Falling into slavery: Chapter 3

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Sarina sent me back to my room with the taste of my own cum in my mouth and my discarded robe and under ware in hand. The night was amazing and exhausting at the same time. My wife was snoring when I entered our room. I let out a sigh of relief knowing she didn’t discover my night’s perverse activities.

I slept well that night. It had been a long time since I was so sexually drained.

I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking. My wife, Monica, had already woke and got up for the day. I laid there in bed and enjoyed my alone time. I thought back to last night. My cock came to life and pressed against the sheets.

I was wrong what I had done; not doing anything while a beautiful Black Woman raped my daughter then made me suck the juices of the dildo. But it felt so right. I couldn’t think of anything more erotic.

My hand found its way to my hardening member. I closed my eyes and recalled the events of the previous day. Slowly I built myself up to an orgasm. As the orgasm got closer my hand flew up and down quicker. I felt my balls churn and tighten in anticipation.

“Can’t leave you white faggots alone for five minutes without you tugging on your dicklet.” I opened my eyes to see Sarina standing in the doorway. She glared at me disapprovingly.

I was unsure what to do or say. My hand moved away from my softening cock. I felt like my mother had just caught me playing with myself. I stuttered a little bit saying anything. I was embarrassed.

She walked into the bedroom leaving the door open. “That’s Ok faggot, I haven’t taught you better yet.” She lifted the blankets and took a quick peek at my near flaccid cock. “Every time I see a white bois dicklet they seem to get smaller.” She dropped the blankets.

I feel back on my standard line when my wife was mad at me and I was unsure what to do, “I’m sorry.”

She stared at me as if waiting for something. Then finally spoke, “Goddess.”

I didn’t know what she meant, “What?”

Her hand lashed it and slapped me across the face. It was hard enough to let me know this want a game yet lacking the force to leave a mark. “I’m sorry, Goddess.” She said putting emphasis on ‘Goddess.’

I quickly repeated adding the appropriate title.

“That’s better, now get on your hands and knees and properly greet your Goddess by kissing my feet.” She commanded.

I liked to the door worried about Monica finding me in a compromising position. The Black antalya escort bayan teen slapped me again. “Quit that shit. I’m your Goddess and you will do as you’re told faggot. I don’t care if your wife sees you. Honor me or I’ll let your precious wife know what a sock pervert you were last night.”

The fear of being caught was the only motivation I needed. I quickly slipped out of bed, kneeled down and kissed her feet.

“That’s a good faggot. Now, your wife and daughter wanted me to come let you know breakfast was almost done. Oh and if you’re extra good and don’t touch yourself all day I might have a reward for you tonight. “She turned and walked out.

I dressed and came down to a nice breakfast with my family and my Black Goddess. Nothing seemed out of place. Sarina didn’t even hint at the previous night. My wife was distant as ever and seemed oblivious to what was going on in her own home.

During breakfast Monica let me know she was taking the girls out for the day. They left me to cleanup or meal and have a relaxing day off work.

Numerous times I thought back to my decent into depravity and played with myself. Each time I started I thought about Sarina’s promise of a reward and stopped myself.

About three in the afternoon Monica called letting me know that she met up with some girlfriends at the mall and they decided to have a girls’ night out. She asked me to pick up the kids and that Elli talked her into letting Sarina stay over again.

The prospect of being in the house with Sarina while my wife was gone excited me. I eagerly agreed and left to pick up the kids, well a kid and a Goddess. My dick was at half mast the entire drive to the mall and back. Both Elli and Sarina had new outfits on and we’re chittering about various things the whole ride home.

When we got home Elli excused herself to go put her new things away. Sarina stayed downstairs with me.

Once Elli was up stairs the voluptuous dominant teen simply stated, “Greet your Goddess.” I quickly dropped to all fours and kissed one foot then the other. “Rise faggot. I want you to tell Elli that you’re going out tonight, make up some excuse. At seven you’ll leave and return an hour later. You will come up to Elli’s room and do as I say without speaking. When I tell you to leave you leave and come back at ten like nothing happened.”

I was eager to see what she had planned for the night and quickly agreed, “Ok.” Sarina gave escort bayan me a disapproving look until I realized what I had done, “I mean, yes Goddess.” Correcting myself brought a smile to her full lips.

