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I was serving the others dinner in the dining room. Although Mrs. Bulsara was still largely involved in the preparation of the dinner, she joined Mr. Iyer and Swapnil in the dining room as I served them. I was, of course, dressed in a very sheer saree that left my tits clearly exposed. As I stood alongside them, my cunt and ass crack was even visible as shadows under the layers of sheer cloth.

I ate separately from them on leftovers after they were finished and before I cleaned the kitchen and serving dishes and plates. While they ate, I stood at the opposite end of the table from Mr. Iyer. Swapnil sat on one side and Mrs. Bulsara on the other. Mr. Iyer wanted me waiting where all could see me. He had asked me many questions about my time at home with Prakash. He seemed very pleased that Prakash finally began exerting his full domination over me. He seemed to especially like that he humiliated me in front of his friends.

“Tell us your names.” This had been a routine since I returned to his house. I had been given three names that I would respond to and none of them was my real name.

I took a breath while maintaining a rigidly straight posture before them. “Slut, cunt, and bitch, Sir.”

He nodded to Mrs. Bulsara. “Slut, did all the men fuck you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Swapnil took it, “Cunt, did each fuck you several times?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I look to Mr. Iyer, anticipating his follow-up. “You really are a slutty, dog-bitch, cunt, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What I want to know is how many times were you fucked?”

I looked at him with some panic. “I … I … don’t know, Sir. But … maybe 16 times …”

“Did your cunt hurt after? Did your husband want to fuck you the next day and you couldn’t?”

“Yes, Sir, it did hurt my cunt. It was red and swollen. But he did fuck me the next day. Several times, actually. It hurt a lot, Sir.”

“But, you did it. That’s good, Slut. Remember that. You are a cunt and a cunt is only good for fucking.” I nodded. He watched me. I had just served the dessert. He motioned for me to come to him and I did. He reached up and pulled the sheer material from my left shoulder, then motioned me to turn to my right so he could wrap it around my waist and tuck it into the belt I wore under the saree. I now stood bare-breasted before them.

“You’re not a young woman anymore. Your breasts sag.” He looked at Swapnil, “Have you seen the way her tits hang below her when she is fucked by the dogs?” He chuckled. More humiliation. Degrading me, humiliating me, was a game for him. He reached up with finger and thumb to take a nipple and pull hard so my tit pulled away from my body. He released it and watched it fall back to my body. “But, for a bitch, still good looking.”

The next day, after I cleaned up after lunch, I was led to the kennel. It had become common for me to be in the kennel a couple times during the day to be mounted by one of the dogs. Of course, I was usually fucked by one of the men, first.

I made the march from the house to the kennel naked and since the unexpected appearance of Prakash that time, each walk now felt like a walk of new potential degradation if he had arranged someone to witness it.

There wasn’t this time, however. What was waiting for me in the kennel was Kabir and Ishaan each holding a dog on a leash in the common space between the kennel stalls. As an explanation, Mr. Iyer casually declared that this was my doggy gangbang. I was going to be mounted by eight of his certified breeders. He explained, just as casually as if I might be disappointed, it wasn’t going to be all ten because two were scheduled to mate with some clients’ bitches.

I looked at the two dogs on the leashes and shuddered. Eight dogs in succession? It was one thing to be fucked by eight cocks, but eight knots? The thick mat was on the floor in front of the men. I felt a slight nudge on my back from someone behind me and I moved to the mat to assume the position. The men had always preferred to fuck me before the dogs and I was sure it was because it was less messy. This wasn’t any different. Kabir, being the senior man, gave his leash to Ishaan and loosened his pants and came up behind me. His cock moved along my cunt to find my opening. Even in a situation of humiliation, my cunt was wet and ready. It seemed a constant reminder to me how much of a slut I apparently was.

He drove his cock into my hole unceremoniously and urgently. This was a gift Mr. Iyer gave to these men, but they knew, as I did, that Mr. Iyer was really interested in seeing me taken by the dogs. As a result, the men would fuck me hard and fast with the intention of cumming quickly so the dogs could start mating with me. Apparently, with that in mind, while Kabir drove his cock into my cunt, Ishaan came to my mouth, his cock slipping into my gaping mouth. It was later that I saw Swapnil holding the leashes of the two dogs.

