Encounter on the Nature Trail

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In the days following my experience at the shower block I kept replaying the events over and over in my mind. The memories brought up a mix of emotions, including humiliation, nervousness (that the pictures might surface somewhere), but most of all excitement. I couldn’t believe how excited the whole ordeal had made me and how aroused I became thinking back on everything. I desperately needed to chase that thrill again.

I knew I could never fabricate a scenario that played out exactly the same as my last encounter and I was very aware of how dangerous it would be to try. I had been lucky the last time, things could have turned out much differently for me. All the same I knew that I wanted to experience something similar, I just had to find a way to do so in a safer and more controlled environment.

After a bit of searching online I found a nude beach a short drive away from where I lived at the time. The reviews said that due to its seclusion and the dense bushland surrounding it, it was mostly frequented by gay men who used the area as a bit of a hookup site. For this reason it was recommended that couples and families looking to relax try one of the other clothing-optional style beaches around there.

But this was perfect for what I was looking for. I started slow with my visits, still quite nervous and shy about being naked in public despite my previous experience. I always kept my visits to the early hours of morning, just after sunrise, or the late evening. Given that it was the peak of summer at the time it was still warm enough to swim even three of four hours after sunset.

This also meant that the beach was less crowded during these times as most people were heading to work or getting home to make dinner around these times. There would usually be a couple of people milling about, usually older men which was fine by me, and this allowed me to ease myself into it. I never had much interaction with any of them apart from the occasional smirk or extended glance at my tiny cock as I came out of the water. This was the case for every visit until one night, about 3 weeks after I’d started visiting, things went a little differently.

It had been an exceptionally hot day, even for that summer, so I’d decided to head down for a swim. Given how hot it was even that late in the evening I decided to head down a little later than usual, worried that there might be a larger crowd than the four of five people I’d encountered previously.

Dressing lightly in board shorts and a t-shirt, I packed a towel in a backpack and drove over to the beach. The car park sat on the top of a hill and backed onto the start of a nature walk with the beach itself resting further below, completely obscured from view. Not only did this give complete privacy to anyone down there, but it gave me the added benefit of not knowing how many people would be down there when I arrived. It was always a rush turning the last corner to see who was on the beach, knowing that it was too late to turn back and that I’d have to be shedding my clothes in front of all of them.

On this particular night there were no cars in the car park. This didn’t necessarily mean that there was no one down there as the beach was within walking distance from the main road. The path that lead down to the beach was a winding dirt track through the bush land set on both sides with dense trees making it impossible to see around each corner. At this time of night I would only have the moonlight and my memory to help guide me down the canlı bahis track.

A sudden thought crossed my mind with a rush of excitement. I could strip now in the car and walk down there naked. If I met someone on the path I’d have no warning and nowhere to hide myself, I’d just have to keep walking, my naked shaved cock and balls bouncing with each step.

My heart was racing as I considered the possibility of this. I’m ashamed to say however that my nerves won and I decided against it. I did however decide to meet myself half way. I decided to take off my shoes and shirt and walk down in just my board shorts. I stashed them in my backpack and started making my way down the trail.

Having never walked down this path barefoot before I hadn’t considered how painful and awkward the footing would be. Stubbing my toes and scratching my feet repeatedly, it took me a few minutes to get used to walking on the uneven path. I started thinking about the beach down the end of the track and wondering if I would find anyone down there. I was so lost in thought, staring down at the dark path beneath my feet, that I didn’t hear the footsteps coming from around the corner.

As I rounded that corner about half way down the path I came face-to-face with an older man. It was dark enough that I couldn’t make out many of his features but he stood about half a foot taller than me. I did a quick side step to avoid walking into him and smiled politely (not that he could make it out in the dark).

I was about to keep walking down the track when a sudden noise made me freeze in my tracks.

“For fuck sake!,” he said.

It wasn’t loud or aggressive, more like an exasperated sigh, but it made me stop all the same. Not sure what the problem was, but suddenly on my guard, I replied, “Is everything OK?”.

He looked back at me for a long moment, his face still obscured by the darkness. I found myself feeling suddenly vulnerable, standing there wearing only board shorts in the middle of dark deserted nature trail. He took a step forward casting moonlight onto his face revealing a little more of his features. He looked to be about 50, light brown hair flecked with grey and a medium build.

“No, everything is not OK,” he replied with the same exasperated tone. “I’ve been down at that beach for four hours now, waiting for someone to show up, and of course 5 minutes after I leave you come walking down.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of this. Not knowing what else to say I figured I should apologise, though I couldn’t understand why. My voice came out much more timidly than I had anticipated, “Oh…I’m sorry…”

“Well it’s not your fault is it?,” he demanded. “It just figures that as soon as I pack up to leave some skinny little piece of ass comes along. Now you’re going to be sauntering down there in the nude and I’ve got places to be, otherwise you bet your ass I’d be following you back down there.”

I couldn’t believe how direct he was being. I’d never had anyone call me anything even closely resembling a ‘skinny little piece of ass’, but the moment the words left his mouth I was hit with a sudden wave of arousal.

I was struggling to find a reply but he was already talking again. “You know half the time down there it’s just old guys sitting around trying to perv on each other. It would have made a nice change having a young guy prancing around with his cock out on show. Even if it was just for a moment. It would have given me something nice to think about later tonight.”

His bahis siteleri words hung in the air as he looked me up and down appraisingly. I realised my legs we trembling slightly, not with nerves but with intense arousal. In just a few seconds of talking this stranger had made me feel like a piece of meat, like my only purpose was to strut around for his amusement. I was hit with the realisation that in that moment, there was nothing that I wanted more.

