Family Forgotten

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Six months of hunting. Six months of wrangling. Six months of waiting. But finally, their first house was ready. On the edge of the woods, with only one other ramshackle home across from it and a location just up the road from the local village, the place oozed charm and hopefully, with a little hard work, resale value.

“Move it sis!”

Claire was snapped from her daydreams of wealth as her brother and co-investor muscled past her, lugging a huge box marked “fragile” with dangerous abandon.

“Be careful Rob! I know we’re going to flip the place soon, but there’s a lot of work to do, and so for the next few months I would like to drink from mugs with the handles still on please.”

Rob muttered something under his breath and continued bringing the box from the moving truck into the house, but with perhaps a touch more care. Claire heard a loud clink as he set the box down, and rushed to inspect the damage. Passing him in the doorway, she shot Rob a glare, and he sloped sheepishly back to the truck. Hauling another box down, he glanced at the house opposite, and was surprised to see a little old lady waving at him from the doorway.

“Hello dearie! Moving in are we?”

Rob looked at the moving truck, the box in his hands, bit back the sarcastic response honed by two decades of verbal sparring with his older sister, and allowed himself to break into a smile.

“Yes we are, just got the keys this morning. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but it’ll be worth it when it’s done.”

“Ooh yes, fixer-upper all right. Did you meet the last owners?”

“Yes, Mrs… Wainwright? Cartwright? One of those. Her and her son. Did you know them well?”

“So-so dearie, they kept themselves to themselves these last few years since Clive died. It wasn’t long after that the trouble started, and they didn’t seem to want to talk to others much.”

Rob was taken aback. He didn’t want to gossip, but the talk of trouble made him nervous about their investment. Before he could ask, Claire, back from damage control, spoke over him. “Trouble? Was there a run-in with the law?”

“Nothing like that my dear, it was all rather odd. I don’t want to worry you…” She trailed off, and Rob caught a glint in her eye that let him know this wasn’t the first seed of doubt she had planted, though with her advanced age it may well be the last.

“Please, Miss-?” Rob began.

“Just call me Evie, my dear.”

“Please Evie, we’d like to know anything that might be wrong with the house, no matter what it is.”

“Well dearie, I don’t want to frighten you, but I do believe that house could be haunted!”

Rob suppressed a chuckle, and didn’t have to look at Claire to know she was doing the same. “I don’t-“

“I know it sounds silly,” Evie interrupted, “but every night I heard the most terrible wails and moans from the house. And why would they rush to sell it eh? No you mark my words, there’s something strange in that house. Something just waiting for new blood.”

Rob and Claire shared a look of bemusement. The old woman seemed harmless enough though, and it couldn’t hurt to get to know the neighbours. Neighbour. They were really quite alone apart from old woman.

“Thanks for the warning Evie.” Claire said. “We’ll keep an eye out for anything strange as we get settled. And once we are, we’d love to have you over for a cup of tea.”

“Oh that would be lovely my dears, I’m looking forward to getting to know such a lovely couple as yourselves.”

Rob and Claire stumbled over one another, each trying to clarify.

“No -“

“He’s -“

“She’s -“

“We’re not a couple! He’s my brother!”

Evie gave a small chuckle, and apologised. “You just look so comfortable together. Forgive an old woman. Well, I don’t want the cold to seep into these old bones, I’ll be off inside for my tea. Good luck with the house.”

Rob and Claire raised their eyebrows at one another as Evie tottered back up her garden path and inside, and set about unpacking the remainder of the truck. Each assured themselves quite rationally that they had nothing to worry about, while the nagging seed of worry began to sprout deep in their minds. This was their entire inheritance from their mother, pooled together. Their first foray into the real world after university. It would work. Because it had to.

Three days later, most of the unpacking was complete. They had spent as much of the first day mapping the twisty house with its interconnected rooms as they had unpacking. They had found a bathroom they didn’t even know existed when they toured the place, complete with a modern shower and connected to both of the bedrooms upstairs – coincidentally the ones they had each chosen as their own. Naturally, they had argued over who got it, as the main bathroom was three more steps away, a distance clearly unacceptable compared to the extravagant convenience of this one. The matter had ended up undecided, and so the bathroom was a sort of no-man’s-land between their bedrooms, each waiting for the other to make a move.