I continued sucking Ishaan as Kabir spurted his cum into my cunt. He quickly pulled out and led the first dog to me. By the fur, I knew it was Sheru. He licked my dripping cunt for a minute before jumping onto my back. The powerful thrust of his cock into my cunt caused my mouth to gape open just as Ishaan began spurting his cum down my throat. Ishaan pulled my head further onto his cock, the head of his cock at my throat as he continued to spurt his seed. I gagged once until he pulled his cock out, his cum dripping from my gasping mouth. Sheru, meanwhile, was thrusting his cock into my cunt with the typical enthusiasm of canines. I soon felt the knot bumping against my opening. My mind was still reeling from the onslaught of the men and followed immediately by the dog. The gangbang by Prakash’s friends left my cunt sore and abused. I wondered what this doggy gangbang was going to be like.

With resignation, though, I pushed back against the dog to take the knot inside me. His pushing and thrusting combined with my rigid position against him allowed the knot too soon pop into my cunt. I gasped out at the sudden entrance of the ball and the deeper penetration of the cock. In another moment, I felt the knot and cock swelling inside, pulsing with imminent eruption. I raised my hips, pressing my back into the furry belly and chest of the dog, but also pressing the ball of horny flesh against my g-spot. My orgasm with Ishaan was replaced in my mind with the rising orgasm with the dog. The feeling of hot dog-cum sprayed into my cunt sent me over the edge and I cried out in the release of my body with the dog.

The dog turned on me, the claws of his paw dragging against my side. Eight dogs. I occasionally was scratched by the dogs as they turned, but with eight dogs, one after the other, I shivered at the thought of how many scratches I might have at the end.

While I was tied to the dog, there was suddenly another dog at my head. I looked up and didn’t recognize the dog. There were breeding dogs I hadn’t been mounted by apparently. He was ordered on the ground by Ishaan and I became aware of what was expected. I pulled the dog’s rear to me, touched the sheath until the reddish tip appeared. I bent down to lick the tip and then take it between my lips. I sucked to take in the precum. My sucking quickly brought more cock out of the sheath. By the time the other dog had pulled his knot from my cunt, this new dog was ready for me. As the new dog moved to my ass, the one that had just mounted me was brought to my head. I lowered my head to start licking the cock and knot clean of our juices as the next dog probed for my opening. I gasped when his cock sank into me but continued licking until the cock and knot were clean.

This was the cycle presented to me. The dog just fucking me was brought to my head to be cleaned. While tied by one dog, I prepared the next dog. It seemed an endless procession of dog cock and knots. After a few knots, it became a little easier to take the next knot and the tied period seemed to be a little shorter, but some of the dogs were smaller, too.

I found black, shiny shoes near my head and I looked up to find Mr. Iyer with Mrs. Bulsara just behind him. She treated me like a slut, already. Now she finds me like this after all these dogs. My cunt has to look like an open, drooling hole by this time.

“Bitch, how many dogs have you been mounted by?”

I struggled to make eye contact with him, craning my neck to look high enough. “I don’t know, Sir. I … I … I didn’t know I was supposed to keep track of them. I thought Ishaan would know.”

He chuckled. “Do you think it has been eight?” He looked at Ishaan, but I couldn’t see him. I didn’t canlı bahis siteleri want to say it had if it hadn’t. I shrugged. He laughed and conferred with Mrs. Bulsara. He smiled and nodded. Mrs. Bulsara said something to him and he laughed and appraised me differently. “Jesi just provided another option for why you said you didn’t know. Maybe you were just hoping to be mounted some more. I am not in the habit of rewarding deception, but in this case …” He looked to Ishaan, “As many as can mount her a second time, have them do so.” I gasped and hung my head. My cunt already felt abuse, swollen, and painful. I knew dogs recovered quickly. How many would take me a second time?

