Escort – Getting Dirty with my Pimp

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This is part three of a continuing story about a young hypersexual Filipino girl who is working as a prostitute for a pimp who gets inside her head with his manipulative and controlling nature, and sexual prowess.


I had a real long night. My client was an insatiable animal and clumsy…dude kept me up and fucking for hours. He left me in the hotel room to catch an early morning flight, and, after a few hours sleep, I ended up getting kicked out by the maid. When I got home, there was a message on my phone from BJ telling me to come by and square up meaning he wanted his money. We met up about twice a week, more often if I was holding a lot of cash. He was waiting for me in the driveway when I drove up, and we went inside.

He had gotten new furniture since my last visit, and I noticed he had added an expensive looking bronze statue to his bookcase. While BJ was getting me something to drink and a snack, I went over to check it out. It looked like pure evil. The figure had the upper torso and hands and arms of a brutish man. The legs were of a cloven hoofed animal, and the head and neck belonged to a horned bull. The penetrating eyes were rubies, and a large, erect penis jutted out from the beast’s loins.

BJ saw me looking at it and said, “That’s Baal, a pagan god of fertility. He’s mentioned frequently in the Old Testament.”

I smiled, figured BJ would have something like that in his living room. “Uh huh, he looks badass. So did they sacrifice virgins to that Baal dude?”

BJ laughed at that, “No, no, I don’t know about sacrificing virgins, don’t think they did, but Baal’s priestesses were into dancing naked and masturbating in front of him during their religious celebrations in his temple. I suspect these were mostly staged as an excuse to have a big fuck fest.

BJ invited me to sit down, and I gave Baal another once over before I took my seat on the new leather sofa…creepy thing gave me shivers. I gave BJ his share from last week, which included the money from Jack, and of course he wanted to hear all about it.

I tried to downplay the experience, but BJ was wise to me…he had already talked to Jack.

“So, Jack told me you two had a really special afternoon. He said he thought you really liked it, and he wants to see you again real soon. How come you gave up your little brown rosebud for $500? I think he would have paid more.”

God, this guy knew how to piss me off. “Christ BJ…you’re the one who set the price. Yeah, I would have liked to have gotten more, but what the fuck?” Secretly I was happy Jack backed me up about the extra money he gave me…nice to know who you can trust.

BJ then got all defensive, “No, no…I’m just saying, you need to drive a tougher bargain. I’ve told you you’re something special, and you can demand more if you think the dude can pay. So anyway, are you gonna tell Richard someone beat him to that cherry?” He laughed…thought that was really funny. What an asshole…

“No, and don’t you tell him either. I did this as a favor to you.”

“Naw girl, that ain’t right…favor to me? The coach lit you up, as I knew he would, and you made money too. Life is good. But your secret is safe with me. Richard don’t gotta know nothin. You need anytime to rest up tonight? I know you didn’t get much sleep last 24 hours?”

Yeah, BJ…appreciate it. Have you got someone to cover? I’m gonna get some sleep. If you get a late call, I’ll be good to go about midnight.”

BJ stroked my hair and gave me a peck on the cheek, “Thanks Emma. I appreciate the loyalty. Liz the nurse is off tonight, and on call, so is Karen. I think we got it covered. Do you like working with me so far?”

“Yeah BJ, this is good. I’m happy.”

BJ smiled, “That’s good to hear. I got a call from one of my old producer friends in the porn industry over in West Hollywood. He wants to do a remake of that 1970s gang bang/orgy movie, ‘Playroom.’ He offered me a role, and he wants me to find him some female talent. How do you feel about that? Could be a big break for you.”

That sounded interesting…hmmm, “Yeah BJ, I’m up for that. What I would have to do?”

“Well, since you got no acting experience, you won’t have a leading role. You might be one of the orgy girls, just giving head and getting fucked. The movie opens with a young couple checking out a house for sale who get taken prisoner by a couple of dudes and their girlfriends. etiler ucuz escort The boyfriend gets tied up and forced to watch while all four party with the girl. She gets it good…humiliated, teased with sex toys, lesbian shit, and ends up begging for it…services them all. I can see you in that role…you gotta good voice and could handle a couple lines, like ‘No, no please don’t,’ and ‘Ahhhhh, harder, fuck me more, aaaahhhh.'” That was BJ being funny.

“I’ll give you a copy of the original on disc if you wanna see it. The pay won’t be much, but I gotta feeling you’ll get noticed, especially if you can get that opening scene. The thing about you, you can handle big dick…take it in all the way, and you like it. A lot of those girls can’t, and even though they look the part, big ass, big tits, and all that, their sex looks phony and dull on screen…little girl like you, tight hard body, nice firm little titties with them pointy chocolate drop nipples, you poppin that fine ass up and down, those dark pussy lips gripping cock and taking it all the way to the hilt, little asshole winking and begging for a fuck? Shit, dudes wanna see that…it sells. And now we got that anal hurdle out of the way. By the way, how do you feel? You sure you’re okay back there?”

