Enslaved in Fairfax County Ch. 03

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Of course Gretchen keeps me naked around the house these days. Now, you might think that this isn’t as embarrassing as being naked in public, however you probably don’t know how determined Gretchen is to humiliate me.

For starters, there’s a stark contrast between me and Gretchen. She goes around the house fully clothed, whereas I am constantly naked. I’m not even allowed to have any pubic hair. According to Gretchen’s rules, pubic hair is a form of clothing and if she finds any on me (even stubble) I’m punished for disobeying her rules.

Then there’s the way that she’s always having me answer the door. Seeing as how Gretchen is the only one who’s dressed, you’d think that she would get the door when somebody knocks, but Gretchen wants me to be humiliated, so she orders me to answer the door every time.

To make matters worse, she’s placed a number of orders with toys4lust.com. And every time the order arrives in the mail, I have to sign for it.

Gretchen had talked to the UPS delivery person who services our neighborhood and told her that a naked girl might answer the door at our house, but the first time I answered the door naked she just stared at me for about five minutes before she thought to hand me her signature capture pad and asked me to sign for the package.

However after five of six (or is it seven?) times, she’s no longer shocked to see me answering the door stark naked. Now she smiles, greets me name and has me sign for the package and if it’s one of those big, heavy packages, she helps me lift it and bring it inside the house. And she always tells me to “have a nice day” before she leaves.

It’s very humiliating exposing myself in front of a total stranger like that (and also risk being exposed to neighbors who might be driving by or walking down the sidewalk in front of my house), but it’s also very arousing. As scared as I am to answer the door stark naked, my nipples are swollen and erect and my pussy is wet every time. Indeed if it were okay with Gretchen and the UPS girl, I would gladly bring the UPS girl into the house and have her violate me again and again and again. She could use her fingers or her tongue or a wooden broom handle. I really wouldn’t care.

Unfortunately the UPS girl is too professional to ever lay her hands on me. A few times I’ve caught her staring at my shaved pussy, but she’s never touched me and I can’t touch her without Gretchen’s permission.

Mrs. Lassiter has also come over a few times, and I’ve had to answer the door naked to let her in. She used to blush and stammer when I answered the door like that, but she’s starting to get better too.

It seems inappropriate to me for me to be naked and sexually aroused in front of Mrs. Lassiter. She’s old enough to be my mother, but being naked and exposed and helpless in front of anybody seems to cause massive sexual arousal in my body. The fact that Mrs. Lassiter is almost forty years old doesn’t seem to make any difference to my traitorous body. My heart still beats faster and my clit gets hard and swollen and my nipples get so swollen that they ache whenever Mrs. Lassiter comes over and witnesses my naked humiliation. And the fact that she can see my wet, swollen pubic lips every time she comes over just makes me even more humiliated and more aroused.

Her visits are never sexual in any way. She mostly asks how Gretchen is treating me and about my relationship with her daughter. I think she’s worried that Dawn will become “corrupted” and start treating me like Gretchen treats me. Mrs. Lassiter is a big believer in human rights and would probably be upset if her only daughter sexually and physically abused one of her best friends.

Dawn herself doesn’t come over very often. Although she did one time come over with her digital camera to take photos of my naked body.

I’m not exactly certain what Dawn wants those photos for. Dawn has never claimed to be gay, but seriously why would she want photos of one of her friends in the nude if not to lust over them? Of course I was sexually aroused at being exposed to Dawn and her digital camera. A quick look at any of her photos should show that my outer labia were swollen and plump and my inner labia were exposed.

However more significant than any visits by Dawn or Dawn’s mother or the UPS girl are the visits we’ve gotten from Dana.

Dana has a way of making me feel more naked than most women. She really dresses to impress. Expensive and stylish clothing that would allow her to fit in at any of the fortune 500 companies; she looks sort of like an important executive or powerful government figure. At any rate, she exudes authority and self-confidence and perhaps a little bit of arrogance.

And the way she looked at my naked body made me feel like she was evaluating all of my flaws and assets and deciding how much she’d be willing to pay for me if my naked ass were sold at a slave auction. She made my pussy wet when she looked at me like that, but she also made me nervous.