The remainder tuzla eve gelen escort of the time had been divided evenly between unpacking and attempting to fix the dilapidated heating system, which was apparently built from twigs and ran on moss. Through a combination of ritual magic (hitting it with a wrench) and dark sacrifice (the sanity of both siblings) over the preceding three days, they had eventually gotten the heating running, and hot water was back on the cards. Claire wasted no time.

“I’ll take a shower first.” She said. Rob started to grumble, but for once, resigned himself. Claire’s eleven-month age advantage conferred exactly one privilege, and it was access to the first shower. Rob decided to keep busy unpacking the remaining few items in his room that he hadn’t put away yet. He found himself leafing through some photos taken from the year before of himself and Claire as they graduated together. As annoying as she could be, he was glad she was his sister. He put the photos onto his desk and made to start his laptop, before remembering there was no internet installed yet. Unless he wanted to start writing a seven-thousand word short story, he would have to find something else to entertain him. He started to clear some of the leftover packing material, when he heard a blood-curdling scream from the bathroom beside him. Evie’s puckered mouth swam into his vision as he launched himself to his feet, muttering about hauntings. He kicked the door to the bathroom open and barged into the steam, ready to give any ethereal monsters a the beating of their afterlife.

“Rob what the fuck are you doing, get out!”

“I heard a scream!”

“Yes the hot water cut off, now get out!” Claire shrieked back.

The steam cleared just as Rob turned to leave, revealing Claire, struggling to pull a towel around herself. As if in slow motion, the towel fell, ever so slightly, exposing her round breast and pink nipple staring directly at him. He blushed, and hurried out, mumbling an apology. He took out his embarrassment on the boiler, and with a few clangs it was back and serving up hot water again, just in time for him to clean off the day’s work.

A short time later, Rob lay in bed, and became aware of a distraction down below. His cock was hard. It was insistently hard. No fuck that, it was like a steel bar. Why was he so turned on? He thought back to the last time he had jerked off, and did some quick arithmetic on his fingers. He thought back to the last time he had gotten laid, and knew that no-one had enough fingers for that. These two together neatly explained the need to take the problem in hand. He got up, fetched some tissues, and decided to indulge in some porn, before remembering the tiresome lack of internet. Instead, he lay back and visited the smut theatre of his memories.

He thought of Anna, the first girl to suck him off. Then first girl to take his cock all the way down. He thought about how her mouth felt, slipping along his shaft, her tongue caressing the soft head of his cock as his fingers ran through her long blonde hair. He felt and remembered how he would tell her he was close, and sometimes she would swallow, but sometimes she would pull off and stroke him with a wicked gleam in her eye, pointing his cock at her breasts. He saw that now, and felt himself focus on her tits, the feel of them in his hand, the warmth. He felt himself getting close. These were the last breasts he had seen except for… The memory burst unbidden into his mind, full Technicolor 3D tits, dripping wet, hard pink nipple on a crinkled areola, Claire’s shocked face above. He came, as hard as he ever had, burning with lust and shame, a moan escaping his lips as, eyes closed, he saw his cum splatter on her chest.

He cleaned himself off, and lay back in bed. He knew he needed to get laid soon, that was the only explanation for thinking something so unhealthy. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Claire, even through the walls of their rooms and the hidden bathroom, heard the moan through the walls. She knew immediately what it was. Despite the knowledge it was her brother, she felt a twinge within her, an animal reaction to the sound. She put it from her mind, and joined the rest of the house in slumber.

Rob woke to another staggering erection tenting his sheets. He was so hard it hurt. He was about to move the sheets down to inspect the situation, when he realised he wasn’t alone in his room. Sitting on the end of his bed was a woman. At first, he thought Claire couldn’t sleep and had come to pester him, but through the light of the moon through the window he soon realised he had no idea who this woman was. She stood, turning towards him, her face in shadow. Rob could just make out a pair of glasses catching some reflection of light in the room. He looked over her body. Tall, taller than Claire. Almost as tall as he was. Long legs. Short skirt. Thin blouse. Good boobs. Good boobs. Whoever this maniac was, she definitely had a nice body. Rob was awake enough to realise how insane this tuzla otele gelen escort evaluation was, and added another mental emphasis on the “get laid” task. But, later.

“Like what you see baby?”

“Who are you? How did you get in here? What do you want?”