Luckily, for me, not many more dogs took me for a second time. But, each dog penetrating my cunt with just his cock brought a sob through my gritted teeth. The knots going in and pulling out brought cries of pain and tears streaming from my eyes. At the end, the kennel building was occupied only by Ishaan and me. All the others had left. It was past dinner time. Ishaan told me I was to sleep in the kennel. He brought me some food and water. He pointed to a mattress with bedding on it that he sometimes used when he needed to care for the dogs long into the night, usually as the result of having a breeding bitch in the kennel.

He helped me to the mattress. Each step was painful. I was so sore around inside my cunt. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to walk at all the next day to perform my regular duties in the house. He suggested I not worry about that now, but the way my life had spiraled down, I couldn’t help but be concerned.

As it turned out, Swapnil was waiting in the kennel when I awoke. I apologized profusely for sleeping so late, but he shushed me. He said Mr. Iyer and Mrs. Bulsara had left the property to go into the city and wouldn’t return until the next day. He assisted me in standing, then allowed me to lean against him as he led me back to the house. I was surprised when he led me upstairs to his bedroom suite, then into the bathroom. He sat me down, then started preparing a bath for me. I was gross feeling with dried dog cum. I avoided looking into the mirror.

The water was hot but soothing as he assisted me into the water. He placed a large, soft towel on the counter and told me to stay in the bath for as long as I wanted. I just soaked in the hot water so long it began to cool. I sat up and turned the hot water on, again. When the temperature of the bathwater was hot, I leaned back and took advantage of the rare expression of caring I had experienced since that fateful night. As I lay there, I wondered if this was another manipulation setting me up for more humiliation to come shortly or if this was something Swapnil hadn’t been able to express while Mr. Iyer was around. It wouldn’t surprise me that Mr. Iyer was just as controlling and manipulative of everyone around him.

I was a prune by the time I eased myself out of the bath. Swapnil continued to dote on me during the day, allowing me to rest and recover. He insisted I take several more baths, each time he added crystals to the water. I finally asked, he said they were special salts that were said to accelerate the healing of skin and muscle tissue. Whatever it was, it seemed to help. By night, he was teasing me with wine and soft caresses. We made love that night. And it felt like making love. I was also amazed at how good my cunt and muscles felt after the day of bathing in the salts.

The next afternoon, I was dressed in a sheer saree with the house cleaned and ready for the return of Mr. Iyer and Mrs. Bulsara. I wondered if the two of them had something going on between them, but I didn’t dare to enquire to Swapnil about it.

After dinner, Mr. Iyer curtly asked how I was feeling. I didn’t want to say too much about Swapnil’s assistance in case it was authorized. It seemed I never knew what was real or not anymore and it felt like another condition of being abused.

“Good, I am pleased. The day of rest was what you need, then. Good. I have a special challenge for you tonight. I remember how you used to tell me how you liked to be challenged into new situations. You like to be put into situations that caused your heart to race and give a sense of fear.” He watched my reaction. I nodded. In fact, that was what I had said before, but those situations were different. I was fearful of the amount of fear he might be planning for me to feel now. “Good. I have something special prepared for you in the other kennel.”

He looked at Swapnil. “How many dogs do we have in the other kennel?”

Swapnil looked nervous, which made me nervous. “The other kennel? Male dogs?”

“Of course, male dogs, Swapnil! What good would bitches be for this bitch?”

“I don’t really have any idea, Sir. Should I call Kabir, Sir?” Swapnil definitely was nervous.

“No … Kabir and Ishaan are waiting for us there. I was just curious how many there were.” He looked at me. “Take off the saree, cunt.” He chuckled. “Cunt … yes, well, your cunt will get another workout.” He chuckled and Mrs. Bulsara looked at me with eyes that showed she knew exactly what was happening and she was very pleased. I became very, very nervous. In fact, I think the fear part was already setting in.

The walk to the other kennel for all the dogs that weren’t for breeding was on the other side of the breeder kennel so the naked walk was nearly twice as far. I walked behind Mr. Iyer, Mrs. Bulsara, and Swapnil. Mrs. Bulsara had never shown interest in these activities previously, which made me wonder what her interest was this time.

I had never been taken to this kennel and I wasn’t prepared for the extra number of random workers that were now visible once we entered the less private part of the a****l facility. Quite a few men noticed me as the few who were outside called into the building for others to come out and watch. Though I didn’t pass by most of them, I was visible to many strange men.