After she dispensed bayrampaşa escort with polite greetings with Gretchen and me, she set her handbag down on the coffee table and announced, “Gretchen I have a business proposition for your slave.”

I noticed that Dana didn’t speak to me directly. She apparently wanted to diminish my status by allowing Gretchen to make all of my decisions for me.

When Gretchen indicated that she was interested in Dana’s proposal, Dana went on to explain that a number of her friends had pooled their money and created a website called www.punishedbeauty.com. The website was brand new, but when it opened for business they planned on selling monthly memberships for thirty-three dollars each.

“So, what does this have to do with Diane?” Gretchen asked.

“We’d like to have her under contract to be one of our models,” was Dana’s reply. “We have a computer expert who set up and maintains our website, two photographers, a business manager to deal with all of the taxes and payroll and boring stuff, we even have some models that can play dominants, but we need models that can be submissive and deal with being punished on camera.”

“And you want my permission to use Diane?”

“Exactly, we’d love to have her. After witnessing what the two of you did at Diane’s birthday party, she seems ideally suited to out needs.”

Gretchen seemed to think about this for several seconds. Then she began to ask Dana questions.

Just off the top of my head I remember Gretchen asking how much money they would pay me for appearing at one of their photo shoots. Gretchen also wanted to know when these photo shoots would be scheduled. She wanted to know how time-consuming they would be. She also wanted to know if she could meet the dominant models. She wanted to know what sort of things they would do to me in these photo shoots and she wanted to know if there could be a contract written up that would guarantee what would NOT be done to me in these photo shoots.

Dana was organized and well prepared for every question that Gretchen had. And indeed I was getting somewhat enthused about the idea of becoming a model for Dana and her friends.

First of all the money they were paying was quite a bit. If they brought me in for three or four photo-shoots a month, I’d be making more money than I made working at the bank.

Secondly, I’d have an excuse to spend even more time exposing my naked body in front of clothed people. And I now seemed to have reached the stage where I was addicted to being naked and observed. I wanted to have the feeling of being abused and sexually exploited that came from being the one naked person in a room full of clothed people. And I couldn’t get any of that at my job at the bank.

“Diane, if this works out you could quit your job at the bank,” Gretchen said, seeming to read my thoughts.

I nodded my head numbly. I could hardly believe this was really happening. It sounded very much as if I would get paid for doing what I love to do!

“I’d like to take some photos,” Dana said as she pulled a small, digital camera from her handbag. “We have photos of all the models we have so far. And of course the investors would like to see what Diane looks like before they draw up a contract for her.”

“Go right ahead,” Gretchen said, giving Dana permission. Nobody asked me if it was okay, and in a way I found that exciting. My nude body was being used by Gretchen and given to Dana. My opinions about how my naked body was to be treated were totally irrelevant.

Dana looked at me with a predatory grin and licked her lips. “On your knees,” she commanded me.

And once I was kneeling on the carpet, she added more commands. “Spread your legs,” she said. Then she ordered me to place my hands behind the back of my neck and thrust my elbows back while thrusting my breasts forward. She also ordered me to straighten my spine and spread my legs even wider.

“That’s good. Hold that position,” she said and then proceeded to take dozens of pictures of my naked, exposed body from different camera angles and different camera settings.

It was a difficult position to hold for long periods of time, but Dana didn’t care about how physically difficult it was for me. She only cared about getting the idea shots for her camera.

“I love the way that this position causes her breasts to stick out,” Dana said, “but I’d like it if her nipples were more pronounced.”

“Oh, that’s easy,” said Gretchen, and then she proceeded to walk over to where I was kneeling and she grabbed each of my nipples and proceeded to pinch and yank and pull on them until I gasped and whimpered in pain. My arms twitched and shuddered and my elbows jerked forward. Then Gretchen ordered me not to break position.

“Sorry, Mistress,” I replied through gritted teeth, and forced my elbows back again, and thrust my tits out as much as I possibly could.

“Perfect,” Dana said as she observed my now swollen and erect beykoz escort nipples. “This will make her photos look even sexier.”

