Fantasies Do Come True

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. One of Sarah’s chat buddies found out where she lived…

Sarah had a thing for tickling & being tickled. For her, it was such a high. She had had only a few real ‘encounters’ but she liked them very much. In fact, the tickling got her incredibly horny. She discovered that there were many guys on the net that wanted to chat with her about tickling & even ‘cyber-tickled’ her. She had returned the favor but settled to chatting with only a couple of guys. One in particular, she connected with well. She had confessed some of her deepest fantasies to him & he to her. One recurring theme in their chats was her being ‘kidnapped’, restrained & sexually teased & tickled. They talked about it often, sometimes roleplaying about it.

As time passed, Sarah ached more & more to feel what they had talked about. She expressed this to her friend & in his mind, he made a decision… He knew how to get certain information but had never really done anything ‘wrong’ to hurt anyone. In his heart, he lusted after the beautiful Sarah. She was everything that he had wanted in a ‘lee. She was responsive, sweet, had a wonderful sense of humor & was a bit sassy at times too. The best part was that she was unbearably ticklish all over.

He laid his plans carefully after finding her home address through careful, loving hacking. She had told him that she was going to have a whole weekend off work the following week so he would make his move then. He told her that he was going to be out of town that weekend but that he would email her when he had the chance.

As he packed his bags, his mind couldn’t stay away from the thought of her body helpless before him. He looked at her picture, imagining hearing her giggles as he used his toys & fingers on her…

The trip really didn’t take long, only a few hours. While driving, he listened to music & tried not to think too much about what he was going to do. He didn’t want to get too excited & end up in a ditch somewhere with a raging hardon. He found her street & then her house. He staked it out, knowing by her own admission that she rarely looked out the front window unless she heard a noise.

He saw that the street she lived on was quiet for the most part. He watched her house for a few hours. He noticed that she was home at the time. He ached to just simply knock on the door, but wanted to preserve the ‘fantasy’ aspect completely.

At length, he drove to a nearby motel & rented a room, asking for one away from the street. he managed to get one in a wing that only a few other people were in. He had lucked out. He laid out his toys & restraints on the desk, undressed & took a quick shower. He looked at the clock & saw that he had about 6 hours before it would be prime time to carry out his plan. He lay down on the bed, knowing that he had a long night ahead. As he lay there, he couldn’t get the thought of Sarah stretched out on this very bed, bouncing & giggling franticly. That thought excited him greatly & as he thought, his dick grew rigid. He stroked himself slowly, thinking about how he was going to tease the hell out of her. He pictured her pussy, drenched in her excitement, convulsing while she giggled & bounced. How she would beg!!! He stroked faster, cumming as he imagined her begging to cum too.

After cleaning up his mess, he fell asleep quickly. Around 1 am, he awoke, refreshed & ready to move his plan into action. His plan was simple. He knew that she didn’t lock her back door (she mentioned a few times that she had even left the inside door open on occassion for air circulation when it was hot) It was hot tonight. The temperature had been aroud 85 when he had passed the bank earlier that day. He was confident that he would be able to get in with no trouble.

He grabbed his bag with his ropes & blindfold & left out. He was at her house within minutes. All was quiet & dark inside her house. She must have gone to bed. He parked in her driveway, glad that he had had a tune up & the exhaust worked on so that his car was almost silent. He got out & was happy to see that the back door was open. He strode right up to it & carefully opened it. He could hear the TV playing softly in the living room. He silently closed the door & padded quietly into the kitchen. He could see the glow of the TV now & his friend/victim laying asleep on the couch. He stood there, watching her sleep for a moment, lusting after her greatly. He saw that her arms were conveniently above her head & that she was laying on her tummy. Tying her would be a piece of cake.

