Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 27

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** Saturday morning early **

I didn’t sleep for shit last night. I bounced from dream to dream, some of them innocuous and innocent, some of them frightening, and the one I was having now, downright dick-straightening. I think that most of them could be blamed on the prank I’d pulled yesterday on Britt, my blonde bombshell lover and business partner.

Yesterday, I had called the company phone number, catching her sleepy-headed, and fed her a line about me, an older southern gentleman, wanting to get some sexy photos of my much younger girlfriend. I “accidently” let on that the girl was none other than Becky, our comely, redheaded friend and part-time plaything. I know that Britt, Gina and Kate would all come unwound thinking that Becky had an older gentleman on the line on the side. I was also sure that my brilliant Britt would figure out it was a prank and that would give her free rein to get me back.

Anyway, if you had to finish the night with a dream, this last was the kind you wanted. I was camping alone, out in the wilderness. I was so far removed from civilization; I hadn’t seen or heard anyone for weeks. Lost in the serenity, my mind was clear and all my senses acute. The air was fresh and brisk, the smell of pines, and in the distance, the sound of running water. My internal GPS led the way, the volume ever increasing, and the air became far more fragrant, like flowers.

As I was about to emerge from the forested tree-line, the sound of the water streaming over the smooth river rocks changed; interrupted by splashing and sweet laughter. I peeked my head out from behind a large sugar pine and audibly gasped, sucking in that sweet air; she turned, having somehow heard me over the rattling of the rocks and water surrounding her. I ducked back behind the tree, wondering if isolation had led me to hallucinations. I could swear I had just seen a vision, an apparition if you will. I took a minute to compose myself before I slowly moved to take another look. She was still there, her back to me now. I blinked purposefully, making sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me, but no, she was still there.

I watched in awe; not twenty yards distant; a young girl, a wood nymph, a forest fairy, whatever, but a beautiful vision none-the-less. Slender and petite from behind, her long golden hair hung nearly to the water and as she played, it fanned and moved revealing her shapely form, a form devoid of clothing; I managed to hold back the gasp this time. She slowly turned my way and I retreated enough that I was still hidden, or so I thought.

I did have to catch my breath now as I saw her true beauty. Sans clothing indeed, her lithe form was perfection, soft and shapely, her skin golden and radiant; but it was her face, her eyes, that captivated me. Even at this distance, they shone brightly, a shade of violet that occurs rarely in nature. The brightness of her eyes was matched only by the brightness of her smile as she playfully kicked at the water, splashing the cool water on her flawless legs.

I was lost, admiring her playfulness and beauty when she suddenly stopped and stared right at me. I froze; surely she couldn’t see me here in the deep shadows, but still her eyes bore into mine and then she smiled, crooking a delicate finger, gesturing me to reveal myself.

Entranced, I stepped out of hiding and walked slowly to the water’s edge. Her eyes never left mine and her smile never wavered. I stopped where the stream washed at the bottom of my boot soles and my wood nymph seemed to float the remaining distance between us. I was statue still as she stood before me, bare-toe to boot-toe.

Her eyes, now confirmed to be the most vibrant violet imaginable were laced with golden streaks that made them even more hypnotic. The only sounds were still those of the water babbling behind her and the occasionally chirping of a bird or barking of a tree squirrel. Seemingly satisfied that she had finished reading my mind, she slowly let her gaze drop, surveying the rest of me.

I took the opportunity to do the same and cautiously dipped my head down and took in the true beauty before me. Like sculpted marble, her body was artistic purity. Her neck was long and slender, leading to a torso of womanly perfection, curvaceous and supple. Her breasts stood proud, nipples prouder yet, a couple shades darker than her golden skin. Her belly was toned and her hips pronounced and of course, those legs and her delicate feet; perfection personified.

Being a guy, my gaze returned to the intersection of her long legs. Standing so near, my sight-line was limited, but I could make out the subtle roundness, covered by a soft sprinkling of golden hair. Lost in my own mind, drawing a mental picture, I suddenly sensed once again that I was being watched. Sheepishly, I raised my head back up to see her eyes again locked on mine. Her lips tightened, changing her smile to a smirk. My cheeks flushed red; busted!