Eventually Dana had enough photos of me in what she called the “open kneeling” position and then she had me stand with my legs far apart but keep my hands behind the back of my neck and my elbows back with my breasts thrust out. This was simply called the “open” position, and it certainly kept every inch of my body open for examination, fondling or punishment. My breasts, ass, torso, pussy and even my inner thighs were exposed and vulnerable to anything that Dana or Gretchen decided to inflict upon me.

Next Dana had me stand with my legs far apart, my hands flat against the far wall of the living room, slightly above eye level and about shoulder width apart, I was leaning hard into the wall and my ass was sticking out pretty far, leaving my pussy and anus very exposed to anybody standing behind me.

Dana referred to this as this “frisk” position or “search” position.

Dana took quite a few photos of me in this position and Gretchen fondled my pussy to make certain that my pubes were as red and swollen and wet as possible for the photos as possible. I moaned as my pussy received much wanted attention, however Gretchen took her fingers away before my impending orgasm could be achieved.

Then I whimpered in frustration.

Gretchen and Dana both pretended not to notice and Dana discussed how my “darling” ass was my best feature and how “tiny” and “firm” it was and how much her business partners were going to love it. She also loved how “exposed” and “vulnerable” my shaved pussy looked. She also said that any model that worked for them “would have to have her pussy shaved just like Diane’s”.

Gretchen suggested another kneeling position and eventually Dana ordered me back on my knees, leaning forwards, with my wrists crossed, eyes lowered, struggling to put my wrists as far forward and raised up as possible, rather as if I were offering to have my wrists bound by my Mistress.

This position was hard to hold because of the tendency to topple, because of the difficulty in balancing as I was forced to lean forwards. I quickly developed a sheen of sweat on my torso as I struggled to hold position while Dana took her time taking her photographs.

Then to make things even more difficult, Dana said that I wasn’t allowed to rest my ass on my heels, so then I had to raise my ass up while keeping my arms raised up as well. By the time Dana finished photographing me in this position, my muscles ached and I was basically covered in sweat.

Dana called this the “offer yourself” position.

The next position was much easier. It required me to get on my hands and knees with my legs as far apart as possible. Dana pointed out how much this left my anus and my pussy exposed. She called this the “bad dog” position and took a lot of photos with me in this position; including quite of few close ups of my exposed pussy, anus and buttocks.

The next position was almost identical to the “bad dog” position, only this position required me to press my forehead into the ground. Dana called this position the “submissive bad dog”.

“Her ass would look sexier with a few red handprints,” Dana observed. “Gretchen, do you think you could…?” Dana inquired.

Within seconds Gretchen gave me about a dozen hard spanks on my left buttock and four on my right buttock. I gasped in pain and shock, but somehow managed not to break position.

“Perfect” Dana exclaimed with glee and took many more photos of my sore, punished ass.

I was then ordered to kiss Gretchen’s feet and Dana took a few photos of that. Dana then said her goodbyes. She shook hands with both Gretchen and I promised that she would be in touch. She was certain that her business partners would offer me a contract and that the first photo shoot was probably no more than a week or two away. I wondered what sort of things might happen to me at that photo shoot. I was excited about the future, but also scared.

Foolishly I voiced my curiosity about what might happen in the photo shoots. Gretchen got a devious smile on her face and then suggested that we help Dana come up with ideas.

“I’m sure they’ve got ideas of their own,” I said meekly, somewhat afraid of what Gretchen might come up with. If you saw the smile on her face you’d understand.

“Hey, I know,” Gretchen said, “let’s print out some of your ‘adventures of Roberta’ stories!”

Just so you know “the adventures of Roberta” were a series of short fiction stories I wrote when I was a teenager. They were erotic stories about a nice heterosexual girl named Roberta who was always getting abducted by sadistic lesbians, stripped naked, tied up, sexually molested, spanked, whipped and just generally abused. The stories were all highly improbable. Even when Roberta escaped one group of sadistic lesbians, she’d just get kidnapped by another group of lesbians a short time later. Even the beylikdüzü escort police in these stories were lesbians who would handcuff poor Roberta and perform invasive body cavity searches on her and force her into lesbian sex. And more to the point Roberta suffered a lot. I wasn’t really certain I wanted to go through the same sort of brutal physical and sexual abuse that she did.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Mistress,” I said, hoping I could sway Gretchen’s opinion. “Roberta was a fictional character who could take a lot more punishment than a normal human being.”

