Elicit Desires – Undeniable Urges

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Big Tits

Liza moaned, the heat from her body palpable to anyone standing within a foot of her — breasts heaving with the strength of her desire. He was so strong, even his hand grasping her wrist, as it was now, conveyed his true strength. Kyle was big man; broad shouldered with the kind of musculature that comes from a youth of hard labor. Of course, now he was 47 — a well-dressed professional without the callouses he must’ve earned long before.

Liza had struggled to fight her attraction for this handsome man — her boss. She was too young for him, only 23, and wasn’t the type to submit to a domineering partner. For some reason she sensed Kyle would be…domineering. Her curly brown hair became fluffier by the minute from the perspiration forming on her brow. All he’d done was grab her wrist!

Kyle winced even as he reached for her — what business had he grabbing this trim young woman, his secretary — office assistant, rather. He’d hired her right out of college for crying out loud! The girl was so sweet, a pleasant moment amid a sea of endless contract negotiations and etiler eve gelen escort frustrated clients. Her springy curls bounced as she turned her head, surprised at his sudden physical arrest of her leaving. He’d just asked her to go fetch the Murdoch file, after all. The faint flush of her cheeks was tantalizing — as was the rise and fall of her softly swelling breasts. Turtleneck sweaters should be outlawed — and knee length pencil skirts!

Liza’s moan went straight to Kyle’s groin. Her limpid eyes gazed up at him with subtle trepidation. She bit her lip. The girl was only 5’2; a little slip of a thing, with rounded hips to make a man salivate at the dream of what lay beneath her tweed skirt. Kyle watched her all morning. Their conversation was brief — but perhaps the body language between them conveyed more than words. Kyle released her wrist, unfastening his belt buckle.

Belying his fears, Liza responded by slowly pulling the mossy-colored turtleneck up over her head.

Kyle caught his breath at the sight etiler grup yapan escort – the tantalizing top half of Liza’s figure on display. A perky C-cup bosom complete with hard brown nipples poking through the gauzy lace of her bra. He watched, frozen, as she slowly lowered the straps of the garment and pushed it down her torso.

Liza’s sharp intake of breath was audible as the edge of her bra grazed her nipples. She could feel the wetness between her legs already beginning to seep into her thin cotton panties. Kyle had never shown this sort of interest in her. She’d caught his occasional, inscrutable glance laden with lust before, but always she’d reasoned it must be a product of her imagination.

Lips, hot, firm, masculine, closed around her nipple, sucking with temerity. Her hands tangled in his thick dark hair, paying special attention to the shock of white at each temple. Kyle was the sexiest man she’d ever seen — in that moment Liza could care less if he fired her for her actions. She withdrew her hands from etiler masöz escort his hair and hastily pushed down his slacks and boxers, freeing the beast within.

Kyle’s cock sprang free, brushing the rough tweed of Liza’s skirt: this simply would not do. He moved his hungry lips to her other nipple, and yanked down her skirt, popping the tiny zipper that gave way instantly.

Kyle ground his member against her pussy, growling into his secretary’s neck as the precum on his cock-head rubber her panties. He lowered a hand to push them quickly aside. Liza gasped as his fingers grazed her mound, soft hairs unable to conceal the slickness of her desire. Quickly Kyle thrust into her sacred depths, thumbing the swollen nub of her clit.

“Kyle — I’m not — Protected!!” Liza cried out, hot searing waves of pleasure radiating up her abdomen at her boss’ every thrust.

“I am.” He growled into the cradle of her neck, already at the edge of his own delirious sensations. Her nails raked down his back, her legs lifting to encircle his waist. Liza arched her spine, sending his next thrust deeper inside her still. The sensation of fullness, his cock hitting her cervix, was too much to bear!

Kyle’s thrusts were erratic; he murmured against her lips — “I, I, can’t stop — I Love you Liza!!”

Hot, thick cum shooting into her womb, the slender young woman in his arms let forth a scream. “I love you too, Kyle!”

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