Enticed Pt. 06 – In The End

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The following is the sixth part of the story of my time in the early ’90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

A couple weeks later I remembered something I’d seen in some of the cheaper girly magazines. Some women sold underwear in which they had supposedly made themselves wet or in which they had cum, thus depositing their juices and scent. That gave me an idea.

That evening, while Blaise was otherwise occupied, I grabbed a couple pair of his underwear. He’d taken to wearing the same bikini briefs I wore. I took them to the bathroom and began jacking myself off, visualizing the last time he had sucked me off on the patio. I remembered that as an especially good one. I was able to watch his mouth move up and down on my cock and his tongue circling and licking my head.

When I came I grabbed first one then the other pair of his underwear and deposited my thick cream into each one liberally. When I was empty I hid them in my own underwear drawer in his spare bedroom where I kept almost all of my clothes these days as I spent three or four nights a week at Blaise’s house.

I let them dry for a day, then folded them normally and laid them atop his other underwear in their normal resting place.

The next day as we were climbing in to his truck at lunch, knowing he was wearing one of the two “marked” pair, I asked him if he felt anything different in his crotch.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“You’ve got a load of my cum in your underwear right now,” I informed him.

The look on his face was priceless.

“Oh! My God!” he exclaimed. “We aren’t going out for lunch. We’re going home! I want you now!”

It was barely three minutes before we were in his carport. I had undone my belt and pushed my jeans down on the way. I knew what he wanted. I wanted it, too.

His mouth was on my cock almost before his truck was in Park. I just sat and watched his head bounce up and down as my cock moved in and out of his hot, wet mouth. I shot my sticky load into his throat within two minutes and proceeded to go down on him.

I hungrily devoured his meat to its base and throated him hard and heavy until I felt his cum pulsing into my mouth.

We could suck each other so efficiently now that every drop was accounted for; there was no need for clean-up.

“Wow!” was all he said as he pulled his underwear and pants back up.

A few minutes later we were in the Burger King drive-thru.

“How do feel about ass-play?” I asked.

“Well, you know I’ve never been a big fan,” he said.

“How do you feel about me doing some ass-play?”

“I’ll be happy to watch you do just about anything,” he admitted.

I knew that most gay men engaged in anal sex. And, of course, anal wasn’t limited only to gay men. Plenty of straight couples did anal with both female and male being on the receiving end. I also remembered Blaise telling me early in our relationship that he had no interest in anal sex. But, I wanted to give everything a try. And, I wanted Blaise to be involved in everything I tried.

If he didn’t want to participate, that was OK. If it was only me fucking myself with a rubber dick, so be it. But, I wanted to try.

That night I showered as soon as I got home and headed to the living room in nothing but a towel. Blaise already was eating a microwave dinner of some kind.

He was unfazed by me appearing in nothing but a towel. It was hardly unusual. But, he wasn’t ready for the lube I had in one hand and the eight-inch dildo I had in the other. If it had been only the lube, it wouldn’t have been unusual. We already were beginning to entertain the idea of keeping a bottle of lube in every room in the house. But the dildo was different.

This was the same dildo I had used to learn cock-sucking and deep-throating techniques over the last few weeks. It was eight inches long and almost exactly the same circumference and girth as my own dick. So, I was well acquainted with it. I had explained already that I had used the dildo to practice deep-throating techniques and had demonstrated them for Blaise. He loved to watch me perform with Eight-Inch Eddie, the name I’d given the dildo. But, he didn’t know what was coming next.

“Let me guess,” he said. “You want to try something?”

Apparently, I’d said that very phrase a few times too many.

“To say the least,” was my only response as I lay back on the couch opposite my friend and lover.

“Wait,” he stopped me. “You know if you’ve got Eddie out, you have to let me see him go down your throat. That never gets old.”

“And you know that you can watch me swallow your cock any time you want,” I countered.

“But, I don’t go that far down your throat and half the time my eyes are closed.”

“Let me get a drink,” I said. I left my towel on the couch and headed to the kitchen.

I came back with a glass cihangir escort of water to get my mouth and throat good and wet. I lay back on the couch and dropped Eddie into the glass of water.

I pulled the dildo out and leaned my head under it to catch the water dripping off it. I moved up to grab its head from below and pushed it in.