Silent still, I held my ground as she raised her hand kurtuluş escort and ran it softly over my cheek. She ran her index finger slowly over my lips and then down my chin. Pausing, I felt myself shiver, waiting for her next move; a kiss maybe? Her hands moved to my shoulders and slipped under my jacket. I let myself relax as my outer layer slipped from my shoulders to the ground. Next her hands went to the buttons on my shirt. Her fingers grazed my chest as she went from button to button. Once again, her hands went to my shoulders and I relaxed again as my shirt sloughed off, piled on my jacket. Her eyes met mine once more and I visibly shuddered as she ran her hands down my chest, pausing to run her fingers around my nipples and again pausing to playfully poke inside my belly button. I thought I heard a light snicker, but her eyes never changed, never left mine.

I inhaled deep, gasping as one hand rested flat on my belly at the top of my pants, her other hand on my belt buckle. Again, her eyes never left mine, but one eyebrow arched slightly in reply. I swallowed hard as I felt her expertly manage my buckle, her stare unwavering. I didn’t dare break ranks with her, even as I felt the button on my khakis pop free and the sound of the zipper joined that of the babbling stream.

Following the trend, my pants unceremoniously dropped to the ground around my ankles. Her hands returned to my hips, balanced on the elastic band of my boxers. I closed my eyes briefly, waiting for her next move, and this time, I’m sure I heard her titter quietly. I opened my eyes and caught her in the act this time, gazing down at my boxers. Now I’m not sure if she was taking delight in the fact that my BVD’s were adorned with little yellow Woodstocks, the Peanuts character, or the tent I had involuntarily pitched in my shorts.

Her eyes moved back up slowly until we were once again optically connected and then she smiled devilishly; I had no option but to smile back. I wanted to say something, get the conversation started, but was pulled up short when she suddenly kissed me softly. Her warm, moist lips paused briefly on mine and then she began her downward trek. First my chin, then my neck, and onto my chest, deviating slightly to visit each nipple. Slowly she made her way; kisses stacked one below the other. I felt her tongue dart out and probe my belly button when she kissed it.

When she came to the top of my boxers she paused and I finally thought to look down; I’d been looking straight ahead all this time, holding my breath. Her eyes still on mine, her lips on my lower belly, I felt her hook her fingers between the elastic and my skin and felt the cool air as she slowly worked my bird adorned briefs southward.

She glanced down briefly when progress was somehow impeded and then looked up at me, again, that devilish stare, as she drew the elastic band outward and my stiffness sprang free. This time she did giggle as my cock, released from its confines bounced off the bottom of her chin. I felt my underwear flutter down to join my khakis and then damn near exploded as I felt her delicate hand wrap around my throbbing cock.

Forced to look down now, she was looking back up at me, her smile bigger than ever and her violet eyes were on fire. I sucked in my breath once more and held it as she opened those perfect lips and her delicate tongue reached out, tickling the tip of my cock, flicking the bead of pre-cum onto her tongue. She winked before she diverted her eyes, and opened her mouth and slowly took me between her sweet lips.

“HOLY SHIT!” I cried out, the sensation was so intense. I felt my cock being consumed until her delicate nose pressed against my belly and a familiar feeling on the head of my cock jarred me awake. I struggled to focus as I lifted my head slightly.

The sound of the rushing waters was replaced with the ravenous slurping sound of wet lips and saliva on hard cock. Blonde hair cascaded over my lower region, partially blocking my view, but there was no doubt that my beautiful Britt, my own sexy nymph was the one pleasuring me.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and as she continued to minister my hard-on; mouth, tongue, lips and hands working in harmony, I blinked furiously trying to focus. As my depth of field returned, I was treated to a landscape that always makes my blood flow southward.

Britt was kneeling beside me, placing her unequaled ass within easy reach. Legs slightly parted, her pussy beckoned and her puckered pink star perched above, winked teasingly. I ran my hand up her firm thigh and her pussy lips visibly quivered. I palmed her ass cheek, massaging it gently before starting at the crease on top and slowly letting my middle finger slip down her lovely crack. I let my fingertip linger, resting on her precious pucker which kissed my fingertip, inviting it in. I turned down the invitation and continued downward. Her pussy glistened, her excitement shimmering on her inner lips that peeked levent escort out from within.