Without saying a word, I slipped the bag off my shoulder and tossed it to the side. Then in one quick motion, I grabbed the waist of my shorts, yanked them down to my ankles, stepped out and threw them aside also. I was standing in front of him completely naked. The moonlight creeping through the trees cast shadows across my pale body, but my tiny cock and balls, shaved completely hairless, were illuminated in the light.

He inhaled sharply. When he let his breath out his voice was much softer this time. “Fuck…you don’t waste time do you. That’s a pretty little cock you’ve got on you.”

Already committed to my subservient role, I replied “Thank you Sir.”

He was looking me up and down, his eyes scanning every inch of my naked body. “If I’d known I was going to run into you I’d have cancelled my plans long ago.”

Whatever his ‘plans’ were tonight, it seemed that he had no intention of missing them. I wasn’t sure where I wanted this to go, but I knew that I didn’t want it to end just yet. I needed someway to drag this out for a while longer.

Putting on the most submissive voice I could muster, I said to him “Would you like to take a picture Sir? Then you won’t have to rely on just your memory.”

“Fuck yes,” he replied, immediately pulling out his phone and squaring it up with my body. I stood up straight, placing my feet shoulder width apart so to give him an unobstructed view of my little shaved cock and balls.

The reality of what was happening was slowly sinking in. I was completely stark naked, my only clothes cast aside in the dark, presenting myself to a complete stranger in the middle of a nature trail. I could feel the blood rushing to my crotch as my balls stared to tighten and my tiny cock started to get harder.

After taking a half dozen photos of me face on, he apparently decided that he needed a little more. “Turn around,” he said, his voice deeper and more commanding. “I want to see that tight ass.”

I obediently turned on the spot, placing my feet shoulder width apart again and tensing my ass. I could hear him tapping away on his phone. What I had intended as a quick single photo was turning into a full on photo shoot, and I loved it.

Feeling the excitement build in myself and not wanting him to stop, I decided to give him a real show. Placing my feet wider apart, I put my hands on each of my ass cheeks, bent at the waist and spread them apart. The view I was giving him must have looked obscene. I was bent over, my asshole completely spread open with my tiny cock and balls hanging below. I could feel the warm night air hitting my puckered anus, sending a jolt through my body.

“Jesus Christ…look at that.” was all he could muster. I held the pose as he continued to click away, the cameras flash illuminating the most private and sensitive parts of my body. After a dozen or so pictures he stopped. I didn’t have time to consider whether or not I should continue holding my pose before I felt a rough hand against my right ass cheek.

“My god you are a bahis şirketleri tight little piece of ass,” he muttered as his calloused hand brushed across my pale skin.

“Thank you sir,” I replied meekly, while at the same time deepening my bow and gripping my spread ass cheeks harder.

As I felt his rough hand make its way towards the centre of my ass I instinctively pulled harder, trying to spread my cheeks as wide as they could possibly go. I could feel my tight puckered asshole relaxing, threatening to open slightly.

He continued rubbing his hand along my cheeks making slow circles, each time moving slightly closer to my asshole. Finally I felt the shock of his calloused thumb grazing the sensitive skin of my anus. I inhaled sharply at the contact but obediently held my pose. He seemed to hover there for a moment, gauging my reaction. Then without warning he pressed down.

For the second time in my life I felt the sensation of a stranger roughly forcing their thumb into my asshole. Unlike the first time however, I was much more prepared and willing. I relaxed myself and pulled back on my cheeks as far apart as I could manage. After a couple of seconds of pressure, I felt his entire thumb make it’s way inside me. The feeling was pure ecstasy. I was instantly rock hard, my little cock pressing against my bent over stomach. I could feel the few drops of precum leaking out below my bellybutton.

He started to move his thumb around in slow deliberate circles. I could feel him trying to stretch out my anus, causing to to open slightly as he pulled his thumb from side to side. It took me a second to realise that the quite moaning I was hearing was coming from my own mouth. In that moment I desperately wanted to be seen. I wanted more people to come around the corner and see me bent over with this stranger fingering my asshole. I wanted them all to see me for the naked, spread open slut that I was. I wanted them to take photos and parade my naked body back up to the main road and leave me there for all to see.

My fantasy was cut short by the sudden jarring ringtone of the stranger’s phone. “Oh shit,” he muttered, removing his hand quickly, leaving me with a sudden empty feeling. He looked down at the phone screen, frowned and hit the silence button.

“Well it looks like I’m late now. Not that I’m complaining,” he said leering at me. “Here, put your number in this. I’ll be in touch to finish what we started.” He held out his phone towards me with the keypad lighting up the screen. “Just put yourself in there as ‘Beach Slut’,” he said with a smirk on his face. “I don’t need to know your name and you don’t need to know mine.”

Standing straight again with my little cock dripping precum from it’s tip, I certainly felt like that name suited me. “Yes Sir,” I meekly replied as I typed my number into his phone.

Taking back the phone, he looked at the number now saved on the screen. “Good boy,” he said, his smirk widening. “I’ll be in touch one of these days. I’ve got to see just how wide we can make that tight little hole of yours.”

And with that, he turned and walked away. I was left standing there, naked and trembling, wondering what the hell I had just done. I’d just stripped for a complete stranger and let him finger my virgin asshole. What had started as a quiet evening swim had left me stark naked on a nature trail, my cock throbbing and dripping. Above all, a complete stranger now had the power to call me whenever he wanted. I wondered to myself, what would he want from me the next time we meet? Would he try to use those photos as blackmail if I didn’t agree? And why was I so turned on at the thought?

One thing I knew for certain was that I definitely needed that swim now.

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