Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 04

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The Kansas prairie was starker than Emily remembered. She zipped down the road toward Graham’s homestead with anticipation on a sweltering early September Thursday morning. Her hair was undone and flowed behind her: she hadn’t cut it since her visit earlier that summer and she wanted to grow it out. Her freckled skin glistened slightly with fresh sunscreen, and she reveled in the fresh air washing over her. A little park marking the path of the Santa Fe trail provided a place she could shrug off her leather riding outfit and embrace the elements almost naked. A passing truck with tanned farmhands and ranchers honking or gave her thumbs up as the passed, surprised to see a topless woman cruising down the road on her Harley.

“Almost there, Graham, just about to make the turn from the highway.”

There was a little static on her headset when the reply came over. “Check, Emily. We’re ready for ya. UPS delivered your stuff just a few minutes ago.”


She turned off the main road and scooted up the driveway to the house. It was as she remembered it: a two story house with a barn and outbuildings, now rather naked without the ripening fields of wheat around. Graham was sitting on the front porch sipping a frosty glass, wearing a straw hat, K State t-shirt and shorts as he waited. He stood as she pulled into the yard, and a mob of young dogs darted out to yelp, lick and bark their greetings as she came up the path. “Well, hello little miss perky tits. I think I got you into a bad habit when you were here before.”

“I learned to appreciate new things,” she laughed as she fought off her welcoming committee and wrapped her arms around him in a big bear hug. “How’s it going?”

“Good, good. Got the boy into his artist’s loft in KC and settled for the year. Now just looking forward to Labor Day and fall activities. You ready to call the Plains home?”

“For a while,” she said, getting her small bags off her motorcycle. “Guess I’m set for work according to Lydia.”

“Yeah, that was nice of her to line stuff up for you. The pre-school her grandkids go to was looking for part time help, and she just bought the second hotel across town, so she knew where the jobs were.”

“I think I can get by. You ready for a housemate?”

“Oh sure, especially when they come almost naked. You will wear clothes most of the time, won’t you?” She giggled and nodded her head. “Good, I’ve got a friend stopping by to play tonight, so you can get settled while we’re busy. Trudy doesn’t want an audience, but she’ll be happy to meet you and tell you about herself. I’ve got some pulled pork for dinner.”

“Sounds good.” He gave her thinly clad butt a loud smack as she walked by, making her dance quickly into the house.

Several packages awaited her in the front room, and for the rest of the morning and afternoon she worked to integrate their contents into the front room. The day sweltered throughout, and the old house only had a few strategically placed fans to keep the climate reasonable, so Emily wore only her shorts as she worked. Graham retreated to his shed to prepare, and around 5 she heard him moving in the kitchen, washing and slicing fresh vegetables.

After 5:30, a car pulled up outside and shortly afterward the front door opened at shut. Emily stuck her head into the living room to see a petite woman in her mid 40s standing with a small bag. She was perfectly proportioned for her size, and although she let her hair go grey, it was beautifully styled in a cascade of curls and swirls. Her face was oval with an elfin flair; humor danced behind her smile. She wore a sky blue dress with an red necklace and matching red heels. “I knew it was hot today, but I never thought it would be this hot. You must be Emily, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m Emily, just go in today. And you’re. . .”

“Trudy. Don’t worry about me, I’ve seen it all before and I know Graham has, too. Nice titties, girl, your nipples are just the perfect size for your boobs. So where are you from again?”

“Tennessee, ma’am, Memphis.”

“Elvis’ hometown.”

“No, ma’am, he was from Tupelo, Mississippi. Went to High School in Memphis.”

“I stand corrected. Relax, Emily, you don’t have to call me ‘Ma’am’ although I appreciate the courtesy. I’m Trudy. . .”

“And I’m glad,” Graham continued as he sauntered into the room. He gathered her into his arms and gave her a long kiss on the lips. “Good to see you, Pixie. How’s business?”

“Pretty good, pretty good, you old satyr.” A mischievous smile played across her lips. “I’d ask you, but you look like you’re doing pretty well now that you’re taking on harem girls.”

“Emily’s here on her own, and I’m just letting her stay a while.”

“Yeah, you’re taking on an apprentice. I’ve got no problem with that, and you’ll probably get a lot of lecture material from our session tomorrow. She can stay while we set things up after dinner.”

Emily looked down and moved her right foot back sheepishly. “Thanks, Trudy.”