“It’ll be fun!” Gretchen proclaimed loudly. “And you shouldn’t sell yourself short! Once you set your mind to it, I’m sure you can take lots of pain. You’re tougher than you give yourself credit for.”

Reluctantly I followed my mistress into the bedroom and watched her sit down at my computer. With only the slightest bit of assistance from me, she found the files with the adventures of Roberta and she began to print up page after page after page, so that she could give them to Dana later.

I sighed. I knew nothing good was going to come of this.

* * * * * * * * * *

Of course I still had to go and work at my job at the bank until I got the modeling contract with www.punishedbeauty.com but it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on financial transactions and bank policy and bank security when Gretchen was keeping me so sexually stimulated. All day long at work I wanted to rip off my clothes and expose my naked body to my boss and my co-workers and the customers and allow them to ogle and fondle and abuse my naked body.

Of course I couldn’t do that, and the minutes until I could go home and strip my clothes off seemed to tick by with agonizing slowness.

At any rate, there was one Friday when I came home from work and following Gretchen’s orders I stripped naked as soon as I came in the front door.

It wasn’t until I was totally naked and just stepping out of my tiny panties that I noticed I wasn’t alone.

“Hi there,” I heard a female voice say, I yelped in surprise and I looked up.

My sister Amy was sitting on the couch and standing nearby was my friend, Hailey. Of course, I gave Amy a key to the house last year so that she could come over and visit any time she wanted. I guess I was just in such a hurry to get inside and rip off my clothes that I didn’t notice her car parked outside.

“Hi,” I said sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed to have stripped naked in front of Hailey and my sister. I mean, they’ve seen me naked before, but somehow it’s a new and embarrassing experience every time somebody sees me naked. I don’t know why, but I never seem to develop a tolerance to it.

“There’s no need to blush,” I heard Amy say. “We already know the house rules. You had to take your clothes off.”

“Yeah,” Hailey added helpfully, “Gretchen said so.”

“Um, yeah,” I said haltingly, not realizing that I had been blushing before. “So, what brings you guys around?”

“We felt bad that we had gotten you clothes for your birthday,” Hailey said. “We felt that you got ripped off, what with the fact that you’re now going around naked most of the time. So, we got you some new birthday presents.”

Until Hailey said that I failed to notice the boxes with the brightly colored giftwrap on the coffee table. Upon setting my eyes on the gifts, I exclaimed, “That was so thoughtful!”

I walked over to the table and forgetting my embarrassment for a moment, picked up one of the boxes and shook it.

“Open it,” Hailey suggested, “it’s not like you have to wait at all for your twentieth birthday to roll around all over again.”

So I tore through the wrapping paper and found three books, all of the same size and shape.

And upon further examination, I found they were also by the same author; A.N. Roquelaure.

“The author’s real name is Ann Rice,” Hailey explained, “She just used a pseudonym when she was writing the erotic stuff.”

“Erotic?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ann Rice wrote three books that were centered on bondage, discipline and sexual slavery. A Princess named Beauty is claimed by a prince from a far off kingdom. He strips off her clothes and spanks her and humiliates her in public and gives her to other people so that they can get in on the fun too.”

“A prince,” I asked somewhat disappointed. “So, it’s hetero porn?”

“Parts of it,” Hailey responded, somewhat amused at my question. “However I talked to Karl at the bookstore and he assures me that Beauty is used and abused by a number of different women in the book. For starters the prince loans Beauty to his mother in the first book. And there’s also Lady Juliana and an innkeeper by the name of Mistress Lockley.”

“Mistress Lockley,” I said smiling. “Even her name sounds sexy.”

“Yeah, so you can just read the lesbian parts and skip over the parts of the story that have a penis.”

Hailey was smiling and I could see she put a lot of thought into this gift. Next thing I knew we were hugging and even though I was totally naked, it was more of a friendship hug than an erotic hug. We were just two friends exchanging gifts and I was happy that Hailey cared so much to make sure she got me something she was sure I would enjoy.

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