Blaise grunted quietly as I pulled it out and licked Eddie from his base to his head and immediately pushed him to the back of my throat. I stared my friend in the eye as I swallowed seven inches of Caucasion-colored latex. I felt my throat bulge and I made a show of making the swallowing motion with the dildo in place.

I looked up to give Blaise a good view of the bulge and began a slow fuck of my mouth and throat. I slid the dildo in and out from my front teeth to halfway down my throat. Blaise loved to see the bulge appear and disappear.

I still wasn’t able to get it all in. I was at just seven of its total eight inches. I’d been practicing without Blaise’s knowledge. I wanted to get it all in. But, I was happy that I could get that seven inches in without gagging. And, I’d been working on the speed with which I could pump it in and out. I could pump it in and out of my throat as fast as my arm could push it. I really could fuck my throat fast and furious.

I was slowly building up to that speed for Blaise now. Once I reached it, I spent a couple minutes fucking my throat as fast as I could. He loved watching that.

When I finally pulled it out, he had his hard dick out rubbing it absent-mindedly while staring at my mouth wide-eyed.

Now, that I had that out of the way, it was time for my experimentation. I lay back on the end of the couch on my towel and pulled my knees up. I squeezed some lube on to my finger and spread it between my ass cheeks. Then, a generous amount went on to the latex cock.

I pushed my middle finger through my tight sphincter as far as it would go. I slowly stroked in and out for a minute before adding my index finger, then my ring finger. None of these were difficult or even painful as I’d primed myself in the shower. When I was ready to add my pinky, I pulled them all out and pushed the head of the dildo against my slick asshole.

Blaise watched still wide-eyed as I made the head of the rubber cock disappear. It was larger than my three fingers had been. The sensation made me suck in a deep breath.

“Just like with deep-throating, if I can get this in, I can handle you with no problem,” I told him as I felt this first bit of pressure from the head of the fake penis.

“Well, after this, I’m going to have to replace Eddie for your deep-throat shows,” Blaise said.

“You get whatever you want to see me swallow,” I said as I continued to penetrate myself. “I’m always up for a new friend.”

The stretching the dildo forced on my anus was almost painful, but surprisingly pleasant at the same time. My entire abdomen clenched as the rim of the dildos head spread my tight hole. Once it went in, though, the pleasure spread through my entire body. The intense swollen, filling sensation was an amazing new experience that I never wanted to end.

After just a few strokes in and out, I could feel my cock growing. The sensation, the pressure was enormous. I pushed the dildo in deeper, harder, faster. My dick grew harder and harder with every thrust.

Blaise’s eyes were glued to my asshole and the latex phallus impaling it.

“Mmm,” I moaned as my breathing grew heavier. “Come down here. Jack off on me. Or, let me suck you. Something.”

Blaise could only stand beside me by the couch, his pants dropped to the floor around his ankles. I switched to pumping my ass with my left hand and groped for his cock with my lube-slick right. He was hard as a rock and I squeezed and rubbed him roughly, matching the pulsing rhythm of fucking my own ass.

In what seemed like only seconds I felt my cum pulsing through my shaft and hot loads shot out on to my chest, a couple drops even hitting my chin. I kept up my pace with both hands, reaming my ass and jacking his cock. In another second, Blaise exploded on to my chest. I milked him slowly until he was empty, also slowing the work on my anus.

I tried to leave the dildo in my ass, but my sphincter muscle began pushing it out in a few seconds. It remained clean as I had planned for this with a deep warm enema while I was in the bathroom.

“God! That was so sexy,” Blaise said. “I – I never thought anal was very sexy. But, watching you was – . Good God! Now I want to fuck you hard! And, have you fuck me!”

“Let me go clean my dildo and we’ll get started on fulfilling that dream,” I said. “I’m nothing if not your genie in a bottle.”

“Let me go take a shower first,” he said.

“I’ve got another enema if you want to clean up inside, too.”

“I never thought of that. Is that why that came out so clean?”

“Yeah. I got two enemas in the package,” I said. “The other one’s esenyurt escort still beside the sink in the bathroom.”