“You’re canlı bahis welcome, Emily, since you’re such a well mannered young lady. I remember when I was your age. Do you remember, Graham?”

“Of course, how could I forget? We had almost all our MBA classes together in Boulder. You haven’t changed.”

“Bullshit, my chestnut hair has gone grey, my nipples have dropped three inches and my hips have become two big lumps of cottage cheese. Not to mention my biological clock is ticking down; did you make those deposits I asked for?”

“Of course. Woulda been more fun if you’d been there.”

“Like you need me to get an erection.”

Emily shook her head. “Deposits? Like, at a sperm bank?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Anything for an old friend. We go way back.”

“Let’s not say how far, all right?” Trudy said with a steely look. “Besides, you’ve got a lot of money tied up in my company. You’re going to get all the juice you can out of this old cow, aren’t you?”

He nodded and picked up her bag. “You’re in the room next to mine, Pixie girl. Dinner in fifteen, your favorite. Got some nice greens from the garden today, and fresh tomatoes. Need to get fueled up for tomorrow.”

“Right,” she leered, giving him a peck on the cheek as she skipped up the stairs. He followed, and Emily checked everything in the kitchen before she put on a Tennessee t-shirt for the meal.

They shared pulled pork, corn on the cob, fresh salad and tomatoes and Emily did the dishes while the old friends caught up with each other. Trudy had never married, but had kept up with Graham’s kids and wanted to know how each was doing. Graham’s son Liam had just moved to Dodge to take an administrative job at the local community college, and the adventure of settling Brent in Kansas City was shared. The new grandchild was due momentarily, and he’d just found out his newly married granddaughter was pregnant as well.

“Shit, you’re an old man, GREAT-Grampa,” Trudy teased. “Don’t know if you’ll be up to do much of anything tomorrow.”

“Oh, you’d be surprised,” he replied. “Let’s let Emily sit down and we’ll plan things out.”

The young woman took her place at table, biting her lower lip gently, her eyes wide. Trudy laughed at her eagerness and touched her shoulder. “Maybe next time I’ll let you watch, kiddo. Unless the old man needs you to tie his knots for him.”

“Oh, I’ll get you for that,” Graham said with a gleam in his eye. “Okay, you want to start with some Shibari techniques, as usual?”

“I think so. Graham’ll show you some pictures, Emily. I love being restrained and trying to get out of it. The tighter the better, and I love the crotch rope getting right up my pussy. Do you still have that feather duster?”

“Oh yes. Emily’s seen me use it before.”

“I love it tickling my ass best of all, but in my armpits and under my breasts are good, too. It’s going to be hot tomorrow, you gonna hose me down as well?”

“I think I want to tie you spread eagled, that way I can hit you all over pretty well. And the ball gag, right?”

“Right. This is getting me warmed up already, how about you?”

“Oh yes, I like these ideas very much. I’ll give you a lunch break, let you take a nap, then give you the grand finale. Think you can take the mixer longer than last time?”

“Same odds as last time?”

“You bet.”

Emily was licking her lips throughout the conversation. “What’s the bet?” she asked.

“Oh, I have this machine that I re-engineered from an old stand mixer. It transfers circular motion in the reciprocal motion, making it a fucking machine with it. Next week, I’m putting together an attachment for a two level approach.”

Trudy sniffed. “I’m sure somebody will be interested in that. I was able to take Graham’s homemade fucking machine for 20 minutes on its maiden voyage, and it made me cum twice. Three times and he wins the bet: I suck and swallow him.”

“What happens if you win, Trudy?” Emily asked.

“He gets a handjob with lots of spit, but only a lick or two. I’m usually not fond of giving head, but for an old friend to pay off a bet, I’d do it. But I never lose.” A sly smile formed on her lips and the effect on Graham was instant.

Emily wondered: “Have you won before, Graham?”

Graham’s face took on a hungry look. “Never, always a lick and a promise but never the full deal. You old tease.”

“Couldn’t you make her while you’ve got her tied up?”

“I’m a fair man: don’t do stuff like that ‘less it’s offered. Don’t get into making somebody do something they don’t want to.”

Trudy put her hand behind his head and cupped his shoulder. “That’s why this man is so lovable. Known lots of arrogant assholes in my business, guys who made women do their bidding to make a sale. He’s different.”