I ordered pizza for the three of us. As directed I informed the girls that a friend invited me over for a poker game and I’d be gone till ten or eleven. I told them to stay out of trouble and I then got ready for my fictional poker game.

I left the house right before the designated hour. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself for an hour. I ended up sitting in my car playing on my phone at a local park. The hour seemed to drag by.

At eight I found myself back home. I made my way to Elli’s room. It seemed like every time I looked in her room in the past couple days I was shocked at what I saw and this time was no different.

Elli was drawn over Sarina’s knees being soaked. But it wasn’t the spanking that shocked me; it was my little girl’s attire. Elli was dressed in a black rubber corset, skirt and full hood. The hood covered her eyes and nose but left her mouth open. Her hair was pulled through the hood in pig tail fashion. The corset did little to help her flat chest but the shirt gave the illusion that she had hips. All in all she looked like a perverted school girl of sorts.

This was the first time I got hard just looking at my baby girl. Before I was getting aroused more at Sarina and what she did to my little girl. Now I saw Elli as a sexual being and it was deeply affecting me.

Sarina slapped Elli’s red ass a couple more times after noticing my arrival. She spoke lightly as she rubbed the agitated ass, soothing Elli’s pain, “I told you I was going to give you a surprise tonight whore. Well you’re gonna get fucked for the first time tonight by a pathetic white boi.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was a bit confused if the Black Goddess intended for me to watch or be the one to do this illicit act. My stomach turned in anticipation and fear.

“But first I want you to demonstrate your dedication to your Goddess.” The dominant Black teen spoke as she helped Elli off her lap and forced Elli to kneel.

My rubber clad daughter responded without hesitation, “Yes Goddess, I am your property to do with as you please.”

Sarina pulled a funnel with a bendy tube from her bag. She secured the device around Elli’s head using the tube as a gag. She then lowered her panties positioning antalya escort her shave pussy over the funnel end of the device.

Our eyes locked for a moment. I thought she might be joking at what she was threatening to do. The sound of liquid hitting plastic proved her perverse intent. Sarina emptied her bladder. I could hear Elli gulping down the excess piss that was held in the tube. A moment later I could hear my baby girl panting, she must have not been able to breathe while the tube was full.

I could feel the material of my under ware getting soaked in my precum. Sarina seemed to excel at being sick and twisted while corrupting others. I never knew such acts could be so arousing.

The sexy plump teen took the funnel device of Elli and pulled the young girl’s head to her crotch. Without Sarina saying a word Elli knew to clean her Mistress’s pussy of any excess urine.

The Black Dominatrix pulled Elli to her feet and over to the bed. With the simple command of, “Position five.” Elli got on all fours with her ass positioned at the edge of the bed.

Sarina turned her attention to me, “Strip faggot.” Which I promptly did. My eagerness did not go unnoticed, “Obviously that got you excited white boi. Go ahead and place the head of that tiny dicklet at the opening of this white cunt’s pussy, but don’t you fucking dare slip in her.”

I moved over behind my own flesh and blood, the head of my engorged dick touched her pussy. I was shaking I was so nervous and excited. Sarina moved out of my sight. She was doing something behind me but my focus was on my daughter’s bald pussy and the last of what I wanted to do to her.

“Fuck that bitch.” The Black Goddess commanded. I grabbed my own daughter’s hips and pressed my dick into her wet folds. I tried to go slow and enjoy this experience but my carnal side took control. Soon I was thrusting into my thirteen year old girl as fast as I could. I couldn’t control myself and emptied my balls into her young pussy.

Sarina started laughing, “Fucking white bois.” I looked back at the Black teen; she was playing with my phone. She looked up at me, “Was that a good 43 seconds for you?” She laughed again, “Now get dressed and get the fuck out you worthless faggot.” She handed my phone back to me.

She turned her attention to Elli as I dressed. My tormentor gave a vibrator to the young girl who instantly started using it, moaning. “See I told you that white bois are wireless fucks. But you needed to experience it at least once so you could understand the true power of a Real Man.”

I dressed and exited as quickly as possible. My face hot with embarrassment.

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