Elisa, Sweet Wife

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‘Elisa, Sweet Wife’ is the story of a couple finding the forbidden pleasures of cuckolding. This story has been told many times on and I hope you enjoy my rendition!!


Hello, I’m Luca. It was on our honeymoon when my wife and I discovered how much we both enjoyed her teasing and flirting with other men. Don’t get the wrong impression. We are not swingers; quite the contrary. She was raised to be a good girl; to be virtuous and proper. Elisa was a virgin when we married and she has never had another man but me. Her mother taught her to never dress provocatively around men… At least not around any other man than her husband and even then only in the privacy of their bedroom.

But, on our honeymoon we were young and attractive and adventurous and I convinced her to wear a very little bikini on the beach. It was a big step for her but she loved it and she agreed to wear revealing outfits at night also, so I took my new bride shopping that very night.

My sweet innocent wife loved the attention she got from other men and each time we got back to our hotel room we would talk about the looks she got and the pick-up lines them men used that had the confidence to talk to her.

It takes a confident man to approach Elisa because she was very beautiful back then and now, only 5 years later, she is even more gorgeous. And now, as each vacation draws near, she shops for very sexy outfits for our time away from home and we repeat the fun we had on our honeymoon.

A few months ago we were on vacation in Playa Del Carmen. We spent the first afternoon at the pool, meeting other couples as well as showing Elisa off to the men in a very skimpy bikini. When the sun set, we had a light dinner and then went to the resort’s dance club. It was full of beautiful couples, some we had met earlier in the day.

It wasn’t long before we were having a good time drinking and dancing with our new friends. We met other couples that night also and before long there was a large group of us, laughing and telling stories about ourselves. We make good friends on every trip and this one was no different.

There were plenty of local single men also and almost every time Elisa went to the ladies room to freshen up, she would be approached by one of them and one in particular seemed to catch her eye. She spent some extra time chatting with him so I knew there was an attraction. He was tall and muscled and as black as onyx and before their very first conversation was over, she was touching his arm and he was touching hers. He looked rough, not at all sophisticated like Elisa and me. Perhaps that is the attraction, I thought.

The second time she talked with him, I got up and approached them and he introduced himself as Henri. He spoke with a Caribbean accent and his grip was very strong when he shook my hand. Without even a mention of it, Henri seemed to understand how I enjoyed him flirting with my wife and he asked her to dance without even looking at me for my approval.

Elisa had drank quite a lot by this time and they danced through three songs and her dress seemed to fly up on her hips more and more with each song and his hands seemed to push closer and closer to her tits and ass. Before they were finished he had Elisa turned around and pulled in tight to his crotch and she was grinding her ass into him as she smiled at me and then she tilted her head up and look playfully into his eyes and did something she had never never done before; let him kiss her passionately.

I’m sure my mouth opened and my jaw dropped. But, all I could think about was my cock stiffening as I watched my beautiful wife being kissed and fondled by this rough, muscular man. I felt my heart race and I nervously lifted my drink to my mouth and sipped from it as his lips covered Elisa’s and her mouth opened to receive his tongue.

Afterward, Elisa brought Henri back to our table, both acting as if nothing taboo had happened and we all finished a drink and chatted about Elisa’s good looks and sexiness and Henri wrote his telephone number on a napkin and handed it to Elisa before we left.

“Call me if you want more,” he said.

As soon as we got in our hotel suite we fell onto our bed, laughing in each other’s arms.

“You enjoyed watching Henri dancing with me, didn’t you Luca,” She teased as I played with her breasts and pulled her on top of me.

“With all of our fun and games, with all of the vacations, you have never let a man kiss you before, Elisa.”

“Mmmmm, he was marvelous, Luca. So big and strong and handsome,” She quipped.

“And black,” I interrupted. As I spoke Elisa wiggled her hips on top of me and slid my erection into her wet, soft pussy. I moaned as she very slightly lifted her hips up and then lowered them down again, fucking me softly.

Elisa laughed, “Yes, and so black! Did he look good with me, Luca? Did you enjoy watching him kiss me?”

“Oh god, my cock got hard as a rock watching that,” I replied.

“Would you like to see his cock in me like yours is now?” she whispered.

