Experiments With Exhibition – Part 1

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Experiments With Exhibition – Part 1

Then eventually we found a lonely fruit seller sitting near the road by a fruit bagh. He looked to be 22-23 years old boy, looking at his small beard and c***dish appearance. He was a Bihari. He stood up as we were stopping the car near him. He had a variety of fruits like orange, apple, bananas, pineapple and others.

So the ground was ready for us to play. Firstly, I asked him about the price of apples while sitting in the car. I wanted to make an impression of a high class girl. I talked to Harp in English before that guy. Then I came out of the car to check the quality of fruits.

Harp, as per our plan, told me to buy bananas, oranges and g****s for c***dren in Punjabi. The guy looked happy and started showing me the fruits excitedly. He was also noticing my figure in the transparent legging I was wearing. It was washed and brushed to near my ass and vagina region.

It was not that transparent. I washed it to make the stuff more weak and more transparent near those areas. My long t-shirt and coat was covering my ass and upper thighs. Firstly, I told him to show the bananas which were behind his back where he was standing. He turned his back.

Meanwhile, I tightened my scarf to uncover my cleavage area. Although I was wearing a coat over the t-shirt, I wasn’t wearing any bra underneath. The t-shirt was quite skimpy. I did it as he turned to show me the bananas. I told him to keep them and I want other fruits too.

He went in the middle of all fruits where he was sitting with the bananas. I bent down to check fruits with my own hands. His eyes suddenly stuck on my firm 34b boobs. I was asking him the price but he was busy looking at my boobs. To clear my area of attraction more I put the hanging scarf behind my neck.

I was showing as if it was creating trouble for me while picking fruits. He still had the bananas in his hand. I then firmly asked him to tell the price of apples. Then he suddenly came back to his senses. He was still excited and was acting like a joker while telling about fruits.

I then quickly pulled my one nipple out, not completely but the areola. And I bent again. He started staring again at my boobs. Harp was güvenilir bahis recording this all while sitting in the car. While bending more I pulled my shirt below to make my nipple out of the t-shirt more. Now the areola was fully visible and he was awestruck at that.

I then picked a banana to taste. But had it in a very slow way. His dick was now visible above his lungi as it was erect. There was a lust now in his eyes. I threw the cover there which was meant for something special for the lone ranger. I bought all the fruits one by one showing him my firm boobs and areola of both nipples.

Now it was the turn of my ass. I asked Harp where to keep the fruits. He asked me to keep them in the back seat. I opened it but as planned there were a lot of things to sort there to make room for fruits. I went in the back while the seller was picking up fruits.

I folded my tee underneath my coat. Harp also came out of the car pretending to have a call. He went onto the rough road to a tubewell from where he was not visible. I was not wearing any panty inside my legging. I asked the seller to go to the other side of the car and help me in arranging things to make space for fruits.

He went after placing the fruit polythenes near me. Now it was the idea that I was going to show him my one full boob. While displaying my ass from the transparent legging when he comes to pick every polythene. There were nearly 7 polythenes of different fruits.

The game started and I asked him to slide the thing towards me. He started doing it and staring at my boobs. I was constantly bent because of the car and my boobs were shaking while arranging things. He was having a very good time and was doing things slowly.

I pretended to place things under the seat so that I can bend more. I told him to place every polythene on the seat rather than on each other. He came to pick the 2 polythenes. Those were placed just behind where I was bending. I bent more. When he came towards me he was looking at milky round ass without any panty and little holes near shaved pussy.

He slowly picked the polythenes observing my ass from merely some inches. He was pretending to be slow and I knew the reason for that. perabet giriş More surprises were on his way. He picked the polythenes and he went on the other side. I slid my top lace from one side to give him a more pleasurable view of my boobs.

He was looking at those firm boobs and massaging his dick which was now poking. He was having a good time on both sides. Then I pretended that something went below the seat. I placed my knees on the lower door floor and spread my ass as he went back to pick.

It was my guarantee that my pussy and ass was now fully visible to him in the sunlight. It was uncontrollable for him too. On the second round, he pretended to touch my ass while picking up polythenes. I also behaved like that it was an accident and not reacted.

He was now silent and feeling little sweaty because of all the heat going around. I slid the second lace too. A proper deep downblouse show was going before his eyes. Now it was the final and last round. As he went for the last time, I jumped on the seat. I used my finger to make the hole little big around my pussy.

I spread my ass and pussy while pretending to be arranging things. He came there and stood there for several minutes. The hole was little too big and my hairs were visible to him. I was on the seat and because of that it was directly before his eyes. I then asked him to hand me the one polythene from behind.

It was all he was wanting at that point. He came closer to me behind my back and handed me the polythene. I felt his breath on pussy as his face inched closer to my lips. I told him to come on the other side for the other polythene. He came quite slowly perhaps was hiding his erect dick.

I meanwhile pulled my one boob out but hid it with the scarf. He came and I suddenly went down where I was arranging things. Then I intentionally pulled the scarf back as I did previously so that it looked natural. Tada! the firm boob with little brownish nipple was before his eyes.

I did not look at him at that point. Rather I tried to look busy and unaware. After a few seconds, I closed the door. I started talking naturally where Harp went and he was taking so much time. The seller was still perabet güvenilir mi trying to control his dick as now he was holding his lungi with both his hands.

I think his dick was quite big. He had a very good time and his face was telling the entire story. He asked me if I want more things. I told him no and asked that where Harp went. He stood up and said that there is a tubewell and he may be behind it. I then pretended to have a call and picked up the phone.

I was now talking to some didi. I was telling that we are on the way and may take 2 hours more. I added that we bought the fruits and now Harp went to some place while calling. I also said that his number is busy. I am having a pressure of pee.(“Mainu bhi bathroom da zor peya hai, didi.”)

He listened to it carefully. I told him that I am going behind him. I went on to the rough trail and reached the tubewell. There was a small room time structure and a tubewell. Harp was there and was enjoying all of that standing there and making a movie.

He said that he made another plan to surprise the guy even more. There was a large fruit bagh. He told me that he will go that way and reach the car. I pretended to be pissing. Harp will send that guy to search for me as he will be busy on his call. It looked a good plan. I was ready and excited for it.

He ran immediately behind the bagh away from the sight of the seller and reached the car. I saw him having a conversation with the seller and the seller was on his way. It was merely half a kilometer from the road. I wanted to give him a completely nude look but it was not possible.

But I wanted to make it possible. I removed my scarf and placed it on the tubewell. I removed my leggings till the toes and sat on the edge of the shack towards which he was coming. It was the plan that he will fall on me as I was just sitting where he will take a turn. I pulled my top up above my boobs.

I had a glimpse and he was just 3 feet away. My heart was pounding with the excitement of that moment. He came with his hands holding his lungi and suddenly, dhadam, he fell on me. I was facing him. It was a sudden action. Now he was lying on me.

His facing was touching my lips and he was lying on my nude body. He was awe struck at that moment. I also behaved shocked at that moment. He suddenly tried to stand up and in the moment he unintentionally touched my one boob.

Suddenly another idea struck my mind.

What did you think of this story??

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