Emily shook her head again, and Trudy put her hand on the younger woman’s shoulder. “Look honey, you never have to give a man something you don’t want to. Doesn’t matter what it is you want or need: if you bahis siteleri have to put out to get it, don’t bother. There’s always another sale that doesn’t cost you as much.”

“Well said,” Graham added. “Do you want the ginger root up your ass while you’re getting machine fucked?”

“You know it,” she smiled.

Graham brought out a Scrabble board and they spent the evening playing the game. Trudy won, but Emily gave her more of a contest than she was used to.

The next day, Emily got going early since it was her orientation day in Dodge City. She dressed professionally in a short sleeve white blouse and black skirt, with a flowered scarf for variety. The preschool orientation was similar to what she’d had in Memphis, and the focus of most of her time was on getting paperwork done: she was going into the classroom the next Monday. She met Lydia for a late lunch before getting the hotel orientation. The older woman greeted her at her apartment with a big hug and long kiss on the lips. “How are ya, Emily? Have a good trip out here?”

“Sure. How’ve you been?”

“Oh, I’m in heaven, one of my girls is back in town. Sandy just moved back with her husband and two kids, so my whole clan is here. Except Brent, of course. Still can’t get over my baby being away from home. You getting settled on the ranch all right?”

“Yeah. What’s the story? You must have a reason for me being there.”

Lydia gave a quick snort of derision. “Graham must have been getting horny over Trudy coming to town. Oh yes, I know about her and Tricia up in Hays. I’m not jealous; those girls are into different shit than me, and they don’t want him all the time, either. Anyway, Graham’s been having blackouts lately, and can’t be left alone for long periods of time.”


The older woman gave her an incredulous look in spite of nodding her head. “You and me are gonna take turns out there, lookin’ after the old coot. He owns the hotel you’re working at, so with Brent gone, it halfway makes sense. You put in two mornings at the preschool and three afternoons at the hotel, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; the rest of the time, you’re with him.”

“I think I can handle that. Having been an EMT doesn’t hurt the story either, right?”

“Right. So far I think everybody’s bought it. As long as you don’t get knocked up with him as the main suspect, you’re OK.”

“Got it.” The hotel job looked like a piece of cake, watching the desk during the mid afternoon/early evening slot when guests checked in, and Lydia told Emily where to find the stores that supplied her interests in knitting and drawing. After she was done, she stopped by the art shop to pick up supplies and was browsing the yarn store when she got a text from Graham to come home right away.

The sun was almost on the horizon when she arrived, and she didn’t stop by her room on her way to the garage. The door was open and as she came across the back yard, Trudy was hanging from the ceiling face down, her body bound so she was horizontal, looking at the back wall. She caught a glimpse of Graham wearing blue sweats and sneakers. When she came in, Graham snorted: “Don’t we look professional today? I like it: the Marion the Librarian look. Trudy’ll like it, right Trudy?”

A couple of grunts came through her mouth: she was wearing a red ball gag and a black blindfold. The red ropes held her body securely, letting her boobs hang down. Her nipples were huge, almost making her breasts two gigantic nipples with almost no white. A pair of delicate nozzles were working on her buds. “Goat milkers, very gentle and very nice. She loves ’em. You got here just in time for me to put the plug in. Pull up a chair while I put this ginger up her ass. First, come around and let her see you. Oops, forgot to take off the blindfold.”

Emily walked around as he untied the string behind her head. Trudy’s eyes blinked a time or two before they focused, then she looked at the younger woman and nodded her head in approval. “Trudy changed her mind, after I persuaded her,” he said, slapping her butt with a loud crack. “Very nice, very neat, you like it don’t you, Trudy?” The hanging woman nodded her head. “We also decided it was good to have a witness to see who won the bet. Trudy promises to be honest with her orgasms. Ready, Pixie?” Another nod, and Graham started working the white fireplug into her ass.

When he was done, he pulled two chairs up and motioned Emily to sit down. “It’ll take a minute or two to start working. Just bought it this morning; usually I get more notice and age some for her, but she snuck up on me. Ten minutes after the effect starts, she’ll be ready to take the dildo up front. See how the goat milkers work? I’ll show you how it feels later, never had a complaint yet. Well, Lydia’s not impressed by them, but I’ve been souping up the motor and I’ll convert her.”