Elisa had giresun escort never suggested that before. Neither had I. Yes, we played our game on every vacation but we’d never talked about her fucking another man. As soon as she said the words my mind began spinning with the images of my pretty wife fucking a big black stud. It must have excited her too, because we both began moaning loudly and fucking harder as Elisa bucked up and down on my erection and our hips thrust in rhythm with each other…. Faster and faster until we both came at the same time.

“He would fuck you like this, Elisa.” I told her as I pushed hard into her.

“Mmmm, yes he would. He would fuck me with a big black cock, Luca.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot my load into my pretty wife and she moaned as her body shook in an orgasm of her own.

Elisa fell into my chest, giggling as her orgasm wound down. I laughed with her, and as she lifted her head to look into my eyes I told her, “I am going to call Henri and ask him if he wants to take you out tomorrow night.”

“Luca!” She feigned protest and punched me on my shoulder.

“No Elisa. We are doing this. You want to, yes?”

“Mmmmm,” she replied and wiggled her hips on my softening cock. “You want me to, Luca? You want to see me with another man, don’t you?”

“Yes and you want me to watch you fucking another man, Elisa. You especially want me to watch you fuck a black man, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Then, it is settled. I will call Henri and set it up for tomorrow night and I will take you shopping for a sexy new dress.

“Oh, Luca……..” Elisa moaned, and kissed me passionately and we made love a second time.

The next day, after a late breakfast I phoned Henri. I put the phone on speaker so Elisa could listen and after a few pleasantries, I asked Henri if he would enjoy taking my wife out that night.

“I think you might enjoy it even more than her,” he replied in his thick island accent. Elisa playfully nodded her head. Then he added, “She is a beautiful and sexy woman. Have her ready for me by eight o’clock, Luca. I will pick her up at your hotel room.”

I ignored his comment about me enjoying it more than Elisa but I knew he was right, and gave him our hotel and room number. Then, I assured him she would be ready and looking very attractive for him. We said goodbye and hung up.

Elisa giggled like a little girl and kissed me. “You have promised me to him. And now, we must find something for me to wear, Luca.” She said enthusiastically.

With that, we spent the afternoon shopping in Playa. My cock was hard the entire day. Each time we went into a dress shop I had to find a way to cover my erection so the sales girls would not notice. And before we were finished, we had purchased Elisa a sexy black dress, matching bra and panties, and a pair of stiletto heels.

After a very light dinner Elisa showered. I watched her towel herself dry and begin preparing herself for an evening with her black stud.

“You will be fucked by a cock twice the size of mine tonight, Elisa.” I said.

“Yes, I know. It is very exciting, Luca. Don’t you think so?”

I motioned toward my erection. “Look at me. I’ve been like this all day.”

We both laughed and it felt so good to ease the tension. “He is very strong, Luca. I could tell when we danced. In his arms, I was under his control. And when he turned me around and pulled my hips into his, I felt his hard cock. It was long and big around and he pressed it against my ass. It was at least twice as large as yours, Baby. How does that make you feel, Luca?”

“Nervous, Elisa. I want this but at the same time I am nervous about it,” I admitted to her.

“There!”She said, announcing herself ready as I finished and she applied the last of her eyeliner.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I said.

She looked at me as I helped her wiggle into her new dress. “You can still call this off, Luca. All you have to do is say the word and I will not go with Henri tonight.”

“No, Henri was right. I will enjoy it even more than you. But, I wish I could be with you. I wish you were staying here instead of leaving,” I replied.

“Luca, I will make you a promise. If I decide to fuck Henri. And, I still haven’t decided on that yet. But, if I decide to fuck him, I will bring him back here to our room to do it, so you can watch.”

I smiled at my cunningly sexy wife and she gave me a coy look back.

“Does that make my baby happy?” she teased and puckered her lips and kissed me lightly so as not to mess up her lipstick.

“Yes, that makes your hubby very happy,” I replied.

Elisa paced about the hotel room nervously for the next 30 minutes as we waited for Henri to arrive. It was very enchanting to see her acting like a schoolgirl waiting for her first date to arrive. I found her to be so very charming as she said, “Are you sure Henri said, eight o’clock?”

Finally, a knock turned both our heads toward the door.

I answered giresun escort bayan it and invited the tall black man into our room. He looked only briefly at me, then his gaze went to Elisa, in her black dress and stiletto heels.