“That’s a lot of questions Robbie boy! I’ll give you the answers one at a time. First, my name is Lily. Named after my mother. Any my grandmother. Sort of the same person.” She stepped towards him from the foot of the bed, trailing a hand along his shin. “Second, you called me, don’t you remember? Just dial 1-800-L-V-S-T and I’ll come running for whatever sinner calls.” These last words were punctuated by the fingers of her hand gently tapping along his knee.

Rob felt his brow furrow in confusion. Clearly, this woman was unstable. He needed to defuse this situation.

“Ssh, don’t ruin this by saying something you’ll regret.” Rob gulped as Lily continued. “Thirdly…” her hand traced higher, closing in on her prize. “Thirdly, I came for this.”

Her hand closed around his straining cock. Even through the sheets, it felt incredible. Rob nearly came then and there, but was granted a quick respite as her hand came away. She moved onto the bed, straddling him, grinding herself against him. Rob could hear a faint sucking noise, and again found himself screaming towards the edge.

“I see you want it Robbie boy. That’s good. But first, you need to pay for your sins don’t you? It’s all right, once you pay for them, I can make it so they don’t happen again, wouldn’t you like that?”

She lifted off him just enough for sanity to return. Rob found himself torn between sexual ecstasy and fear for his life. Lily must have seen the fear in his eyes, because she let out a soft titter. “Don’t be silly Rob, I’m not going to hurt you, where would the fun be in that? I’m hear to help you deal with the feelings of guilt and shame you have.”

“I don’t know what you mean?”

“Don’t play coy with me baby, I’m not the one who blew their load thinking about their sister’s hot tits. This time.” Rob felt himself cringe with shame. “So like I said, I’ll help you deal with these big bad feelings, does that sound good?”

Rob nodded, as much to avoid riling this lunatic as anything else. He must have moaned Claire’s name. She must have cameras in the room.

“Goo-ood boy. All you need to do, is a little something for me, ok?” Rob had given himself up for the ride, and nodded again. “Wonderful. All you have to do is…” Lily rolled onto her back, shuffled up until she was on the pillow next to Rob, and spread her legs, showing a perfectly pink, smooth, dripping pussy under her skirt, nestled between her stocking-tops. “All you have to do baby, is eat me out. Do you like the sound of that?”

Rob gulped, mouth watering. He nodded for a third time, sealing himself. He rolled over, putting his hands on Lily’s impossibly soft, creamy thighs. He brought his mouth closer, slowly, aching for the taste, feeling her warmth on his face. His tongue slid from between his open lips, desperately trying to bridge the gap. He tore his gaze from his target as a stray shaft of moonlight lanced through the window, and onto the face of the woman before him. He realised that the grinning face behind those wire-rim glasses was that of his sister, and his tongue closed the distance to her soft, wet lips as –

He woke, face down on his pillow, sun streaming through the window.

Rob pushed himself onto all fours, his dick straining hard at his underwear. He shook his head as if clearing out the cobwebs, pulled on a t-shirt and willed his cock into submission. He padded downstairs, in dire need of coffee and distraction. He heard the distinct clink of mugs being readied in the kitchen, and walked in to find his housemate Claire already making coffee. Rob thought back to the dream half-remembered from the night before. Claire, in his bed, legs spread, waiting for him. He realised dimly that it was the first time he had thought about her like that in all the years they had known each other, and kicked himself for being so blind.

The scales had fallen from his eyes. He could see the attractive curves of her body, her slender legs on pointed toes. Her shorts just barely concealing her incredible ass, her flared hips, and surely other delights beside. He watched as she continued to strain upwards for the coffee on the top shelf, her short frame not quite able to reach, and saw her t-shirt ride up, exposing her toned, pale midriff. Her dark hair tumbled around her captivating brown eyes as she turned to face him, her lips parted and he knew he needed to kiss them.

“Is there something on my face? What are you staring at?”

Rob was shaken from his reverie. He would have a lot of work to do to take their lifelong friendship to the next level. He reached for the coffee, trying to conceal his resurgent erection. He barely missed Claire’s gaze traversing his body in return.

