’s always liked it when I was on top, rubbing etiler türbanlı escort against him, so I push him lightly onto his back and suck him deep into my mouth and down into my throat for a second before opening the package and slipping the condom onto his hard cock. Then I move above him, slip a hand down between our bodies and kiss him tenderly as I slowly guide the head of his cock into my pussy.

It’s been so long that I feel so tight around him! Even as wet as I am it feels like his cock is forcing me open as I slowly push down against him until he’s all the way inside me, buried to the hilt. I stay there, enjoying the sensation of being filled with a man again and I slowly start to work my pussy muscles around his cock until he pushes up against me.

We start slowly, but soon he can tell I’m close and as I shove my pussy down onto his cock he slips his hand between our bodies and brings his fingers to my clit.

“Oh God! Oh yes! Travis! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Oh God! Oh Yes! Oh! I’m cumming! I’m cummmming!!!” I scream as a massive orgasm rips through my body.

I slump down against you and as my body tries to come down from the intense orgasm I feel your cock twitch inside me, letting me know you didn’t cum. I sit up and kiss you hard and passionately as I pull myself up off your cock.

Your hand reaches to pull me back down on your cock and I move away. I pull my lips from yours and say, “Don’t worry love, you’ll cum, but first we change position. This is something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I realized how perfectly built you were for it.”

You gave me a quizzical look as I moved onto all fours on the bed and put a pillow under my elbows and 2 more under my stomach. You picked up on where I was headed with things pretty quick and I felt your hands on my hips.

Slowly you eased your way inside me and held there for a second before pulling out just as slow. I let you experiment with the feel and technique of this new position and being the one in control of it all until you shoved inside me and the head of your cock pulsed against my g-spot, “Oh god Travis! Like that! Hard! Oh Yes!” I cried out and you began to start a hard, fast rhythm.

I sit here, now only 48 hours away from being in your arms again, fantasizing about what it will be like to feel you inside me for the first time and I’m getting so close to cumming.

I sit here, rubbing my clit, my pussy so wet it’s making noises as I rub furiously at my throbbing clit and as I cum, ,in my mind your there, kissing me, touching me, pushing yourself deep inside me and I moan out your name between clenched teeth as my orgasm sweeps my away.

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