Exquisite Encounter Ch. 01

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Kayla followed Nathan up the stairs to his flat, watching his long coat sweep behind him, wishing she could watch his taut backside instead, as she had done so many times in the past. She wondered what he was thinking as he unlocked the door to his flat, flicking on the lights as he stepped inside. He could easily have waited a few days and brought the paperwork into her office, but he had invited her over instead. She had been intrigued by the invitation, and possibilities had been simmering in her mind since this morning.

And now they were here. Nathan made his way over to his desk, where he picked up the file and passed it to her, their eyes meeting, holding each other’s gaze. Kayla broke it first, taking the file and reaching down to drop it into her bag. She stood up and turned back to Nathan, who had moved until he was mere inches away from her.

“I should…” she began, but Nathan in one swift, decisive moment grasped her by the shoulders and pushed her back against the wall, cutting off her token protest.

“Don’t go.” He whispered, commanded, drawing close and kissing her firmly on the lips, and she did not even pretend to resist. She kissed him back fiercely, reaching one hand up to cradle his head, the other reaching under his jacket to pull him closer. She inhaled his scent, a heady mixture of burnt honey and deep musk that had become so familiar to her she could detect his presence before seeing that he was there. She pressed her body against him as if she could not get close enough, and she felt the waves of heat that were already rising between them. She reached up and undid the buttons on his jacket, pulling it from his shoulders and throwing it over the banister. She ran her hands over his shirt, feeling his chest şişhane escort through the thin fabric, then swiftly undid the buttons. Nathan hurled it off when it was loose and let it fall to the floor, then stood back from her and extended his hand. She took it, and he lead her through to the bedroom, and a new fire began to burn inside her as she realized his intentions were the same as hers.

He reached out to her and tore away her jacket and shirt, drawing breath at the sight of her creamy breasts rising and falling, straining against the black lace of her bra. He kissed her again, and then moved his lips lower, kissing her neck and collarbone, then the top of her bosom. He reached up behind her and unsnapped her bra in a swift movement, letting it fall away as her bent to gently kiss her hardening nipples. He let his tongue flick over them, soft and teasing until she grabbed the back of his neck in frustration and pulled him to her, and he took her whole peak in his mouth and sucked lightly. She gasped in pleasure, and she felt his mouth curve into a smile. He rose to kiss her again, and slowly pushed her backwards until her knees hit the edge of the bed and she collapsed onto it. He ran his hands over her body as he kissed her, moving lower until he found the waistband of her skirt, reaching round to undo the buttons that held it in place. Then he knelt down and pulled the skirt away from her body and began to kiss her inner thigh, rising painfully slowly towards the heart of her desire. He reached up as he got nearer and pulled away the flimsy material of her underwear, then continued kissing and licking her soft, sensitive skin…then his mouth reached her most intimate place, and he lapped up her sweetness until şişli anal yapan escort she was squirming in pleasure beneath him. She was getting hotter and hotter as his mouth worked, devouring her hungrily, but then he stopped suddenly and rose up over her. He bent to whisper in her ear,

“Do you want me to fuck you?” His startling words sent fire through her already hot blood, and without hesitation she replied yes, but that was not enough. “I want to hear you say it.” He ran one hand down her body again as he spoke, tracing the entrance to her with his fingers, teasing her, feeling how wet and welcoming she was. He knew already that she wanted him, but he wanted to hear her, and he watched the untamed lust flame in her eyes as she spoke.

“I want you to fuck me, Nathan,” and at the sound of this woman that he loved with all his heart asking him, speaking his name in deep, husky tones, his cock hardened, and he thrust his body against her so that she could feel just how ready he was. He drew back, and quickly threw off his trousers and pants, and then he was leaning low over her once again, skin to naked burning skin.

“I am going to fuck you soundly,” he said, and without a pause he thrust deep into her waiting entrance, slipping easily inside her. He stopped for a moment, bracing himself over her, locking his gaze with hers, overwhelmed by the feeling of being inside this incredible woman. Her lips curved into a wicked smile, and she tensed her lower muscles, grasping him tightly within her, and his eyes widened in surprise. He slowly withdrew himself from her, relishing the tightness around his hard cock, then thrust back into her, hard and deep, and he was rewarded as she gasped şişli bdsm escort involuntarily. He began pounding into her, her hips rising to meet him with every thrust, her eyes burning with lust as they locked with his. She ran her hands over his firm thighs, trailed her fingertips over his behind, and then reached round to caress his balls as he moved within her. He could hardly believe the intensity of feeling as he felt her touch, and her body’s response, and though had had it in mind to tease her slowly, a deeper need was engulfing him. He could see the same desire in her eyes too, wild and feral, and her insistent movements beneath him drove him to lose control. He leaned closer to her till her breasts were crushed beneath his chest, and she curled her arms around him, wanting him closer, encouraging him with fierce whispered words. Their bodies moved together, each becoming lost in exquisite sensation, and desire so long contained overtook them both, love and lust and desire and need driving them further into a world that contained nothing but them two together, so close they felt they were each other, one heart and mind and wild, untamed form.

Her sudden clear words cut through the mist of desire clouding his thoughts “Nathan!” and he heard the desperate plea in her voice, and it ignited desire over every inch of his body, and he drove himself deeper into her burning core. He felt the waves of pure sensation close over his head, and he whispered “My love…” as he reached his peak, her own body climaxing around him as his seed spurted deep within her. He held her tight as shockwaves raced through them both, then collapsed by her side. Her arms wound around him, and she trailed her fingers over his skin as the waves subsided. He closed his eyes, surrendering himself to her soft caresses; until he felt her strokes slow and stop. He opened his eyes to see her face inches from his, her eyes closed and her breathing low and deep, and he felt utterly contented as he saw his woman asleep in his arms, and soon let his thoughts cloud over to join her in dreams.

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