Explorations Ch. 10

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Jessica Tanner sat in her dorm’s parking lot, the car engine still running. The previous evening, she had allowed herself to be seduced by her own mother. Once the dominant in their emerging sexual relationship, Jessica had found herself in the submissive role. As she sat in her car, she tried to wrap her head around what it meant – for her; her relationship with her brother; and their relationship with their mother. What, if any impact would this have on Yun, her lover who had become so much more?

When Jessica walked through the door, Yun was sitting at her desk. Almost immediately, Yun could see that something was weighing on Jessica’s mind. “Is there something wrong?” she asked as she greeted her roommate with a warm hug and kiss.

“No…I don’t know…”

Yun led her to her bed.

“My mom,” Jessica began.

Yun could see the conflict in Jessica’s eyes. “It’s okay,” she said, caressing her arm. “Just tell me.”

Jessica looked into Yun’s beautiful eyes and felt the tension slowly leave her body. They had no secrets now. She took a deep breath. “I completely submitted to her; for the first time in my life, I…”

“Are you okay? How did it feel? To not be in control, I mean,” Yun asked, unsure what else to say.

“I…I don’t know. In one way, it felt amazingly freeing, especially because it was with my mom; in another way, I felt lost.”

Yun felt like she was lost herself. Here she was in the middle of this incredibly complex situation, yet her affection for Jessica seemed to grow with intensity with each revelation. Despite being the strongest person she knew, Jessica was also vulnerable and needed her.

“It’s okay,” Yun said, “We’ll figure it out.”

After finishing their nightly routine, Yun led Jessica to her bed and slowly undressed for her as Jessica watched. She was mesmerized by Yun’s tight body. Lifting Jessica’s blouse over her head, Yun felt the weight of Jessica’s breasts in her hands as she kissed her soft skin, her lover moaning with each kiss. When Jessica was finally naked, she laid back, touching herself, watching Yun with an intensity that made the young girl feel wanted..needed.

Turning off the light, Yun crawled into bed and spooned Jessica from behind. The warmth of Yun’s smooth skin against her back coupled with the feel of her bush against her ass, sent an erotic chill down Jessica’s spine. She felt Yun’s small hands caress her breasts and glide down the side of the body. God, she felt so good, Jessica thought. Yun pulled back from her body just enough to allow her hand access to Jessica’s ass.

“I want to make you feel good,” Yun whispered in her ear.

She caressed Jessica’s round butt, kneading one of the cheeks in her hand. Her fingers slid down the crack, eliciting a moan from Jessica’s lips.

“You always make me feel good,” she whispered, as her fingers glided over Jessica’s puckered hole until they reached their destination, “tonight, let me take care of you.”

Jessica parted her legs slightly to allow Yun access. She was so wet, Yun could have easily shoved four fingers into her cunt. She parted her lips.

“Fuck,” Jessica whispered as she felt the cool air hit her pussy..

Yun kissed the back of Jessica’s neck as she began rubbing her clit in a slow, circular motion. This was what she needed, Jessica thought. Yun continued to move at a slow, steady pace as Jessica gyrated her hips.

Jessica felt Yun’s hard nipples scrape against her back as she held her tight, her fingers steady on her pussy. “Fuck, baby, I’m so close,” Jessica said in a hushed voice, surprised how quickly her orgasm was approaching. She turned her head to meet Yun’s lips, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths, probing, searching. Yun held her tight to her body as she continued her relentless rhythm. “Oh, my God; oh, my God; oh my fucking God!…Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh,” Jessica whined.

Yun, sensing the weight of Jessica’s orgasm, increased her pace.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jessica hissed in a hoarse voice as she bucked violently in Yun’s arms.

Jessica lost control of herself as she reached back to hold Yun’s body close to hers with one hand while squeezing the bed sheet in a fist with the other. The waves of pleasure just kept coming as she closed her eyes to keep the room from spinning. There was a slight reprieve before another set of convulsions hit her. Yun slipped casino oyna a couple of fingers inside Jessica’s wet hole as her lover quickly came again.

“God damn!…Fuck!” Jessica felt another wave approach, and for a second she wondered if she could take any more.

Yun held her close as her breathing became more shallow, her squeals higher in pitch as her orgasms rolled one into another. She was banging Jessica’s pussy with her two middle fingers, the palm of her hand hitting her clit again and again as Jessica came, her body shuddering in Yun’s arms. Finally, Jessica couldn’t take any more and slowly pulled Yun’s fingers from her pussy. She turned around and wrapped her arms and legs around Yun’s petite frame.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, kissing her deeply. “I love you.”

“I love you,” Yun replied as they drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.

* * * *

Over the next few months, Jessica focused on her relationship with Yun, and as a result kept her distance from her mother and brother, at least emotionally. She emailed her brother, Dan every couple of weeks and her mother a little less frequently. It was a conscious decision to not only dial down the rate of communication with them, but also the subjects she wrote about. She was quite sure her mother could sense this as she limited her topics to those a mother would discuss with her daughter as opposed to a sexual partner. Even though Jessica indulged Dan with the occasional steamy email (she would never be able to resist teasing her brother), she made it clear that she was “working through some stuff” and needed the space emotionally to figure things out. As a result, her relationship with Yun had blossomed; when they talked about the future, they talked about a future together. Yun had grown into a confident, young woman able to stand on her own, which made it all the hotter when she submitted to Jessica in the bedroom.