Inside the large kennel building used for the dogs bred and acquired for selling as pets throughout Mumbai and the region, I found it to be laid out very similar to the other kennel just much larger and noisier. The common aisleway in this building was much longer due to the larger number of kennel stalls. The building was also much louder. These dogs were clearly not as pampered or well trained. Dogs barked at each other and at workers moving up and down the aisle in the course of their work.

Ishaan met our group inside the building and received a nod from Mr. Iyer. Ishaan indicated for me to follow him. I glanced at the other, then started after him, noticing that the other followed behind. In the middle of aisle down one side of the building was an object on the floor I could not make sense out of immediately. The closer we got, provided little to make its purpose recognizable. I did recognize, however, how the workers, all men, stood to the side gawking as I walked by. I was so used to being naked at the other kennel, I forgot the impact that might have on these men and wonder if they might some fit into what was coming.

When we reached the object, I was still confused what it might be for. I was stupidly thinking of some application for the dogs, perhaps in training or some such application. I was not thinking about myself.

The object was constructed of wood in the shape of a rounded triangle. It was mounted to a board on the floor. It had padding on the floorboard, the vertical piece and the piece sloping back to the floor. The padding was what started me thinking this wasn’t for some use by the dogs. Then, I noticed the straps. There were straps on the vertical face and the floorboard. There was also a larger strap at the top of the vertical face. Then it hit me. Mr. Iyer laughed about calling me ‘cunt’ and that my cunt would get a good workout and he questioned about how many male dogs were in the kennel. The straps and this device were for me. They had created a mounting device for the dogs to fuck me!

I reflexively back away from it, but I bumped into Kabir behind me who swatted my bare ass, which drew a laugh from the men standing around.

Mr. Iyer stepped forward and seemed to be admiring the device. Without turning to me, “I was idly musing about many dogs fucking you, bitch. I was concerned you might get too tired to stay on your hands and knees to properly service all the dogs. Kabir suggested possibly bringing the problem to our carpenter. I think he did a wonderful job, don’t you? The padding was over the top, maybe.” Several of the men chuckled as though they were teasing the tipobet giriş carpenter, which made me think he was one of the men nearby.

He nodded to Ishaan and Kabir. They took my hands and pulled me to the device. The stood me behind the vertical face. I looked around at Mr. Iyer who was watching intently. When I didn’t immediately succumb to the obvious, he made the situation clear to me.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, cunt. You are going to be well fucked. What is a cunt only good for?”

I mumbled my response, still fixed on the device, “Only for fucking.” And, with that, I went to my knees. They adjusted my position so my thighs were in contact with the padding on the vertical face, then my knees were pulled much further to the sides and straps fixed around them. Then, my ankles were strapped to the floorboard. My legs were spread wide and I was fully, obscenely, exposed to anyone and anything behind me. Next, the larger strap was applied around my waist. I was locked in a hands and knees position. I had mobility in my upper body and head, but that was all.

The concept of only being a cunt for fucking never felt completely real before. It was humiliation and degradation. This, though, made it feel real. I was completely defenseless and at the mercy of those now behind looking at my spread, exposed cunt and ass. All around me was the noise of dogs, lots of dogs. I was at the mercy of others, but I didn’t know how much mercy I was likely to receive.

That question was reinforced almost immediately. Mr. Iyer asked the carpenter to step forward. I turned my head to see and found him on my left. There must have been a silent exchange between them because the man, who I had never seen before, walked around behind me. There was a buzz from the group. I felt hands on my ass, then something probing, butting, pressing between my thighs, moving along the length of my cunt. It was a cock and I presumed it was the carpenter, though I had no way of verifying that at the moment. The cock head found my hole and pressed into me. Apparently, the scene was enough to have him hard enough to penetrate my cunt. As he pressed into me, I felt him harden and length more. I was being fucked by a man I didn’t know, I couldn’t even see, and there was nothing I could do about it. I wondered about the location and knew I was going to be mounted by dogs, but how many of the men would also be getting a turn at me?

