Eric and Yaz Pt. 02

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This is a continuation of the Yaz saga, a story of how I started sleeping with my neighbor.

A couple nights passed since our first encounter, each ending with me falling asleep thinking about how good Yaz’s lips felt sliding up and down my shaft. Sunday morning I was up early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I started thinking about Yaz before reaching down to jack myself off.

It wasn’t until my fingers started slipping past my waistband to fix the tent that had formed when I thought of a much better alternative. It was early but not that early, so I took a chance and sent a text.

Heyyy… are you up?

I went to make coffee while waiting for her answer and came back to a notification.

Ya, I couldn’t sleep in

Same. Still sleepy but I’m up in more ways than one. Wanna come over and tell me my music’s too loud? 😉

Pfft not a chance, I might be awake but I’m not leaving this bed for anything in the next couple hours


Yes, anything 😛

I snapped a picture of my erection and hit send with a caption “What if all you had to do was open your door?” Her response was almost instant.

Looks like you’ve got a bit of a problem there…

Sure do. I don’t know what happened it just started growing and now I’ve gotta do something with it but I can’t figure out what…

Hmm well I can think of a few things ;P

I can too but SOMEBODY doesn’t wanna get out of bed to let me in…

Well what’s in it for me?

Haha don’t be coy, I know you enjoyed yourself time 😉 I bet you’re already wet and ready for me aren’t you?


I got a picture a moment later of her in bed, two fingers sliding just beneath her panties down to a massive wet patch that had formed on the front. She was teasing me unmercifully with her sopping wet pussy and I couldn’t take it.

Looks şişli grup yapan escort like you’ve got a problem too. Let me come up there and help you take care of it, I’ve got just the tool to fix that leak

Mmmm I don’t know, I’m so wet I think I’m going to need a pretty big tool, you think you’ve got what it takes to get the job done?

Yaz, if you open that door for me I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll be stuck in that bed all day

A couple minutes passed before I finally heard back.

It’s unlocked 😉

I raced up the short staircase in my briefs, not bothering to even get dressed for the quick hallway excursion. Up the steps three at a time, then my hand on the door knob and a gentle push on the door as I twisted the knob and entered.

“Yaz?” I whispered, unfamiliar with her apartment and groping around in the dark.

“I’m in here. Hurry up, I wanna see what all the fuss is about…”

I rounded the corner and spied her in her bed, covered up in blankets and looking like the most cute and comfortable snack. She rolled over and feigned trying to get back to sleep as I walked over and slid into bed with her.

“Oh no you don’t, not when I just got here.” I slid my arms around her as I came in behind as the big spoon, then pulled her into me. My cock nestled between her ass cheeks as my hands started exploring her body. I couldn’t see her face but I could hear the smirk turn into a smile of pleasure as I ran my left fingers lightly over her panties, my right hand massaging her right breast all the while.

“Mmmm… this is a nice way to wake up…” she moaned and whimpered as I added my mouth to the mix, slowly and gently kissing her back and the base of her neck. As my lips worked their way up past her shoulders, my fingers slid beneath her waistband. şişli masöz escort Wet and slick, my fingers found her pussy and I lightly caressed her outside folds and clit, teasing her.

When my lips reached around her chin, my right hand moved to grab her by the ponytail. I pulled her hair back and forced her to turn her head and face me, my fingers massaging her clit the whole time. Yaz stared into my eyes and licked her lips, giving me the go ahead even if things were obvious at this point. In one motion I went in for the kiss and pushed two fingers deep inside her, giving her the penetration her tight little pussy had been craving.

“Ohhhh fuckkkkk…” Yaz moaned and her eyes rolled back as we broke our kiss, my mouth going back to lick and kiss her neck as my fingers fucked her into submission.

“Does that feel good baby?”


“Do you like it the way I play with your hot little pussy?”

“Yesss Eric don’t stop.”

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you, you were moaning too loud”

“Don’t stop, mmmm your fingers feel so good…”

We started making out again so I took a quick break to redirect her hand to my throbbing cock. She grabbed it eagerly and started massaging me through my briefs as I kept dry-humping her ass from behind.

“I want to fuck you so bad but I didn’t bring any condoms…”

“It’s ok, I’m on the pill.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want you inside me, please”

“I wanna make you cum first baby, cum all over my fingers for me.”

“Ohhh that feels so good…”

“Are you close?”


“Say my name when you cum”


“Say my name when you cum Yaz”

“Ohhh fuck Eric I’m cumming…”

I could feel her pussy spasming around my fingers. I pulled my briefs to the side and let her bare şişli otele gelen escort hand feel my shaft. I put my hand over hers and together we guided my cock to her sopping wet hole as she came. Just when her orgasm was subsiding, I pushed my hips forward, entering her for the first time and pushing deep into her well-lubricated cunt.

We both gasped and moaned at the feeling of filling up and being filled up, every inch of my thick shaft gripped tight from all sides despite warming her up with my hands, both of which were now cupping handfuls of her breasts as I pulled myself as deep as I could inside her.

“Ohhh fuck Yaz you’re so fucking tight baby…”

“Mmmmhmmm, oh god you’re so fucking big… oh fuck your cock feels good.”

We started fucking in earnest, my fingers squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples as my shaft slid in and out of her pussy. It was like our bodies were meant for each other, the head of my cock going as deep as it could without hurting her while we moaned into each others mouths as we tried to make out. The kissing became sloppier and sloppier until our tongues were wrestling outside our mouths, our bodies in full sensory overload.

“Yaz I’m gonna cum baby, you feel so fucking good.”

“Mmmm cum inside me, don’t stop Eric.”

“Ya baby you like it when I fill you up with my hot sticky cum?”


“You like it when I fill you up like this?”


“Are you my good little slut Yaz? You want me to come fuck your brains out like this whenever I want?”

“Yesss Eric do whatever you want to me just cum inside oh fuck I’m so fucking close…”

With a few final pumps, I gripped her body tightly as my cock twitched and pulsed, sending shot after shot of cum inside her, her pussy clamping down and massaging my cock as Yaz came at the same time.

Spent, we separated and laid back in the afterglow, a small puddle dividing us.

“Ugh, look at this mess now I’ve gotta do laundry again.”

“Haha well was it worth it? You did seem to enjoy yourself…”

“Yesss…” she smiled and rolled her eyes before reaching over to play with my softening dick. “So, are you ready for round two?”

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