I kinda scrunched up my face, “Yeah, I’m good. Jack was nice, and he really seemed to know what he was doing. It hurt like hell though when he first put it in me, but he was slow and patient with me. I actually had an orgasm before we finished. I got stretched pretty good, and my butt still feels different…maybe just swollen. I’m not sore, but aside from that, everything is good. I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad I did it with Jack. I wanna do it again too.

BJ hunted around for a few minutes and found the DVD for me, and there was one more thing before I left. Unless he was busy, BJ always wanted to fuck when we met to square up. He gave me the look, and I just nodded, excusing myself to use the bathroom. I looked forward to this.

I undressed, and after I peed and washed, I stood in front of the mirror for a moment trying out some sexy posing. I had put a couple of light brown highlights in my hair, something I never did before, and I really liked the way it made me look so different…like I was a woman of mystery…a spy or contract killer. Since I began working for BJ I changed; I felt different, like always hypersexual. When I wasn’t doing it, I thought about doing it. I had always masturbated a lot, but now it was constant…like I couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t just the excitement of sex with the customers, that could be real good like it was with Jack, or real bad with an overweight, clueless drunk. It was BJ.

At first I found him arrogant and abrasive…didn’t like him, but he had a way of getting to me…and that was fucking. He was magnificent. Now it was like I was under some kind of a spell, and he could do no wrong. Last week, he knew I had an evening out planned with Richard. He called me up about an hour before our date, telling me to meet him to square up. I had planned to just pay him what I owed and leave right away to meet Richard. It didn’t go down that way though. I broke my date, fucked BJ, and then handled two out calls, getting home at 4:30 in the morning. I just wanted to please him. Richard was pissed off. He knew his partner was fucking me, and I hadn’t heard from him since.

During the past few weeks, I got to know him a little. He had been involved in the adult movie business as an actor, director and producer. He showed me some of his videos…only one that he performed in, and he was hot…fucked some beautiful blond girl silly. He told me she had been his girlfriend but was having head noise about hooking and doing pornographic movies. So BJ sends her to a female psychologist, and she ends up going lesbian with the shrink…and then when BJ doesn’t pay the bill, the doctor sues him, too funny. He was most proud of his work behind the camera. When I watched those with him, he explained to me what he looked for, and what he tried to achieve with his direction. He was all about detail and perfection, like sex was his art.

I continued gazing at my naked reflection…everything was perfect. BJ saw to that. After I started, the first order of business was my bikini area. BJ took me to a salon and had me waxed, showing the aesthetician exactly what he wanted. etiler üniversiteli escort All that remained of my thick bush was a narrow strip of hair, cut to a half inch, that covered my pubis and ended at my clit. Everything else, including my labia and anus, was hairless and smooth. In addition, I had regular manicures, pedicures, and foot scrubs. My eyebrows were done for me every couple of weeks. I went to the salon for a massage after each of my weightlifting workouts, and my skin glowed golden brown from regular sessions in the tanning booth. The days of eating junk food were over, and my body showed it. I was in my physical prime, more athletic and sexy than I had ever been. I knew was allowing myself to be controlled, and that could be a disaster. I didn’t care.

I heard the bedroom door close, which meant BJ was ready for me. Suddenly my knees started shaking. I steadied myself by grabbing onto the shower door. In my mind’s eye, I visualized him standing by the bed, motioning for me to come to him. His cock erect and throbbing…an angry serpent glaring at me with that cyclops eye…ready to take me for breeding, soiling me with its thick white sperm, leaving me panting and wanting more. I was breathing hard…a flash of warmth washed over my genitals. I felt myself, and I was wet. I shook my head, “C’mon, be cool…can’t let on he has power like that over me,” but I think he knew.

Regaining outward control, I entered the bedroom, and BJ was standing with his back to me. He was naked, illuminated by a single dim light in the corner. His long black hair, that cute, tight little ass, his lean, muscular body, almost the body of a young athletic boy, but it was his penis. Without it, he’d be just another man, but the phallus…that made him a god, my Baal, and I was it’s pagan whore.

I approached him quietly, my bare feet sinking into the thick white carpet, and when I got close enough I reached out and touched his shoulder. He remained motionless, “Kneel.”

I knelt down before his buttocks, and without being told, I licked, nipped, and kissed his ass. I rubbed my breasts against the backs of his thighs and stroked his legs with my hands, occasionally touching myself. After a few moments, he hooked the drawer of the nightstand with his toes and pulled it out, stepping onto the folded linens with one foot which exposed his testicals. Words were not needed, I knew what to do.

I took his scrotum with my hand between his legs and massaged him, first one ball, then the other. I reached around him and ran my other hand up and down his stomach before moving to his erect cock. After I played with it briefly, he leaned forward. That was my cue to move behind him, so I could lick his testicals and jack him off between his legs from behind. My face was right in his asshole while I pleasured him, but he was clean…always clean. Whenever we did this, we’d joke about it after fucking, with him calling me “the trombone player,” and me calling him Sgt Pepper.