He first checked to see just how asleep she was. He saw as he got closer that she was only wearing a large T shirt, bikini undies & nothing else. Her feet were bare & sooooo inviting. He ran a gentle finger up her right sole & she barely stirred. He smiled & gently moved her arms down & tied her wrists behind her. He quickly tied her ankles & knees together too. As Sarah started waking up, he blindfolded her quickly & gagged her too. casino oyna There was no turning back now. She struggled as he lifted her easily & carried her to his car, making sure that he locked her door with keys that he found in her purse. He laid her carefully on the back seat & drove to his room. Luckily, there was no one around when he got to the motel. His room was dark as he lay her down on the bed. She had struggled plenty on the drive over but she had quieted down a bit. As soon as her back hit the bed, she renewed her vain efforts to get free. All she managed to do was to fall off the bed. He picked her up, speaking to her for the first time. He told her that she should save her energy. She stopped for a moment, frozen.

He heard her moan. He grinned & untied her hands, only to cuff them & attach them the headboard. He did the same with her feet, making sure that they were wide apart & her heels were pillowed on the footboard. Sarah panted under her gag, painfully aware of her vulnerable position. In her struggles, her shirt rode up, exposing her slightly rounded tummy. He grinned & circled her belly button with one finger. He heard her grunt & saw her stiffen, belly muscles tightening against the sensation. He then wiggled a finger into said belly button. Through her gag, Sarah screamed & giggled, trying to evade the ticking touch. Tossing her head from side to side, she screamed, giggled & begged to be let go.

He was satisfied that everything that she had told him was true. He told her that if she cooperated, that he would take off her gag, but if she didn’t, he would keep it on her all night. At the words ‘all night’, Sarah became pale with fright. He asked her if she would be good & not scream anymore & she nodded. He took it off & she lay there, panting & gasping for breath. She asked what he wanted of her & he simply told her that he wanted to help her. She shook her head, asking how in the world could blindfolding her & kidnapping her could help her. He moved to the foot of the bed & let one finger trace up her sole slowly. Her foot jerked & she giggled sweetly. Adding to the scenario, he told her roughly that she was his tickle slave for the night & that he was going to take her to new extremes in ticklishness.

Sarah trembled & pleaded with him, saying that she had never been in this position before. He told her that he didn’t care (really he did very much) & she pleaded more franticly, thrashing around against her bonds. He did notice that her panties were becoming quite damp as he had tied her & let his fingers touch her there. She jumped & moaned at the same time. He smiled & said that it was time to begin…

He went to his bag of tools & took out a few stiff pointed feathers, some edible oil, a battery powered toothbrush, some string & an assortment of artist’s brushes. He moved to her head & took one of the feathers. He ran the feather softly over her throat, neck & shoulders, bringing forth gasps & giggles from her. He giggled with her & told her that when he had tickled her all over that she would feel the greatest feeling of all time, or even before if she was ‘good’. Her brow furrowed, asking what he meant by that.

Without answering her, he pulled her shirt over her head carefully as to not disturb the blindfold. Taking his pointed feather, he traced lightly from just inside her elbow down to her taut armpit. Sarah jerked & exhaled sharply, trying to not give in to the maddening feeling that was going on in her pit. He traced a circle there then, abandoning the feather, used his fingers to caress there. She whimpered. Encouraged, he traced circles in there. She let one little giggle escape & then, he scrabbled & danced his fingers, making her lose control, bucking & laughing. All the while, he kept saying how deliciously ticklish she looked, how he was going to explore every spot on her body to find them all.

Grabbing the feather again, he attacked her nipples & breasts, circling the nipples & tickling the sides. Her giggles weren’t as strong but she did moan while giggling & spread her legs a bit. He commented that her sides were looking ticklish & neglected & proceeded to pinch & prod them, bringing forth gales of helpless, braying laughter from her. Between laughing, she begged to be let go. He shook his head & told her that he still had so many parts left to explore. He said that he hadn’t even gotten below her waist yet…

He straddled her legs & asked her how ticklish her belly was. She shook her head violently & said that she wasn’t telling. Seeing that she was ‘getting into’ the game, he taunted her, telling her that he was going to find out one way or the other. He poked her tummy gently with his fingertips. She giggled some more & then her started poking harder, moving from her tummy to her hips. Her giggles turned into wild laughter, her body bucking in the hopes of dislodging his hands from her ticklish body. He laughed, telling her that her struggles were sexy but fruitless.