However, deep down Jessica remained conflicted about her relationship with her mother, and more broadly, about the emotions she felt when she submitted to her. Could she learn to be submissive to her mother while dominant over her brother and Yun? Why did it feel so good to submit when she knew she loved to be in the dominant position? Jessica needed to talk to someone about this, but who? That was when she thought of Diane, the woman she had met at the “sorority” party. She needed to talk to someone who understood what she was going through. Jessica had felt a connection with Diane; perhaps she could help. She called and left a cryptic voicemail. Diane called back and they decided to meet.

The next day after lunch, Jessica went to the agreed upon location – a bench outside the library. It was a beautiful, spring day with a slight breeze and the smell of blooming flowers in the air. A few minutes after Jessica had sat down, Diane came out of the library and walked over to where she was sitting.

Jessica stood as the young woman approached and offered her hand. “Hey, thanks for meeting me.”

Diane took her hand and squeezed warmly, a wide smile on her face. “I was happy to get your message,” she replied. “You said you needed some advice; is there something wrong?”

Jessica had been thinking about how much to tell Diane – who, for all intents and purposes – was a stranger. But, for some reason she felt she could trust her. She wouldn’t tell her the whole story – that would be a bridge too far – but she did feel she was safe to open up to Diane.

“I’d like your advice,” she began. “Remember when I said I was in a relationship with three people – an older woman, and a guy and girl my age?”

“Yes, of course,” Diane replied, unsure where this was going.

“Well, something happened a few months ago when I was home for the holidays. When I was with the older woman, she…I allowed her to…be in control. Except it wasn’t something I wanted; I just allowed it to happen without warning and I don’t know why.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Diane asked, intrigued.

Jessica looked up into the sky as if searching for the right answer. “At the time I was confused. Then as she told me what to do, making me…do things, I surrendered to her. It was a little scary to not be the one in charge, but it was also incredibly freeing…to let someone else be in charge of my pleasure.” She leaned forward and whispered in a low voice. “I came so hard that night; it was like canlı casino the first time I took a dominant role – it was amazing, just in a different way. The next morning I was so confused and I kind of have been ever since.”

“Have you been with this woman since that night?”

Jessica shook her head. “I’ve only been with my girlfriend here.”

“How are things with her?”

Jessica smiled in response. “Wonderful. She is submissive to me in bed but she is an independent, intelligent woman. I couldn’t be happier with where our relationship is…the problem is that outside of that, I’m not sure who I am, sexually I mean. I feel like I need to learn how to be a true dominant, but I also can’t shake the feeling I had when I wasn’t in control. There’s so much I don’t know about the lifestyle, about myself, about what I truly want.”

Diane had been listening with great interest. Jessica was truly remarkable in every way – passionate, intelligent, and gorgeous. Perhaps she could help this girl…and herself.

“I have an idea,” Diane said. “After graduation, I’m staying in town. I just bought a house – my family is loaded – and I’m moving in next month. One thing that I’ve discovered over the last couple years with my sisterhood is that I love living the D/s lifestyle. I’ve been thinking of finding someone to live with me, as my submissive.” Diane let the sentence hang in the air as she read Jessica’s eyes. “Stay with me this summer. I’ll train you. You’ll learn something about yourself that you can then take to your relationships when the summer’s over.”

Jessica listened in stunned silence. Could she go through with it? Would Yun understand? Her mom? Ever since she had met Diane that night at the party, she wondered what it would be like to surrender to her; there was something magnetic, intoxicating about her.

Diane could see the apprehension on Jessica’s face. “I know it’s a lot to think about. It would just be for the summer. You could get a job in the area. I’ll be expanding my business from home as soon as I graduate anyways. Think about it, talk it over with your girlfriend, and call me,” Diane stood, “when you’re ready to talk.”

Jessica remained seated at the table lost in thought. She closed her eyes and tried to figure out what she wanted. Coming to a decision, she got up and went back to her dorm room to wait for Yun to return from class.

* * * *

Almost everything was packed in boxes that were stacked to one side of the dorm room. The last of the final exams had been taken earlier that afternoon; all that was left was to say goodbye for the summer. After dinner in town and a walk around campus in the warm spring air, Yun and Jessica returned to their dorm.

The sexual tension between the two young women was palpable. They hadn’t had sex the last four nights as they engaged instead in an orgy of all-night studying, exams, and afternoon naps. All through dinner, Jessica fantasized about what she was going to do to Yun (and what she wanted Yun to do to her). As soon as they reached the car in the restaurant parking lot, Jessica gently pushed Yun back against the car door and kissed her with a passion that took even Jessica by surprise.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” Jessica said as their foreheads touched.