We both headed to the bathroom. I showed him the enema and told him what to do while I washed the dildo. I also told him to use a soapy finger or two on himself to loosen and stretch himself a little. I left my friend to his cleaning and headed to the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Blaise came out of the bathroom. I had the lube and towel ready and already was on my knees on the bed.

“Who gets it first?” he asked, sounding a little nervous.

“I thought it might easier for you to do me first,” I said. “I’m already stretched out.

“If you change your mind after that, that’s OK. Actually, you can change your mind now if you want. I don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Gee, where have I heard that before?” Blaise asked as he crawled on to the bed.

I bent down and began sucking his dick as he wasn’t quite fully hard. He remained on his knees and I reached between his legs to finger his asshole a little while I rocked my head up and down on his cock. He ran his hands up and down my back and up through my hair as I bowed before him.

In a couple minutes he was as hard as ever. I handed him the lube and assumed the position – ass up, face down.

I jumped a little when the lube first hit my ass.

“You could have warmed it up a little,” I complained.

“Sorry. It’ll be hot enough in a minute.”

I felt nothing for a moment, presumably while Blaise was greasing up his hard dick. A second later I felt fingers on my ass, a thumb pressing in. The pressure built rapidly, though I knew he was moving slowly. He didn’t push in. He was just playing, I guessed.

Then I felt something thicker, wetter. He was gliding his cock head up and down along my crack.

“Are you having second thoughts? Or, just having trouble finding it?” I asked.

“Shut up. I know exactly where to put it,” Blaise said, slapping my ass with his meat whip. “I want to play a little.”

In that instant he pushed the tip of his dick hard against my tight hole. Even though I’d just had a thicker and longer dildo deep in my ass, feeling his cock pressing against me was enough to make me gasp and arch my back. I guessed I had begun tightening up since my last invasion. He pushed harder. I relaxed as much as I could and in another second his glans was fully inside me.

The sensation was different from the dildo. Blaise was smaller, yes, and thinner. But, there was something else.

He slowly pushed into me. I could feel my own cock getting hard again.

Without going all the way in, Blaise pulled back again and I felt the cold lube on my skin where his meat joined me. And, then he was moving back into me. Back and forth he slowly rocked.

Then I realized the difference. Blaise’s skinny cock had its own heat. I could feel the fire of his cock moving inside me like a hot drink going down my throat. The dildo was never any hotter than I was. It could only take on the temperature of its environment. Blaise gave me his own heat, filling me with fire and desire.

I pushed back against him, wanting him deeper.

“Am I too tight?” I asked.

“No,” he breathed. I was so wrapped in my own sensations, I hadn’t noticed he was breathing heavily. “This is amazing! Where has this been all my life?”

“You can go deeper or faster if you want to,” I said, breathing heavily myself. “I don’t think you’ll hurt me.”

He picked up a little speed and pulled my hips back to push in deeper. I don’t know how deep he actually was. But, I knew he had more. I wasn’t feeling his pubic hair yet. If I could take my dildo, I knew I could handle all my friend had to give.

I reached under myself past my stiff cock and swaying balls and grabbed his hairless ball sac.

He let out a gasp as I touched it. I couldn’t hold it tightly as he pumped in and out of me. I just let his balls rock back and forth caged in my loose fingers. That’s when he really picked up speed. With each thrust I felt him push deeper, his fire spreading into my abdomen.

I rose up on both hands to hold myself steady – and to push back for as much as I could get. Blaise gripped my hips tightly. His breathing became ragged and he began grunting with every thrust when he felt his balls slap against my taint.

“Come on, B!” I grunted. “Let me have it!”

“Cumming!” he wheezed, sucking in a mouthful of air.

I wasn’t sure I would, but, I felt his hot goo fill my ass in hard, rushing spurts. He was grunting with each thrust and continued, I think, until he couldn’t breath anymore. He dropped his face to my back and I could feel his hot breath on my skin. After a couple minutes he started to move.

“Don’t move,” I begged. “Leave it in as long it’ll stay.”

Blaise said nothing. He just laid his head back down on my back. I reached back and massaged his empty balls. He moaned at the sensation.

I etiler escort could feel that he was losing his erection and all at once my tight hole pushed his spent cock out, wet with lube and sperm.

