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He was almost thirty years older than her, but over the months of chatting on the net it seemed as though the 30 years had melted away. Now he was arriving to see the woman who restored his youth, and revived feelings that had lain dormant for years. As he stepped off the plane, he took a deep breath and thought to himself, “here goes”….

She looked so adorable on cam, and yet, at his first glimpse of her in reality, he realized the cam did not do her justice-she was beautiful. They embraced. It was a hesitant embrace at first, as both were so nervous, neither one had done anything like this before.

They held hands as they went to retrieve his luggage, and within moments the hands seemed to meld into one. If hands alone could make love theirs did. Luggage retrieved, they quickly made way to her car and drove to her home.

Somehow they knew what was going to happen and she had made arrangements to have her children stay at a girlfriends home.

As soon as they were in her house they turned and faced one another, one could almost hear two hearts pounding. He took his hand a canlı bahis şirketleri gently stroked her cheek. She tilted her head back exposing the nape of her neck which he leaned in towards and kissed. It was a warm, moist kiss that made her crave for more. When their lips met it seemed as though they melted.

They fell onto her sofa. He started at the top of her forehead, gently kissing and using his tongue in a circular motion he moved to her eyes, her nose, her lips, her mouth. But the intensity of mutual pressing between their legs was electrifying, and within moments their bodies were free of clothing. He began to explore using his mouth and fingers as if he were an archeologist on a dig, unearthing a precious treasure, for indeed she was a precious treasure. Her nipples were erect as he slowly sucked on them using his tongue to circle and caress them. All the while his fingers had already begun to probe between her legs. As his index finger stroked her ever hardening clit, his middle finger was probing within her vagina. All the while slowly moving with his tongue closer to where canlı kaçak iddaa his fingers were creating sheer delight to her. When his mouth reached her clit, four of his fingers were massaging the inside of her vagina, which was secreting more fluid then she had ever produced before. Dripping he drank the juice that ushered forth. Soon his mouth was allowing her juices to drip directly into it. They had settled into a 69 position, though not the huge 20 year old stud, he was as hard as a rock.

As they devoured each other she felt a finger at the entrance to her anus, moist from her juices it slid easily inside, each probe opened her more. Then his tongue probed inside her anus as his fingers stoked her clit and probed her vagina. The pleasure was incredible as all the stimulation was like fourth of July fireworks going off inside of her. She began to spasm and squirted love juice into his waiting mouth.

But three children also took a toll. As her first orgasm reached a crescendo, she realised that she was also releasing pee. ” Oh I’m sorry”, she began to say, but he interrupted and canlı kaçak bahis said “don’t be, it comes from you I want it.” And he began to suck on her clit even with more intensity. The pleasure was too much she let it all go gushing love juices and urine into his waiting and wanting mouth. Letting go so completely was a new experience for her, one that she enjoyed immensely.

And then his tongue and his mouth went back to her anus, probing and sucking, and then he would pull his mouth away and put in his finger probing higher and higher. “Oh, it feels so good, she cried, but I’m afraid it is going to make me need the bathroom” He removed his fingers and again began to suck and probe her anus with his tongue. She couldn’t help herself, and she realised what his actions meant. This was a whole new feeling and experience for her. Her clit was on fire from his fingers massaging it. It was incredible and the tongue up her ass it was delight. And then he moaned, “I want to taste all of you…..” And she knew and slowly she released the most private of human functions into his warm moist mouth. It was total and complete letting go. As she released, her mouth clamped down on his cock as it throbbed releasing his hot warm cum deep into her throat. Simultaneously, she was releasing all that was within her as he drank and ate and tasted all that was her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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