Fantasies Ch. 01

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Where does one begin? So I have these fantasies that I just have to share with someone so why not with the sexed up open minded people of Literotica. Hell Yeah People! So, I am a 25 year old guy who can’t get enough of the female body, but loves being a cock slut.

So I wanted to share some of my fantasies that I have yet to live out, but want to so badly.

Fantasy 1. I’m there doing a girl from behind. Either fucking her in the ass or her pussy, but she is laying down and I am on top of her. Sitting at the top of the bed is a young, hot stud and while I am fucking the girl, we are sharing his cock. Sometimes I feed her his big cock and sometimes she feeds it to me. Other times we are both sucking and licking on his cock while I slowly pump away on this hot girl below. I refrain from cumming till we have made this stud come on our faces.

Fantasy 2. I lose a bet and have to be a slave for several guys for a weekend. It starts out with the guys sitting around in various states of undress and they make me get up in the center of the room and strip for them. The deal is that they can do anything to me and make me do anything to them except for anal penetration. Everything else goes. If they want me to bathe them, I have to bathe them. So I am there, naked in front of these young, hot studs and one of them tells me to get on my knees and crawl to him. His cock casino oyna is erect and laying on his stomach. I crawl over on my hands and knees and the guys keep saying things like how much of a cock slut I am going to be this weekend and how they are all going to cum like 20 times each. I get up and start licking his cock and they tell me to wiggle my ass while I suck his huge cock. The other guys get up and come over and start feeling on my body. Another guy gets behind me and places his cock between my ass cheeks and starts humping me like he was tit fucking my ass. This goes on with all of the guys taking turn with my face and feeling on my body. They have me sit up on my knees as they stand around me and pull me from one cock to the other, talking trash and calling me a cock boy and a cum slut. They rub their cocks all over my head and face and slap me with their cocks. Then, they all cum on my face and body.

Throughout the weekend they have me suck their cocks and try to find new ways to humiliate me. Two guys take me in to the shower and I wash each of them with my hands and then they each have me eat their asses and suck their cocks in the shower but they don’t cum. They get out and make me dry them off and then finish sucking them off one at a time. I then go into the kitchen and there is another guy in there. He gets on the counter and has me come over and canlı casino give him head. As I am doing this, another guy comes up behind me and places his semi hard cock between my ass cheeks and slowly starts humping me. I finish the guy off in my mouth and the guy behind me has me get on the floor and he pours some lube on my ass and then humps my ass till he cums on my back. I then go back into one of the bedrooms and the guy whose cock I sucked first tells me to get in bed with him and play with his cock. I get eye level with his cock and begin by stroking his cock while I lay my head on his leg. I take a long time with his cock as I take turns licking it slowly, rubbing it on my face, slowly sucking it and kissing on his inner thighs and tonguing his balls. I take my time till he begs me to finish and I then get on my knees in between his legs and suck his cock with the gusto of a cockslut that I am. He cums and I drink down his delicious cum

I spend the entire weekend sucking off these guys whenever they get hard. In the hot tub, on the side of the pool, on the floor, against the wall, I am their little cock boy and I love it.

Fantasy 3: I meet up with a young couple and I get to give head to her boyfriend while she watches. She has him tied up to the bed and brings me in to suck him off. I start by straddling him and kissing him. As I am doing this, I hump kaçak casino our cocks together. She sits by and watches, masturbating. I then start to kiss and nibble on his neck and then move down. I take my time kissing on his chest and licking his nipples and then slowly start going down south, taking my time licking on his six pack abs. I then start licking his cock without touching it with my hands and I then I suck his big beautiful cock into my mouth. She lies down next to his mid section and watches as I expertly suck off her boyfriend as she watches. She talks dirty to me, asking me if I like her boyfriends cock. She asks him if I suck cock well and if he likes it. He, of course, moans that he does. She holds the back of my head and pushes me up and down on his cock. She tells me what to do. She tells me to suck on his balls, to lick them. As he gets closer, she says that she wants to see him cum, so I continue to fondle his balls and stroke his cock, but I turn my head sideways and do that suck / lick motion on the bottom of his cock just below the head of his dick till he cums, shooting his cum way into the air onto my face and his body. She then has me lick him clean. Then she has me lay across him so that we form a plus sign and she sucks me off while he watches. I can feel his cock growing hard on my back and that brings me to the edge and as I am getting close, she has me straddle him and she lays her next to his face and has me jack off till I cum on both of their faces. I leave satisfied. 🙂

Ok, so there are 3 of my fantasies. More to come soon. What are your fantasies?

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