“Hello, Elisa.”

“Hello, Henri,” she replied.

“You look very beautiful,” he said.

“And you are so handsome,” Elisa answered as she walked across the room and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

My cock was rock hard within seconds of Henri’s arrival. He walked past me without saying another word to me and after exchanging a few flirtations with Elisa, he asked her if she was ready to go. She replied yes, and took his outstretched hand into hers and walked out the door. As it was closing I heard her say to him, “Just a moment, Henri”.

Elisa pushed the door open and stood inside the doorway and said to me, “Luca, this is your last chance to say “No”. If you want me to stay, tell me now. Otherwise, I’m leaving with another man for an entertaining evening. I’ll flirt with him and allow him to kiss me. I will let him take liberties with me just as I allow you to do. It will never be the same between you and me. You will have knowingly approved of your wife being with another man.”

“I know, I know that Elisa.”

“Luca, once I leave, what happens is no longer in your hands. If I enjoy Henri’s company, I will let him fuck me tonight. It will not be your decision, it will be mine. Once that happens, you will be a cuckold Luca. You will no longer be able to deny me any lover I choose.”

My cock was harder than it has ever been in my life. With Henri waiting out of sight in the hallway, I answered my gorgeous wife. “My emotions are all over the place. I am aroused and I am worried. I’m nervous and proud at the same time. I’m disgusted with myself for wanting this and at the same time I am exhilarated with it. But I do want this, Elisa. I want it more than I could ever have imagined. I know it seems crazy to you, but…..”

“No it doesn’t seem crazy to me, Luca.” Elisa interrupted me with her finger pressed onto my lips. “It seems very erotic to me and it makes me feel special. I will call you later tonight. Wait up for me.”

“How could I not?” I replied.

With that, she smiled, turned and walked to Henri. The door didn’t close all the way and as I moved toward it to close it, I listened. I could hear her high heels clicking on the tile floor and flirtatious conversation between them as they walked down the hallway and once it faded away I closed the door.

I spent the next three hours with a hard cock. It would not go down. Hell, it had been erect for most of the day anyway and I spent the time pacing and drinking and listening to music and reading and slowly stroking my cock as I thought about my wife with her black lover. All of the emotions I mentioned to Elisa ran through me as I waited for her to return; worry, exhilaration, arousal, anger, pride, doubt, jealousy.

I whispered to myself, “If this is what it means to be a cuckold, then I don’t know if I can handle it.” I had no way of knowing what was happening. He had not even told me where they were going. Finally, the phone rang, and I rushed to pick it up. It was Elisa. I’m sure she could sense the anxiousness in my voice as I told her how glad I was to hear from her and asked if she was having fun.

“Oh yes, Luca. Henri is making sure I am entertained.” She explained how they had never even left the resort. They had been dancing in the same club we had spent last evening in. “A couple of our new friends are back again tonight and they have asked where you are, Luca.”

We had made several new friends the previous night. I was instantly embarrassed but the thought of them seeing Elisa alone with a black man and asking where I am made my cock stiffen further. “What did you say, Elisa?”

“I told them you were alone in our room, while I enjoyed an entertaining evening with Henri. Isn’t that the truth, Luca?” she replied. I could hear the music in the background and without waiting for my answer she continued, “Luca, all of this dancing is making Henri very hungry and I told him I want you to buy him dinner before he fucks me. Will you be a dear, and have room service bring two dinners and drinks? We’ll be back in thirty minutes. Henri drinks scotch.”

Elisa hung up before I could reply, knowing I’d do just as she asked. I quickly thought about what she had just said, ‘I want you to buy him dinner before he fucks me’. That thought spun through my head as I called room service and ordered up two dinners and a bottle of single malt and a nice bottle of wine for Elisa.

Room service arrived and placed Henri and Elisa’s dinner on the table. As I waited for them, I fidgeted nervously just like Elisa had done earlier and I found myself carefully re-arranging the meal on the dining table and when I heard the key card unlocking the door, I knew I would soon be watching my wife take a huge black cock. She would suck it in front of me, and play with it escort giresun as I watched her, and she would let it push into her pussy and even let it cum in her.

The door opened and in walked Elisa and Henri. She was in his arms as she said, “Luca, we had so much fun.” She looked at the table setting and complimented me. “Luca, we have danced so much. Henri is starving. Thank you, dear.”