He scrabbled his fingers canlı casino up & down her tummy, going to her sides & pits. She tossed her head from side to side, laughing & begging for him to stop. He let his hand dip briefly into her crotch, feeling her pussy convulsing against his hand. She gasped & moaned, still laughing in the ticklish ‘after feelings’ of the tickle assault that she had just gone through. He went back to her sides & pits, alternately tracing lightly & digging in. Sarah was beginning to tire with the intensity of the tickling so he backed off, giving her a break.

She lay panting & sweating. He got off of her & went to her feet. He gently massaged them one at a time as she recovered & her breathing returned to normal. He didn’t try to tickle her at all but her skin was so sensitized that she couldn’t help giggling in spite of his efforts not to tickle her. He stayed silent as he continued to stroke & massage her feet. As she calmed down, she simply asked who he was. He said just as simply, someone that wanted to help her realize a fantasy. Cunningly, she tried to lure him into a conversation about it but he knew her all too well. He told her that the more she tried to ‘get out of it’ the more he was going to tickle her. He quickly got undressed &, with a pair of scissors, snipped off her panties, leaving her body, for all intents & purposes, naked to him. His dick was huge in it’s erect state & he smiled. Now the fun really began…

She heard him undressing…the telltale sound of a zipper both froze her blood & made her pussy throb. In a voice that quivered from both fear & excitement, she asked him if he planned on raping her. He giggled & said that he had no intentions of raping her, that before too long, she would be begging for what he had to offer. Taking up the feather again, he let the tip play over her belly button again, swirling it into that ticklish recess. Sarah wiggled & laughed freely now, knowing that it was fruitless to hold back anymore. Her giggles tapered off & moaned joined them as he led the feather down the creases that ran along her inner thighs. Now, her giggles were sweet & sexy instead of frantic. Her moans were music to his ears. He let the tip caress her outer lips. Lightly he returned the feather to tickling her inner thighs, bringing forth more sweet, sexy giggles.

Setting the feather aside for the moment, he let his finger caress her clit, just to gauge how close she was to orgasm. Sarah groaned with pleasure at his touch. It was hard but she had a little ways to go… He let his hands slip down to her knees & squeezed gently just above them at the same time. She jerked & shrieked laugher suddenly as if given an electric shock. Pleased by her reaction, he reached underneath then & wiggled his fingers there. Her shrieks turned to guffaws & pleas for him to make her cum. He had gotten what he wanted, somewhat…

He told her that he wasn’t finished yet, that he wanted to explore ALL of her body. Her moans of protest brought his fingers to her feet. He let them scrabble up & down her soles while he chanted “tickle, tickle, tickle!!!!!” She screamed & fought against her bonds all over again, bucking & bouncing & jerking for all she was worth. Soon, in spite of his tickling fingers all over her feet, she tired & lay limp on the bed, panting & laughing soundlessly. He gave her another break, not touching her except to tease her clit lightly. His goal was to keep her on the edge of cumming for a little while & it started here. He fingered her until she moaned loudly & then he stopped & restarted tickling her feet. He slid his tongue over her soles & between her toes while she giggled & moaned. He stopped briefly to oil her feet well & grabbed his battery powered toothbrush. Turning it on, Sarah gasped, knowing what the sound was…he applied it under her toes, moving it around & down her foot & back again.

She started bucking more & laughing so hard that she couldn’t even beg anymore. He kept that going for a few minutes before giving her a brief break so that he could straddle her again. He leaned forward & raked his fingers down her sides, moving to poke & prod her tummy. Her laughter was reaching hysterical levels so he backed off to light tickles in her pits, all the while crooning about how delightfully ticklish she was. He then slipped down to lick at her pussy, which was drippingly wet & visibly throbbing now. Even though he wasn’t trying to tickle her with his tongue, she giggled & moaned, shifting her hips, thrusting them forward in a vain attempt to have more contact with his tongue. He backed off, just letting the tip touch her clit. She lay there, sweating & panting, giggling & moaning.

Sarah was in an extremity of ticklish sexual excitement. Her whole body throbbed in time to her heartbeat, especially her pussy. She wanted nothing more than to cum…she had never wanted anything so badly in her life!!! She begged him to make her cum & he answered promptly that he wasn’t ready for her to do kaçak casino that yet. He switched to a fluffy feather in one hand & a stiff, pointed feather in the other. He used the fluffy one all over her aching pussy while he used the stiff one to tease/tickle her moist cleft more precisely. Her combined giggles & tortured groans were music to his ears. He didn’t want guffaws at that moment. He wanted more than anything to hear her sweet giggles.