The man in my cunt was now fucking me hard. I was expecting that Kabir or Ishaan would be involved, since they generally were, but I it seemed Mr. Iyer had intentions of the other men having an opportunity, first. A man appeared before me, his pants at his knees. I strained to look up, but I had no idea who he was, either. He held his cock out to me and I obediently opened my mouth and he edged forward to drive it deep into my mouth. I sucked his cock as the other man fucked me. The one in my mouth quickly became hard and the cock in my cunt was already pulsing and throbbing. The men weren’t going to take long.

After the man behind me dumped his seed into my cunt, he pulled out and the man in my mouth quickly moved to take his place. I heard Mr. Iyer say something quietly behind me. The new cock presented to my mouth wasn’t new, at all. I tasted cum and my own cunt on the cock. I sucked the cock clean and another cock was ready and waiting for my mouth. This continued until four men had been sucked and fucked.

There was a pause and I relaxed against the padding of the device, but the distinct sounds of claws on the concrete floor approaching me brought me alert. I raised my head and found four dogs being led toward me on leashes. My heart started racing and my breathing quickened as the dogs were brought to me. I knew they could smell the obvious sexual scent of the semen already deposited in my cunt and the sweat forming on my body, not to mention the secretion of my own mixed with the cum of the men.

I felt the tongue of a dog on my open and exposed cunt and I moaned. I heard a derisive comment from Mrs. Bulsara, which brought chuckles from some others, but I didn’t really hear the words clearly and it didn’t matter, any longer. She was undoubtedly just verifying by comment that my cunt was most useful as a bitch for the dogs.

I was mounted by the first dog while the others were led around me. The dog probed with his cock, finally finding my opening. Occasionally, a dog was brought close to my head and I reached to touch its exposed reddish cock, but I quickly realized it was a teasing play as the dogs were continued to be led around me. I gasped loudly when the first knot penetrated me and my cunt clamped down around it and the cock. I pulled on it with intention but not in actuality. I had no range of motion. I couldn’t do anything but be a hole to be fucked. I felt the cock and not swell and pulse moments before I felt the spurts of cum. At the same time, my own orgasm crashed over me. My body sank onto the device as my arms and legs quaked. Murmurs of recognition from others gave me a sense of pride in what my body was doing despite its limitations.

I felt the dog turn so we were ass-to-ass and immediately pull on the tie of his knot in my cunt firmly holding us together. Several of the people came closer. I sensed someone comforting the dog as others gazed at the knot inside my cunt. I even heard Mrs. Bulsara gasp in appreciation and amazement. But, she quickly added a derogatory comment, again about being such a slut and bitch. I was really not liking this woman, but my night was only beginning and I was still to discover how much was still ahead of me.

When the dog pulled the knot out of my cunt, gasps and murmurs rose from behind me and I knew it was from the sight of the dog cock and knot leaving behind a gaping hole with cum streaming out. I flushed at the degradation, which felt deeper than anything before because of the helpless position I was in. Then, I heard Mrs. Bulsara’s voice ringing clearly from the others, “What kind of slut willingly puts herself in such a position?”

The next dog was brought to my ass and it lost no time in mounting me. My cunt was wide open and oozing now with the cum of both man and dog. The dog thrust wildly at my ass, seemingly hitting everywhere but my cunt. When it finally thrust into me, it was with a vicious energy that took my breath away. I gasped and yearned to be able to push back into him, but the device held me rigid, which is what I would have been trying to manage anyway, a rigid position for him to pound his cock into me. I felt his cock swelling to full size, then his knot pressing at my opening, stretching it with his urgent fucking. I cried out as it entered me and my breaths came in short, halting, gulps of air as I felt him tense, twitch, and finally spurt his seed to join that of the others before him. I gasped and fell against the padding as another orgasm washed over me.