Henri looked at me and said, “Very nice, Luca. Elisa is a very entertaining woman. She kept me out on the dance floor and now I must eat.”

Elisa spun on one foot, turning into him, and kissed him passionately as I stood beside them. “Mmmmm, yes Henri… My husband has bought you the dinner I promised you. Eat and regain your strength before you fuck me with that big cock.”

“Pour me a scotch, Luca.” Henri said to me as he continued kissing and pawing at Elisa. His big hand squeezed her tit and he pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Elisa, take off my clothes. I want to be nude as I eat your husband’s meal.”

Elisa eagerly began undressing Henri. “Oh yes… I’ve wanted to see this all night. I want to see your big cock,” She said as she pulled off his shirt and unzipped his slacks. As his slacks came down across his hips, a huge black cock flopped out of them. It was still flaccid, but incredibly large; at least eight inches long and very big around. It looked almost freakishly large and Elisa’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as she gazed upon it.

Henri sat sideways to the table and motioned for Elisa to sit beside him. She did so and placed her hand on his leg beside his big dick. He began eating the prime rib I’d purchased for him. He ate sloppily, stabbing the meat with his fork and cutting it and then pulling it across his body to his mouth without table manners and I noticed drips of meaty juice rolling down his chin from the rare meat.

I poured Elisa a glass of wine and sat it beside his place setting and then leaned back against the kitchen counter and drank from my scotch glass and rubbed the outside of my crotch as my hard cock raged. This man is so different from me, I thought and looked at Elisa and she seemed smitten by him and I could easily see the signs of arousal. She was flushed and her chest was heaving with deeper than normal breaths and she was very focused on him. I knew she was way beyond the point of turning back. She had to have this man’s cock.

As he ate, Elisa knelt before him and nestled her face up to the huge cock. It was only semi-hard and she put her hand under it with her palm up and closed her fingers onto it and lifted. Her hand looked so small underneath his huge black snack. I watched in almost disbelief as my pretty wife placed her nose next to the dark skin of his cock and pulled air into her nostrils, smelling it and then with the tip of her tongue, licked it. After sampling it like a sweet kitten with a bowl of milk, she began cooing and licking faster and longer…. And within moments she had the big head in her mouth, sucking it while she cupped and massaged Henri’s chestnut sized balls.

His cock grew as she suckled it and I could see the veins filling with blood. It was half hard now, still soft but bigger than before and more firm in her hand.

“She has a warm, sweet mouth, Luca. Another scotch,” Henri said to me, holding the empty glass in his outstretched hand and a fork with a piece of meat in the other on the way to his mouth. As I reached for the glass I saw Elisa, with her face buried in Henri’s cock and balls, look up at me. She looked for only a moment. But, it was an incredible moment that I will never forget. My sweet gorgeous wife had a mouth full of black dick, her right hand wrapped around the base of his cock and her left hand cupping his balls.

My penis was ready to explode and I almost dropped the empty glass from my shaking hand. I brought it back full and he announced himself to be full and told me “The meat was good. Now, I’ll give Elisa what she wants. A good hard fucking from a cock she has only dreamed of having.”

Elisa got up from her knees and drank from her wine. Without looking at me she said, “Luca, be a dear and clean off the table while Henri entertains me.” She reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, letting it fall over her hips and to the floor around her ankles. She unclasped her bra and let it drop in front of her. She stood before him in her high heels and panties. Henri reached out his hand to her; she took it, stepped out of her dress and walked to the sofa. Elisa laid back into the sofa and lewdly spread open her legs. The transparent front panel of her panties was soaked and her pussy was sopping wet. “Come fuck me, Henri.” She hissed.

She pulled her panties to the side, exposing her swollen cunt to Henri and her forefinger disappeared between her lips and into her hole. She pulled it out covered in juice and let it linger over her clit, flicking it back and forth and moaning, “Mmmm, I want your cock”.

Henri sat beside her and ordered me, “Bring me another drink.” Then he grabbed the delicate band of Elisa’s panties and violently pulled. She is a petite woman and before the delicate fabric ripped, she was pulled up from the cushion. The fabric tore apart and she fell back down into the sofa and he was left with the black lace hanging from both sides of his big hand.

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