Erica’s Man: The Wedding Night

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We got married in August, and the day was perfect. Everything that needed to go well, did. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the party was amazing. Most of all, my bride, Erica, was perfection. She always is, of course. She’s 28, slim, slightly above average height, with small but pert breasts and a pretty face. Her legs are firm and toned, and so is her bum. That day, she seemed to transcend beyond her normal gorgeousness though, leaving me stunned. Her long strawberry hair held in waves and her dress… I’d never seen a more breath-taking sight as when she walked down the aisle.

The DJ finished at half past midnight, and our guests began to make their way to their rooms in the hotel. After almost everybody left, there were a few of us still up, namely my wife’s younger sister Alice, my brother and his wife, Erica’s brother Alan, and a female guest he had been working on unsuccessfully all night! As it reached 2am, the last of decided to make our way up to bed. I, of course, was very ready to head to the bridal suite, as I was looking forward to finally removing that beautiful dress from my new wife. Alan offered to walk the other guest back to her room, and my brother and sister-in-law took their leave.

At last it was just me, Erica and Alice. We all headed upstairs together. Alice’s suite was next to ours so she walked upstairs with us. As we were about to say goodnight, she pulled a thoughtful face, before asking, “I hadn’t thought about the buttons. Would you mind if I came in and perhaps your new hubby can help undo them for me?”

I looked at the back of the dress. There were a lot of buttons, as there were on the back of Erica’s bridal gown. In fairness, there was no way Alice would be able to unfasten them all herself. “It’s ok with me,” I answered, looking to Erica for guidance. Normally I’d have been all for this. Alice is five years younger than my wife at 23, but similar in build and not dissimilar in looks, but with slightly larger breasts and a rounder, very pert bum. Helping her to remove her dress would offer me the opportunity to get a good look at her shapely legs and that bottom. She was also looking stunning today, a vision as chief bridesmaid. Plus, she obviously needed help, but I was very much looking forward to removing my new wife’s gown!

“Of course it’s fine!” Erica laughed. She and Alice had always been close, and I knew she’d respond the way she did. I unlocked the door and we all headed into our gorgeous bridal suite. The large bed took up the majority of one half of the room, but the rest of the suite was plenty big enough, with a table and chairs in one corner, a sofa by the wall and of course a large dressing table by another.

As the door shut, Alice suggested that actually we should both help Erica with her buttons first. I was about to argue, as I had plans for as soon as I could get enough buttons undone, but she continued, pointing out it would allow Erica to get herself ready. She gave me a pointed look at that, and I saw Erica nod out of the corner of my eye, so I bit my tongue and we set to work unbuttoning all ninety-something of the buttons on the dress.

I started at the top, and as I revealed more and more of my new wife’s back, the inevitable happened and I felt the blood start to redirect to my cock. It was a little awkward, knowing that Alice, who was unbuttoning on her knees right next to me, could almost certainly see the bulge in my pants growing. Still, this was my wedding night, so I contented myself with the thought that with Alice’s help, Erica would be out of the dress twice as fast.

Sure enough, soon Alice and I met in the middle. We both grasped for the last button, and her hands closed around mine. She quickly pulled away, grazing my erection as she did so. Looking up at me, she blushed and must have seen me do the same as she giggled and murmured an amused, “sorry,” as she stood up and turned around.

Erica looked around as I undid the last button, and seeing Alice had her back to us, stepped out of the dress and turned to face me. Braless, her pert breasts showed rock hard nipples, telling me she was as horny as I was. Her wedding lingerie was a beautiful pair of almost see-through lacy panties and a similarly lacy garter, which caused my erection to strain against my pants again.

“You look beautiful,” I whispered, and she smiled back, before pressing herself against me so I could feel her hard nipples against my chest, and planting a long, sensuous kiss on my lips.

As she stepped away again, I noticed her panties were growing a dark, moist patch at the front and I almost pulled her back towards me, until she reminded me, “Sort Alice’s dress out now. I’ll just get ready in the bathroom.”