After a few minutes, he sat on the bed, and I knelt between his legs to use my mouth on his cock. With his erection the tip of his dick had slightly emerged from its thick, dark foreskin covering. I began by grasping him and licking and kissing up and down on the shaft, gently pushing down the thick, dark foreskin and exposing a large, pink glans, wet from a steady flow of clear pre-ejaculate. I flicked the tip of his dick rapidly with my tongue before taking him in my mouth. Eager to please, I sucked on him while he held my head in his hands and stroked my hair, telling me how pretty I was, and how much he was going to enjoy fucking me. He told me he loved my tight cunt. He asked me if I was happy to be selling my body and giving him the money. He told me he was pleased that I had given my ass to the man he picked for me. He asked me if I liked it when Jack put his dick in my ass, and to all this I just nodded, “Yes,” while I pleasured him. He told me he was going to sell my ass to ten sweaty, dirty men, and he would watch them fuck me. He asked if I would be okay with that, and I nodded, “Yes.” I tried to masturbate while I blew him, but he caught me and pulled my hand away from my cunt, “No little whore, just your mouth. Don’t touch without permission.”

When he was ready, he laid back on the bed, and I crawled on top of him, smothering his body with kisses, and bites. He enjoyed fatih escort it when I dragged my titties over his torso and genitals, imagining my nipples were little paint brushes, and when he let his guard down, I attacked his nipples. He was extremely sensitive there, and when I got one of those little “mammaries” between my teeth, I tortured him with my tongue until he overpowered me. He punished me by tickling my feet.

We soon ended up in the 69 position with me on top…show time. I positioned myself so the light on the night stand would illuminate me, and I began to move my ass to an imagined rock beat, flexing my vaginal muscles and sphincter, making a show for my lover. I was sucking his cock and at the same time teasing him, keeping my sex just beyond the range of his tongue. Occasionally i’d reach back and finger fuck or spread myself, so he could see the wet, pinkish warmth that awaited him.

He could take just so much in the way of teasing, but It wasn’t long before he locked his arms around my hips and pulled me to him. With his nose pressed against my butt, he used his mouth on my clitoris and vagina. While he plumbed my pussy and licked my clit with that long tongue, he used his upper lip on my anus. Being the male animal that he is, he tried to penetrate my ass with his tongue, but I tightened up. I didn’t mind having my ass licked, but that was my limit.

With BJ’s tongue elsewhere, I pressed my genitals hard against his jaw, grinding my sex on him while I gave him head. His cock was a thing of beauty, and I was gagging myself trying to take it all in. I couldn’t get enough of him. For a change of tempo, I would rub it all over my face and drag my long black hair over it, bathing myself in pre-cum.

When BJ was ready to take me, he rolled me onto my back and moved between my legs, opening me wide by holding me behind my knees. I felt pressure from his cock pressing against my vagina and drew in a deep breath as he looked into my eyes and entered me. I drew in a deep breath and whimpered, clutching my nipples…it was like his penis was charged with electricity. When that thing was buried all the way inside me, he put one hand under my shoulders and held my ass with the other, and we fucked.

I clamped my legs around him, digging my heels into his hips and hugging him tightly, locking my hands together with my arms under his armpit and around his neck, meeting each one of his rhythmic strokes with gasps, moans, and pelvic thrusts of my own…taking in all of that big dick and fucking like my ass was on fire.

While he was doing me, he would be saying all kinds of shit, like telling me. “Work that hot pussy, yeah that’s my girl…oooh so fucking tight.” Then he began French kissing me and using his tongue on my neck. He knew from experience where I was most sensitive, and it wasn’t long before he latched onto my neck with his teeth, just below my ear, and breathed softly through his nose into my ear while he sucked on my neck like a vampire. That drove me to my erotic limits, and I moaned and gasped loudly, fucking harder and faster.

BJ knew my preferred position of intercourse was with me on top. Sometimes he accommodated me…sometimes not. Sometimes I would force the issue, and on this occasion, when his balance was just right, I used my martial arts skill to flip him to his back. Now on top, I arched my back while grinding my clit on his pubis. BJ fondled my breasts, occasionally pulling me down to him, so he could suck my nipples and finger my anus. He had me in this position when my orgasm hit, and I climaxed with a series of spastic contractions, thrashing wildly atop him while he held me.

I was still coming down from my orgasm when BJ put me on my back. He put my feet against his muscular chest, held my ass up off the mattress, and continued to fuck me with long steady strokes. As he approached ejaculation, he collapsed on me, driving his throbbing cock into me as it spurted and filled my cunt with his thick, white sperm.

We both dozed off in each other’s arms after our love making session, and when I awoke, it was getting dark out. His limp penis was still inside me. I wiggled free from his unconscious embrace without awakening him, and dressed quickly. Before leaving, I went to the bathroom, wetted a washcloth, and returned to clean him.

I gently dabbed his penis with the warm, wet cloth and wrapped it around him. He was awake now, and just laid motionless on his back while I took care of him. I stopped abruptly when I felt him regaining an erection, finished with a couple of quick kisses, one on his mouth, one “down there,” and I was on my way. Weird thing though…as I walked through the living room, the red eyes of Baal seemed to follow me. Christ, I needed to sleep.

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