We rolled over and lay there listening to each other’s heavy breathing for a long time. It wasn’t until I hit the sheet that I realized I apparently had cum hard all over the bed beneath me.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just done. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t tried it before. And, I couldn’t wait to do it to Blaise. But, we needed a while to recover from that.

When we finally stirred, we found that we’d been laying there nearly 30 minutes. Blaise headed to the master bathroom and I got us a couple drinks from the kitchen. I set the drinks down by the bed and went to the other bathroom.

“Are you ready to fulfill the other part of your wish?” I asked as I returned to the bedroom.

“You’re going to kill me yet,” he said handing me my beer.

“We can wait until tomorrow,” I said. I was a little spent, too.

“No. I want you to feel how great that was,” he said.

“And, I want you to know what I felt.”

We lay on the bed and slowly sipped our drinks.

“We’re going to have to get you stretched out a little before anything goes in there,” I said.

“Do you want me on my knees,” he asked.

“No, just lay on your side and put your leg up,” I directed him. “I’ll take care of everything.”

I spent a couple minutes just working on his limp cock. It wasn’t responding as quickly as usual. I assumed I’d really worn him out this time. So, I licked my way over his balls and sucked one of them into my mouth for a minute, sucking on it like candy. Then I moved to his taint and found his tight hole.

I’d never given Blaise a rim job before. But, I figured if I was going to fuck his ass, he needed all the prep I could give him.

In a minute, he had my dick in his mouth. But, he wasn’t going at it like a starving man, his normal method. He was giving me a slow, careful, loving inspection with his tongue. I lifted my leg to give him better access. Fingers immediately were pushing against my recently reamed ass.

I licked him from the tip of his slowly hardening cock over his balls to as far up his ass crack as I could reach and spent a long time on his tight hole. I pushed my wet tongue in as far as I could. Then I wet my middle finger and slowly pushed it against the wrinkles of his sphincter. He moaned a little and pushed his hips toward me. I could feel his moan through my meat in his mouth.

I pushed a bit harder until the very tip of my finger was inside him. It went in more easily than I had expected. I guess he had worked himself over in the shower. I licked around his asshole while my finger remained motionless. I pushed a bit more until the first knuckle disappeared. Blaise moaned a little at that. Then I began slowly thrusting in and out.

By now Blaise’s mouth was barely moving. But, my cock remained in it.

I pulled my finger out and squirted some lube on his now puckering hole. I quickly pushed my finger back in before the lube could run anywhere. Blaise let out a louder grunt, muffled by the cock in his mouth.

After a few slow thrusts, he seemed to push back, almost grinding his ass into my long finger. I bent my finger and found his prostate. I rubbed over it with each stroke inward. I felt his dick twitch and his sphincter loosen slightly and started fucking him more rapidly. On one out-stroke I pulled my middle finger out completely, squirted some more lube, and pushed in both my middle and index finger at once in the same rhythm. This brought a loud gasp and Blaise had a white-knuckle grip on my dick.

“God, give me the real thing,” he said hoarsely after a few minutes of being fucked by my two fingers. “I want your dick in me. I don’t care how big it is.”

I ignored him and kept up my work stretching his asshole. He had to be stretched before being impaled on anything the size of my dick or he might be hurt.

I continued my casual stroking with two fingers. After another minute or so, I added a third finger. His moan was long and pronounced when I added the extra girth. I had three fingers pumping in and out of his ass fairly rapidly and he was taking – and enjoying – every thrust. He was ready and I was steel-girder hard again at the prospect of making love to my dearest friends ass.

In a few seconds we both were on our knees. I slathered lube all over my stiff cock and fingered my friends spread ass with more of the slippery stuff.

I spread his cheeks a bit and slid my stiff cock head up and down against his tight asshole and along his ass crack. Slowly I pressed my head against the wrinkles of his sphincter. I pushed a little at a time until he began to relax and more and more of my cock pushed in.

My thumbs were placed strategically on either side of his asshole and I pulled him apart to allow my meat to push into his puckered hole.

At first, the tightness was painful. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it in. I reached around Blaise’s hips with one hand and grabbed his now stiff cock. I began stroking him lightly. I knew if I took his concentration away from his ass, made him think about sensations from somewhere else, he might relax a little, maybe just enough for me to get inside.

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