I wasn’t sure I was hearing correctly. I almost thought it might have been a dream response in my head, but I was fully awake, my body still coursing with the remnants of the orgasm. “Kabir, Ishaan, I want you to stay with her.” He must have looked around to the other men that I had guessed to be about six others. “The rest of you are free to stay and use her as you can among the dogs or leave when you want.” The dog pulled at the knot-cunt tie and it came loose with a rush of cum. Mr. Iyer knelt at my head and lifted my chin so I was looking at him. “I am still not sure how many dogs are here, but that isn’t what will be important to you in the end. What will be important is how many times the dogs that are here will fuck you.” He started to stand, then sank back down. “And, you probably heard me before, the men are free to fuck you as well. This curious device was constructed because I didn’t believe you could willingly endure this kind of fucking for very long. This way you have no choice in the matter. Relax and enjoy it, then.” He laughed as he walked away.

He was a distance away when I heard his voice shout, “Okay, Kabir, release the remaining dogs. Use the hose to control any fighting.” Kabir was at my side as Ishaan and other men moved from kennel stall to stall releasing the gates allowing dogs to move into the commons area and ultimately me.

“Are you ready, slut? Here come your mates.”

I groaned. They were releasing all the dogs, but I suspected they were only releasing the male dogs, or the females were secured in a different location or part of the building, but I was gate after gate being opened. The dogs ventured tipobet güvenilir mi out and I could see them picking up the scent of a used female. I was sure none of these dogs had any experience with a human female, but a cunt was a cunt and I was in no position to do anything to dissuade them. I didn’t know if there was a pecking order among these dogs previously established the exercise area or if the next dog to mount me was just lucky.

Amid the chaos of the dogs milling around, one mounted me. I could hear the men yelling at some of the dogs as growling erupted, but the one on my back began thrusting at me, blindly seeking my hole with his cock. When he hit the opening and plunged deeply into me, I cried out. I wasn’t immediately sure why I did that except maybe because it reflected vividly to me what was going to be a recurring series of happenings as I was bound and spread for any and all to ravage. Ironically, it was far from a miserable experience for me. Yes, I was going to be very sore and greatly humiliated, but each dog brought me near to orgasm if not to orgasm. I was unable to stimulate myself on the knot while being tied so I was at the mercy of the dog if the contact with my g-spot was sufficient for an occasional multiple orgasms with a dog.

After what was certainly at least a half dozen dogs having mounted me, I allowed my upper body to collapse onto the padding while tied to the dog inside me. Enough dogs had mounted me to ease some of the tension in the mass of dogs still waiting for their turn that the building had become somewhat quieter. I was now able to make out some of what being said around me by the men remaining.

“When are you going to take a turn? I’ll push the dogs aside if you want.”

There was an awkward hesitation in the other man’s response. It was very strange to me that it somehow mattered to me. I was being mounted and fucked by these random dogs and previously by some of the men and I was wanting this new man to indicate his interest in fucking me like I needed another cock in my poor, abused cunt.

Finally, “I don’t know, man, I mean look at that mess. Her pussy doesn’t even close, anymore. There is a constant stream of cum leaking out of it.”

Talk about crushed. But why? I should have been relieved, shouldn’t I? For some reason. I wasn’t. For some reason, it hurt that a man didn’t at least want to fuck me while I was spread out in front of him.

After a couple more mountings, it finally happened. I wasn’t thinking about it happening, but if I had thought about it, it would have seemed inevitable. The dog that was mounting me thrust and probed at my ass. He sank his cock into my cunt with a powerful thrust and he penetrated me deeply. His frantic fucking, though, cause him to pull his cock completely out of my cunt, but his fucking motion continued while attempting to penetrate, one more. Often, the dog will dismount when this happens, but not this time. He held me firmly with his front legs even though I had no ability to move away from him. He continued to thrust when he suddenly entered me, again. It was the wrong hole, though. I screamed in protest and shock.

“NO! Not there! Oh, God, no … not there …” But it was too late. The men around me were shocked by my scream but soon started laughing at when they realized what had happened. I cried as the cock was driven deeper and deeper into my asshole. Once fully penetrated, the dog shifted into the a****listic, driven fucking only this time it was a large dog in my asshole. I gasped and sobbed and groaned at the shock, pain, and debasement of the fucking. Then, I panicked more as I felt the knot forming at the entrance to my asshole. The dog only knew what his instinct told him. He needed to knot me to complete the breeding and his actions indicated that singular desire and effort. He pressed at my ass with the forming ball of flesh. I moaned and sobbed more as I felt my sphincter being slowly, reluctantly stretched as the ball pressed against the constricting muscle protecting my anal passage.

