Encouraging an Incorrigible Ch. 03

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My stories are based on my personal experiences. Some of it is the naked truth, and some of it is a bare faced lie. I will leave it up to you, the reader, to determine how much of either applies. All characters, real or fictional, are over the age of eighteen.

Knocked-up. Spermatized. Pregnant. We got this wonderful bit of information during our Christmas dinner. So much for being a virgin. It must have been from the senior prom. That’s when everybody gets laid.

Or it could have been one of the times that we posed nude together. We would be intertwined with our crotches pressed tightly together, simulating sex for the photograph. But we never actually had sex. My dick would be wet from her pussy juice, and her crotch and thighs would be smeared by my leaking dick. But we never actually had sex.

I could feel the head of my dick right at the entrance to her wet opening. Between my pre-cum and her dripping pussy, there was plenty of lubrication for sliding around. Only once did I have an orgasm that way. I tried my best to conceal it from her. She later gave me a knowing look as she wiped herself dry.

I found her diary one day. Reading it, I discovered that she had been having sex since she was in the fifth grade.

Baby’s daddy took off. So we were stuck with ikitelli escort a pregnant, unmarried, teenager.

One of my lifelong desires was to photograph a pregnant woman. I had already photographed her nude, and more. So this shouldn’t be a problem. I decided to let her mother know of my intentions. I told them both that I would pay her an hourly rate for each photo session, payable after the baby’s birth.

I photographed her from every conceivable angle, measured her, and documented her development. I thought that she looked more sensuous now. Her breasts overflowed the bra cups. The garter belt curved and accentuated her swollen belly. Her swollen muff could no longer be concealed by her lacey panties.

I rubbed cocoa butter on her belly and breasts. Her breasts swelled from a 34-B to a 38-D. Her areolas turned a dark brown and grew to four inches across.

As her belly grew, it became more and more difficult for her to reach her feet. As I knelt in front of her one day, helping her put on her shoes, I noticed she was not wearing any panties. A new growth of hair was appearing where she had been previously clean shaven. Knowing how difficult it was for her to bend over, I offered my services to keep her smooth look. She accepted istanbul escort my offer, which led me to enjoying many days of lathered pussy fondling.

Knowing that some women get extra horny when they are pregnant, I asked her about her sex drive. She said that she had no desire. To test her, I tried using the magic wand on her. She stopped me saying it only irritated her.

One time during a photo shoot, she complained about her back pain. I asked her if she wanted to stop so I could give her a back massage. She made herself as comfortable as she could between two pillows while I retrieved the magic wand. I vibrated her back until she was at ease. I had her turn over so I could do her feet and thighs. Then, as I used to do, I lightly brushed the vibrator across her crotch as I went from thigh to thigh. Soon I was spending less time on her thighs and more time between them. Before long, I saw her cover her face with her arm and give a little shudder, signifying her orgasm.

She quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. When she returned, I noticed that she had changed her shorts. She said that the baby didn’t like that, which caused her to be sick. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I quickly searched the laundry basket in her bedroom and found her kadıköy escort bayan shorts and panties. They were still warm, full of her fragrance, and soaked all the way thru with her cum. I inhaled the aroma and tasted her nectar before quickly stuffing them into my pocket. I later measured and photographed the wet, sticky crotch before sealing them in a plastic bag.

I still use them when I masturbate to her old videos. I alternate between the hidden camera scenes of her masturbating with a vibrator in her bedroom, my massaging her naked body parts while she lay on our bed, and our erotic photo shoots.

During her ninth month she complained about how swollen and sore her breasts were. I suggested that she relieve some of the pressure by expressing some milk out. She tried but said her breasts were too sore. I had previously purchased a breast pump for her, with the hopes that I would get some good photos of her using it. I had envisioned what she would look like after pumping her milk laden tits and engorged nipples. She tried it once but stopped after a short time. She said that it was too painful.

I then offered my services. I reasoned with her that unlike a pump, I would use a gentle sucking motion like her baby would do. She agreed and I was aroused that I was finally able to have her nipple in my mouth, and suck on it. As gentle as I was, she said that that was too painful. I even tired licking it. But she disliked that too. Regrettably I had to stop. It had given me a full blown erection that was on the verge of bursting.

That was the last of our involvement, until after her baby was born.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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