Concentrating on the task at hand wasn’t easy as my lover consumed me, determined to drain me. I gathered a bit of her essence on the tip of my finger and traveled the perimeter of her impatient pussy. Her clit snuck out and Britt moaned on my cock as I rubbed it gently. Momentarily distracted, she gave my balls a cautionary squeeze as her throat massaged the tip of my cock.

I wasn’t long for this world and my male ego wouldn’t let her just have her way. I gently spread her lips with two fingers, marveling at the sweet nectar that began to trickle toward her clit. My girl was truly tuned on and I couldn’t let that alone. Slowly I slipped on finger between those wanting lips and her pussy immediately sucked me in.

Britt growled, the vibrations on the tip of my cock nearly sending me over the edge as she drew her lips up my length, her teeth gently scraping the underside. I answered with another digit planted deep inside her hot snatch and then let my thumb spread her slippery goodness over her distended clit.

That got her attention as her pussy hugged my fingers and she let my cock come up for air; “Fuck yeah,” she panted, rocking her ass back on my hand. Britt whipped her head around, flinging her hair over her shoulder and her blue eyes, three shades darker than normal, bore into mine. She gritted her teeth as she fucked herself on my fingers until she had her first orgasm out of the way. “You gorgeous fucker, you,” she laughed and then turned back to my cock and took me deep.

“Fuck me,” I moaned as she worked my cock like the world depended on it. Her talented mouth and tongue deposited lubrication enough to keep her pumping hand in nearly constant motion. My cock jumped when I felt her cup my wet balls with her other hand and then slowly slip the tip of her middle finger in my ass.

My reaction caused her pussy to flutter, awakening my fingers still comfortably resting inside her snug snatch. Determined now to get her off once more before abandoning all hope, I petted her pussy from the inside, crooking my fingers and teasing her G-spot, that spongy trigger I could now find with ease.

Aware of my counter-attack, Britt doubled her efforts and was fucking my ass with her thankfully slender digit while stroking and sucking my cock till hell wouldn’t have it.

I concentrated on my simultaneous probing and petting, frustrated that I couldn’t contort myself enough to reach up and give her asshole the attention that would launch her clean out of the bed.

Equal to the task, Britt had me on the brink as we raced to see who would throw who over the finish line first. I could feel it all the way to my toes while Britt felt my balls begin their retreat and it felt like my cock doubled its girth.

Making the final turn, my dream girl held just the head of my swelling member between her lips and stroked firmly, willing my cum out of me as her finger tickled at my prostate, a sensation I’m still unsure of. I was afraid I’d pass out from blood loss to the brain, it felt so fucking good and I was ready to throw in the towel.

“Fuck Britt,” I groaned. Digging in my heels, I arched my back suddenly, completely taking her by surprise.

Hanging on, Britt lost her hold on my cock as my change in elevation forced my ready-to explode cock back into her mouth. Meanwhile, I had a death grip on the sheets with one hand, and my other, still working overtime on her impending climax, somehow hit on the perfect combination of pressure and motion. “Britt, Britt, Britt…” I cried through gritted teeth as I felt my cock unload in her mouth as she was trying to scream out when her orgasm took control.

Unable to move or push off my fountain of cum, she swallowed time and again, only prolonging my pleasure. Meanwhile, in our climactic contortions, I’d unknowingly connected the circuit between her g-spot and clit and her entire body quaked a spontaneous seizure of sexual release.

After what seemed like an eternity, both our bodies relaxed. I collapsed back onto the bed, Britt, her head in my lap with my spent cock resting on her cheek.

When my head cleared, the blood returning to my brain, I grabbed another pillow and tucked it under my head. Looking down my torso, I found Britt, her head resting on my right thigh and, looking up at me through half-closed eyes. My flaccid cock wiggled as I felt her tickle it with her tongue.

I reciprocated, running my hand over her ass and sneaking a little poke at her pink pucker. She moaned and giggled at the same time before stretching and then slithering across me until we were eye to eye. Her moist lips sought mine and our tongues danced as we held each other tight.

“Good morning,” she whispered in our kiss.

“Yes it is,” I replied, running my hands up and down her sides.

“That was incredible,” she said as she propped herself up on one maçka escort elbow, her piercing blue eyes zeroed in on mine. “I’ve never cum that hard from being fingered,” smiling and running a finger over my lips.