He teased her clit unmercifully, telling her sweetly that he was going to tickle her to orgasm, no matter how long that took. She cried out, saying that she needed more stimulation than what the feather was giving her. He laughed sadistically, saying that he knew that. He increased the action on her clit, making her moan & jut her hips forward. He grinned as he suggested that he give her more contact with something. She nodded eagerly. He stopped the feather play & grabbed the toothbrush. He turned it on & Sarah gasped, and then moaned. He held it to her clit. Her reaction was immediate & violent. She screamed & bucked her hips, trying to evade the evil tool. The rotating brush sent electric shocks through her body, torturing her poor, swollen clit terribly. She begged for him to take it away, that she didn’t need extra stimulation. He continued for a few seconds & left her be.

She lay there, panting, still in the throes of ticklish torture, giggling weakly. Sarah’s whole body was throbbing with the intense need to cum. Her hips swiveled & writhed restlessly. Her clit was throbbing in time to her heartbeat. He stood there, stroking himself, watching her. She looked so incredibly helpless & delicious laying there. He wanted to ravish her right then but he knew that he still had a few more things to do…

All the while, she was begging softly, saying that she would do anything if he would let her cum. She licked her full lips & asked for some water. He obliged her, giving her small sips. He set the water glass down & took the feather, playing delicately around her nipples. She giggled sweetly, writhing a bit. He let the feather trace around her full breasts, to the sensitive undersides. She giggled a little more, moaning a little too. The feather found it’s way down her tummy to her belly button. Her giggles increased. He switched it around, using the quill to gently probe her belly button. Sarah yelped & writhed, concaving her tummy in the effort to avoid the invading quill. His expression tender, he moved the feather to her swollen womanhood. Her clit & inner lips were so wonderfully moist & swollen…

She renewed her pleas for him to get her off, moaning like she was in pain. He knew that her clit was probably aching very badly now. He could barely contain himself. He wanted to take her clit into his mouth & give her the most intense orgasm of her life but he still wanted to do some more tickling. He didn’t know the next time she’d have this opportunity again. He wanted it to be something for her to truly remember…

He moved the feather down to her inner thighs, making her jump & wiggle some more. Her moans increased a little but soon, the giggles got her again as he abandoned the feather & went to her feet. He let his fingers first stroke gently, and then scratched the surface of her whole right foot. Her moans turned to giggles, and then escalated to braying laughter. Her body jerked violently as she tried instinctively to pull her feet away. He smiled, seeing that her excitement had backed off for a little while. He wanted that to happen. He planned on tickling her feet for a few more minutes then inserting a vibrator into her & bringing her to orgasm slowly.

He finished up for the moment by dancing his fingers quickly over her arches & giggling along with her. He got the vibrator & inserted it, telling her that she would be ‘cumming’ soon enough. He pulled the straps around her hips & between her legs so that it wouldn’t get pushed out & turned it on low. Sarah moaned loudly & undulated her hips in a way that made him want so badly to be that vibrator!!! Her movements almost hypnotized him as he sat there watching her. He shook his head, as if to clear it. He evilly fingered her clit, causing her to grunt & grind her hips against his teasing finger. Her pussy was so hot!! The heat coming from it was startling. It was almost like that part of her had a fever. A fever of passion, you could say… Again, she pleaded to cum, saying that she was aching so bad for it.

He leaned over to taste her dripping slit. She cried out, feeling his talented tongue playing along her inner lips all too briefly. He withdrew, knowing that too much of that would get her off too soon. Panting & writhing, Sarah writhed all the more, closer than ever to her precious climax.

His expression was one of love & passion as he moved to her upper body. He decided that it was time for her to start her journey towards her ultimate climax. He gently stroked her armpits, tickling lightly as he licked & sucked her nipples. Her combined giggles & moans were driving him crazy. He longed to plunge into her dripping womanhood while softly tickling her but that would come later if she agreed. He never took a lady unless she wanted that too.

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