When the knot passed into me, I moaned in relief, resignation, and a new fear of the resulting tie. I felt him convulse as my tight passage squeezed around his cock and knot, more pressure and contact he probably had ever felt. His cum spurted into my ass over and over in great, hot, jet of dog-cum. My anal muscles clamped onto the cock as my body spasmed and the muscles holding the cock spasmed, too. I completely collapse onto the padding and feared what might now happen with the knot lodged inside me. I relaxed as much as I could, but each pull from the dog after he turned on me only caused me to tense against the real sensation that I might be ripped open by the knot.

I didn’t rip, though it felt like it. It took a supremely long time, but the knot shrank and my muscles relaxed from fatigue and the knot pulled out of my asshole. I had the weirdest feeling back there, knowing my asshole was gaping open and now dog-cum was running from both holes.

“Yes, thank you, mutt.” It was a comment that came from the back and barely penetrating my dulled brain. Thank the dog for what? What did the dog do? Or, maybe he was talking to some other dog? I sighed at the strange feeling of being empty of cock in my holes and I half hoped, half wondered if the evening might have run its course.

Then, I felt hands on my ass and those hands spread my ass cheeks apart. “It’s starting to close up. This will work just fine. Her cunt is still hanging open with cum drooling out of it.” Someone else laughed. The next sensation was a cock head pressing into my asshole. This was what he was thanking the dog for. The cum in my ass provided excellent lubrication and the unknown man thrust his cock into my asshole until our bodies smacked together. The cock now invading me was much smaller than the knot that had opened me up so my sphincter closed around the cock, holding it tight as he pumped in and out. Before long, despite the dog cum, he was spurting his seed into my ass to mix with the dog.

When the man pulled out, I heard a dog whine, but it was another man who pushed his cock into my asshole. After him, another man joined in the use of my asshole, though it was now not returning to shape as quickly as it had, they must have assumed it was tighter than my over-used cunt.

The dogs must have been restrained because, after the last man, the dogs were back at me. The next several entered my cunt, though I worried each time as they poked at my behind to find the opening. After the one dog and three men, I knew my asshole was more relaxed and vulnerable to being penetrated. Sure enough, another dog found my asshole, though I was sure it was an accident. It didn’t hurt nearly as much this time and even the knot passed inside with only a little more pain and fear than the ones going into my cunt.

I couldn’t believe how many dogs had fucked me! Actually, I had no idea, but I knew it had been going on for quite a while. Fatigue was having an additional effect on me. I was awakened several times from dozing when a knot was pulled roughly from my cunt. I pleaded with the men to end it. The only laughed, of course. My cunt and asshole ached when there was nothing in them. They burned and sent sharp flashes of irritation through my body when a cock penetrated. I had cried for what seemed hours as the dogs and men continued to fuck me. At some point, my body quit. The night’s activities apparently didn’t, but my body did. My body and mind simply shut down. In my mind, it was like a bad dream where I was continually being fucked against my will. It wasn’t a dream, though. My mind just could take it anymore.

I heard voices in the far distance. I imaged people coming loudly toward me, but I could move for some reason, I couldn’t react or get ready for them. I was still strapped to the device. My eyes fluttered open to find I was still in the commons area of the kennel. I was still immobilized on the cursed device. And, there was a dog attached to me. A dog’s knot locking us together by my asshole.

Mr. Iyer’s voice came to my brain, “The bitch was used all night?”

Kabir’s response was tentative, “Yes, Sir. It seemed the dogs rested then went for her, again. Most of the men left early in the morning.”

“How many times do you think she was fucked?”

“Only God knows, Sir. She might need some attention, Sir. Her cunt and asshole are bright red and she cries every time she is penetrated now. Even when she passed out, she would cry out.”

“Thank you, Kabir. I will send Swapnil to gather her up and take care of her.”

The dog managed to pull his knot from my asshole and I heard a gasp from behind me. Then, I heard what sounded like pictures being taken. I couldn’t imagine what I look like. And, I didn’t want to image, much less actually know.

* * CHAPTER FIVE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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