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Big Cock

I knew it was wrong to think of her that way, look at her that way. But I couldn’t help it; my twin sister was beautiful, and I wanted to be with her, to have her, to shove my cock inside her—and then for her to make me her slave. I’d had these feelings for a long time, but coming back from my first year at college seemed to make them ten times stronger.

I used to just listen to her masturbating, but a few weeks ago I built a little periscope-like device that would connect between my room and hers, so I could actually watch. She did it so often; almost as often as I did! Not that I’m complaining; it gave me plenty to see. By now, I was used to her routine, and I could time myself to it, not letting myself finish too early. She still usually lasted longer than me, but is it my fault that my sister is a master of the multiple orgasm?

She always started by taking off every last article of clothing, even her glasses and the necklace she always worse; then she would sprawl out on her bed, spread her legs, and slowly slide her hands down her body, starting at her neck, moving across her breasts (staying for a little while), then down her stomach, past her pussy—the restraint she showed!—and on down her legs as far as she could go, then back up, ending with one hand over her pussy and the other squeezing her breasts.

Of course by now I always at least would have my cock sticking out of my pants and my hand wrapped around it; usually I would take of all of my clothes and stand at the periscope naked. I’d try to synchronize myself with her; as she pumped her finger in and out, I’d slide my hand up and down. As she massaged her clit with the palm of her hand, I’d press my finger into the base of my cock, right where it met my balls. Even if she’d never know it, there was always a sense of give-and-take in this little sessions.

But this time, things were different. I found myself getting much too excited, much too quickly; I let go of my cock, but it barely florya escort helped. I felt so hard, so horny; I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I guess I did the craziest thing I could possibly have done. I opened the door of my room, walked down the hallway, and walked into her room, closing the door behind me. I was naked, hard, and more ready than I think I’ve ever been.

She gasped in surprise, and instinctively covered herself with her hands; but when she realized I was naked too, her shock was replaced with something more like puzzlement.

“I… heard you,” I said. It was sort of true, I guess. I did hear her, among other things. (And I could hardly say that I’d been watching her via homemade periscope for weeks now, using her like free homemade porn.) I didn’t explain that I now wanted to fuck her; I kind of figured it was obvious.

Though she did seem a little slow on the uptake. Maybe arousal damages your ability to draw logical inferences? “I guess you were… too?”

I nodded, then swung my hips to wave my cock around a little. “I thought we could do it together.” I left the ‘it’ slightly ambiguous. Theoretically it could have been ‘masturbate,’ but really I had a lot more in mind.

“But… I… um… I don’t know.” She curled up into a ball so I couldn’t see much, then lay there, silent.

For several minutes I stood there and she lay there, and neither of us what sure what to do. My erection started to fade a little, and I could think a little more clearly; looking at her balled up on the bed, on the verge of crying, I realized how much I had upset her.

Of course I had! She’s my sister! I’m her brother! She didn’t want to have sex with me! I was just crazy; there were no two ways about it. “I’m sorry. I’ll… go.” I turned to walk back to my own room. I walked slowly, not wanting to admit what had just happened; I ended up prolonging the awkwardness.

But halkalı escort then, before I could open the door, she had a change of heart—or, I guess, of some organ or other. “Wait. Maybe… we could, a little?”

And in a split second my erection was back, my mind was once again one-tracked. “Really?” I sounded like a twelve-year-old being offered a new video game.

She unrolled, wiping a tear from her eye, and spreading her legs so I could once again see her glory. “Yeah. Get over here before I change my mind again.”

“Okay.” Grinning wide, I ran over and leapt onto her bed; the next thing I knew I was kissing her and touching her all over.

She was a little stunned by my eagerness, but pretty quickly I had her laughing and joining in. The way she grabbed my cock said she’d just about lost her prior reluctance. Maybe she had thought about the same thing almost as long as I had… maybe I made more noise myself than I realized. A lot of ‘maybes’ ran quickly through my mind, and then they were gone; I didn’t have time to think about anything but how I could get more of her body.

After a lot of laughing and fondling and rolling around, we positioned ourselves so that we were lying side-by-side, playing with each other instead of ourselves. I felt her soft wetness for the first time, and it was everything I’d hoped for and more. I knew her better than she knew me, and before too long I had her moaning, and finally brought her to a sharp little orgasm.

That must have been her cue; the gloves were off, the inhibitions gone. She rolled on top of me, slid her lips down my body, kissing my neck, then my chest, then my stomach; then finally she put her lips around the tip of my cock. I moaned my approval as she took it deeper, deeper into her mouth, until finally she had taken almost the whole thing. Meanwhile her hands were fiddling with her pussy, making sure she’d be ready for whatever haramidere escort else she had in mind. If this was crazy, I didn’t want to be sane; if this was wrong, I didn’t want to be right.

With her tongue and lips, she brought me to peaks of pleasure, then stopped, just before I reached orgasm; she did this about six times before finally I couldn’t take the tension anymore and I begged her to let me cum. She agreed, but on one condition: it had to be inside her pussy. Now that’s the kind of condition you don’t argue with; I helped her climb onto me, and she started pumping, riding me like her own little pony.

The pleasure was just too intense; I couldn’t take it for more than a few minutes before I exploded into orgasm, unloading spurts of cum. I counted three big spurts, each a lot more powerful—with a lot more volume—than usual. Finally being with her had unlocked something in my body I hadn’t known about before.

She kept up the pumping until it was clear I couldn’t take any more, then she slid off of my cock and instead used my stomach as a place to press her clit against. Clearly, she wasn’t done with me; if we were going to do this incest thing, she wanted to do it right.

I was pretty much a passive observer for her next couple orgasms (exhausted as I was, I was fine with that); then she shoved her pussy in my face. Somehow she seemed to know that I wanted her to dominate me; somehow she seemed to know everything that I wanted. I lapped up her juices and sucked on her nub as long as I could; she got another good orgasm out of it, then saw that I was exhausted and let me go.

I guess she was exhausted too, because the next thing she did was roll over onto her side like she was going to sleep—that’s always what she used to do after she finished masturbating. “You should go,” she whispered finally. “Back to your room.”

I wasn’t sure whether the arousal had worn off and she now regretted what we had just done, and didn’t want me there reminding her, or if it was just that she was worried we’d get caught if we made a habit of sleeping in the same bed. Either way, I wasn’t about to argue, so I leapt up and ran back to my room.

I don’t know if it was the right thing; I don’t know if I should ever do it again. But it felt so good while we were doing it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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