A middle-aged couple walked by and stared, causing Jessica and Yun to chuckle. Feeling mischievous, Jessica pulled Yun to her for another kiss as she watched them pass by, their eyes never straying.

“Let’s go,” Jessica whispered, “I can’t wait anymore.”

As Jessica pulled the car out of the parking lot, she said, “Take off your panties and touch yourself.”

Without hesitation, Yun hiked up her long, flowing skirt and pulled off her pink panties, handing them to her lover. As Yun began to touch herself, Jessica inhaled deeply.

“Fuck, I love your scent. Don’t come,” Jessica ordered, “I want to take care of you myself.”

Yun kept her eyes on Jessica as she let her fingers caress her inner thighs, slowly making their way to her sex, which was already tingling in anticipation. She slowly circled her clit as she attempted to keep her heightened state of arousal at the edge, but not over it.

Jessica glanced over when they reached a stoplight. “Baby, that’s so hot,” she said as she reached over and caressed the side of Yun’s face. Yun was seconds from coming when they reached kaçak casino their dorm. She reluctantly pulled her skirt over her exposed pussy and followed Jessica upstairs.

As soon as they were inside their room, Jessica pushed Yun against the door and kissed her, sucking her tongue between her lips. “You were so good, baby,” Jessica whispered. “I know you wanted to come.”

“Yes,” Yun gasped as Jessica kissed, licked, and nibbled on her neck.

“I won’t make you wait any longer,” Jessica said as she pulled Yun’s skirt to her ankles and kneeled in front of her.

Yun leaned back against the door as Jessica licked and sucked on her outer lips. She shuddered as Jessica’s mouth covered her aroused clit; she let out a cry when Jessica’s tongue circled her in a steady rhythm that seemed to be in time with her heartbeat. She felt a tingling sensation in her toes and fingers as her breaths became deeper and more erratic, her muscles tensing as her orgasm approached. Jessica grabbed her ass and put Yun’s legs on her shoulders, supporting her weight as she lifted Yun’s feet off the ground. Placing her hands on the two chest drawers that were on either side of the door for support, Yun felt the last of her resolve melt away as her mind and body became one in an explosion of sensations. Not able to hold it in, she moaned loudly, knowing full well their neighbors would hear her.

Jessica licked her way up Yun’s body, removing the remainder of her clothing as they kissed softly, Yun’s body still quivering in post-orgasmic bliss. Stepping back toward their twin beds, which they had been pushed together months earlier, Jessica laid back as Yun followed. Jessica watched silently as her lover removed her skirt and panties, then her blouse and bra. She could see the mixture of love and lust in Yun’s eyes as she took Jessica’s foot into her hands and planted kisses along the arch, heel, and toes. Yun licked and kissed Jessica’s other foot in a gesture of worship that made Jessica feel cherished and loved.

When Yun finally reached her destination, Jessica spread her legs and held them to her chest, giving Yun full access. “Make me come, baby.”

Jessica moaned through clenched teeth as Yun licked the length of her sex – from her puckered hole to her swollen clit. She licked again, this time applying a little more pressure.

“Oh!” Jessica moaned.

Another lick.


Yun continued her rhythm, trailing her tongue the length of Jessica’s sex as she slowly inserted two slender fingers inside while simultaneously flicking her tongue over her clit.

“That feels so good; fuck me,” Jessica ordered in a hoarse voice, “fuck me with fingers, baby.”

Jessica felt the pressure of Yun’s small fingers pushing down in a steady rhythm, just like she taught her to do. God, she loved how Yun made love to her. As she felt Yun suck in her button in a steady rhythm, Jessica could feel her orgasm coming on.

“Faster,” she whispered, “I’m so close.”

Little moans escaped Yun’s mouth as she doubled her efforts, her free hand pinching Jessica’s hard nipples as he fucked her lover deep and hard until Jessica screamed in orgasmic abandon. Jessica held Yun as she ground her pussy against her face, riding out one orgasm that quickly led to another.

“Oh, fuck! I’m coming again…shit!”

Yun stayed in Jessica’s clit as she writhed in ecstasy. She didn’t stop plunging her fingers into Jessica until she finally took hold of Yun’s hand and slowly eased her out, Jessica’s body shuddering as her pussy released Yun’s fingers. Jessica pulled Yun to her and wrapped her arms and legs around her naked body.

“You make me feel so good, baby. I’m going to miss you.” She kissed her softly on the lips.”

Yun could feel her eyes well up. “You won’t forget about me…about us…”

“Shh, of course not.” Jessica looked into Yun’s eyes. “I love you, but I need to to do this; for me and for us.” She kissed her again. “There are things I need to learn about myself before I can truly commit to you and to this life. I think Diane can help me. You understand?”

Yun did understand. She understood that, besides her immediate family, Jessica had become the most important person in her life; she understood that her sexuality – her sexual satisfaction – was tied to her ability to please Jessica; she understood that when she dreamed of her future, Jessica was in it.

She nodded, kissing Jessica fully on the lips, tasting her, devouring her as if she had to save up this kiss for all the kisses they wouldn’t have over the coming months. “I understand…and I love you.”

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