As she turned away, I turned my attention to her sister, waiting patiently by the sofa with her back to us. Looking at her dress, a long, pale blue, I was glad to see that while there were plenty of buttons, there were nowhere near as many as on Erica’s. I started anadolu yakası escort from the bottom this time, working my way up and Alice silently stretched her arms out in front of her. As I came up to her bottom, the dress started to open up, allowing me a perfect view of her pert, round arse. The buttons kept going and I was able to enjoy the unfolding view of her bum framed with pale blue, lacy thong panties. I kept unbuttoning, revealing her also braless back. She groaned in satisfaction as the tight dress loosened, and then caught me by surprise as she leaned right forwards, pressing her arms against the arm of the sofa. I had to step forwards to unfasten the last couple of buttons, and my crotch pressed against her bum. I was relieved to realise my cock had at least drooped to a semi, although it began to twitch again as it nestled between her cheeks. I could only hope she couldn’t feel it.

The last button came loose just as Alice straightened back up, and the entire dress fell to the floor around her. She jerked around and as I stepped quickly away I couldn’t help seeing beautiful, perky breasts fully on show, rock hard nipples poking out above a flawless body, toned and slim with a couple centimetre gap I couldn’t help noticing between her thighs. She stared at me for couple of seconds, before she slowly but deliberately covered her breasts. I stammered an apology.

She smiled and chuckled. “It doesn’t matter. We’re family now. I’ll go and tell Erica I’m out of my dress.” A quick glance to my crotch told her I was fully erect again, and she smiled to herself as she lowered her arm to her side, showing me her breasts, before she stepped around me and headed to the bathroom. I assumed Erica would give her a towel or something to go back to her room in, and I began to undress, laying my jacket on the sofa and removing my shoes, before taking off my tie and unbuttoning my top buttons, making myself comfortable for Erica’s return.

Erica came out of the bathroom quickly, closing the door behind her. She kissed me and then stepped back, holding something behind her back. I admired her almost naked body for a second, and then asked what she had behind her back.

“All in good time,” she responded, before directing me to take a chair from under the table and sit on it in the middle of the room, facing away from her. I did as I was told, and was almost immediately blindfolded. “Won’t be a second,” she whispered, and a few seconds later I heard her open the bathroom door, and shortly afterwards the room door opened briefly and then closed again. Alice must have left. Idly I wondered what she’d used to cover up.

Sat in darkness, I could only wait for what would happen next. My erection strained in anticipation. Soon, I felt Erica’s lips against mine, as she kissed me, long and deep. She whispered to me to keep my hands by my side, as her hands roamed my body, first unbuttoning my shirt, before moving to the clasp of my belt. She undid this and unbuttoned my pants, before pulling them down. I lifted my feet and she removed them, before pulling off my socks. She stood again between my legs and then climbed atop to straddle me. Her breasts pressed against my face and I sucked and licked her hard nipples as she ground herself against my rock hard cock. Her lacy panties and my boxers did nothing to hide the fact her pussy was sopping wet as she slid back and forth.

After a minute or so, Erica climbed off again and immediately pulled at my boxers, revealing my thick, eight inch erection. My cock was throbbing with the need for her, and she duly obliged, climbing back on top of me and guiding my cock smoothly into her drenched pussy. She slid on easily, moaning loudly in pleasure as my whole eight inches entered her, and then started to grind and circle, a method she always used when she was desperate for orgasm but wanted me to last longer, as it provided minimal friction for me. I could feel her panties had been moved to one side rather than removed completely, which, if anything, was even more of a turn on, having seen her in those lacy knickers earlier. I returned my attention to her nipples, as having them sucked while she rode me was a sure-fire way of bringing her to climax. Sure enough, after only a few seconds I felt her tense and she moaned loudly as she came hard, clinging to me and kissing me hard.

After a few breathless seconds, she climbed back off me, easing herself off my cock now soaked in her juices. I reached up to remove the blindfold, eager to continue. Just as I reached, she grabbed my hand. “Not yet,” she whispered into my ear, and I let my hand return to my sides. A couple of seconds later, I felt her hands on my legs, pushing them apart. She crawled between them and her hand closed around the bottom of my cock. Her other hand cupped my testicles as she guided my length down and I felt her warm, wet mouth enclose the head, sucking her juices off it. She took it out of her mouth and licked around the shaft, arnavutköy escort lapping up her cum, before returning the head to her mouth and beginning to suck as her hand started to move up and down my length. Erica didn’t often go down on me, so I quickly felt myself nearing orgasm. I whispered to her to let her know, and she silently gave one, final, long lick from the bottom of the shaft right to the eye of my penis, sending shivers through my whole body as she tasted the pre-cum oozing from me.