After a minute, Trudy started to grimace and her eyes squeezed shut, a trickle of moisture seeping from the corners. The butt cheeks moved a little bahis şirketleri bit, making her wobble in midair; as they flexed little yelps came through. Some drool slipped down to the floor; the yelps mutated to a low steady moan, and she kept moving her butt. “Some doms spank or cane their subs while figging them, but she wiggles around enough, I don’t need to See how the vibrations are picking up, like a feedback loop building. Her cunt’s startin’ to get wet as well; ten minutes she’ll be ready for my vibrating dick.”

Emily looked at a strange machine poised a couple feet behind the hostage. It had a long arm, hooked up to a wheel driven by a stand mixer. On the end was one of the biggest dildoes she’d ever seen: 14 inches long and two inches thick. “God, I never thought anybody could take one that big,” she said. “I sure couldn’t.”

“I got smaller ones, if you’re interested. Trudy’s always liked the monsters, which is why I never fucked her. She wants a baby next year, so I had to make deposits at the sperm bank in Denver. She likes my kids and grandkids, says I’ve got a good genetic track record. This woman settles for nothing but the best.”

“What does she do?”

Graham looked at her for a moment, and caught a small sign of approval in the midst of his subject’s gyrations. “She’s head of a multi-national corporation based in Manhattan: New York, not Kansas. I could show you where she is on the Fortune 500. Makes her own schedule and set her own priorities. No, she’s not a money grubber, she’s involved in a lot of charities and her business isn’t exploiting Third World labor. Most independent woman I’ve ever known.”

“And she trusts you with this stuff?”

“Yeah. We go way back.”

Emily thought for a few moments what that meant, and realized he was probably more than he seemed to be. He giggled as a spasm sent her into another series of moans, and he jumped up to push her butt cheeks together, making her cry out loudly. A finger slipped in her front and he pulled it out. “Just about ready, almost lubed up right. Better get this thing ready.”

Taking a small bottle, he smeared the dildo generously with a clear liquid. whistling as he worked. “Better take the gag out; she’ll need the extra air capacity when I plug her in.”

Emily moved over and unlatched the buckle of the gag. It came out with a flood of saliva, and Trudy moved her jaw up and down a few times, getting used to the freedom, before squealing as he pushed her butt cheeks together again. “It burns when he does that, damn him, and he knows it,” she said in a harsh voice. “Enjoying the show, dear?”

“Oh yes, never seen anything like this before.”

“That’s nice, glad you like it. You’re cute and smart as well as polite. Sorry I’m not into tit flogging; Graham tells me you love that shit. Getting fucked while my butt burns is what I like.”

“What did you two do today?”

Another squeal came out as she closed her eyes hard. Taking a couple of deep breaths, she resumed. “I used to be a gymnast and contortionist, and I’m still pretty limber. Graham likes to tie me up in different positions and see how long I can stand it. Made every goal today, even with my elbows tied together behind my back and my ankles up by my ears.”

“Wow, I hope he took pictures.”

“He did, he did, just for you, sweetheart. Hope you like them.”

Graham stuck two fingers in her snatch and asked. “You ready for the donkey dick, Pixie?”


Trudy smiled. “He’s called me that ever since our first day in grad school together. Yeah, stick that thing in me, you big hamburger.”

The contraption was on a wheeled table, and he maneuvered it close to where the tip touched her lower lips. She nodded and he started inserting the monster inside her, gradually slipping it in until it was almost completely inserted. He turned the wheel a couple of times, fucking her slowly at first, then turned it on the low setting. A gasp escaped her lips as the machine started its work, and he moved a toggle which increased the speed on the tit suckers.

They sat again and watched as the machines did their work. “It usually takes about seven minutes for the first one to hit; then turn the mixer up to the next level after four minutes. But I’ve got the tit suckers on a dimmer, so we’ll see how she does with that. That minx will let the first one come naturally, but fight the next ones tooth and nail to keep me from winning. But I got something special up my sleeve for later.” He looked down, and Emily noticed he’d started a stopwatch.

Trudy’s head moved up and down and her jaw opened and shut as she gave herself to the sensations. Emily watched intensely as she broke into a sweat which made her unbutton her blouse to stay cool. Graham chuckled and moved a dimmer a little bit to intensify the tit suckers.

The effect was immediate: the bound woman went into overdrive as the orgasm hit her, and it lasted for three minutes before it stopped. Graham switched off the machines, and answered Emily’s questioning look: “She gets a minute break after the end of an orgasm. How was it for you, Pixie?”

Trudy wasn’t able to speak other than a few soft murmurs. “Wow, that looked pretty intense,” Emily said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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