Most of the day was eaten up with work on the house. Rob busied tuzla sınırsız escort himself with the awful state of the electrical wiring, managing to limit himself to merely one life-threatening shock for the day. Claire spent the time scrubbing the house from top to bottom. She started upstairs, but by the time she made it to the ground floor she was soaked in sweat. She pulled off her hoodie, and changed from her cleaning gear into a pair of shorts. Rob watched, transfixed, hidden from behind the TV, as she crawled across the floor, breasts dangling under her shirt, legs pumping as she pushed herself and the scrubbing brush along. It was all he could do not to jerk off behind the TV as her incredible ass retreated into the hallway. She pushed away from him, his eyes glued to her ass. She pushed back, and he was hypnotised by her swaying tits. They seemed to grow until they were occupying all his vision, his mind, his whole self.

“How’s the TV Rob?”

He jerked, shocked himself, shrieked, and jerked again. Claire giggled and got to her feet, massaging the small of her back. Rob gave his tongue up for lost and issued a noncommittal grunt.

“Try to get it working for tonight. I know you’ve found something to watch, but I can’t see anything at all.” She winked at him and sashayed away. Eventually Rob composed himself. He was certain that was flirting. A moment later, he was less certain. A moment later still and he was doubting himself even further. He busied himself with the TV again.

At last, the day drew to a close. The pair flopped onto the main couch, still covered in the dust of the days work. Rob thought he had gone to heaven when Claire squealed in delight as he turned on the TV, finally working. She threw her arms around him, and he spent a moment basking in her presence. She snatched the remote from him, and hunted for something to watch. Channel 1 – Dead. Channel 2 – Dead. Channel 3 – surprise! Dead.

Claire leaned into him, head on his shoulder. She pulled a blanket around herself, and put on her sweetest voice. “Rooooob, can you fix the TV again pleeeease?”. He couldn’t say no. He hopped up, and forced his torso between the back of the TV and the wall behind it. He started to poke at cables and fiddle with connections. His t-shirt caught in the variety of hooks and clips in the mass of cables, and he pulled it off so he could push deeper into the jungle without getting snagged.

“Is it working yet?” He asked.

“No, keep trying!”

Rob wiggled a cable. “That work?”


He unplugged something, and plugged it back in. “How about that?”

“Um. I think. It’s working. Um.”

Rob pulled himself free from the confines of the cable zone, and looked at the TV, to be met with instant hardcore porn. It started with a close-up, cock in pussy, but soon zoomed out to reveal the amateur-seeming couple. A couple that looked almost exactly like Rob and Claire, fucking and screaming without sound. Rob watched as TV-Rob’s massive cock slammed over and over into TV-Claire, and predictably got a massive erection of his own. “Maybe you should change the channel, Claire?”

Claire nodded absently, her head turning to him while her eyes stayed glued to the screen, and did nothing.

“Claire. Hey Claire. Claire!” Rob had walked towards her, and at the last moment realised his throbbing cock, perfectly visible through his shorts, beating with the pulse of his heart, was right in front of her face. Claire turned to stare at it directly, her mouth hanging slack. Her eyes tracked across his toned torso, up to his face. She let out a squeak, and turned her head away. Rob sat down next to her, and made to take the remote from her hand. He had to reach across her to do so, bringing his face close to hers. She turned to face him, and time seemed to slow down. Her head moved towards his, just a fraction of an inch, and that was all it took. In a second, she was pressed against him, her tongue in his mouth, their wet lips sliding over one another.

Claire felt as if she was in a dream. She had wanted this for so long, hadn’t she? Her lifelong friend. And his mouth felt so good on hers, why hadn’t they done this before? She leaned harder into the kiss, panting with need. Her leg slid up and over Rob’s thigh, moving to straddle him, feeling the heat of his body against hers. His hard cock pushed against her and she let out a soft moan. She knew, dimly, that she was moving too fast. But something about the TV had loosened something within her. She had waited for years. She could wait no longer. She ground herself against him.

Rob moaned as though he would cum then and there, and Claire broke the kiss to let him catch a breath. She saw her chance and did not waste it, pulling her shirt over her head to reveal her bare breasts.

Rob couldn’t help himself, confronted with her wonderful, firm, thick pink nipples for only the second time. He dove straight in, and heard her groan. He kissed and licked her nipples, and worked his way up her chest to her neck. Over her shoulder he saw the TV was now showing only a woman who looked like Claire but taller, wearing glasses, spreading her legs and fingering herself wildly as she seemed to be watching them. He ignored it – the sight in front of him was more important. He was further distracted when Claire stood up, and ripped off her shorts and panties.

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