Shuffling back, she moved from between my legs, and seconds later I felt her step across me. This time, she stayed stood up though, and I felt her bottom against my chest. Placing her hands on my knees, I sensed her leaning forward, and the delicate musk of a wet pussy entered my nostrils. Ducking my head slightly, I kissed her bottom, following the shape of her until I was able to kiss her soaked panties. I trailed my tongue along her wet groove, and heard a low moan. One hand moved from my knee and I felt the panties move to one side, allowing me access to her sweet pussy. I kissed, first, before licking along her groove several times, moving from the hole all the way up to her tiny arsehole and back. Unable to quite reach down to her clitoris, I lifted my hands and moved her forwards slightly, allowing me to reach my tongue down to her clit, which I began to flick with my tongue, drawing small moans of pleasure.

Soon, the moans began to increase in intensity, and she finally removed a hand from my knee to take hold of my cock, guiding herself onto it as she lowered her wet pussy back onto my length. I groaned as the moist warmth enveloped my cock. She lowered herself slowly this time, and I heard a small gasp as I filled her further. She felt tighter this time. Perhaps after her first orgasm she’d satisfied herself more than she expected. Her tight pussy wasn’t fully taking me, and she began to slowly move up and down on me, her tight wetness sending waves of pleasure through my cock. I decided now was the time to move my hands, and I reached around to massage her clit with my right hand as she rode me. My left hand reached higher, grasping at her chest. Something felt… different, somehow. I put it down to the angle, and began to play with her hard nipple.

The feeling of her tight, wet pussy gliding up and down on my cock was incredible. Her right arm wrapped sensuously around my head and pulled me into a deep kiss, her tongue wrestling with mine. I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer. Then, as she slid up and down, finally reaching the bottom of my shaft and fully impaling herself on my cock, I felt her cup my testicles and take one into her mouth.

I know. It took me a second or two to move past the pleasure to realise. If she was kissing me… whose mouth was sucking on my balls? I began to reach for the blindfold when her left hand grabbed mine and held it hard against her clit. In my confusion I hadn’t realised her moans were getting louder. She was nearing climax again. Her kisses were deep and intense and her movements spoke of a fervour for orgasm. I felt the mouth release my balls and a tongue ran up the length of my shaft onto her pussy.

Suddenly I felt a hand on each side of my head and the blindfold lifted. The scene was one I could never have imagined. The face I was kissing, whose nipple I had between my fingers, whose clit I was rubbing, whose pussy was grinding on my cock, whose moans of orgasm suddenly screamed out of her mouth as her back arched and her cunt flooded over me, was Alice. Between her legs was the tongue of their cousin, Kasey, her long, red curls framing her pretty face as she licked up and down my shaft and Alice’s pussy, still wearing her long, royal blue dress.

“I want tonight to be the best night of your life,” Erica whispered down my ear, her hands coming to rest on my shoulders and her breasts pressing against my head as her sister orgasmed on my cock. Needless to say, the whole scene was too much for me, and I unloaded with a groan, cum spurting into Alice’s wet cunt as we came together.

As Alice’s orgasm subsided and she relaxed against me, my erection inside her right to the balls, Kasey slowly, sensuously lapped up the combination of my cum and Alice’s as it seeped from her. I’d always known that Erica and her cousin had experimented briefly in their late teens, but it would seem Alice had no reservations about her cousin’s tongue either, suggesting Kasey had helped both sisters with their experimenting.

Alice turned her head to kiss me again, and then slowly climbed off me, my cum dribbling down the inside of one of her thighs. Kasey took my length in her mouth, sucking Alice’s juices from the shaft. After a moment, Erica joined her on her knees before me, and the two took it in turns to keep me erect following my orgasm. Alice draped herself over my shoulders from behind and we alternated between kissing and watching the two licking and sucking on my hard cock. When it ataköy escort became clear I wasn’t going to lose my stiffness, Erica began to kiss Kasey, running her hand up and down my cock as she did so. After a few moments, Erica guided Kasey to her feet and, her hand still wrapped around my cock, guiding me to follow, led us to the bed. As they stood I was reminded just how short Kasey was. She’s beautiful, with brighter, flaming hair compared to her cousins’ softer colour, but really small, at less than 5 foot tall.