“Yeah,” I said as I kneaded her ass cheek with one hand while the other grazed around her exposed breast. She shivered as I barely made contact with her nipple; “That was like the perfect storm. I was cumming so hard, what with your finger up my ass and my cock in your throat; I’m not sure where my fingers ended up.”

She leaned down for a soft kiss; “Yeah, well it was perfect and we’re going to have to practice and see if we can do that again,” smiling wide before stealing another kiss.

We lay there, kissing and petting and I would have been content to spend the day right where we were, but the big shoot ahead soon interrupted our reverie. “Well,” she said, stretching like a pet feline, “I suppose we better get up and get this show on the road.”

“I hate it when you’re right,” I groaned, stretching beneath her before giving her a swat on the butt.

“Ow, Daddy,” she squealed in her little girl voice as she jumped out of bed and made for the bathroom. I was close behind, loving the bouncing view ahead of me.

Beating me to the massive shower, she flung opened the door and stood at the controls where I caught up with her. The shower I’d built was a bit over the top, to say the least. Big enough for a dozen of your closest friends, it offered everything from a gentle rain, complete with sparkling stars above, to a cascading waterfall. There was even a massage wall with adjustable oscillating jets that could do just about anything your twisted mind could conjure up. “So what will it be today, Daddy?” she asked, still in character.

I stood behind her and nestled up to her soft behind. She wiggled and giggled as I rested my soft cock in her butt crack and my chin on her shoulder; “Well, since we don’t have much time before we hit the road, we should probably just take a regular shower.”

She mumbled her disappointment as I reached around her and made the appropriate valve combination until the shower head above in the ceiling rained down on us. “Here,” I said, reaching around her again for the shampoo,” I take it we need to wash your hair for the shoot today.”

“Oh goody,” she laughed and bounced up and down, working her slick ass over my awakening cock. I spun her around and told her to stand still as I began the process.

Washing a woman’s long hair has always been a turn on of mine and all three of my roomies love nothing better than the personal attention of someone massaging their scalp and running their fingers through their hair, not to mention the teasing and tormenting that goes along with it.

I have also gotten quite skilled at shaving legs and pussies and the first time I perform this little service for them, they swear that they’d almost forgo sex in trade for that pampering. We’ll probably never know though, as everyone is so worked up when I’m finished that a good fucking is the only option at that point.

I was standing in front of Britt and running my hands through her soapy locks while she had both hands on my cock, determined to get another rise out of me. A cool draft of air washed over us and we shivered as two sexy, naked visions joined us.

Gina and Kate stepped in on either side of us and wrapped us in a group hug as the water rained down on us. “We heard the shower running, so we figured we’d join you and save a little water,” Kate, our long, dark haired pixie giggled as she ran a hand over both my and Britt’s butt cheeks.

“Yeah,” Gina chimed in as she did the same. “We figured a good group hair washing session would be a neat way to get the day started.” The statuesque Amazon kissed both our shoulders and gave another big hug and a squeeze before giving us both a little love swat on the butt; “Come here sweet cheeks,” she said to her bed mate,” let’s get started on all that long damn hair of yours.”

Kate giggled as she slipped around us and joined Gina beside us under the falling waters. Gina grabbed the shampoo and started the Herculean task of washing the nearly four feet of thick black hair. “Damn, I think your hair must grow a couple inches every day,” Gina grumbled with a smile.

“Yeah,” Kate rebutted, reaching up to tweak one of Gina’s perfect D-cups; “but I didn’t hear you bitchin’ about it when I was whippin’ your sweet pussy with it last night!”

Both Britt and I cast a questioning glance at them and Gina replied as she continued to work the suds through her little lover’s hair; “Yeah, that was hot. Britt babe, you’ll have to try it. Kate had me all worked up, licking me and fingering my pussy when she suddenly jumped up, sat on my tummy and whipped my pussy with her hair, like one of those S&M types would do with a riding crop or something. It felt fantastic, kinda feathery and light, but still hard enough to get your clit hummin’.

Britt laughed as she both visualized the sight and felt my response to the story, my cock trying to worm its way into her ass crack. She turned and grabbed hold; “Sounds hot, huh babe?” Kate and Gina looked down at my hard-on wrapped in Britt’s hand and licked their lips simultaneously.

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