Reaching the bed, Erica released me and lay herself down on her back, shuffling on far enough that when she crooked her finger at Kasey, Kasey could climb onto the bed on her knees close to the edge. Erica spread her legs and Kasey immediately understood, wrapping her arms beneath Erica’s legs and burying her face in my wife’s soaking pussy. Erica moaned loudly and I could see the pleasure on her face. Clearly Kasey knew exactly how to pleasure her. I felt Alice’s hands wrap around my cock as she knelt in front of me, and then the warmth of her mouth as she wrapped it around the head. Slowly she slid me further into her mouth and began to suck. Erica fixed her eyes on mine and then glanced down at my throbbing cock, which was now buried deep into her sister’s mouth. She pointedly moved her gaze from me to her cousin, and smiled at me.

“Alice,” she said. Alice released my cock from her mouth and looked round, slowly running her hand up and down my shaft. “I think it’s time Kasey got fucked, don’t you?” Erica very rarely talks dirty, so this sentence on its own was enough to have my erection straining to grow even further than it already was.

Alice turned on her knees and shuffled over behind Kasey. Taking hold of her cousin’s dress, she lifted it up, over her hips, to reveal a perfect, pert arse, hidden only by a lacy, royal blue thong. Kasey’s pussy was clearly soaking wet, and as Alice slowly peeled the thong down, eyes locked on mine, it stuck for a second in the moist area before uncovering a glistening, throbbing cunt, desperate to be fucked. Alice ran her tongue the entire length of the sopping crevice, bringing a long moan of pleasure from Kasey. She reached out again and took hold of my shaft, guiding me forwards to stand behind their cousin. I had an amazing view of Kasey’s head buried between my wife’s legs and the whole length of Erica’s beautiful body, ending with her beautiful face creased in pleasure, and her blue eyes fixed on mine, as my cock slid into Kasey’s waiting pussy. Alice’s hand slipped up beneath me to rub her cousin’s clit. Kasey must have been very ready, as less than ten seconds after I entered her warm wetness, I felt her contract and she arched her back, her head lifting from Erica’s clit as she moaned so loud it was almost a scream to match the intensity of her orgasm.

I continued to thrust in and out of Kasey as her orgasm subsided and she returned her attention to Erica’s pussy. I could feel myself building to another orgasm soon too, as I slid in and out of her tight hole and watched my wife’s face contorting in pleasure. I could tell she was beginning to get close to cumming too.

Erica caught my eye and held my gaze.

“Alice,” she said, not taking her eyes from me. “Come here.” she continued, and then paused, staring intently into my eyes, before she continued, “I want to lick my husband’s cum out of my little sister.”

This sentence nearly made me cum again on its own. Alice stood slowly from where she had been knelt next to me, and climbed onto the bed. Slowly, she crawled around so that she was facing towards me, her face above Erica’s. She kissed her sister, and then slowly, seductively, watching me the whole time, crawled forwards until her pussy was above Erica’s face. She knelt up, allowing me to see the whole bodies of both of them. My thrusts were unconsciously getting faster and I could hear Kasey’s moans getting quicker and louder as I pounded into her. Slowly, Alice lowered herself almost onto Erica’s face, and I watched as Erica wrapped her arms round Alice’s legs and pulled herself up, her tongue reaching out to lick a bead of my cum which had escaped from Alice’s pussy. As Erica’s mouth continued up Alice’s leg and reached her tight pussy, Alice moaned and put her arms behind her head, arching her back slightly to allow Erica better access to her clit, and me an incredible view of her beautiful body.

Watching my beautiful wife tonguing her sister’s pussy, hearing Alice’s moans of pleasure, the sharp gasps of Kasey as my cock slammed into her, faster and faster, mingled with the muffled moans of Erica as Kasey expertly licked her wet cunt, all combined with the tight, slick walls of Kasey wrapped around my cock, not to mention the sheer sight of what was happening, soon brought my second orgasm of the night as I unloaded deep into Kasey’s body. I held myself tall, with my cock buried into her right to the bottom of the shaft as I groaned in ecstasy. Erica came almost immediately afterwards, Kasey continuing to lap her juices as she cried out. Alice must have been close, because as Erica relaxed after the orgasm, she lowered herself further, almost demanding Erica continue, and as Erica resumed her tongue work, Alice ground herself against Erica’s face, herself cumming just a few seconds later.

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